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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Epiphany 2011 in tuscany villas

We are close to the epiphany, the children are preparing to hang the stockings by the fireplace in the web but there are offers for the witch? Sure, maybe too much, it becomes so complicated to find the right offer for his family. For the bridge of the Epiphany (4 nights) we can find such a package deal in a villa in Tuscany exclusive.
If the idea of having a villa for five days for you all you like, then I suggest you read the official page Befana Tuscany. We summarize that you can choose from two exclusive villas which are both located between Siena and Volterra. Both houses also have a fireplace where the old lady could easily fill the stockings of children. A different kind of idea for a holiday for the whole family.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Agriturismo: a most appreciated accommodation in Italy

In recent years, in Italy we have seen the rise of the farm as the most popular type of accommodation. The farm, or as it is called in Italy "agriturismo", is a form of tourism that combines the hospitality of agricultural activity took place on it. It is a type of accommodation, present in several countries, in which prevails in both the business accommodation, where the guest is just a tourist, that farming, in which the host works with the agricultural activities carried out. In both cases, however, the relationship between acceptance and agricultural activity is maintained.

In Italy the farm was established as a definition in the sixties. We have to wait until 1973, however, to see the birth of the first form of legislation of this type of accommodation. Under Italian law the agri-tourism activities are receptive activities engaged in by contractors who work in agriculture or by corporations or individuals who use their business to accommodate tourists, combining it all with the performance of agricultural activities.

One of the activities of the farm is to provide hospitality in housing or open space, given meals consisting of food and wine farm or farms nearby, organize tastings of typical products of the local. All to play in pre-existing farm buildings on farms and no longer useful to the activities of running the farm.

At first, the farm was characterized by very spartan reception. Over time and especially with the increased demand for housing in a farm, hospitality has become increasingly sophisticated, more attentive to the needs of tourists. Luxury farmhouse with high quality services, wellness and comfort, are actually established in Italy and internationally recognized. Reality that often have failed to affect the score of the great supporters of the hotel. The number of farm holidays in Italy is constantly increasing. More common in hilly and mountainous, plains, sea and lake areas, the farm has contributed substantially to the conservation of the countryside, the promotion of local products and to maintain employment in the agricultural sector. The farm also gave impetus to the development of other forms of rural accommodation (hotels and charming bed and breakfast, country house, relays), which also attract customers interested in the agricultural world, but whose activity is released from the concrete work in the fields . Demand for farm has increased significantly. Backed by the growing interest in an environment of organic produce, tranquil and surrounded by nature, the farm has attracted considerable interest from tourists from all over the world. On the web there is a considerable interest in this type of accommodation. Numerous searches for keys as "Sicily agriturismo" or "Tuscan farmhouse" and others. The farm, in sum, is the formula that contains the right elements for a holiday: relax, nature, hiking and good food.

For your holidays in Italy choose agriturismo on AgriturismoInn.com, by Seoethic,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home business tips to launch your business

Use these home business tips and You can start your online business in just 3 days.

You may ask authors for unpublished information products and finish it for them in exchange for free publicity and a percentage of the products or an up front fee. Tell them you will also list their name as a co-author.

You can ask others for unfinished information products and finish it for them in exchange for free publicity and a percentage of the products or an up front fee. Tell them you will also list their name as a co-author.

Divide part of your publication it up to create a free autoresponder course and sell the rights to it. People would buy it so they could automatically follow up with their visitors with quality content and their product advertisement.

Free Chat Room Seminar- You will advertise your product during or at the end of your seminar

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