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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Diet and the power of protein

Dr. David Heber M.D., Ph.D. Graduate at the Harward medical School and esteemed Director of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition, championing a worldwide battle against human obesity to a life one dedication to a science of the human nutrition.
Three decades of researched and commitment of helping save people's lives.
Resulting of Dr. Heber's directions of the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute.
Director of the Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Laboratories at UCLA, Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of Herbalife International. And now hear directly form Dr. Heber how you can obtain your best possible Shape.

Today everyone is talking about obesity.
One of two Americans are overweight, one of three are obese. Countries like Japan who has always had an healthy diet, today finds that obesity has been increase to 5 % to 20 % of the population! This is a worldwide epidemic!
For the first time in human history there are 2 billion overweight people and 2 billion underweight people in the world with the two numbers equal for the very first time in human history.
So what's happened in the last 20 years?
I like to say: "it's not a fish, it's the aquarium", we haven't changed, our genes are the same, they have been in our body for 50.000 years, what's changed is our diet and our lifestyle.
We have fast food, we eat a lot of snacks, we spend a lot of time in our cars, we have sedentary job sitting at computers all day, if we can understand our body, understand how they work, we can solve this problem together.
So the first step is understanding your body shape, and understanding your body fat and understanding your body protein.
People comes out with all different shapes, man can get body fact mostly in the upper body, women get it either in the upper or in the lower body.

The upper body fat, is fat that allows you to hang on the calories while you search for food. You may resist whole days without food in the jungle with your upper body fat.

Women lower body fat is there to allowed them to breast feed infant. It responds to the female hormones. It too is an important organ in your body, just like your hearth, the kidney, or your brain.

Understanding how it works and understanding how your diet relates to your body shape, your body fat, your body protein, is the key of being successful.

I've got a lots of different patients in the last 30 years. Typically a big man with a lot of upper body fat tells me: " Oh, I can loose weight any time I want, I can cut my stake in half and I loose 20 pounds!"
The bad side of habits he thinks he can loose weight any time he wants. So he doesn't care of what he eats every day and he may continue to eat a 400 grams stakes with onions rings...
On the other hand of the spectrum, there is a small woman who wants to loose weight but can't. She follows all rules, eats the right food, but because her metabolism is slow, because of her low level or body protein, she is not able of loose weight as easily. Women usually loose weight more slowly than man.
So what's the key of understanding your body?

You have to know your body protein, match the protein in your diet to the protein in your body and understand that we each have a personal best shape.

One size is not for all. Understand your body shape is the first step for the loosing weight and setting your personal best shape in the most effective and easiest way possible.
So first thing is understanding your body, understanding your body shape, understanding your body fat and how it relates to your diet and life style.

The first thing I will do to teach you to understand your body is to determine the amount of protein that is in your body. Protein is extremely important, it helps to maintain healthy muscles and organs in your body. If you don't eat enough protein in your diet, your body steal your protein from muscles, leaver and other organs. If there is not enough protein in your diet you don't' have enough energy during the day. But if you eat enough protein you have a lot of energy and protein will help you to satisfy your hunger. So you won't be as tempted to eat the wrong foods.

Now, I am determining how much protein is in your body. I estimate your lean. For every pound of lean in your body, you need 1 gram of protein. So a woman with 100 pounds of lean will need 100 grams of protein a day, her husband with 150 pounds of lean, will need 150 grams of protein in his diet every day. And I can also determine the amount of calories you burn every day, with a very simple tool. Two electrodes on your hands and feet, fully painless, and in a few seconds using your electrical properties of your body I can determine how much lean and how much fat is in your body.
A woman with 100 pounds of lean burns 1400 calories per day since every pound of lean burns 31 calories per day.
Her husband with 150 pounds of lean burns 2100 calories per day.

So now I know how much protein you need in a diet and how many calories you burn per day.
How can I find out how quickly you loose weight on a diet? What turns out is, if I can give you a diet that's 500 calories lower I calculate to be resting calories burned per day, you loose 1 pound per week.
Finally I can determine your target weight, what will be your right weight for you at the proper range of body fat.
All of that information in a few minutes from this simple tools. So we are building a road map for you. If you are gonna go on a trip for a city for vacation, you'd like to know "which road do I take? How long will take me to take there? What's my final destination? Using this simple tool we found to map out your journey to your personal best body shape.

How many calories you burn per day? How much protein you need in your diet, how quickly you loose weight, your ultimate target weight should be.

Now you know how much protein and how much calories you will need to loose weight properly.
But how we do it? How it will do during the day?
Well, it's very difficult for you to eat the right number calories just try to eat less of your favourite foods.
What I found works the best in the ideal meal. An healthy protein fortified shake tastes good and moody. (...)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Herbalife, total wellness for your body

Here's some important advices about digestive and Cardiovascular system health.
Learn about the value of digestive health from Dr. Luigi Gratton.

Q: Why is digestive health so valuable?
A: Most people have experienced digestive issues at some point in their lives. Many modern diets lack the sufficient nutrition, such as fiber, for good digestive health. Fiber is essential for weight management and intestinal health but most people only eat half the recommended daily dietary fiber intake.

Q: What can I do to increase my fiber intake?
A: I always encourage people to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables each day to get their daily fiber intake. But I realize how challenging it is to do that with our modern diet and on-the-go lifestyle. That is why I recommend Active Fiber Drink Mix, Florafiber, Activated Fiber tablets and the 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program to support your diet. These supplements can contribute to promoting regularity, a feeling of fullness and the growth of “friendly” intestinal bacteria. Another powerful product to support digestive health naturally is Herbal Aloe.

Q: How does Herbal Aloe promote digestive health?
A: Herbalife's Herbal Aloe formula is gentle and soothing because we filter out the laxative stimulant, alloin, to produce an herbal aloe with all of the organic nutrients of the aloe plant. The aloe plant contains over 75 substances known for their healing properties. Herbal Aloe assists your body's self-cleansing action and healthy elimination. Plus, you can support healthy digestion wherever you are with Herbalife's ready-to-drink form. To maintain a healthy digestive system, support your healthy diet with plenty of fiber and Herbalife's digestive supplements.

Learn about the importance of a healthy cardiovascular system from Dr. Lou Ignarro.

Q: Why is cardiovascular health so important?
A: Your cardiovascular system is literally at the heart of your overall health. Maintaining it is crucial for a variety of reasons. It gives you energy and the ability to keep up with the daily demands of life. A healthy cardiovascular system is also essential for mental clarity and protecting you against stress. Additionally, cardiovascular health contributes to overall vitality.

Q: What kinds of things can I do to improve my cardiovascular health?
A: There are several things you can–and should–incorporate into your life to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Exercise is crucial. Brisk walks, sit-ups, light weight training, swimming and biking are all excellent, low impact and efficient exercises for any fitness level. The important thing is to do something every day. Another important factor is proper eating–and that means getting the right amount of essential vitamins and other nutrients, as well as antioxidants.

Q: How does Herbalife's Core Complex help improve heart health?
A: Core Complex targets four key indicators of heart health: cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine and oxidative stress. Taking Core Complex is a great way to give your cardiovascular system the nutrition it needs every day. Whatever you do to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, the important thing to remember is to make it a priority. Exercise regularly, eat right and keep stress to a minimum. Your health depends on it.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All Rights Reserved.