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Monday, October 27, 2014

Linda d ospite a Comics X Africa

E' senza sosta il percorso artistico di Linda d, la talentuosa cantante sempre più impegnata nel sociale.
La attendono due eventi importanti, il 2 novembre alle ore 23, 20 è ospite in “Radio Chat” su Format Radio, che si potrà ascoltare via web su www.formatradio.it,e su ben 10 radio con copertura FM attraverso le frequenze :

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gli iLLacrimo annunciano la pubblicazione del nuovo singolo Chains In The Cold.

Dopo la preview di Non Credi, l'alternative-rock band italo-ungherese presenta Chains In The Cold, nuovo singolo-video in uscita il 23 ottobre 2014, che anticipa l'EP di debutto, atteso per gennaio 2015.

Il 23 ottobre è la data di pubblicazione di Chains In The Cold, il primo singolo-video degli iLLacrimo. Il brano, uscito su etichetta Resisto, anticipa il self-titled EP di debutto della band, la cui uscita è prevista per gennaio 2015, dopo la preview di Non Credi (video presentato in esclusiva sui canali social della band).

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to choose a villa in Tuscany for holidays

Decide to rent a villa in Tuscany to spend weekend or holiday with family or in couple is a choice that can be made for various reasons.

What characteristics must be taken, however, a beautiful villa for rent? Let's say that an ideal villa for a beautiful holiday first is located in a beautiful natural environment, hill, mountain or sea that is. Besides, it would take a rather unique villa for rent located along a circular or near a motorway junction. A first characteristic so a beautiful villa must have a good geographical location.

Secondly, a villa that you respect it must have spacious interiors, cozy, airy and naturally equipped. If we decide to choose a villa it is clear that we want to move freely inside it otherwise would end up with a structure for a little more spartan and cheap. Similarly, both the kitchen and bathrooms must be provided at least basic equipment such as pots and hair dryers. As a second feature then choose breadth and quality of the spaces.

What we think of the third characteristic details. A beautiful villa must be furnished with nice couches, maybe you should have a nice fireplace to turn on in the winter evenings, an outdoor pool for swimming and tanning during the Spring and Summer and the top would be a Jacuzzi bath in which dive for the feelings of complete relaxation. Overall, then, we can say that, as a third feature, a beautiful villa has to stand out for its charm and atmosphere.

At this point, perhaps it is necessary an example because it is right to be imaginative but just to show how much can be said definitely help. Just to say, a fine example of the structure that holds all of the features described so far is the tuscan holiday villa Poggio alle Fonti at Terranuova Bracciolini, in the province of Arezzo.

tuscan villa for holidays

Casale Poggio alle Fonti is in fact a sophisticated resort of Valdarno, which includes some nice apartments to book for the weekend, and a villa that you can book holidays for one week stays or longer. The villa is located in the Oasis Natural hinges (first feature), is arranged on 2 floors with large living room, kitchen functional and comfortable double bedrooms (second feature), and finally offers exclusive sofa fireplace 1 per floor , a Jacuzzi and an outdoor swimming pool set in the park surrounding the structure (third feature).

The vacation villa in Tuscany Casale Poggio alle Fonti therefore includes all the features that we are looking for but in truth also offers many other advantages. The complex indeed finds you in the hypothetical center of a triangle formed by the beautiful city of Arezzo, Florence and Siena, easily reachable by car or by public transport, providing exclusive services such as rental of Harley Davidson motorcycles and vintage cars and organizes dinners Tuscany in collaboration with the best chefs in the area.

We conclude that whatever the reason which moves us to rent a villa in Tuscany for weekends, holidays and vacations, choose a villa like the one offered by the resort Casale Poggio alle Fonti in Valdarno is always a good choice to spend pleasant hours , serene, certainly memorable, along with those we love.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Linda d ospite al Capitol Club

Dopo la partecipazione al Premio Italia Diritti Umani 2014 il 15 ottobre, Linda d è sempre in prima linea nel suo impegno nel sociale. Venerdì 17 ottobre sarà ospite presso il Capitol Club, in via Giuseppe Sacconi, 39 a Roma,  in occasione degli eventi Roma Movie Lounge legati al Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Roma. "Niente Paura" presenterà la collezione autunno/inverno 2014-2015 del bracciale Tatù, e il nuovo Lei e Lui, che ha lo scopo di unire uomini e donne nella battaglia contro il femminicidio. Moda, musica e solidarietà insieme per sostenere le vittime di violenza, un'iniziativa importante per contribuire a rendere consapevole l'opinione pubblica sulla tematica.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

ExpoGusto: food excellences, internationally renowned chefs and solidarity in Lugano

ExpoGusto will be an event dedicated to solidarity, good food and taste thanks to cooking shows, guided tastings and exclusive dinners with renowned chefs.

A three days long exhibition dedicated to wine and food and all their most interesting expressions: wine tasting, cooking shows, workshops and exclusive dinners, not to mention the producers of wine and food excellences coming from Italy, Switzerland and other countries, ready to let people try all their specialities. This is ExpoGusto, hall of wine and food excellence, held in Lugano, in the Centro Congressi, from 15th to 17th November 2014.

The event aims to professionals in the field of food&beverage, but also to quality food and wine lovers. Thanks to the exhibited products, it will be possible to participate in a guided tasting in order to get to know better the richness of food and wine and to try the products offered by the exhibitors.
ExpoGusto is not just a showcase for excellent products, but also a stage for culture and information, thanks to all its collateral events.

Cooking shows, cooking competitions, wine tastings, workshops and guided tastings are scheduled for the three days of the event, so everyone will have a tasty experience. Cooking lessons won't be missing for young and old, to learn, try and have “the finger in the pie”.
During the three evenings of ExpoGusto, exclusive dinners will be organized, thanks to the cooperation of some of the most internationally renowned chefs; the proceeds of the dinners will be donated to charity.
Among the international chefs which will give their contribution, we can mention: Marta Grassi, Valeria Piccini, Alessandro Fumagalli, Alessandro Negrini , Alfonso Di Martino, Andrea Alfieri, Andrea Bertarini, Christian Milone, Claudio Panzeri, Davide Cerioli, Egidio Iadonisi , Eugenio Boer, Fabio Pisani, Fabrizio Tesse , Ferraro Edmondo, Giovanni Mandara, Giuseppe Costa, Giuseppe Iannotti, Marcello Trentini, Paolo Lopriore, Paolo Parisi, Toni Lo Coco.

The Chefs, accompanied by Aimo Moroni (Chef ambassador of the event) and Corrado Parisi (Chef testimonial of the event) will be cooking to offer an example of high quality cuisine at an affordable price to the guests of ExpoGusto.

The price of each evening, dinner included, will be accessible to everybody in order to collect as much as possible for the charity and to incline the general public towards high quality cuisine, a public more and more interested in quality and traditional products.

Giaco Acciai, one of the organizers, says: “Our aim is to present ExpoGusto as a great appeal wine&food event, dedicated to a demanding audience that knows how to recognize quality products. A moment to meet and try high quality food and wine, for lovers and opinion leaders, a moment to promote excellent products and spread wine&food culture and tradition”.

ExpoGusto has been created thanks to the cooperation between Iron3, a company specialized in the organization of B2B events for wineries and Multimedia Tre, a company specialized in organizing exhibitions since 1992.
Thanks to their consolidated experience in event organization, Iron3 and Multimedia Tree are going to provide a unique event, able to cater for both the exhibitor and the visitor's needs.

Press Office
Twitter @ExpoGusto
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ExpoGustoexhibition

ExpoGusto 15-16-17 / 11/2014, Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano