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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shopping and market in Rome

During X.-mas time Piazza Navona square is full of stands, street artists and gourmet stalls. The place to be for having a taste of the city life, and some fun.

Have your sit on a chair of a street portraits artist and get your fun profile in just seconds!! Close by Campo de Fiori will entertain your evening with outside café and bars where you can enjoy fresh beers, cool drinks and meet a lot of young people!

If you feel like shopping we do not recommend Piazza di Spagna and the adjacent streets running off. Shopping there could be frustrating if you do not have much money to spend and also why spending so much for any top fashion pocket or key holder while you can buy a load of things with the same amount of money?? Think better and consider these places also: Piazza Navona, Campo de Fiori, Trastevere and surrounding streets are full of very nice and original shops ( from book shop --see the Almost corner book shop located in Trastevere, Via del Moro, 45; ph: 06 583 6942 or The Lion Bookshop and cafè in Via dei Greci, 33/36-; clothing shops, gourmet shops, toy shops, etc..) or, close to Piazza di Spagna, Via del Corso offers a variety of megastores that sell everything from leather goods to athletic wear and casual clothing.

For antiques see Via Margutta. For chocolate specialties try the tiny Neopolitan chocolate shop that sells delicious chocolates in a charming interior.

We would also recommend some open air markets or flee markets in Rome. For example, in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori every morning you can enjoy one of the most picturesque market made up of fruit, vegetable and flower stalls.. There you can ask a ‘caffè al vetro’ (served on a tiny glass) just to fell like a local (any time of the day is fine) and ask for some ‘panna’ on top . You will be ready to sit and cherish some time looking at the people passing by.

Another authentic flee market is in Via Sannio, 8-13 (Mon-Fri; 8-1pm; 8-6pm on Sat): there you can still find seventies and eighties hippy clothes.

Another market is in Piazza Testaccio where you can find excellent objects on sale at reasonable prices.

At Porta Portese market every Sunday is a tresure hunt: they sell just about everything in a stylish organised disorder from clothes to shoes, furniture, bijoux, plants, piece of furniture, Russian cameras, posters.. Watch out fro your oods while there. Many rubber are just waiting for innocent tourist So, every Sunday in Via Portuense and Via Nievo from 6.30-2pm!!

If you have a passion for antiques a market fro you is held at Ponte Milvio along the banks of the river Tiber on the first weekend of every month. Myriad of stands specialized in antiques and collectors items.

How to reach Rome? Well, beside the 2 airports (now served by Ryanair) the cheapest way would probably be by train especially if you are a backpacker minding his budget, right?

Most trains travelling to Rome from other Italian cities and Europe terminate in Termini Station (ph:06 4775). It is right in the middle of the city centre. (National train tickets: ph: 06 47306250). If you arrive by night, do not worry: the area has plenty of youth accommodation to offer as hostels for backpackers, youth hostels for students and families and so on. If you travel with a laptop, or you are in a internet café the better thing (instead of knocking several doors for a hostel bed night) would probably booking directly online with a credit card. There are many bookers that provide cheap accommodation in hostels in Rome: among the others we mention Flashbooking.com.

While in Rome consider travelling by public transports as metro and

Buses (ATAC; Ph:06 4695 4444):easy to use and quite cheap. There are 200 different bus routes that criss-cross Rome from 5.30 am to midnight. Fast or express lines, electrical buses, night buses, disabled buses. Buy single, 75-minute multi-journey ticket (1€) or a day pass (4€) from automatic ATAC machines or tabacchi. Stamp upon boarding. All bus routes state clearly on the front where they are going.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from http://www.flashbooking.com for any information, please visit backpackers in Rome or for travel insurance visit Hostels Rome.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ggoal: the new web era bets on people

The software which has been developed in Italy emphasizes content inserted by users in order to make the search more “human”. Hold on! Is ready now the Beta version, with brand-new features, services and… surprises...

Now, a lot of people knows the new Web 2.0 search engine called Ggoal created in Italy and all rumours about it keeps on going on. After the public disclosure hinging on the issue of the Beta Version (2008 January, 19th), there has been a fully-fledged rush to the discovery of Ggoal that lead to a real increasing number of accesses which obliged his creators to announce on the Official Blog a temporary interruption of the service in order to upgrade it in terms of technological updates with the sole aim of allowing users to use a user-friendly tool. With an eye turned to the soccer metaphor and the other one fixed on Web 2.0, Ggoal aims to its users and to their ability to became a team in order to dodge and avoid the old methods of search that make them as mere "readers".

In fact, the Wishlist on the homepage is innovative and intriguing as it shows the rolling list of personal search carried out by each user. Therefore, this is a real invitation to visit the site addressed to users who apply the first rule of Web 2.0 , or rather involving web users asking them what they need and how they can contribute with their background and knowledge. This interactive system is able to converge more content in the search engine database and to increase demand and offer of qualified web addresses, but above all it is capable of introducing a new web sharing approach which has become a real trend.
In the Beta Version of Ggoal this sharing approach is optimized with RSS (Really Simple Syndication) that can be considered as the instrument that allows users to receive the content of their search directly by feeds.

All these functions of Ggoal base on the social value of sharing which is the true trigging force of this new web era. The results of this new approach can be observed in the user’s behaviour that pays more and more attention to the quality of its content. During this last week, we noted an increasingly search number on Ggoal about the urgency of waste treatment: a social topic that encouraged Ggoal users to obtain specific information using a Web 2.0-based search engine. The reason of this choice can be easily guessed. With the need of learn more information about this social topic, users searched reliable articles, reports and answers offered by other people and not by spiders even with the aim of giving their contribution.

Ggoal is really hinged on the spirit of the new Web era as it involves people who want to share their knowledge background on the Internet now and in the future. During the Alpha phase, users judged Ggoal that filled Italian bloggers with enthusiasm, registering new online accesses every day and estimating suggestions coming from every sector and activity. The Beta version comes from this synergy. It is online now, and now it’s up to you… to take the floor!

Buddy G - Guest Blogging at Family Equality Council

January 23, 2008 Family Equality Council Blog

a guest post by the producers of Buddy GDavid on Jan 23rd 2008

We’re thrilled to bring a guest blog from the producers of Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me - a cartoon starring a kid with 2 moms. A special thanks to Margaux Town-Colley, Executive Producers of Us2 LLC, for putting this post together.

Things have been moving fast and furiously with Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me. It feels good to take a breath and reflect on how and why we made Buddy G and what we see for the series’ future. Thanks, Family Equality Council for this opportunity to write about the cartoon series.

How did we make Buddy G? We closed our eyes and ears to those who said we couldn’t do it, and we threw our caution and money to the wind. [The Animation Business Handbook is a good source if you’re curious about the cost/process of producing animated cartoons.]

The why? We made Buddy G for our son, Grayson. We were watching him watch cartoons one Saturday morning when he was only 2. (Yeah, like none of you have ever done it).

“My world is turning, Changing each day, With Mommy and Daddy, Finding my way!”

Wait… Stop… Watch… Listen.

Caillou is telling our son that Mommy and Daddy help you find your way.

We started talking about other cartoons that he watched: Stanley, Dora, Little Bill… no two mom or two dad families there. “Wouldn’t it be better if he had at least 1 cartoon with 2 moms or 2 dads?”

There was no such a cartoon so we visited Two Lives Publishing again and bought a few more books. Yet, the issue kept nagging at us and so we’d talk about it.

“Check the Internet maybe a company is making one.” …There are millions of kids like Grayson.….Surely a company is making one. …What if there was a cartoon with a little buddy like ours? …Hey, we could call him Buddy G.… Wonder how much it would cost? …Maybe we could get investors and really make a cartoon?”

Feeling as if time was running out for our family (Grayson turned 6 in October), we invoked the time-tested generational superpower of Moms and made it ourselves. And, we’re so happy we did. The feedback has been more then we’d hoped for. We’ve heard stories of kids jumping for joy, yelling “he’s got 2 mommies like me,” and wanting to call grandma or their friends or show their classmates.… Yes, all well worth it.

The bigger question to us is “How do we keep it going, making it bigger and better?” The answer to that lies with wonderful organizations like Family Equality Council who support all of our families and help spread the word about Buddy G. However, individuals like you who are buying the first DVD have brought the true success to Buddy G.

We’re also encouraged by another mom-powered entertainment option for our kids, Dottie’s Magic Pockets. We’ve never met Tammy Stoner over at Pink Pea productions but we’ve read her story and we know first hand the time, money and effort that it takes to bring these products to our kids.

So, spread the news and buy the DVDS. In return we hope to offer more diversity, longer episodes, and a theme song that doesn’t mention the word “normal.” (There is a funny story here but we’ll save it for another day.)

Our short-term plan - sell enough of the first DVD to produce more episodes and another DVD. Our long-term plans - dolls, parade balloons, and a 3 day Buddy G’s tree house/pumpkin patch event in the Heartland.

Bottom line – buying the DVD not only helps grow Buddy G and Dottie’s Magic Pockets into the mainstream of entertainment, you also send a message to the entertainment industry… Our Kids Have Been Ignored for Too Long… Get Busy!

Fun New Videos at www.BuddyG.tv

Check out this great song and video on my website showing that "It's All Because the Gays are Getting Married." Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me

Watch The "It's All Because the Gays are Getting Married" song on BuddyG.tv

And, while you're there - buy my DVD. It's only $10 and you help us make more episodes for kids like me!

Oh, one last thing . . . ask your friends to go to my website and buy the DVD.



Buddy G

Have a great day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Buddy G in the News and Blogs

USA TodayDonna Colley and Margaux Towne-Colley, who created Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me, say the arrival of their own son six years ago inspired them to create the ... Link
KFAB Talk Radio - Scott Voorhees(57min21sec) Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me - S. Voorhees interview with Margaux Towne-Colley, Executive Producer of Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me ..... Link

Lesbian Lounge - Jan 16, 2008The Lounge welcomes Margaux from the new children’s cartoon: BuddyG TV, about an adorable little boy and his two MOMS. Now available on DVD, this new children’s cartoon teachs tolerance and understanding, while keeping it real. Moms, your kids will love it!.....LinkListen now! MP3(120:00min / 71MB)

Mombian » Blog Archive » BuddyG: My Two Moms and Me: A New ..So out of that, “Buddy G” was born. It took longer, cost more and was way harder ... “Buddy G” has added incredible joy to our family and we hope he adds . . . Link

Joe. My. God.: Buddy G And His Two MomsIf you have any young kids in your life, check out their new cartoon DVD, Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me. The movie is only $10 + $3 shipping. ... Link

COLAGE O'ahu Cartoon is us!Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me, featuring sate of the art 3-D animation, .... hawaii children students spawn kids youth ohana o ke anunue ooka pflag oahu the ... Link

Instinct Magazine - The WatercoolerSources say Buddy G: My Two Moms And Me will include state-of-the-art animation on its DVD slated for release in time for holiday gift-giving. ...... Link

HRC - Equally Speaking - transcript The series, titled Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me, was created by Margaux and Donna Towne-Colley, who say it was inspired by the birth of their own son. ...... Link

PFLAG Akron, Ohio How to have aFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Akron, Ohio. December 2007. Vol. 37 No. 12. Buddy G ...... Link

PFLAG of Polk County FLBuddy G¦#x2014;My Two Moms and Me is about a five-year-old with two moms who loves ...... Link

365gay.comIn addition to Buddy G's 2 moms, the cartoon includes a 7 year old next door neighbor "Owen," who is fascinated with Elvis. In the premiere episode, ...... Link

Family Equality Council Blog » BuddyG: a cartoon for LGBTQ families.Really, BuddyG isn’t a cartoon for LGBTQ families - it’s a cartoon for all ... So out of that, “Buddy G” was born. It took longer, cost more and was way ...... Link

The Gay Guru: Pets Not Partners, My Two Moms, Out Top 100"Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" a five year old boy named Buddy who loves science and solves daily problems with the help of his sidekick "Socrates," an ...... Link

After Ellen She Got Me Pregnant: Episode 5 AfterEllen.comBuddy G - My Two Moms and Me is a new 3D animated property from Us2 LLC. With the first title in the series set for release on DVD this holiday season, ...... Link

Worth the Trip LinkCheck out a new dvd series about a lesbian family, Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me. It looks promising, and Buddy has the cutest little voice since Trixie Willems, of Knuffle Bunny fame.

Gay Chicago Magazine Newswatch: NationalThe two women who created Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me say the arrival of their own son six years ago inspired them to create the cartoon they announced, ...... Link

Strollerderby I'll keep dreaming. And while I am, my daughter will be watching episodes of the newly-minted DVD Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me...... Link

That Lesbian Mom Next Door - Beren deMotier Sesame Street Didn't Do It First But it was long due. I was sure that same-sex parents would arrive first on Sesame Street, chatting up Big Bird and invading Oscar's trash can for a peek. Link

Dallas Voice :: Celebrity Watch“Buddy G — My Two Moms and Me” is about a 5-year-old with two moms who loves ... This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 30, 2007. ...... Link

Lavender Media, Inc. 3715 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407 .....Buddy G—My Two Moms and Me aims to show children of gay and lesbian parents they ...... Link

Chicago Free Press New cartoon features boy and two moms Chicago Free Press“Buddy G—My Two Moms and Me” is about a 5-year-old with two moms who loves science and uses a computer strapped to his arm to solve problems. ...... Link

Here! News Blog » New Cartoon Stars Boy With Two MomsBuddy G - My Two Moms and Me is a new straight-to-DVD cartoon, created by two moms who are parents of a young boy in Nebraska. The cartoon features a ...... Link

Oasis JournalsBuddy G my two moms and me. It looks soo adorable. I went to the website and surfed around it and watched the preview. It's such a good idea. ...... Link

Proud Parenting Groundbreaking animation and other trailblazing. The first cartoon ....Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me will premiere with the release of a DVD just in time for a holiday delivery this year. The star of the cartoon is "Buddy G," a...... Link

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Gay Chicago Magazine Newswatch: NationalThe two women who created Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me say the arrival of their own son six years ago inspired them to create the cartoon they announced, ...... Link

The Advocate New Straight-to-DVD Cartoon Stars Boy With Two Moms ...Buddy G—My Two Moms and Me is about a 5-year-old with two moms who loves science and uses a computer strapped to his arm to solve problems. ...... Link

Camp Kansas City News Briefs - December 7, 2007A new children's cartoon on DVD, Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me, features Buddy G, a young boy being raised by two moms. An Omaha, Neb., company is releasing ...... Link

Forbes New Cartoon Stars Boy With Two Moms - Forbes.com"Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" is about a 5-year-old with two moms who loves science and uses a computer strapped to his arm to solve problems. ...... Link

GLBT Teens - Information for Gay TeensI have a sneaky feeling that the mainstream networks won't be carrying ads for Buddy G — My Two Moms and Me. Buddy G is the straight to DVD cartoon created ...... Link

National Gay News newspaper from national and international sources ...Buddy G My Two Moms and Me - Preview of Lost Rings Now at www.BuddyG.tv You've read the news and in its first week more than 6000 people have watched the ...... Link

Care2 News Network: News Jeff Noted"Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" will premiere with the release of a DVD at the end of this year. add a comment visit site problem? ...... Link

Queerty Queer cartoon breaks gay ground:.Us2 LLC, headquartered in Omaha, ......Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me, featuring sate of the art 3-D animation, will premiere ..... Link
The Lick List - A Dykealicious BlogBuddy G: My Two Moms and Me is about a five-year-old with two moms who .....www.thelicklist.com ... Lizzy The Lezzy, The Lesbian Cartoon! ? Nov 09 (6) ...... Link

Sioux City Journal New cartoon stars boy with two momsThe two women who created "Buddy G -- My Two Moms and Me" say the arrival of their own son six years ago inspired them to create the cartoon they announced ...Action 3 News - Omaha, Nebraska News, Weather, and Sports New ...She says the target audience for the cartoon "Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" is gay and lesbian families. Towne-Colley says she wants children in those ... Link

MyGaySWFLNew Cartoon - Star Has 2 Moms - Buddy G My Two Moms and Me Monday, November 26 @ 04:03:36 MST by ronjak73 (1 reads). Human Rights Anonymous writes " ... Link

Yankton Press New Cartoon Stars Boy With Two Moms To Appeal To Gay Families ...The two women who created "Buddy G -- My Two Moms and Me" say the arrival of their own son six years ago inspired them to create the cartoon so families ... Link

3D Magic Factory - 3D Computer Graphics, Animation, and Video Post ...11/2007 - We have completed the final animation and support branding for a historical children's video called "Buddy G: My Two Moms and Me". ... Link

Father Fozy: Buddy G My Two Moms and Me ...*READ THIS BEFORE CRUISING SITES/BLOGS* · Beautiful Magazine's Weblog (+18) · Brad Walsh's Junk Mag v2.0 · Buddy G My Two Moms and Me · D. D. Miller's Force ... Link

Topix Gay/Lesbian News for November 2007 - TopixA trailblazing cartoon series starring a character with same-sex parents has arrived. Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me will premiere with the release of a DVD ... Link

NUANCES :..-Intitulado Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me, o desenho tem como personagem principal Buddy, um garotinho de cinco anos de idade que é apaixonado pela ciência e ... Link

Daegaz » Buddy Gbuddy-g.jpg “Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me”. Nos Estados Unidos, o estúdio de animação Us2 LLC lançará em DVD a primeira animação infantil com histórias ... Link

Digago / Busca de resultados por buddy g"Buddy G - My Two Moms and Me" será o primeiro desenho para crianças mostrando uma família homossexual,formada por um menino de cinco anos, e suas du mais. ... Link

Amy Bradshaw: Mais Visibilidade... a primeira serie de animações com personagens gays para crianças "Buddy G - My Two Moms e Me" - em português seria "Minhas Duas Mães e Eu". ... Link

Animation Insider - Huntington,NY,USABuddy G Has Two Mommies........ hopes to be the attractive nature of the computer animated production, Buddy G is being touted as the first cartoon featuring a kid with gay parents. ...... Link

Equality Fairfax Animated Series with Lesbian MomsThere's no evidence you'll be seeing this on Nicktoons or the Cartoon Network any time soon but it seems like a great idea. If you have an interest, you can order the premiere episode at buddyg.tv.If you do, let us know how it was! Link

SubtleKnifeHere's the intro to a new cartoon called Buddy G, it was made by his two moms . . . I've only seen the intro to "Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me", but it looks like a "regular" kids' cartoon about a boy having fun and discovering the world around him with the help of a pocket-, or rather, arm-computer of sorts, called Socrates. cuteness

Mister C's JournalEqual Time: Buddy & His Two Moms!In a previous episode, we talked (sang) about Terence & his two fathers. Today, we're introduced to Buddy, who is blessed to have TWO moms! Behind the cut you will find an article from the online edition of “The Advocate” about Buddy & his moms. There's even a "straight"-to-DVD animated feature about their family titled (what else??), "Buddy G-My Two Moms" and it only costs $10! The shipping cost for me (I live in Florida) is only $3. Link

Omaha PFLAG Monthly NewsletterAustin and Buddy G. Buddy G My Two Moms and Me released its first DVD in December. PDF file

Successful video aggregator from Germany is ready to entertain English speaking territories

Munich, 1/18/2008 – The German new media agency iemotion is ringing in the New Year with an English version of its video portal bendecho (http://www.bendecho.com). The Web 2.0 service positions itself as a global aggregator for the most entertaining clips from YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe & Co.

Through the community’s daily usage of the platform, bendecho is able to assort a qualitative selection of the total clip stock. This “social video sharing” concept has had a continuously growing fan base within the German speaking community since the beginning of 2007.

iemotion did not leave it at just a translation of the user interface: Users of the German version can upload their clips with local as well as English speaking description texts. The respective content is then automatically displayed with an English description on the international landing page. Therefore, numerous unknown clip treasures from the stock of the big German video portals, such as MyVideo, Clipfish or Sevenload, are opened up for video enthusiasts from overseas.

To date, the bendecho community has tagged, commented on and rated over 30,000 video clips. iemotion-CEO Dominik Hettich wants to duplicate the traffic growth, which was achieved by extensive Affiliate Marketing activities, abroad: “With bendecho we have built an innovative mashup concept, which can also work outside of Germany. The past year showed the especial need for qualitative selection in the excessively flooded international video portals. I believe, that our newly won users will quickly come to appreciate the disport provided by our service.”

iemotion is already planning further rollouts. With the progressive internationalization, there will be constant development of the platform’s features.

Press contact:

iemotion GmbH
Dominik Hettich
Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 14
80807 Munich
phone: +49 (0)89/32356420
mail: presse@iemotion.de

About iemotion GmbH:

The Munich, Germany-based iemotion GmbH has specialized in interactive portal concepts on the German speaking internet since 1999. The company founded by Dominik Hettich established, among others, the student network “Studentum” (www.studentum.de) and “ZapArena” (www.zaparena.com), a search engine for entertaining web content.

Feel free to drop a line if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

iemotion GmbH
Dominik Hettich
Joseph-Dollinger-Bogen 14
80807 Munich
phone: +49 (0)89/32356420
mail: presse@iemotion.de

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