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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Italian Language Courses in Italy – Is Learning in Person Better Than Online?

Just run any type of Google or Bing search for Italian language courses and you will probably come up with thousands of hits. Learning a foreign language online gives many people the opportunity to be able to learn a language that they might not otherwise have been given the opportunity to learn. However, nothing can compare to the experience of taking Italian language courses in Italy. There are many great benefits that come with learning a foreign language by immersing yourself in the foreign culture and surrounding yourself with natives who speak the Italian language.

One of the great benefits of taking Italian language courses in Italy is the ability to experience the different dialects, voices and language usage that comes with any type of language. When you learn through an online course you are greeted with one speaker who speaks with the same tone, voice and infliction. This makes it fairly easy to understand and communicate with the speaker. However, in the real world people do not speak the same way as each other. By taking a foreign language course in the direct location of the foreign language you wish to speak you will encounter many different tones, dialects and word usage that will force you to have to compensate for these differences.

Another great benefit of taking Italian language courses in Italy is that you are being put into direct situations that will cause you to have to use critical thinking skills and various variations on the Italian language. You will have the opportunity to interact with store owners and wait staff at restaurants, where you will be required to speak in Italian. Online courses do not give you the opportunity to experience varying situations where you will have to have a back and forth conversation with native Italian speakers and therefore cannot build your ability to think about what you want to say and apply it to the given situation.

While online courses give many people the opportunity to learn a foreign language without having to physically travel to a college or university they do not offer the same benefits that taking a foreign language course abroad does. The ability to be put into real life situations that call for you to use Italian to get through them as well as the experience of encountering various language usages causes many people to consider studying Italian language courses in Italy instead of taking the online foreign language route.