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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Skiroll: a sport for everybody!

“A great success that confirms the power of our philosophy: skiroll is a sport for everybody!” – comments the chairman of i-gliti, Stefano Foroni, less than a month after the conclusion of the Ispo Winter. Many, in fact, the distributors and retailers who are interested in the new products i-gliti, presented in preview at the fair in Monaco.

With the technical innovations introduced in the 2009 new collection, i-gliti has has designed not only to athletes but also to the general public of enthusiasts and beginners who would like to experience this healthy sport. Protagonist of the i-gliti stand was the off-road skiroll that, associated to universal binding, allow to practise also on a white road both with the classical and the skating technique.

Great attention was aroused by the universal binding which makes the use of the product easier and allows, thanks to its technical characteristics, to achieve both techniques in absolute safety and full stability. This innovation can be used on any kind of skiroll, with a significant costs reduction.

Just from the universal binding comes the demand to set up a system for the rental of skirolls: a fun and cheap way to try this exciting sport in the open air. An idea that, togheter with the other i-gliti proposals, enjoyed not only to the Italian market but also to the German, Austrian, Dutch, Spanish and American market.

i-gliti proves itself to be a well-advanced brand, able to grasp the changes and to answer promptly to the market needs with products and excellences that make the skiroll a sport full of charm and available to everybody.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Premiere Vintage Workshop(R) – Region Marche

Première Vintage Workshop® – Region Marche

Vintage Workshop has already been organized for some seasons even on demand by Fashion Houses, Styling Offices, accessories and semi-row materials manufactures that produce items finalized to the Textile/Clothing sector. The show consists in a sort of show-room exhibition with sale of vintage accessories that are combined with factories' samples (for instance leathers, metal ware, textiles etc.) produced by the host factory so that customers (designers, product managers) can also visualize some possible creative applications by means of the vintage accessories on show. For the shoe makers sector in the Marche Region, a Vintage Workshop has been imagined as a great effort for those designers and fashion producers willing to improve, experience and test new inspirations taken from the rarest and most exclusive shoes, belts and purses of the past.

So, the first Vintage Workshop® Marche - Shoes & Bags - will be held in Porto S. Elpidio, at the showroom "VEP Pellami", well known Company world over for the assessment, production and distribution of the best leathers aimed at the manufacturing of both shoes and fancy leather items, specialized in the research and development of materials, colours and modern finishing in permanent contact and co-operation with shoe and purses designers as well as fashion leatherwear product managers.

What can we say more than this? That your are all complimentary invited next March 27th or 28th by Vep at the seaside!!

(a further detailed press release dedicated to this event will follow around mid March)
Created by: Comunicazione e Marketing Perla, Vicenza, Italy, Ph.
+39-0445-851323, comunicazionenuova@libero.it

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Vintage de-Luxe: Luxury & Yachts 2009, International Luxury Fair Exhibition in Vicenza, Italy

Luxury & Yachts 2009, 7th ed. for the International Luxury Fair Exhibition in Vicenza with a new luxury Vintage area.

After the great success of the Vintage at top quality stands, which entered the Luxury sector first time ever last year, the new venue planned for next March 6 to 8 and from March 13 to 15, will host for the second time the group of Vintage hunters and collectors who promise to strike again both visitors and press. Luxury Vintage will be situated at Pavilion G, booth G08, just in front of the VIP Lounge ;-)

The new challenge will be to surprise and go over any expectations by exhibiting the rarest period accessories and unique vintage items, Jewelry and art pieces in a mix between art, design and fashion.

For the most important anticipations, invitations and further info, visit: http://vintagevents.blogspot.com/2009/02/luxury-yachts-2009-il-vintage-del-lusso.html

Vintage Workshop(R) Milano from March 2 to 4 2009

Vintage pro-fashionable events in Italy

Spring/Summer 2010 Collections Issue


(visit the blog here above or read the Italics further below for English text and images)

Vintage Workshop® will soon be back in Milano

from March 2 to 4 2009

After the great success of the 16th ed. of the Vintage Workshop® with a meaningful visitors record which have increased of more than 40%, the event will soon be back at the Admiral Hotel in Milano from Monday March 2nd. During the 3rd and 4th of March the show (programmed to stay open non-stop from 9 a.m. through to 8 p.m.) will operate contemporaneously to the nearby Anteprima Pelle at Fieramilanocity. This will be a great chance to join the moment and proximity in order to see, buy and rent a bunch of research vintage shoes and period purses of many different styles, ages and provenience.

Being the Vintage Workshop® a collective exhibition in progress, presented in the format of a very convenient and discrete show-room with always new assortments, proud to boast various imitation attempts, the organizers (Italian Cultural Association of the Vintage Hunters, dealers and collectors) will be glad to host the best international fashion pros, among with the most qualified buyers and designers as well as vintage addicts willing to be once more favourably surprised by the enormous creativity of past fashion accessories. There will be at least 5 thousands accessories among with shoes, purses, belts, buckles, fancy leather items, luggage, coming from many different Countries world over and preminently dated 1880/1980.
For the most refined tastes, there will also be an archive selection of the rarest vintage exemplars that can't be usually seen at vintage shows, markets and fairs. These particular selection will be visible exclusively for ongoing customers who will have a chance to rent them for one or more months, provided any piece will be covered by a security deposit in a form of a check or bank wire transfer.
Every sell as well as every rental is protected by a special guarantee that the model has never been published and consequently there will be the absolute photo shooting ban ;-). This special grant will extend to the rented pieces as they will never be exhibited or shown any longer for at least 1 year.

For the most curious ones wishing to have a panoramic look, we have got some few small pictures that have been authorized by the organizers (click on the "read more" tag). A unique show definitely not to miss!
Vintage Workshop landscapes:

More info on: http://vintagevents.blogspot.com/2009/02/vintage-workshop-will-soon-be-back-in.html

About how to reach the location, visit: http://www.vintageworkshop.it/comearrivare.jsp

Created by: Comunicazione e Marketing Perla, Vicenza, Italy, Ph.
+39-0445-851323, comunicazionenuova@libero.it

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