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Friday, May 09, 2008

Business hygiene and cleaning machines: Fundamental elements to ensure a good production.

The focus of hygiene and cleanliness of the workplace has always been an important and fundamental to guarantee employees a workplace healthy and valuable incentives at work in the best possible conditions.

In the production of machinery for industrial cleaning, such as cleaning machines, motor sweepers, steam generators, Italy holds a decisive role and there are solid companies that for decades working in this field that arise as a reference point for overseas.
The experience gained by italian companies and the continued development and study in the field led to export in central and north Europe as well as in South America and North America. In these states currently focus investment promotional character of the largest producers, especially industrial floor scrubbers machines. Our companies are always looking for new techniques and equipment for cleaning and hygiene company, seeking new developments in the field from simple detergents and disinfectants down to the most complex machines for cleaning.

A workplace clean and healthy is a guarantee of prosperity and is the basis for a good production and future development, incentive to work and security to those who live every day. For this hot air thermoelectric generators and dessicant dryers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and water jet equipment are essential to achieve a high degree of cleanliness in the large and local business environments where the transition and the concentration of people makes daily hygiene common first need.

Companies involved in the cleaning business bring into the market products and instruments that cover every need and problem of cleaning and enviroming disinfection. They are wet and dry vacuum cleaners and scrubber for the floors as well as equipment for cleaning effective vertical surfaces such as windows, walls and panels.

The Italian companies as well as available for sale machinery are well on the market even with the rental service of themselves and not for minor importance with accurate support services. New technologies have resulted in the production of tools that take more account of who is going to use the machine and then we come to produce equipment built with materials such as aluminium alloys and thermoplastics that allow you to have robust equipment and at the same time by short weight.

In addition there is always an eye regard to safety, so there are systems that allow dual secure the machinery starting only if the operational phase of use and with full control of the half. High quality and safety, equipment maximum functionality for each application hygiene going to support each separate what our clients in the choice of systems and equipment that are appropriate to each transaction cleaning necessary.

All this in response to a request for ease of use, versatility and security united to effectiveness in obtaining company hygiene, with particular attention to the long duration and quality / price ratio.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from industrial cleaning equipment. For any information on Eureka, visit ride on sweeper or surfing on-line floor cleaning machines.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

MEDIASET: Today Telecinco our controlled company has disclosed the following press

Madrid, 8th May 2008

First quarter 2008 financial results

• Telecinco has established an ample lead in comparison to its
immediate competitor, outpacing it by 33% in terms of net income, by
128% in terms of EBITDA and by 197% in terms of net results, all
accompanied by a 5% reduction in total costs
• Telecinco’s net advertising revenues (€231.74 million) are practically
equal to those recorded in the same period of 2007 (€233.56 million),
despite the negative impact of the Spanish Elections and Easter Week
during the month of March, while total operating costs dropped by
• The efficiency of Telecinco’s business model regarding the ability to
control costs and sustain revenues in changing market conditions
have allowed the channel to increase both its EBIT (47.4%) and
EBITDA (48.3%) margins.
• Telecinco registered adjusted net profits of €87.84 million, a 2.1%
increase on the same period in 2007, excluding the accounting effect
caused by the amortization of intangible assets resulting from the
acquisition of Endemol.
• The channel is the audience leader in the year-to-date ratings with a
share of 19.1%, 2.4 percentage points ahead of TVE 1 (16.7%) and
2.6 percentage points ahead of Antena 3, which is in third position
with 16.5%.
• Year-to-date prime time ratings (20:30 – 00:00) reached a 20.7%
audience share, a 0.2% increase on the same period in 2007, putting a
4 point lead on Antena 3 (16.7%) and almost a 5 point lead on TVE 1
Telecinco’s solid audience leadership and the ability of its business model to
adapt to different scenarios arising in the audiovisual sector have allowed it to
repeat Q107’s record results in the first quarter of 2008. Telecinco has established an ample lead in comparison to its immediate competitor,
outpacing it by 33% in terms of net income, by 128% in terms of EBITDA
and by 197% in terms of net results, all accompanied by a 5% reduction in
total costs.
Telecinco reached an adjusted net profit of €87.84 million, a 2.1% rise on the
previous year and which, with a net revenue margin of 35.3% (compared to
34.3% in 2007), re-states its position as one of the most profitable television
networks in Europe and Spain’s number one operator in terms of audience share,
advertising sales, operating margins and cash generation.
Telecinco, through Publiespaña, brings in €231.74 million in net advertising
Telecinco’s net advertising revenues were €231.74 million, practically equal to
those registered in the same period of 2007 (€233.56 million) – down by a slight

Despite the extraordinary negative effect of the Spanish General Elections and
Easter Week, which both fell in March, the Publiespaña Group has once again
shown their leadership position in terms of turnover with gross advertising
revenues of €242.16 million, in line with those obtained in the first quarter of
2007 (€244.40 million), showing a drop of only 0.9%. This drop was recuperated
in April, however, when Telecinco received advertising investment that has been
withheld in March.

Telecinco increases its EBIT and EBITDA operating margins

Owing to virtually equal net revenues and a 1.6% reduction in costs in the first
quarter, Telecinco has increased its EBIT and EBITDA operating margins in
percentage terms, despite the outstanding results achieved in 2007 and more
intense competition. The gross operating margin (adjusted EBITDA) reached
€120.16 million (a 48.3% margin on net revenues), a 0.7% increase on Q107.
The company’s EBIT, meanwhile, was €117.92 million, equivalent to a 47.4%
margin on net revenues. This percentage growth shows the effectiveness of the
business model in regard to the ability to control costs and maintain margins in
changing market conditions.
Adjusted net profits grew by 2.1%, excluding the impact of the amortization
of intangible assets from the acquisition of Endemol for comparative
Pre-tax profit was €110.24 million, 10.1% less than in Q107, while net profit
was €81.48 million (-5.3%).
However, in conditions homogenous to results from the same period in 2007,
Telecinco would register an adjusted net profit of €87.84 million, in
comparison to the €86.06 million of last year, implying growth of 2.1%. This
difference is due to the greater amortization of Endemol’s intangible assets, the
result of the difference between the price paid and the net book value of the
Group. It is a cost purely for accounting purposes that neither adds nor deducts company value nor does it generate any cash flow movement. This greater
amortisation is a consequence of certain asset allocations (purchase price
allocation), that relates to the difference between the price of the acquisition of
Endemol and the book value of its assets, commonly known as goodwill.
Telecinco reduces costs by 1.6%
During the first quarter of 2008, Telecinco managed to reduce its total operating
costs by 1.6% in relation to the same period in 2007, despite DTT-related
provisions and costs stemming from the film co-production activity costs
imposed by law.

Telecinco leads the ratings for the year to date and strengthens its advantage
over its second and third place competitors
The strengths of the channel’s programming in the main time slots, especially
prime time, have been Telecinco’s main weapons in the fight to lead the Spanish
television market with an audience share of 19.1%, 2.6 points ahead of Antena 3
(16.5%) and 2.4 points ahead of TVE 1 (16.7%).

This figure places Telecinco as the best performer compared to the same period
in 2007, showing a year-on-year decrease of only 1.1 points, compared with
Antena 3’s decline of 1.6 points and TVE 1’s decline of 1.2 points.
Telecinco also ended the first four months of 2007 as audience share leader in the
prime time slot (20:30-00:00) with a 20.7% share, beating Antena 3 by 4 points
(16.7%) and TVE 1 by 4.9 points (15.8%). Similarly, in this important slot the
channel is the only television station created before Cuatro and La Sexta to
increase its audience share (+0.2%), in comparison to the loss of 1.6 points seen
by TVE 1 and 1 point drop in Antena 3.

As for the commercial target, Telecinco retained its historical leadership for the
year to date in 2008, both in terms of total day (20.8%) and prime time
(22.8%), far ahead of Antena 3 (16.6% and 16.5% respectively) and TVE 1
(12.9% and 12.6% in each segment).

Department of Communications and Corporate Image
Tel. +39 0225149156
Fax +39 0225149286
e-mail: ufficiostampa@mediaset.it

Investor Relations Department
Tel. +39 0225147008
Fax +39 0225148535
e-mail: ir@mediaset.it

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Museo de la Isla in Cozumel hosts Dulce-Amargo: Jackie’s ode to the Mexican people

VICTORIA Jackie SleperIn May and June 2008, Jackie Sleper's artworks will be exhibited in the Museo de la Isla in Cozumel in a show curated by Matty Roca.

From 9 May - 20 June 2008, the Museo de la Isla in Cozumel will host Dulce y Amargo, the exhibition of Jackie Sleper's artworks inspired by, and dedicated to, Mexico and to Frida Kahlo, curated by Matty Roca.

Cozumel is the second Mexican location for the Dulce y Amargo exhibition which forms part of the series of exhibitions that the famous Dutch artist will be showing in Mexico in 2008 and 2009, all being curated by Ma tty Roca, art historian, museum curator, and art critic. The first exhibition of Jackie Sleper's works which was held at Chetumal was considered a great success. David Domínguez Povedano, General Director of the Museo de la Isla in Cozumel has announced that there is great interest in seeing the forthcoming event.

Jackie Sleper, the winner of the section "Sculpture and Installation" at the Florence Biennale 2007 has always been fascinated by Mexico and the artist Frida Kahlo, for whom she has a profound admiration. In 2005, she received an invitation from Matty Roca, art historian and art critic to depict her vision of Mexico. Over the course of two years Jackie Sleper, together with her husband and children, spent many months in the country. Jackie says: "Matty became a dear friend. She showed me Mexico. I took in everything around me, spoke with lots of people and, especially, got a sense of the country. My previous love of Mexico only grew stronger. Over the next two years my work will be travelling to various museums in Mexico – something I would never have dared dream of as a child. I feel like I am on top of the world. This is the link that completes the chain."

Her modern works are at times reminiscent of Rivera, Orozco, Tamayo and Pollock. Jackie Sleper assumes absolute freedom in applying various techniques and introducing experimental elements: her work is characterised by combinations of photography and painting, and the use of mixed media. In addition to paintings, Jackie creates objects that incorporate a variety of multiple materials, which she transforms into wholly new and surprising concepts. The artist allows her work to be guided by a profound sense of humanism, and she's depicted as an artist in the truest sense of the word: her work has always been grounded in her exploration of human existence and the significance behind it.

Matty Roca, Cora Amalia Castilla presidenta municipal de Oton P. Blanco, Angelina Herrera, Jackie Sleper

Matty Roca: "I have been able to witness Jackie Sleper's development – as a photographer, painter and sculptor – at first hand. Every painting is an intensely personal creation and expression, presenting the world as she perceives it. She is sensitive, intense, mysterious and subtle, but also possesses a cast-iron personali ty. Above all, she knows exactly what she wants. She conveys her personality with exceptional clarity, so that she is comprehensible for one and all."

Jackie Sleper was born in Amsterdam and studied at the Utrecht Academy for Visual Arts. Between 1988 and 1995 she spent time in Ireland, Spain and Prague for study purposes. Works produced in her home country, the Netherlands, include a tile plateau in honour of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht, and 'light objects' for the Kruisheren Hotel, a design establishment that opened in Maastricht in 2005. Outside the Netherlands, she has exhibited in Antwerp (Art-Event), Stockholm (Art Fair), Marbella (Marb Art – Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo), Geneva (Europ'Art), Klagenfurt (Biennale Austria), Salzburg (Mozart Festival), Florence (Museo Diocesano and Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea), Milan (Studio D'Ars), New York (Carrozzini Von Buhler Gallery and CVB Space), and in M exico. One of her works, Modestia, was exhibited during La Biennale di Venezia, at Open 2007. She won the 1st prize for "Sculpture and Installation" at the Florence Biennale 2007.

CALENDAR MEXICO 2008 (dates to be confirmed):

  • 9 May - 20 June
    Museo de la Isla de Cozumel
    Av. Rafael E. Melgar entre 4 y 6 Ote.
    Cozumel, Quintana Roo
  • 3 July - 25 August
    Museo de Arte Moderno de Gòmez Palacios.
    Londres y Lisboa Col. El Campestre
  • 4 September - 23 October
    Museo Palacio Pedro de Alvarado
    Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua
  • 6 November - December (closing date TBC)
    Museo del Aguacate


Jackie Sleper
website: http://www.jackiesleper.com

You can also see images of Jackie's artworks at

For journalists only:
High resolution files of these images or other press related information can be requested directly from the press office:
Vito Abba, press officer
Studio Abba - Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence, Italy

Other images and further information are available at:

It will be possible to follow the various stages of "Dulce y amargo" thanks to the information and images that will be posted on www.dulceyamargo.com.
Visitors to Jackie's exhibitions in Mexico, can also upload photos taken during the exhibition s on flicker and share them with
At the end of the exhibition series, the authors of the three photos that Jackie likes most, will each receive a signed lithograph of one of her works.

For general comments contact:

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ferrara tourist boom Delta Po Park is celebrating record visitor numbers, B&B, Camping and Hotels fully booked!

Ferrara tourist boom
Delta Po Park is celebrating record visitor numbers, B&B, Camping and Hotels fully booked!

Eleven Million of Italians on vacation for this spring holidays, choosing camping and hotels in Italy as favourite destination in the 84% of cases. One of the most crowded places to stay for this holidays there is surely the Po Delta Park, a paradise for Nature lovers near Ferrara, in Emilia Romagna, where nature itself reigns along this spectacular coast.

Po Delta Park possesses territorial and ecological characteristics that makes it unique in its kind. It covers in fact a general surface of over 130.000 acres in an area considered among the most productive and rich of Emilia Romagna. The Park of the Delta of the Po is considered in fact from the UNESCO Organization “Patrimony of Humanity” as an "exceptional cultural landscape, preserving in notable way its original form".

Ideal habitat for an unbelievable quantity of fishes and aquatic birds, Po Delta Park discloses to the traveller amazing places in which the uncontaminated nature mixes with the conservative intervention of the inhabitants, that in their secular activity where able to create an harmonic equilibrium among the natural environment conservation and tourism development.

You can find a lot of useful suggestions in Po Delta Park web-site, about Camping, B&B, Hotels where to stay in a real unique paradise for Nature lovers. In the Po Delta Park web-site you can also find a lot of information about travel operators, and the best routes between Po Delta Park, Comacchio and Ferrara.

Visit now www.parcodeldelta.com!