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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Web hosting service: an important choice to be assessed

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide. Web hosting are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease at use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Hosting can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers that do not have to be located in their data center, called colocation.

The scope of hosting web varies widely. The most basic is webpage and small files, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface. The files are usually delivered to the Web 'as is' or with little processing power. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer this service free to their subscribers. People can also obtain Web page hosting from other, alternative service providers. Personal web site hosting is typically free, with ads sponsored, or cheap. Business web host often has a higher cost. The choice of hosting has its importance in seo. With the introduction of the speed factor among the most important factors in ranking on Google, the speed of loading of a site is key to high rankings on search engines. There are several types of hosting web:

* Windows Hosting: When it comes to Windows hosting means that the server has the Microsoft Windows operating system, and consequently can be installed only programs written to run on Windows. The hosting and Windows' recommended if you plan to build a website in ASP (Active Server Pages), if you want to use FrontPage Extensions, or if you have the desire to use to use databases such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server;

* Linux Hosting: The server has the Linux operating system, costs less than Windows hosting as it does not require business licenses and above and 'much more' stable and secure;

* ASP: acronym for Active Server Pages, and 'scripting technology created by Microsoft that allows you to create HTML pages from dynamic pages;

* Frontpage: Microsoft program dedicated to the creation of websites;

* PHP server-side programming language capable of dynamic pages of all types and sizes;

* Cold Fusion script developed by Macromedia (now acquired by Adobe) to automatically build dynamic pages;

* Secure Server: technology that allows transmission of encrypted data.

the new video of Tuscan villa - Videos Villas in Tuscany

Not everyone is aware of a small Tuscan town called Montecastelli Pisano which lies between Siena and Volterra. The basis of this medieval village is a special villa with a particular name: Villa Centopino, a Tuscan villa with private pool and exclusive, with tub and many amenities. The video of the villa you can find it on youtube and is titled: "Villa Siena in Tuscany - Tuscany Villa with pool".

Backorder, a new word in the universe of domains

Recently we have heard more and more about backorder, domain backorders, backorder country code top-level domain (ccTLD) and so on. But what is backorder? The term backorder refers to a recovery operation and it is the technical term used by domainers and domain experts to indicate the universe of domain recovery services.

A domain, when it is going to expire, enters a phase where it becomes registrable. It often happens that a domain, either by choice or by mistake, is not renewed and it goes into expired status, becoming available for a new registration.

Backorder services come into play at this moment. They start making repeated registering attempts until recovery operation (backorder) and registration on behalf of the customer using the service.

In this operation the customer is absolutely a witness. His only responsibilities regard choosing the domain, nothing else. When he expresses the bid for the recovery, the backorder (the person in charge of the service) will try to regain the domain, satisfying the customer and increasing the success rate of the service. This success rate helps to show to the customer the true potential of the service and makes us understand how important it is to use a professional and safe service.

The most important thing to remember is that we only pay when backorder domain registration is successful.