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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Search engine optimization services or ppc campaign?

The importance of search engines as a tool to search for any information, has caught the attention of web marketing agencies and users. Channels of promotion focused on the search engines often confuse the site owners of small and large companies, eager to sniff traffic consistent every day through search engines looking for information, products and services. So very often we come across people who confuse the ads of the pay per click Adwords with organic results in search engine indexes. This lack of knowledge about promotional tools, which are enclosed within the sphere of web marketing with the specific term search engine marketing (SEM), creates an offer of services that are often confusing. Is necessary due to the differences between SEO, search engine optimization and pay per click campaign, Adwords. The search engines placement is defined organic and allows a site to be in the indexes of search engines as a result of a query on them by a particular keyword. The results are pure. Each page of Google results for example, 10 per page. On top of these results and on the right side often we find sponsored results, namely those of the circuit to pay, then not to be confused with the former, whose position is the result of good work longer faced a seo agency expert in sites placement. Who wants to promote their site on search engines should know that an engine positioning and keyword advertising on the other hand have substantial differences:

To summarize these differences we can say that the business seo and PPC keyword advertising differ:


1) Fixed costs

2) Few consultancies

3) Difficulty

4) Medium-term development

5) Invasive site

6) Professional ethics necessary


1) Variable costs

2) Many business consultancy

3) Apparently easy

4) Short development

5) Non-invasive site

In short, seo services are usually more expensive because they require some experience and constant monitoring, parallel to changes in algorithms of search engines. The difficulty in some areas is truly remarkable especially in tourism and finance sectors is higher conversion customers. Development time is certainly longer than a keyword advertising campaign that has immediate results and lower costs appear in the short term, but high rankings on search engines repays the initial investment, if well done, and guarantees longevity site in the long run.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Visit Rome and the Vatican choosing a central accommodation

Rome is known, is a wonderful Italian city. Visiting Rome can take a long time especially for those not very practical in the city sometimes scattered. Here, for those short on time, it is crucial to choose an accommodation for the night, in a strictly central. Termini accommodation Rome or a Vatican B&B is a good starting point for your short visit in the capital. If you choose a B&B Rome Termini move made easy. From Termini Station area is also within easy reach on foot the most important monuments of the city. From the nearby Piazza della Repubblica (served by the line) along Via Nazionale to get to Venice Square and the imposing Victorian houses several exhibitions and events throughout the year. Leaving behind the Victorian you are in front of Via del Corso, full of shops and tourists distracted by the thousand windows. Via the course through the center of Rome. From here you can stop in Via Condotti, one of the historic streets of Rome, frequented by the atmosphere and the jaws of present high level. On Via Condotti overlooking Piazza di Spagna, with its famous staircase often stop for weary tourists. A brief stop in the Barcaccia fountain in the center of Piazza di Spagna and then straight to Piazza del Popolo Via del Babuino. At the center of the square stands the Obelisco Flaminio high as 24 meters. Piazza del Popolo at the base of the Pincio, one of the green areas of Rome and most appreciated by the Romans themselves in search of calm and tranquility from the terrace you can admire the Pincio Rome and there are many tourists who go up there for very watch the sunset. Here you can visit one of Rome's historic churches, Santa Maria del Popolo. Going through Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna left to our right follow signs to the Pantheon, the temple dedicated first of all (from the greek pan and Theon) and then used as a Christian church and as a tomb for the King of Italy. Pantheon Piazza Navona it takes a moment. The atmosphere of the square is named after the ancient purpose. The square was filled with water used by the Romans as a place to simulate a possible naval battle with the enemy. The atmosphere of this square at night is wonderful and there are many places where to stop and dine. Your B & B is not far and is still easily accessible with numerous means that the historic center of Rome offers. A second day in the capital can be dedicated to begin at the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater often icon of the capital. From here it is easy to reach by metro the other side of the Tiber. Exit at Ottaviano you're already near the Vatican City and the majestic St. Peter's Basilica. Bernini's colonnade of St. Peter seems to envelop anyone who comes inside. Indeed it seems that the purpose of this column was right to embrace, to open up the faithful and the city of Rome, overlooking the basilica by way of conciliation. After visiting St. Peter's your direction will be that of the Vatican Museums which arise within the Vatican walls. You will be stunned by the famous Sistine Chapel, home of the conclave. Trastevere at sunset awaits you through the narrow streets filled with crowded rooms. There seems to breathe another Rome. Finally, after dinner, a stroll along the river before returning to your b&b and again, keeping the eyes, angles and moments of a city you will soon want to relive.

Christmas in Tuscany - christmas 2011

Despite all the media talk about this most famous evil, Christianity is strengthened in Tuscany, perhaps in part because of the crisis (we can only pray), those who profess the Catholic religion are in fact more than 50% of which ' 80% believer but do not attend Mass domicale. Holy Sunday of Christmas is considered by all believers a special day because it represents the birth of Jesus Christ, is therefore the most important day of the Catholic religion. Throughout Italy there is abitusdine trascorrore of the Christmas holidays with their families (regardless of religion). Here's how you normally spend Christmas Tuscany o Natale in Toscana: Christmas night all Christians participate in the Mass, after which, in the early hours the next day, you begin to open their Christmas gifts the next morning and each family gets together with relatives close to one of the greatest prince of the year: Christmas lunch. Today, because of this hectic society, time is lost and more and more often decide to have lunch on a farm in a farm or in a restaurant with typical local dishes (to avoid countless hours of preparation). After this long meal, a relaxing stroll along country lanes, surrounded by green Tuscan hills. We can sum up Christmas in Tuscany Villa as a Christian day, easy, spend time with his family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The new MagnaParma's website, the online shopping of typical Parma's products and Italian specialties

The products of Italian oenology and gastronomy arrive at your table with MagnaParma. The online food specialties’ shop  was born in the heart of Emilia's region, earth with a great food vocation, from a group of passionate people with the desire to spread the culture of the "to eat well." An ample choice of products typical of Parma and the best Italian specialties, all made according to rigorous and traditional methods, selected with care and offered together with an ample outfit of information on their history, origins and the suggestions for the recipes.

MagnaParma has recently renewed its website: a fine foodstuffs’ shop window was born, an amazing itinerary of the taste between the delights of the palate and the tastes for authentic gourmet. The new portal is born inside a project of Web marketing arranged by KosmoSol: the objective is to enhance  MagnaParma's brand on Internet, getting positive responses and international visibility. For this reason MagnaParma is also  on the most known social networks, from Facebook to Twitter - with constant updating on the new products and on all the last special offers - up to the videos on YouTube.

The online shop  delivers the true typical Parmesan and Italian products to the European tables: the purchase is simple, rapid and sure, within everybody’s reach. The high-quality specialties are mostly certified D.O.C., D.O.C.G., D.O.P. e I.G.T., like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged 24, 26 or 36 months, or Parma Ham, the king of the meats and the Porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro. The wines of the hills round Parma perfectly marry to the sliced meats and the typical dishes of Parma, the ducal city: the delicate Rosè, the aged Lambrusco, the inviting Malvasia and the fresh and sparkling Fortana. MagnaParma also offers some Italian specialities like pasta, sauces, cheeses, cured meats and seasonings: the Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Grana Padano cheese, the fine  extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, truffles, meats, the Italian wines D.O.C. and still more. All the foodstuffs are healthy, genuine and nourishing made from Italian raw materials and processed according to the most traditional methods.
MagnaParma is a modern structure and its staff is at disposal of the clients to satisfy the single question about a product or the requests from the restaurants and gourmet shops.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog is online, to help discover high quality hotels and holidays

The need for a holiday stems from the longing for special relaxation and wellbeing, complementedby a natural personal inclination towards discovery. Historical Fashion Hotels offer their guests fascinating, high quality stays and romantic breaks. We have selected only refined venues, where history and traditions are revived in premises of great artistic and architectural value: our hotels, relais, period villas and resorts are distinguished for fostering a new culture of hospitality, which means extreme care for any detail and the best of comfort. Therefore a holiday becomes a unique occasion for getting in touch with an extraordinary tourist heritage, while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of an ancient aristocratic manor, most likely praised by illustrious visitors. Our fashion hotels and residences are scattered throughout Italy, be they by the seaside, on the mountain or on the hills that surround the best known art cities: from Alto Adige to Sicily, through Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, along the shores of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog, now online, is a novel source of information to find the latest proposals for a hotel stay, all the news and special offers and whatever is useful to carefully plan your holidays or just a romantic weekend. In the blog you will find a description of new tourist itineraries for the loveliest destinations in Italy, with information and advice to fully enjoy a visit to places of outstanding historical and artistic relevance. Historical Fashion Hotels reviews  are accompanied by images and photos of the premises and surrounding areas to offer our prospect visitors a virtual tour to choose from the many proposals available.

Our blog also supplies constant updating about  wine-and-food gourmet trails since a journey to Historical Fashion Hotels is also a unique experience for gourmets, onjoying the specialities of a rich cuisine featuring the best traditional local dishes as well as highly appreciated creative versions.
Our blog is a necessary interactive tool, a record book for your comment, a logbook of your journey or holiday for the pleasure of sharing the best memories of your experience as tourists.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog is part of a web-marketing project edited by KosmoSol.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weddings in Piedmont and Sicily by Efffetti wedding planners in Italy

PRESS RELEASE - Efffetti - Weddings in Italy

Pisa – September 25th, 2010 Efffetti – weddings in Italy wedding planner agency, announces the opening of two new wedding locations: Piedmont and Sicily

Efffetti, after a fantastic wedding season (ask their couples) enriches their offer with fantastic new locations in Italy. After Tuscany, the Mountains, Lake Como and Venice, Efffetti in cooperation with 4 experienced wedding planners on the territory can offer the same level of service for couples wishing to get married in Piedmont, the land of truffles, wine and castles and in Sicily, the land of sun and food. These 4 new wedding planners coordinators have been working on the wedding and event business for long time and their standards are certified by Efffetti who could work with them and grant on their reliability and efficiency.

Destination weddings are in everyone's dreams, and Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world.


About Efffetti weddings in Italy

Efffetti is based in Italy and grants expertise of over a decade of marketing, communication and purchase experience in multinational companies plus a rigorous selection of planners and partners. Efffetti's team leverages best-in-class experts in each sector to offer any services at best available prices, keeping quality at the highest levels.

Efffetti offers support and consultancy services plus access to all that is necessary for destination weddings, including paper work and translations.
Efffetti is also able to offer personal wedding web sites for couples. This service is offered to help guests and friends to follow couples that have decided to tie the knot away from their native country or when bride or groom are native of different places. This is fundamental to coordinate guests from all over the world and let friends that cannot attend have all the details.

Contacts and quotations upon request on Efffetti's website

skype ID: Efffetti
Telephone : +393494705151
email: info@weddingintuscany.info