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Friday, August 22, 2008

Summers increasingly hot, especially in northern

The last hot of these days added with very little precipitation of the last two weeks, is forebode torrid July and August, along the lines of 2003 record summer.

Fortunately, the spring was full of rain and for this the emergency drought and electrical blackouts seem averted.. Anyway, the Italian civil protection ensure that the worst is not yet past and will appear in the next two months, fortunately devoted mainly to holidays and summer vacation.

As every year, however, the indications from various institutions are useful and to respect for oneself but above all for the environment, such as to dole out the water of their water taps.

In particular, for the health of the elderly and children, the authorities always advised to avoid the dehydration by drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day and avoid the hottest hours of the day, especially after lunch, where the organisation is already involved in digestion. In these terms, another valuable advice is to eat mainly fruit and vegetables strictly cold and in any case to stay light, without to get heavier too.

Usually to avoid, these boiling hours, it is advisable to pass them at home without taking the sun and avoid any physical activity and effort. In particular it is recommended, for who can to install air conditioners to wall and impose these with temperatures not less than 5-7 ° C compared to room temperature.

Of fundamental importance for the health, is the maintenance of these coolers and all the accessories for air conditioners used. This is to prevent malfunctions of this can lead to wrong measurements and observations, both temperature and humidity, which could be extremely harmful to the body that would suffer too many sudden changes between internal and external dwelling.

In particular, it should also be checked annually all vacuum pumps that if with a malfunction can lead to big energy wastage electric as regards the fuel gas, affecting significantly the performance with resulting damage, more than anything else , for the environment (greater demand and therefore more energy inputs to generate the same source cooler).

Precisely to avoid further problems related to the transmission of gas (fuel) from the counter to the air conditioner it should be reviewed periodically all the copper piping and the welds that eventually could be deteriorate and to exhale inside the gas with all the risks that it entails.

All this to say that it is exact try to combat the heat with the technology, but we must bear in mind other key issues: the environment, thanks to efficiency of equipment, and their health, security controls to avoid unpleasant drawbacks.

This will easily overcome these hot summer months, without incurring risks to their person and especially for the environment, which we must never forget we are directly and indirectly responsible and depend.

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Venice, the enchanted city by the shining glass

Venice, capital of the Veneto region, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, imposes itself on the Venetian lagoon as that magical and special city that you remember for its particularity and splendor.

Its lagoon territory is made up of many islands that take various events as well hide historical past and valuable architectural monuments.

Among the best known islands, which each year have welcomes the mayor tourists flow, the Lido, gives life to that part of the coast that marks the border with the Adriatic, and it is here that stand the greatest beaches and the beaches are crowded with tourists while each year repeats the International exhibition of art cinema of Venice that welcomes a large number of celebrities.

In the north-east of Venice, stands silent but important, the island of Murano, a small group of seven islets, linked together by bridges, known worldwide for the activity that for ages takes place here: the glass craft. The Venetian art glass has very ancient origins, the findings suggest already the VII century BC. Amurianum, as was once called Murano, increased over the centuries for its glass art, unique and particular, developed with the teacher Angelo Barovier who marked the transition torward the'400 to use of white glass very similar to crystal.

Today with the real Murano glass, guaranteed by its seal of quality, arose with the regional law in 1994, are produced beautiful objects of fine crafts, lamps, vases and more, which stand out for the care of shapes and shine of crystals. Very significant for the tourist is the visit to the furnaces, where you can really admire the magic of the production process that leads to the creation of this particular glass of Venice.

The Venetian craft is just one of many features which make the city known worldwide. Venice is a city full of art and as such hold's in the original works of many Italian artists, and simply walking around the city we will find monuments and rich churches in history.
The most extravagant and majestic, the Venice Carnival, recreates a single magic through the streets and squares of the city that for ten days are colored by Venetian masks and costumes in a single meeting of music and entertainment.

The lack of the car and the only chance to turn the city on foot or in the characteristic "gondola", crossing the Venetian canals, do Venice the "City of lovers", where you can make long walks accompanied by sweet noise of the water.
Venice a unique mix that everyone wants to visit an enchanted city that offers its visitors a fairytale stay.

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