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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tbtoyl Marketing: 6 Ways to triple your Traffic

It does not matter if your product or service will revolutionize your market, without traffic no one will ever know about it. You can use "Pay per click" advertising such as Google Adwords.You can target your market via keywords and pay when someone clicks on your ad.

One big problem with Pay per click is that it can become expensive, especially if your in a crowded market like "Home Loans". You have other traffic solutions to consider. For example:

* Blogs
Keeping your own blog can bring in traffic to your site, especially if it is updated often. The best part is, you can write about anything you want and suggest anything you want.

* Writing Articles
Some people wouldn't guess it, but this is a great way to drive traffic to your site. There are all kinds of article directories to submit your articles to as well.

* Organic Searches (search engines)
This involves your site being well optimized with strategic keyword placement throughout. If your not a search engine expert, it's better to hire a professional to do the optimization on your websites.

* Write and ebook and give it away for fre.e.
Make sure the e-book has some good content related to your market, this is very important. Do not forget to place links inside your e-book that point back to your site and test them to make sure they work.

* Link Exchanges
This can help boost your search engine rankings. You set up a page on your site just for links from other sites. After that, go to one of the best sites for link exchanges, Link Metro. Start exchanging links with other sites relative to your market. This will increase your Google PR (Page Rank).

* Start your own affiliate program
This is the very best way to generate an avalanche of traffic. Members of your list will be happy to promote your site in hopes of earning a commission on any sales. If you desire to take a look at my affiliate program, go to:


Try to use all of the techniques listed above for maximum results.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eurotech receives Intel® Cluster Ready Voyager Award 2009

Eurotech is proud to be the recipient of the Intel® Cluster Ready Voyager Award 2009

Eurotech AuroraPortland, OR (USA) – 16 November 2009. The Intel® Cluster Ready Voyager Award 2009 has been assigned to Eurotech "for advancing toward Petascale Computing with Aurora, the scalable, high-end, Intel® Cluster Ready certified HPC system" in a celebration held during the SC09, the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis.

"We are honored to be the recipient of this prestigious award", said Walter Rinaldi, Aurora Product Manager at Eurotech, "compliance with the Intel® Cluster Ready is central in our strategy for delivering cutting edge technology our customers can capitalize on immediately."

Aurora is the efficient supercomputing solution that has been designed to provide an environment where hardware and software are seamlessly integrated.

"The Intel® Cluster Ready certification ensures that Aurora provides a hardware, software, manageability and functionality basis that eliminates the complexity traditionally found in HPC clusters", said Dr. Herbert Cornelius, Director Advanced Computing Center, Intel® EMEA. "Crucial aspects, such as software compatibility and completeness, interoperability and robust system management are ensured in an Intel® Cluster Ready environment such as the one provided by the Aurora cluster solution".

Aurora is the HPC system that is a leader for power efficiency and TCO reduction and packs the most advanced features, such as liquid cooling, the Unified Network Architecture™ with 100Gb/s bandwidth per node and an on-board programmable accelerator.

Visit Eurotech Booth #745 at SC'09 2009 and check out the live demo of the Aurora Supercomputing system.

For more information please contact:
Giuliana Vidoni, Aurora Marketing & Communication (giuliana.vidoni@eurotech.com)
Walter Rinaldi, Aurora Product Manager (walter.rinaldi@eurotech.com)

Eurotech S.p.A.

Greener, smarter, faster: Eurotech presents Aurora, the petascale HPC solution at SCO9 in Portland (USA)

Eurotech presents Aurora, the lean, smart supercomputing solution that can grow with less. With Aurora, users can now have a Supercomputing system that is light on the TCO and easy to scale up to the PetaFLOP and beyond.

Eurotech AuroraPortland, OR (USA) – 16 November 2009. Aurora has been designed to deliver more: more number crunching, more scalability, more energy savings and more compatibility with existing software applications and environments.
"Aurora is the smart system for a resource conscious world", said Giampietro Tecchiolli, Eurotech Group VP and CTO, "With Aurora it is possible to achieve unprecedented scalability and energy savings; in designing Aurora, we have taken a radical approach to efficiency, both in raw performance and in TCO management".

Sporting the new Intel® Xeon® 5500 processor, Aurora is Intel® Cluster Ready Certified and offers the fullest compatibility with the existing X86 software applications and development tools.

"Intel® Cluster Ready certification reduces the risks and challenges of deployment and speeds time to productive results for highly scalable HPC Clusters" said Richard Dracott, General Manager, HPC, Intel . "By establishing a hardware and software basis for clustered systems, Intel Cluster Ready certification helps HPC users rapidly realize the great TCO and performance benefits of Xeon 5500 based Aurora clusters."

Aurora delivers high end features, such as 100Gb/s cluster interconnect bandwidth per node, with a 60Gb/s 3D torus and a 40Gb/s Infiniband interface; multilevel synchronization networks for highly efficient scalability, and an on board, programmable accelerator that can be used to implement highly optimized algorithms.
Another exclusive feature is the ultra-precise liquid cooling system, which keeps the tightest control over the temperature of every component, ensuring the best operating conditions and exceptional savings compared to air cooling.
In Aurora, the traditional sources of failure have been removed: there are no mechanical parts, thanks to liquid cooling and the Intel® Solid State Disks; memory reliability and performance are exceptional thanks to a groundbreaking coupling technology and the multi-level monitoring and control system provides a flexible infrastructure to implement fault tolerance schemes.

Visit Eurotech Booth #745 at SC'09 2009 and check out the live demo of the Aurora Supercomputing system.

For more information please contact:
Giuliana Vidoni, Aurora Marketing & Communication (giuliana.vidoni@eurotech.com)
Walter Rinaldi, Aurora Product Manager (walter.rinaldi@eurotech.com)

Eurotech S.p.A.

Interferences, Art and the Hospital: the spaces between action and reaction

Experiences from the Meyer Hospital Florence, Marseilles and Manchester.
International conference
Saturday 28 November, 9am-6pm
at the Meyer Paediatric Hospital, Viale Pieraccini 24, Florence, Italy

meyer artOn Saturday 28 November, the international conference "Interferences, Art and the Hospital" will take place at the Meyer Paediatric Hospital of Florence from 9am to 6pm.

The conference is entitled "Interferences" because art in a hospital setting stands out and stimulates both on a psychological and on a social level, of who breathes the anxiety and the fears of the environment of a paediatric hospital. The Meyer hospital of Florence bears testimony to this, having art integrated into the new hospital complex of Villa Ognissanti. Works that colour the areas and break up spaces and fill in time, in the wards, clinic waiting rooms, corridors, infiltrating into the garden, the stairwells, filling the voids of the large skylights, offering itself as a stimulus in the relationships between the workers, the young patients and their families. The experience of the Florentine hospital is not intended to be art therapy or a Disney scenario, but rather an art that "stimulates reactions and relations between those who share it."

Amongst the speakers at this international conference, organized by the Regione Toscana (Department of Culture, Department for the Right to Health) and the Meyer Foundation, are the semiologist Omar Calabrese and Peter Scher, from the Arts of Health from the Faculty of Health Art and Design at the University of Manchester. The most important international experiences will be presented, such as a project for the Hospital of Marseilles by Michelangelo Pistoletto, creator of Cittadellarte, who will be present with a contribution. The conference, which will begin with opening remarks by Tommaso Langiano, President of the Meyer Foundation, aims to build a path so that the "Art at the Meyer laboratory" and what has been achieved elsewhere, can be replicated in other hospitals. Art at the Meyer is not mere decoration but is an interaction with the children, even in the many laboratories active in the Toy Library.

In particular, to outline the planning capacity with the declared intention of making it possible in other hospital contexts, the conference Interferences, will be divided in two: in the morning the theme will reflect what has been achieved to date. There will be a whole session dedicated to artistic experiences already activated reflecting both national and European realities, according to a holistic view of the Hospital, which in turn should reflect a multiplicity of visions and perceptions, to contain and to recall from elements of everyday life to the fantastic and to the imaginary. Paolo Cocchi Councillor of Culture for the Regione Toscana (Tuscan Region) will speak in the morning.

In the afternoon, importance will be given to "The practice of doing", to define the possible strategies for development and for consolidation. A round table is planned, to analyse the tools and levers used to activate other art experiences in the hospital setting; in occasion of the project proposed by the Regione Toscana for the construction of four new hospitals, where humanization and environmental aspects will run parallel to the design of the hospitals.

At the end of the conference at 6pm, ten panels inspired by the first book of Pinocchio by Fabio De Poli and made by the children's crèche, Noé in Florence, will be presented.

How to participate.
Registration is necessary and should be completed via the web at www.meyer.it/interferenze
There will be a coffee break at the opening (9am) and closing (6pm) of the conference, offered by the Meyer Foundation

The experience of the Meyer Hospital.
The Paediatric Hospital of Florence, within the context of Meyer Art, a project desired and supported by the Meyer Foundation, houses works of art by artists such as Esther Albardanè, Altan, Dario Bartolini, Carlo Cantini, Sara Carlini, Fabio De Poli, Francesco Fagnani, Gianni Fanello, Sophie Fatus, Paolo Favi, Simone Frasca, Paolo Guidotti, Janet Mullarney, Daniele Nannini, Giovanni Pecchioli, Peppe Perone, Andrea Rauch (Artistic Director), Guido Scarabattolo and Sergio Traquandi.

Interferences: Art and the Hospital, 28 November 2009, from 9am -6pm,
Main Hall of the Meyer Hospital, Viale Pieraccini 24, Florence www.fondazione.meyer.it

Press Office: Roberta Rezoalli, Meyer Paediatric Hospital Meyer Foundation, Viale Pieraccini 24, 50139 - Florence (Italy) tel. + 39 055 566 2302 mob. + 39 335 6860 677 www.meyer.it

PR and communication: Studio Abba, info@studioabba.com tel. +39 055292082 www.meyerart.info

Easy ways to make profits: some good ideas

If you search a good response to the popular question "Easy ways to make profits", then you can use these business ideas:

Why not to ask experts to speak at your teleseminar? The speaker often seeks to place their products for sale. That may be sufficient for their time and fee. If you have approval, you may record that seminar for later use. Possibly to be used as a bonus if with good content. At the beginning, it may be required to give the large share of fees collected from attendees to the speaker.

You ask recognized experts to speak at your mastermind event. A mastermind event is people getting together brainstorming and sharing ideas. Since there is a sharing, best to do some work in advance to make sure all are qualified and able to contribute. Not a place for wallflowers or only listeners. An active flow is required. An excellent thing for archiving but, again, it requires approval from all contributing.

You can find a good location and ask speakers and experts to speak at the seminar. . A teleseminar is manly were people sit and listen to a bunch of speakers. They sometimes take questions at the end. You could also give them the first chance to promote the seminar for a big percentage of the profits. You could also record it a sell it as a audio or video.

You ask coaches and experts to help at your workshop. A workshop is mainly getting one-on-one, how-to help. This is like the seminar approach. Since it involves more direct contact, the audience may be smaller.

A larger fee would be charged too. A bit harder to sell after-the-fact items since it is usually more visual. A video would be best but requires a considerable outlay for you. Definitely get approval from the speaker!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Create a turnkey website business that sell like crazy

Build a turnkey website business that sell like crazy depends by your business plan. First of all, You need to choose a winning niche/market. Take a look below:

Many people want to think positively. You could target niche products and services such as how to think positively.

Most people want to be happy and laugh. You could target niche product and services like comedy, jokes, greeting cards, etc.

Some people want to gain weight. You could target niche product and services like muscle enhances, work out equipment, protein drinks, etc.

Most people want to feel secure. They want to avoid being insecure, vulnerable, exposed or even feeling unsafe. You could target niche product and services like security systems, locks, safety products, credit card security measures, secure ordering, etc.

Many people want their products as natural as possible. You could target niche product and services such as all natural food, all natural drinks, all natural cleaners, all natural snacks, etc.

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