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Friday, February 08, 2008

SEM Consultant.com Launching PPC, SEO services for Foreign Languages

SEM-consultant.com are a top line SEM Consultants, who are now the only PPC, SEO consultants offering PPC, SEO for foreign languages such as Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French language websites. We also offer PPC, SEO for all Indian language websites.

Adwords, PPC Management is performed by adding keywords in local foreign languages and writing foreign language Ad text. We mine our keywords from your site, competitor sites and use languages tools for translation from English keywords to foreign keywords.

SEO is performed by creating Meta Tags, Title Tags in foreign languages and writing content in foreign language for which we have expert linguists in our team who are ready to convert form any given language to any language.

There is very little competition in local language field hence we advice people to use local language SEO, PPC for promoting their websites, as it can drive potential traffic at low cost.

In addition to the above services we offer Analytics services through Analyticseye.com (http://www.analyticseye.com/). We empower businesses to make right decisions based on available web analytics data on Marketing, Site optimization, Product and other aspects of the website.

About Us

We are leading search engine marketing in India providing SEM, Analytics, SEO services. We are fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the industry in every vertical.

You could reach us for a more detailed information about SEM consultant and about http://www.sem-consultant.com/ppc-mgmt-services.html PPC Services, http://www.sem-consultant.com/seo-services.html SEO Services.

URL: http://www.analyticseye.com/
Contact: hari@analyticseye.com
Address: 2/34567, kormangla, Bangalore, India

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New York, the italian Master "Massimo Taccon" will be listed at the "Moma" - The Museum of Modern Art.


Object: The italian Master "Massimo Taccon" will be listed at the Moma of New York.

New York - MoMA -; in date January 31, 2008 it has been sent the whole documentation of the italian Master "Massimo Taccon" requested by the curatorial staff of the "Department of Painting and Sculpture" of the largest and important Museum of Modern Art of the world: the MoMA (New York - USA).

The Moma is certainly the Museum of Modern Art most important with the largest art collection of the world, with artworks of Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, De Chirico, Léger, Brancusi, Mondrian, Dalí, Miró, Alberto Giacometti, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Eva Hesse and many other artists.

The work, the monography and the artworks of the italian artist will be exposed at the viewing of the curatorial staff of "The Museum of Modern Art".

News and more informations about the work of the Master are available on the site Art List Journal and in the official site La Taccon Arte art studio & gallery created, in 2007, by the "Maestro" and the art director Fabio Taccon.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

888.com Receives GamCare Certificate and Uploads the New 888responsible.com

888.com's new website, 888 Responsible was launched . The new website provides information and services regarding responsible gaming, problem gambling and more. 888.com was awarded with GamCare's Certification.

888.com, one of the World's leading entertainment companies, has launched a new website, dedicated to responsible gaming, called 888Responsible.

As global leader in online entertainment, 888.com contributes many resources for the benefit of society in general and issues that involve gaming in particular. The new site is the latest addition to this social involvement, which is one of 888.com's top priorities as a company.

Ruth Tanami, 888.com's Director of Responsible Gaming, says 888 Responsible offers comprehensive and easily accessible information about responsible gaming practices, dealing with problem gambling, preventing underage gambling, charity activity and more.

The new website provides tools with which to address online gaming. Parents can learn how to identify if their teenage son or daughter might have a problem related to gambling, while players can take the self-assessment to test to determine their gambling habits, learn how to keep out of debt and even how they can exclude themselves from playing at online casinos.

888.com has also collaborated with GamCare's Certification, the British National Association for Gambling Care Educational Resources & Training, and has received the association's Certification.

GamCare is one of the leading authorities on the provision of information, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling. 888 and GamCare now cooperate to keep a healthy gaming environment and to allow players to enjoy the game.

Andrew Poole, GamCare's Head of Online Services said 888.com deserve the organization's certificate for its high standards of social responsibility.

"We are delighted to award 888 with our Certification as a mark of their excellent standards of practice," Said Poole. "GamCare has a commitment to promote responsible attitudes to gambling, and we recognise the importance of acknowledging those organisations that have attained high standards of social responsibility and player protection, issues that are becoming increasingly important for any remote operator."

"GamCare recognises the good work 888.com has achieved in producing an informative site that aims to not only help people keep their gambling in control, but that also identifies how people can access support for themselves or someone else who may be affected by a gambling problem," added Poole. "Ensuring that gaming remains responsible and fun demands a collaborative effort from not only the gaming companies, but also from support agencies, governments and individual gamblers too. It is encouraging to see 888.com contributing in this way."

Musictrax and Trends Mobile Bring High Quality Digital Multimedia Streaming to South Pacific Rim.

Trends Mobile has chosen Musictrax.sg to power the popular Mitac Mio & Eten Glofiish mobile phones distributed in Singapore.

Yokohama, Japan (February 07, 2008) – Musictrax Ltd, a leader in Asia’s online digital content delivery platform industry, today announces its partnership with Trends Mobile Pte.to power the digital media content service to all WiFi or 3G supported portable or mobile communication devices. Trends Mobile is Singapore's exclusive distributor of Mitac's Mio PDA mobile phones and the leading distributor of the E-TEN glofiish mobile device, The Musictrax service will be directly integrated into the consumer’s handset for easy access to digital media content, as well as will be bundled with all aftermarket accessories or storage starting from February 15th 2008.

This service offering will also be made available to consumers throughout the neighboring regions such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand through Trends Mobile's distribution channels. "With Musictrax powering all of our mobile devices, this offers our customers a direct method to access and stream digital content with the push of a button, and our customers will experience a digital lifestyle like never before on their portable and mobile devices, said Benedict Paul, CEO, Trends Mobile Pte. Ltd.

"This partnership with Trends Mobile offers the mobile subscribers of Singapore an easy to access wide variety of premium local and international hits for a low monthly subscription fee. Our service catalog contains thousands of local bands and groups from all over Asia as well as the Top 100 tracks," said Paul Judd, Chief Operations Officer, Musictrax Ltd. With the ability to create and share playlists with other subscribers of the Musictrax service, people from all over Asia can unite to broaden their knowledge of the local music scene all throughout the South East Asia Region.

About Musictrax

Musictrax ( www.musictrax.com.sg ) is the largest uniformed digital content delivery platform throughout the Asian Pacific Region. With product service offerings ranging from embedded media applications to online service portals servicing Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Australia. The Musictrax content catalog comes from a variety of premium content aggregators, as well as local independent artists all throughout Asia and the South East Rim.

About Trends Mobile

Trends Mobile (www.trendsmobile.com) is the leading distributor of Mitac's Mio PDA mobile phones as well as E-TEN's glofiish mobile devices in Singapore. With multiple partners across the region, Trends Mobile extends its offering to South Pacific Rim region, including countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.
Trends Mobile also distributes Trek Thumbdrives and develops the Addisk technology (www.addisk.com) to enhance the usage of USB flash memory devices as the definitive marketing tool.

Musictrax® Musictrax™ are trademarks of Musictrax.Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Any other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. © 2007 Musictrax. All rights reserved.

Musictrax Media Service to be Bundled with all TwinMask MP3, MP4 and GPS Devices.

Hong Kong (February 6th, 2008) – Musictrax, a leader in Asia’s digital content delivery platform industry, announces today that the company has reached an agreement with Megastek Technologies, owner of the TwinMask™ brand, to embed the Musictrax media service directly into 2 Million MP3 / MP4 and GPS Devices to be sold throughout the 2008 year. Megastek Technologies is a leading supplier of Personal Media Players and Soundcards for the PC and Mobile market throughout Russia, Brazil and the Asia Pacific Region.

“As a leading supplier of MP3, MP4 and GPS Devices in Asia this agreement is an important step in showing our continued commitment to support the latest emerging digital media technologies made available to the consumer public, said” Alex Kong, Chairmen , Megastek Technologies “In the search to find a solution that met our needs for the integration into a wide range of Portable Media and Communication Devices supported in the emerging markets of China and Southeast Asia, the Musictrax Media application came out as the clear winner enabling exceptional performance over a wide range of connectivity and usability tests for the end users.”
This partnership allows Megastek Technologies to offer a complete digital multimedia service to all purchasers of the TwinMask™ portable media players as well as offer its consumers a cheaper option to stream media to their portable devices supported in the market place." said Tre Zimmerman, Representative Director, Musictrax Ltd. "with this arrangement Musictrax will be able to promote a true digital lifestyle to a sizable new market that has long yearned for a low cost solution."
About Musictrax

Musictrax (www.musictrax.hk) is the largest uniformed digital content delivery platform throughout the Asia Pacific Region and globally distributed by leading hardware manufacturers, international distribution partners and 3rd party web sites, and can be accessed directly via any of our online portals. With product service offerings ranging from embedded media applications to online service portals servicing Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and Australia. The Musictrax content catalog comes from a variety of premium content aggregators, as well as local independent artists all throughout Asia and the South Eastern Rim. With worldwide coverage through Musictrax Ltd. based in Yokohama, Japan, and three subsidiaries: Musictrax Inc. in San Francisco, California, Musictrax Pte.in Singapore and Musictrax LLC in Hong Kong

About Megastek Technologies

Megastek (www.megastek.com) is a Hong Kong registered company with our own 2400sqm factory in Shenzhen China. With more than 200 employees, Megastek devotes its efforts on R&D, marketing and manufacturing of add-on cards and consumer electronics products, such as MP3 , MP4, GPS, Sound Cards, Webcam, USB Bluetooth adaptor etc. And according to market trend, Megastek now is also devoting to some networking products, such as ADSL modems, wireless routers etc. Backed up by our ISO9001 factory, we are manufacturing our products by 3 complete SMT machine lines. With widely spread customers in Europe, North and South America and Asia, we are promoting our own brand name TwinMask™ and accepting OEM/ODM orders and providing the total solutions to all our customers.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Another revelation ACCOSSATO home in the province of Turin!

If December was born ACCOSSATO SPAIN soon online on January http://www.accossato.es/ and home Turin had filed a patent command clutch, just at the beginning of February was born ACCOSSATO GREECE already on line, if although obviously with a site still under construction on http://www.accossato.gr/; this project with the house of Turin intends to increase sales of its products in Greece.


Or directly at the office of ACCOSSATO at 0119696811