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Friday, December 14, 2007

A new fund to fight against subprime chrisis

It seems that the typhoon is over. Some days ago the three american and biggest bank Bank of America, Citigroup e JP Morgan decided to open a new fund called SuperSiv to fight against subprime loans crisis.

These banks had just started in October to discuss the idea of the project SuperSiv, encouraged by the Minister Henry Paulson. After two months of difficult negotiations they have reached the following agreement: to be collect between 75 and 100 billion dollars helped by the management of the company BlackRock.

The SuperSiv fund has the aim to curb the impact of the crisis mortgage subprime on the american economy in a very short time.

Wall Street's operators are suspicious about this new fund. They all think that the only aim is to save the three banks from crisis consequences. The fund has born also to avoid Banks to sell 300 billion dollars properties off. The real estate market seems to be just out of the storm. Judging to the house and villas prices on internet we can assure that there aren't any problem. We should also think about the change us dollar against euro that help foreign investment in real estate. The most favourite places chosen by the foreign investor are Florida, particularly Miami and West Palm. Real estate agencies in Florida are growing faster than other business and could help people to forget crisis. Bank should work hard to fight recession especially during the next elections in fact the US Government support all initiatives to get over crisis and overcome probelms. We know that the 70% of the American richness comes from consumptions so it could be useful not to slow them down. If foreigners help us Buying luxury home and villa in Florida then this could avoid the whole market crisis.

Made in Italy: excellence in the production of automatic vending machine

No country can compete with the "culture" of Italian coffee. Indeed, even in the field of automatic vending machines and hot drinks espresso, Italian companies are placing as a leader in quality of products offered to the international market and unmistakable taste of Italian Espresso they distributed.

Indeed, the espresso has made us famous in every corner of the planet, especially where the coffee is made and served very long (just as in America). This is because the beverage expressed itself retains all the taste and the aromas of roasted coffee beans. In these terms, even in the offices, institutions, structures and organizations around the world is growing, year after year, the demand for vending machines for hot drinks of high quality that can serve an authentic and original product which transmits the scent and the warmth that characterizes our kitchen.

But what is meant by automatic vending machine?

The automatic machine is a machine that delivers, with fee, products or services required from the final customer. Unlike a real store, They are often quite, an automatic coffee does not require staff dedicated to the marketing of products that can be used even in the absence of personnel, or when the business is closed. Moreover, this type of product, has had several applications in the social, just think of: schools, industries, hospitals, highway stops, etc..

A little curiosity about it

It is assumed that the first automatic vending machine has been designed and built by Hero Tzebus in Alexandria in Egypt as far back as 219 BC who invented an autonomous system for the distribution of water during ceremonies held in temples. The machine, presented inside a simple but brilliant mechanism at the same time, in fact, the distribution was driven through coins that by their weight pressed on a lever that allowed the opening of a valve from which streamed some quantities of water.

The situation today and the market

Today, as in every domain, the technology has allowed a sector that enables vending machines now to sell and market any type of snacks, food and beverages. Also in recent times have spread rapidly intelligent distributors of newspapers and cigarettes , based on rules and timetables established that distribute their products only to certain groups of users, the case in point is that of cigarette distributors that before 9 PM requiring the inclusion of the tax code to get access to products.

With the advent of globalization, Italian companies specialized in the manufacture of vending machines are beginning to invest in Internet to promote their activities and make known their products all over the world.

In these words, the Web looks like the most immediate and comprehensive solution for attacking new countries and markets, promoting the Made in Italy in the World. Again and again.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from Coffee vending machine manufacturer. For any information on Adimac, visit gourmet vending machines or surfing on-line hot drinks vending machines.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New children promotions at the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare in Lignano.

Also for the next summer the Bella Venezia Mare, one of the renovated Hotels in Lignano Pineta, fix the attention on children, offering promotions and special reductions.
On the website of this 3 star hotel located in Lignano, the Friulian beach on the Upper Adriatic Sea, users can already watch the new prices and discounts which are specially designed for the youngest guests. In this way the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare renews the attention to the families trying to go to meet their needs.
The reduced fares, special reductions and promotions are foreseen for children from 0 up and over 12 years.
This is the new idea compared with other hotels in Lignano: not only the band from 0 up 8 years enjoys the reductions, but also the older section. Besides reductions are available during all summer season, also in August.
The 3 star hotel in Lignano Pineta puts also special children's promotions at families' disposal, as for example one free child up 6 years for a seven days stay in particular periods and other reductions for children from 7 up 12 years.
These new offers are the result of a steady progress made by the Hotel Bella Venezia Mare, that shows a within children's reach building and services.
The little guests can free and sure play, while parents enjoy a relaxing holiday on the sea in one of the most children's needs careful hotels in Lignano.

Extravagant city break in London

London, with its 32 districts and 7 million inhabitants from the four corners of the world, is a real multicultural metropolis where a total of over 300 languages are spoken and all the world’s religions represented!

London is so vast that would require a lot of time to explore it in-depth given the richness and diversity it has to offer. But there are some good news for a traveller wishing to spend a brief holiday, or a city break during the week end.

Firstly you can count on valid public transportations. Secondly get the LONDON A-Z, a pocket-sized map book available at any newsagent. You can find anything from events, night life, hot spots for young travellers, backpackers information, choice of entertainment from drag acts to comedy from dance clubs to classical music. There are some other informative magazines you can usually find for free in the hotels halls. If you are in London but don’t know where to go sleeping or you still don’t have an accommodation do not expect to find it cheap. London, with its Pounds can be very expensive even to a European citizen! Apart from hotels which can have 3 to 5 starts but still don’t reach that standard, there is an unlimited numbers of Bed and breakfast ( see for the B&B sign) at private homes. It has been a long tradition and London is the capital of BandB accommodation providers! Usually they are run by families that guest travellers in their own house to get an extra income. It’s a good option in order to get an insight of how a real Londoner lives. In this way it is also very easy to contract the price especially if you ask for continental breakfast and not English breakfast ( bacon and eggs…which can be quite strong at 8 am…): there could be a difference of 2-3 pound per person…And if you sum it all up, well, you might save enough for a dinner out!

There are many possible ways for you to book a B&B in London. Either you go to a tourist office at the very last minute while in London but you may not wish to risk for a last minute accommodation… or find online your perfect accommodation solution. There are quite a lot booking and informative sites: some of them only list the London BB and provide you with phone number but then you have to spend quite a fortune in international calls; some others allow you to book online directly and get your confirmation straight away (ex. Flashbooking.com) some others offer accommodation on request and it could take longer then expected. A list of cheap Bed and breakfast in London is provided by the mentioned website that is specialized in budget accommodation or lodging for families, international students and backpackers. Apart from B&B there are also youth hostels listed. Prices range very from 15 euros in a hostel to 33 euros per person in a double private room in a London B&B. The choice is up to you.

So, you got in London-UK, you got the A-Z map and some good city magazines, you got a cheap accommodation ( which will probably serve you only as a base to explore the city), now it’s time to get out and have fun!!! You might not want to spend the whole day in a museum especially if the day offer a sun beam through the fog… right? Here 3 nice things to do.

You can visit the Kew gardens with their historic green-houses. Very relaxing and interesting. Nice for kids as well and for photographers!! There is a vast assortment of flora gathered from around the world to admire and they often organize many special activities and tours for children ( ex: the ‘Cactus Trail, ‘Climbers and creepers’, etc. ) To get there use the Tube; stop: Kew Bridge. The Gardens are open every day EXCEPT Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. ( www.rbgkew.org.uk; email: info@kew.org or ph: +44 (20) 8332 5655 ) .

Another quite and typical area of London where you can have lunch and do shopping is Covent Gardens. Events and celebrations are hold all through the year and the daily routine includes street entertainment performances seven days a week. Also, Covent Garden is the right place to find the hippest clothes shops! In the area there are many famous European theatres, museums, galleries too. So that in and around Covent Gardens there is always a lot to see and do!! Another fun thing and not too classic tour in Lodnon would be a visit to the London Zoo in Regent’s Park, NW1 (ph: +44 (20) 772233 33; www.londonzoo.co.uk) reachable with the Tube and stop at Camden Town. You will need to walk for 10 minutes only then to reach the entrance. Or the Natural History Museum ( Cromwell Road, SW7, ph. +44 (20) 794 250 00 www.nhm.ac.uk) Tube stop: South Kensington on District, Circle and Piccadilly lines.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from B&B London. For any information, please visit guest house London or for travel insurance visit cheap apartments London.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Go-Kart, an Italian passion

Ferrari and Ducati recent successes on the world circuit, make the eyes of the whole planet, the Italian production in the world of top-level engines. Even in the construction and design of go-kart.

With the recent success of Ducati Corse in the World Motorcycle category "Moto GP", engines made in Italy have shown, together with the "custom" Ferrari, to be designed to be regarded as leaders around the globe.

Indeed, a bit like in all other areas, the Italian manufacturing presents as well as a high quality product also the passion and determination that distinguishes us in achieving excellence and objectives.

In this regard, even in Go-Kart production Italian companies are moving and promoting all over the world, thanks to a great go-kart production using the best engines, components and accessories.

But perhaps this fascinating world of competition with mini-cars, called Kart or Go-Kart, is not well known and less popular because of the two sports quoted above: motorcycle and Formula One.

Indeed, karting is the simplest form of motorsports run with small cars with essential shape: tubular steel frame without suspension, wheels and engine. The sport, just for fun transmitting in goal, was born as a hobby but now is a step "almost mandatory" for those who wish to embark on a career as a professional pilot. Not surprisingly, the latest F1 exited from its "breeding garden" of the go-kart (Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Alonso, just to name a few).

The kart was born in America, as often happens, for economic motivations in 1956 where cars race became increasingly expensive and the number of participants (and especially the audience) was so narrow to seek alternatives. In these terms, the Karting was the dowry of remedy, at least in some respects, this situation by proposing solutions extremely funny but also economic and accessible to all fans of engines.

In Italy the phenomenon develops and explodes in the early '70s where simple manual constructions moved towards specialization of some companies in the production and sales of Go-Kart competition. The first racetracks were born and passion spreads quickly from young to older who do not disdain the emotions that only a sports car like the Go-Kart can feel.

Recently Kart manufacturers have always researched and developed new solutions, improving each component of competition mini-cars with high technology spare parts able to greatly improve the performance and consistency of the same in sports and competition areas.

Finally we have only to indulge in this passion with friends and colleagues in breathtaking races, perhaps without exaggerating for the weak of heart.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from go kart manufacturer. For any information on Chiarugi, visit cheap go karts or surfing on-line go kart chassis.


Multiple industry reports prove Strix Systems’ Leadership by Shipments, Revenue and
Market Share.

CALABASAS, Calif., December 11, 2007 – Strix Systems, the technology and market
leader in high performance wireless mesh networking, remains a worldwide leader,
holding the top two positions in wireless mesh networking for number of radios shipped,
revenues and market share according to In-Stat, Infonetics, Heavy Reading and Dell’Oro.
Strix Systems maintains an industry-leading position and continues to increase its
worldwide penetration with its award-winning product line with successful deployments
in public safety, municipal and rural networks, high-speed transportation, industrial
enterprise and other strategic markets. Having the industry’s most advanced modular
multi-radio mesh network technology, Strix Systems has achieved a track record of
success delivering the industry’s most robust, resilient and high performance systems
capable of installations in any environment around the world.

According to industry reports issued throughout 2007, including those from In-Stat,
Infonetics, Heavy Reading and Dell’Oro, Strix Systems holds the top two positions in
number of nodes or radios shipped, revenues or market share. In-Stat’s 2007 Worldwide
Wi-Fi Mesh Equipment Market report ranks Strix Systems number one in revenues and
two in unit shipments, Dell’Oro’s recent 2007 Wireless LAN Report places Strix Systems
number two for number of radios shipped and Infonetics WiMAX and Outdoor Wireless
Mesh Network Equipment reports Strix Systems as number one in market share based on

“Infonetics believes that Strix Systems is a key manufacturer and critical solution
provider in the wireless mesh network industry,” said Richard Webb, Senior Analyst,
Infonetics Research. “The market is accelerating and we’re now experiencing the greater
penetration and ultimate benefits that solutions like Strix Systems Access/One have to

Strix Systems continues its penetration with unequaled successes around the world with
notable announcements including (partial list only):

• France, France Telecom: Orange deployed Strix Access/One OWS for Wi-Fi
voice and data services in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. The launch of
the operators first outdoor mesh network coincided with their nationwide launch
of the Apple iPhone with Wi-Fi capabilities.
• USA, Massachusetts: Brookline is the first municipality in the United States to
have a border-to-border multi-use first responder Wi-Fi network utilizing licensed
4.9GHz frequencies for police and fire, and standard Wi-Fi for consumers.
• USA, San Diego County, North County Transit District: Deployment of Strix
Access/One OWS for the second most traveled rail line in the U.S. funded by the
Department of Homeland Security.
• Sub-Sahara Africa: The leading economic force in Africa and pioneer provider
of affordable mobile telephone services in Kenya, Sameer Group is distributing
Strix Access/One across 42 countries in sub-Saharan Africa to enable last mile
• Korea, KT Corp: The largest high-speed internet operator in Korea, KT Corp.,
selected Strix Access/One to extend the high-speed NESPOT service area beyond
its current indoor limits.
• India: Strix Access/One deployed in Mumbai as last-mile alternative to corporate
enterprise, industrial, government, and residential customers.
• Finland: Strix Access/One deployed for City of Oulu. Today the network
provides open access to over 11,000 residents. Statistics for January 2007 report
5,656 regular users, 194,170 sessions, and 8.4 million online minutes.
• Falkirk Mining: Falkirk Mining Company, subsidiary of The North American
Coal Corp., the nation’s largest lignite coal producer, deployed Strix’s
Access/One for first industrial mining mobile mesh network.
• Belgium: Strix Access/One deployed for first city-wide mesh network in
Blankenberge. Installed in less than 2 months, the network provides commercial
and municipal access.
• Netherlands: Strix Access/One wireless mesh network deployed in 10 days by
Groningen Unwired and Alcadis (Strix Master VAD) to provide commercial,
academic and municipal access.
• Video & Mobility Solutions: Announced its unparalleled performance for
mission critical video surveillance and high-speed mobility applications and
teams with industry-leading manufacturers like Panasonic, Milestone Systems,
Federal Signal, ICOP and others to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to customers.
• And more…
“Strix Systems is a driving force in the deployment of wireless mesh networks,” said
Bruce Brown, CEO, Strix Systems. “We continue to focus on strategic markets in the
U.S., internationally and applications that require superior performance, reliability and
flexibility including public safety, railway, city-wide and other strategic applications."

About Strix Systems

With over 500 customers in over 30 countries worldwide, Strix Systems is a worldwide
Leader in Wireless Mesh Networking, in market share and technology. Strix’s
Access/One products are the industry’s only modular (chassis-based) mesh systems,
delivering the largest capacity, highest throughput and best scalability. This new
generation of products provides the broadband mobility and reach to support voice, video,
and data applications. Sold globally by a network of first-class distributors and
integrators, Access/One solutions have been deployed in hundreds of networks
worldwide, outdoor and indoor, for service providers, metros, public safety, government,
energy, manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, education, enterprises, and residential
markets. For Strix Systems latest case video case study on public safety, municipal
networks and railway networks please go to:


Strix Systems products and services are available worldwide through a premium partner
ecosystem of distributors, service providers, resellers and systems integrators.

Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China •
Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Dubai, UAE •
Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hong Kong • Hungary • India • Indonesia •
Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Korea • Luxembourg • Malaysia • Mexico • The
Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Puerto
Rico • Romania • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Scotland • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia •
South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • Ukraine •
United Kingdom • United States • Venezuela • Vietnam • Zimbabwe

For more information about Strix Systems, please visit www.strixsystems.com.

NOTE: Strix Systems and Access/One Network are trademarks or registered trademarks, in the United States and certain other countries, of Strix Systems. Additional company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the individual
companies and are respectfully acknowledged.


Kirby Russell
Strix Systems
Director of Marketing
(818) 251-1058