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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Cod.AG PZ02-aluminum pistons with standard
Cod.AG PZ03-aluminum pistons with ventilated
Cod.AG PZ04- 6 degrees with titanium and ventilated pistons

Brake pads dual sinter Cod.AGDS
Brake pads dual carbon

Colors: Oxide Hard
Black anodized

Finish: sandblasted


Body: forged aluminium alloy 7075 T 6
-4 Titanium pistons Ø 34mm
-Wheelbase 108 mm
Off-Set-22.5 mm

The brake caliper made by ACCOSSATO it’s an evolution of the brake cnc obtained using the best technologies and alloys on the market.
The use of this brake caliper is reserved for users and for professionist racers
The shape and size of this product have been design to ensure the lowest weight at the sane time the maximum stiffness body and also excellent dissipation of heat generated form the braking.

Friday, November 12, 2010

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Prague, Czech Republic, November 11, 2010 – Based on the continuing quality increase of its translation and localization processes, Skrivanek has managed to defend its ISO certification with an upgrade to the newer EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. The quality audit took place across the company during October 2010, after the successful completion of internal audits executed throughout Skrivanek’s global network of 50 branches spread across 3 continents. Skrivanek has also successfully passed the translation industry inspection audit for the European Standard EN 15038:2006.

“We are delighted to achieve accreditation, supporting our pursuit of continuous improvement to meet the highest quality standards for our customers from all over the world. Skrivanek has developed its own quality management system in an effort to produce texts with the highest level of linguistic competence for each of the 20 million words translated monthly”, said Michal Küfhaber, Global Production Manager at Skrivanek.

Professional quality management is implemented in every step of the translation process – ranging from rigorous linguist recruitment and testing which is performed by the local Skrivanek vendor management staff, through the most accurate editing/review processes provided by certified in-country QA professionals supported by automated quality assurance tools.

Skrivanek has established a measurable approach to translation quality evaluation. This fully automated procedure is integrated into our business management system and includes translation quality reports in terms of the linguistic and subject specified expertise accomplished by our certified in-country reviewers and subject matter specialists after each revision, and customer satisfaction feedback evaluation of each job.

Skrivanek was one of the translation companies to be fully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, which has now been updated and replaced by the 2008 version.

About Skrivanek
The Skrivanek translation agency is rated as one of “The Common Sense Advisory’s 25 Top Performing Translation Companies” in the world. As one of the biggest translation agencies in Europe, Skrivanek is the recognized specialist for European and Asian Languages, and with 50 branches in 14 countries around the world, employing a staff of more than 400 qualified language professionals Skrivanek delivers expert translations in all languages.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Tuscany new year's day eve - capodanno Villa Toscana

Book now for New Year 2011 will have the chance to stay four nights in a Tuscan villa or a farmhouse in Tuscany.
Booking for 7 nights you will get a further discount, the offer of New Year in Tuscany (Capodanno Toscana) booking for 7 nights you will get a further discount, the offer of New Year in Tuscany is about to expire. To make sure we have availability in one of two villas: Villa Centopino and Villa le Capanne you must not waste time. The official page of the New Year is in Italian, try to read the page automatically translated by Google: Tuscany new year or visit the official page ofe Tuscany Villa Centopino and Tuscan Villa le Capanne . Both villas are located in Tuscany, at the foot of the characteristic medieval village of Montecastelli Pisano (near Siena and Volterra).