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Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Stop Snoring

This article is about why people snore and the several cures available to stop snoring: from simple changes to sleeping and lifestyle habits, to snoring products that can be bought.

As many of us probably know, snoring can be highly annoying for the people who lives with a chronic snorer. But snoring could be also a warning sign that something is wrong: that's why the awareness of the causes of snoring is important to better treat themselves, stop snoring and solve the problem.

If the sound of snoring is annoying for the most of us in the same way, not all snoring is caused by the same symptoms: there are many reasons that cause people snoring.
Snoring is caused by an airway obstruction that prevents air from moving smoothly: something between the nose and the trachea is obstructing the free flow of the air.

Common causes of these obstructions can be congestion, excess tissue, or a relaxed airway.

Congestion is the most common cause of snoring: nasal or sinus congestion can block a person's airway and obstruct the passage of the air.

A great amount of fat around the neck area could represent an excess amount of tissue around a person's airway.

Also muscle relaxation can cause snoring. This could be the result of the position of the mouth and neck during sleep, age, too much fat tissue.

The cure a snorer should be choose depends upon the cause of his or her problem.

When snoring is the result of mouth and throat positioning, a mouth guard may reduce snoring by improving air flow. One of the most cost effective, safe, and easy to use antisnoring device is called NOISELEZZ: NOISELEZZ is a two trayed hinged anti-snore device, worn in the mouth while sleeping. Made of soft high quality dental resin, greatly helps to reduce or eliminates snoring. The device gently pulls the bottom jaw forward and stops it falling back, keeping the airway open and preventing the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat.

NOISELEZZ is available to purchase through www.noiseless.com.au also with 30 days guarantee from the date of purchase.

Written by SEO Sydney

Friday, January 29, 2010

Garda lake hotel

[Garda Lake] Garda hotel is 4 stars hotel collocated in Montichiari near Brescia , garda lake, Verona and Bergamo. The project of hotel is to service which hotel business, hotel with conference room, wellness area with gym and sauna. Hotels for fair Montichiari , airport hotel Brescia, airport hotel Verona. The nearly to airport fo Montichiari Brescia Verona is the good hotel for garda lake hotel, hotel gardaland, hotel for groups and hotel for families.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Summer sun holiday 2010

Sardinia summer 2010 offer 15% discount

Flamingo Resort Hotel offers start, 4-star beach, on holiday in Sardinia in May, June, July and September with the offer BOOK EARLY providing a discount of 15% for bookings made before 28 February 2010.
The hotel offers half board stay in a beautiful seaside hotel, with private beach, tennis courts, 3 swimming pools, gym, spa service and kids club for children.
Sleep in a hotel of great class and elegance has never been so convenient.
For more information:

SS 145 Santa Margherita di Pula (CA)
Section: holidays in Sardinia offers 15% discount

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eurotech introduces two new compact enclosures based on Intel® Atom™ Processor

Eurotech ISIS and PROTEUS Industrial Compact Enclosures (ICE)Eurotech introduces the ISIS and PROTEUS Industrial Compact Enclosures (ICE) based on Intel Atom Processor

Amaro (ITALY), January 26th , 2010. Eurotech offer a range of embedded platforms & devices qualified for the Industrial, Transportation and Defence markets. These products cover requirements ranging from embedded boards for integration into users own devices, through to a range of standard enclosure systems qualified for the intended application. Design services providing customised variants of these products, or complete ground up product designs are also available. When coupled with the embedded operating systems and software frameworks Eurotec h is able to deploy on these platforms, this total capability in embedded systems allows Eurotech to offer its clients the optimum balance of time to market, long term supply stability, system reliability and cost.

The two latest offerings, intended for industrial and light transportation applications, are the ISIS and PROTEUS Industrial Compact Enclosures (ICE).

ISIS ICE – A rugged CE approved system offering fanless diskless operation using the low power, high performance Intel Atom based ISIS single board computer. Offering wireless communications, GPS options and flexible PC/104 I/O and communications expansion, the ISIS ICE is ideal for asset monitoring & control, access control, communications gateway and in-vehicle control applications.

PROTEUS ICE – Intel Atom based low power high performance, fanless system in a CE approved industrial enclosure, offering flexible wireless communications capabilities. It is ideal for infotainment, interactive kiosks, and industrial and medical control.

In addition to a comprehensive range of standard peripheral interfaces, both systems offer wide input DC power supplies and options for the inclusion of wide and local area wireless communications and GPS receivers, allowing their use in wired and wireless net-centric applications, especially in situations where low power and high performance in space constrained environments is required. This makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications in the infotainment, kiosk, access control, HMI, medical, communication and industrial control markets.

They are both compatible with all major desktop operating systems and are available with pre-installed Windows XP, XP Embedded and Linux.

Availability - ISIS ICE and PROTEUS ICE are available now.

The ISIS ICE and PROTEUS ICE are just some of the platforms that Eurotech design and manufacture as part of our systems offering for the industrial, transportation and defence markets. If you want to know more about how we can help you with your next embedded solution visit www.eurotech.com

Eurotech is present in Europe, North America, China and Japan. Eurotech develop digital technologies for a better world making every day life safer and more comfortable, today and for tomorrow.

For more information, please visit the Eurotech website at www.eurotech.com

Company contacts:

Eurotech Group
Giuliana Vidoni
Sales: sales.it@eurotech.com

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DUNA-USA Inc, development and production of polyurethane foam for industrial insulation

Duna Group is a team of several companies dedicated to the research, development and production of polyurethanes and epoxy resins. Through the years the group has reached a very important position internationally, excelling in the constant devotion to research and polyurethane innovation. Professionalism, reliability and experience in the field have made the group an uncontested worldwide market leader for the production and development of polyisocyanurate foam. The company has increased over the years the number of its sites for the production of polyurethane foam insulation and has reached agreements with several international operators for the products distribution and the client support. To this day Duna-Group can guarantee the availability of its products in every part of the world, maintaining the same quality standards and delivery punctuality.

Duna-Usa Inc. is a division of the Duna Group, based in Baytown Texas, a necessary response to meet the demand of the U.S. market. Duna-Usa uses the latest technology and better solutions for the production of polyurethane foam (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) for industrial insulation. Each product is totally projected and developed on the Duna Group technology and is used by America’s leading engineering companies for their international projects. Duna-USA produces polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam in sheets and boards for signs, sandwich panels, tooling, composites core and proposes several solutions that be can used in thermal insulation or industrial insulation. PUF and PIR represent the most technological, advanced and convenient solution for insulation of the complex plants dealing with liquefaction energy regasification of natural gas and petrochemicals.

The group's main target is to become an internationally recognized point of reference and develop high quality products to meet the client’s requirements and ensure maxim satisfaction.