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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The European Parliament opens its doors to 300 young Europeans

The European Parliament opens its doors to 300 young Europeans

The City of Strasbourg and the Hemicycle will greet a delegation of young people from 18 different Countries, who will deliver a document with a high symbolic value to the Vice-president of the European Parliament

Terra del Fuoco, young NGO from Turin, Italy, steadily present in the social and cultural field in the Region Piedmont, active in international cooperation, announced the presence of over 300 students coming from 18 European and extra-EU Countries at the site of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, on May 25th.

The visit to the EP represents the final stage of the project “The Phoenix – Europe”, created and realized by Terra del Fuoco and funded by the European Commission and by numerous Italian local administrations. During eight months, the participants discussed and elaborated themes of great importance for the present and future of Europe, such as eco-sustainable development, dynamics of integration and the consequences drawn by armed conflicts. “The PhoenixEurope” involved 380 students, who met in three occasions. The first meeting was held in Krakow (Pl) between January 31st and February 4th, 2007, and among other activities the participants had the chance to visit the former extermination camp of Auschwitz. In the second meeting, held in Turin from March 22nd to 26th, the themes discussed were elaborated through workshops and transformed into on-line questionnaires, subsequently voted in real time by all participants. Finally in Rome, on March 25th, they were symbolically welcomed by the President of the Italian Republic, Mr Giorgio Napolitano, at the Fosse Ardeatine Park, and took part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

“In order to build our common European future, we shared a year-long course with 380 young people from all over Europe, starting from our history, or better, from our histories, different, at times tragically counter posed, but all associated by those gates in Auschwitz”, states Michele Curto – President of Terra del Fuoco. “In the European Parliament in Strasbourg we will have the opportunity to approve the final document discussed and developed in a great experiment of democracy and European citizenship. This makes 'The Phoenix, Europe' an unbelievable educational project upon the value of memory, upon the fortune of stories shared between European populations, upon European identity and citizenship, but above all, in this moment of impasse concerning the approval of the Constitution, a relevant action for the promotion of the political process toward European integration”.

The program of the day will begin with an assembly held into the Hemicycle of the European Parliament, during which the final version of the document will be voted. The Vice-president of the EP, Mr Gérard Onesta will attend, and at the end the document itself will be delivered to him. In the late morning, the delegation will be hosted by the Municipality of Strasbourg.

The official program is as follows:

09.00 – 11.00

Assembly in the Hemicycle, meeting with Mr Onesta and the MEPs

11.00 – 13.00

Manifestation in the city of Strasbourg

13.00 – 15.00

Welcome at the City Hall, meeting with the municipal delegation

The event will be attended by:

Gérard Onesta

Vice-president of the European Parliament

Sandro Gozi

Italian deputy, fellow member of the Commission for Institutional Affairs and of the Commission for EU Policies of the Italian Parliament, President of the Schengen, Europol and Immigration Parliamentary Committee

Giulietto Chiesa

Member of the European Parliament

Vittorio Agnoletto

Member of the European Parliament

Monica Frassoni

Member of the European Parliament, Co-president of the Group of the Greens/ALE at the European Parliament

About Terra del Fuoco

Terra del Fuoco is an association for social promotion, founded in 2001 by a group of young people coming from the students' movement in Turin. It is an NGO operating in the field of international cooperation. Activities follows four strands of intervention: international cooperation and cooperation to development – education to active citizenship in European ambition – cultural promotion and social support to migrant communities – social and cultural promotion in the Mediterranean area. For further info, please visit www.terradelfuoco.org

About “The Phoenix - Europe

“The PhoenixEurope” is the main project in the field of education to active European citizenship. 400 young people actively participate in the project, coming from Portugal, Spain, Austria, France, Italy, Malta,

Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus, Russia and Moldova. Terra del Fuoco considers young Europeans the only engine for a real growth of European society and of the sense of European citizenship. For further info, please visit www.europeanphoenix.org


Oliviero Alotto - Tel. + – Cell. +39.333.654.6597 – oliviero.alotto@terradelfuoco.org

Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Summer English School in London: over 1000 people choose Frances King!

Family Summer English School in London

With over 30 years in language training, Frances King is one of the most popular and professional Family Summer English schools in London.

Frances King’s study holiday for parents and children grows more popular every year. A relaxing way for all the family to combine an enjoyable English course with a holiday in London.There are Junior and Adult Course.

The Junior course is designed for 9-15 year olds. The emphasis is on spoken English and communication activities, all tailored to the ages of the groups. New language - vocabulary, colloquial English, idioms, grammar - is introduced and practised in small groups. Imaginative activities and group project work encourage real communication and rapid learning. Educational trips to local museums are included. Juniors on these courses must be accompanied to and from the school each day by a parent or guardian. The Junior Course takes place in our Hyde Park Corner summer school, a very short walk from Hyde Park Corner Underground station.

While their children are at school in the morning, parents and other adult family members have the option of also taking a course at Frances King - Club 8 Intensive English, (Course 17, described on page 12). The Adult Course takes place in our Hyde Park Corner summer school, a very short walk from Hyde Park Corner Underground station, or in our Victoria school in Belgravia. Families are free outside class times to enjoy London's many attractions. Participants in the Family Summer programme can join some events on the Frances King social programme including weekly excursions outside London. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult family member-we do not offer child care outside class times.

An important feature of Frances King is their Internet and London courses: in fact they offer a unique method of learning English online: you can start learning with a Frances King teacher before you come to London and continue learning after your course in London. The course takes place over the Internet, using Frances King’s distance-learning website, Kingslanguage.com

For more information about Frances King please visit the site http://www.francesking.co.uk/

Travel in Greece: free guide of Santorini Island

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It is also known as Thera. It is the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands, with an area of approximately 73 km², and in 2001 had an estimated population of 13,600.

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Santorini is essentially what has been left from an enormous volcanic explosion which destroyed the settlements thereon and led to the creation of the current geological caldera.

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Its spectacular natural beauty along with its eminent nightlife make the island one of Europe's top tourist hotspots.

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A giant central lagoon, more or less rectangular and measuring about 12 km by 7 km, is surrounded by 300 m high, steep cliffs on three sides.

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On the fourth side, the lagoon is separated from the Mediterranean by another much smaller island called Therasia. The lagoon merges with the sea in two places, in the northwest and southwest.

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