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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Offers of stay for enogastronomic tourism in Tuscany of hotel in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo

Between the end of May and the beginning of June 2010 Radda in Chianti in province of Siena becomes the capitol of good wine and of Tuscan enogastronomy. There are many events that have as protagonist the precious Bacchus’ nectar and the delicous products Chianti Classico, and the hotel in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo proposes during those days special offers dedicated to all the professional people or all the lovers of wine and of enogastronomic tourism.

Situated just in the centre of Radda in Chianti, the
Hotel Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo is also historically an ideal base for taking part with those enogastronomic events that are in programme as follows:

Sunday, 30 May – Cantine Aperte: Most of all the wineries of international prestige located in this part of Tuscany are glad to participate in the national event “Cantine Aperte”. Cantine Aperte is one of the most important event in Italy about wine, its people and its territories. Many cellars all over Italy and in Chianti open their doors to the public supporting a diorect contact with wine lovers that during this day can know deeper the tradition and the innovation of this so special world thanks to the guided tours organized in the wineries.

Saturday 05 – Sunday 06 June 2010 – Radda nel Bicchiere: The following week end after Cantine Aperte, so the first week end of June, the wine festival “Radda nel Bicchiere” will be organized along the ways of the historical centre of Radda in Chianti! From the afternoon of the 5th of June, Saturday along the central streets of Radda in Chianti it will be possible tasting the wine that are produced in the best wineries of the zone. Every winery has a stand with all its products in order to give the possibility to know wines speaking directly with producers.

Everyone are interested in participating will have to buy one glass at the entrance of the historical centre of Radda in Chianti. This year the 15th edition of the event have the Barolo producers as guests.

During the morning of Saturday 5 June therE will be a very interesting seminar “Sangiovese of Chianti Classico and Nebbiolo of Barolo: the same family?” with Carlo Macchi of Winesurf, wine magazine, that will explain the affinities and differences between those two Italian great vines. During afternoon there will be the stands of the wineries where it is also possible to taste the wines of the producers of Barolo.

During Sunday 6 June it is possible to take part in the Taste Laboratory of the Olive Oil of Chianti with Marco Bechi, testimonial of Slow Food Siena, of the Olive Oil. The day will end with the seminar “Reds of Radda – the celebration of ageing” a panoramic view on the best past years of wines of Radda in Chianti with Enoclub of Siena.
All the people who desires to live and participate in those special events can take advantage of the offers of the hotel in Radda in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo, as follows:

Special Offer in occasion of Cantine Aperte

Valid from the 27th of May to the 2nd of June
• 2 nights in elegant Superior double room
• Buffet Breakfast
• 1 Dinner for two people in our restaurant "La Perla del Palazzo" (excluding beverages)
• Detailed list of the wineries that participate in "Cantine Aperte"
• Detailed map of del Chianti Classico
• 3 nights in elegant Superior double room
• Buffet Breakfast
• 1 Dinner for two people in our restaurant "La Perla del Palazzo" (excluding beverages)
• Detailed list of the wineries that participate in "Cantine Aperte"
• Detailed map of del Chianti Classico
• 4 nights in elegant Superior double room
• Buffet Breakfast
• 1 Dinner for two people in our restaurant "La Perla del Palazzo" (excluding beverages)
• Detailed list of the wineries that participate in "Cantine Aperte"
• Detailed map of del Chianti Classico

Special Offer in occasion of Radda nel Bicchiere

- 1 night in elegant double room
- Buffet Breakfast
- Entrance ticket for the wine festival “Radda nel Bicchiere”
- 1 Dinner for two people in our restaurant "La Perla del Palazzo" (excluding beverages)

The Special Offers of Palazzo Leopoldo in occasion of those enogastronomic events of Cantine Aperte and Radda nel Bicchiere cater also for people who look for a relaxing location where to spend the week end of the 2nd of June and for all the people who desire to spend some holidays in this happy zone between Siena and Florence.

For prices, information and booking:

Hotel Palazzo Leopoldo - Dimora Storica
Via Roma, 33 - 53017 Radda in Chianti – Siena
Tel: 0577/73.56.05
Fax: 0577/73.80.31
E-Mail: info@palazzoleopoldo.it

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

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