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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Palazzo Olivia starts the new year with a great promotion.

Palazzo Olivia starts 2009 in a positive way with a new great promotion.

Whether you are a business traveller or enjoying a leisure break in Rome, in January and February you can take advantage of a special 20% discount on all holiday apartments.

Carla Benedetti, Managing Director of Palazzo Olivia, says of the new promotion: -In the first months of the year most of our apartments in Rome are rented by business travellers. This year we want to open to a larger number of travellers. New promotional rates will give holiday makers the opportunity to plan and enjoy a nice break in Rome at very reasonable price. What better way to start 2009.-

For further information visit: Palazzo-olivia.it

Palazzo Olivia - Accommodation in Rome
Via dei Leutari 15 - Rome - Italy

Palazzo Olivia apartments are situated in an ancient building in Rome's historic centre, just a short walk from piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori, and are ideal for your stay in Rome.

By Michele De Capitani with support from holiday luxury Rome for any information, please visit holiday apartments in Rome or visit apartments in Rome.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


All products GIERRE (chairs, seats or armchairs that are) are achieved by applying ergonomic criteria, in accordance with the requirements for safety and health regulations required by certified laboratories at a national level.

Carefully tested and fully secured, all the chairs operational and not just this kind of meetings, produced by GIERRE are designed to give anyone the pleasure to sit on a real "chair-measure".

Our constant analysis of posture, use and habits assumed office, waiting room chairs or in a conference room, brought us to always seek the best on all the seats or seats for every occasion in that office or the like can happen, because it underestimated the various needs of Parliament that a person has, can not be a problem recently.

Gierre s.r.l. are an Italian chairs company famuos in world for chairs manufacturer.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CarInsuranceQuotes.com, LLC offers cheap car insurance options through all of the U.S. - just a few clicks and minutes away!

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About CarInsuranceQuotes.com:

CarInsuranceQuotes.com, founded in 1999, is a leading website focused on connecting consumers with multiple free car insurance quotes online. We have partnered with reputable car insurance companies who service the entire United States. Our easy to use website allows consumers to enter their zip code and then be matched with top car insurance companies in our network who service those areas. We also list major car insurance articles to support your search for the best quote. Our mission is to aid consumers in finding the right car insurance policy for the right price. If our service can save you money and time, then we are satisfied.

Thanks & Regards,
Ted Monit

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Efffetti - Wedding in Tuscany

[Pisa - Tuscany]

Efffetti - wedding in Tuscany
wedding planner agency, organizes and coordinates weddings in Italy.

Destination weddings are in everyone's dreams, and Tuscany is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Efffetti is based in Tuscany and can grant expertise from over a decade of marketing, communication and purchase experience in multinational companies. Efffetti's team leverages best-in-class experts in each sector to offer any services at best available prices, keeping quality at the highest levels.

Efffetti - wedding in Tuscany offers support and consultancy services plus access to al the services that are necessary for destination weddings, including parper work and translation.

Efffetti - wedding in Tuscany is also able to offer personal wedding web sites for couples. This service is offered to help guests and friends to follow couples that have decided to tie the knot away from their native country or when bride or groom are native of different places. This is fundamental to coordinate guests from all over the world and let friends that cannot attend have all the details.

Contacts and quotations upon request on Efffetti's website or blog

Efffetti, wedding planners with more "f"s

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ciaopeople interviews Viviane Reding

Viviane RedingOn the occasion of Safer Internet Forum, that took place last September, Ciaopeople interviews Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information and Media Society, to talk about children's and teenagers' on-line safety.

Safer Internet Forum, organized every year by European Commission since 2004, provides an European platform through which industries of this field, legal authorities and politicians can face issues regarding on-line safety. So Ciaopeople, as representative of Italian social networks, decided to interview Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information and Media Society.

Viviane Reding has underlined her interest in social networks, specifying that this phenomenon is changing remarkably "the way we get in touch, the way we search for information, the way we have fun. But, it has also given innovative tools for the management of human resources, customer service and advertising. These networking sites have transformed people in active users of technology, but we must not forget that these changes involve new challenges too. Their great popularity among teenagers creates serious problems, concerning on-line data and privacy protection".

Moreover, the European Commissioner explained that she is well-disposed to self-regulation: "As a member of the Social Christian Party of Luxembourg, I obviously stand up for an efficient self-regulation of industry compared to the creation of a new legislation. But – and as the issue of SMS roaming has confirmed – self-regulation of industry can be considered as an option, if interested stakeholders accept it and when it is actually implemented. I think it's important that 17 social networks, operating in Europe – for example MySpace, FaceBook, YouTube, Bebo, Hyves, StudiVZ and Skyrock – have decided to talk about a common set of guide-lines to assure on-line safety, in particular for children, and to improve the transparency of their utilities".

Ciaopeople is a rather large social network that has reached about 500.000 members, mostly teenagers. From the start, Ciaopeople has tried to make a safe virtual platform for its users and now, as a large chat, it underlines the importance of internet safety. Indeed, this firm wants to provide a safe on-line space for its users, in which those who surf the net will be able to find only the best aspects of the net, such as entertainment, socializing and interaction.

As a representative of Italian social networking, Ciaopeople wants to understand Italy's role in these changes: for this reason, European Commissioner mentioned two important Italian projects, financed by European Safer Internet Plus program, EASY (http://www.easy4.it) and STOP-IT (http://www.stop-it.org) managed by Save the children Italy Organization, in partnership with Adiconsum, consumers association.

In addition, the Commissioner asked social networks to agree to the European Social Networking Task Force, which is working to make a "code of conduct", that will be ready in 2009. It operates under the supervision of the European Commission.
Internet Safety is a moral obligation for social networking firms, legal authorities, politicians and people in general. So www.ciaopeople.com will agree to the guide-lines of this new code of conduct.

Read the complete interview to Viviane Reding

Press Office www.ciaopeople.com

Monday, November 03, 2008

Still time to rescure your photo archive

MomaPIX www.momapix.comFor photographers that will have their web server to be close in the immediate future losing access to their valuable photo archives, MomaPIX offert an immediate and easy fix.

To help secure on-going access to photographers digital resources, MomaPIX set up an emergency ftp transfer service so that archives could be relocated to the MomaPIX servers.

The emergency storage is available for four months free of charge and without obligation to subscribe to MomaPIX. This servic e aims only to give photographers adequate time to secure their on-going business arrangements. Many photographers have already utilised this service and the automated process for accessing the ftp accounts can be found at www.momapix.com/drr

Obviously at this time there are many fears about security of assets and continuity of service so MomaPIX invite you to view their statement regarding the integrity and security of their services which is available at Risk Management Strategy (http://www.momapix.com/risk-management-strategy)

All freelance photographers and photo agencies are invited to experience the MomaPIX service with a 30 day free trial (http://www.momapix.com/30day-free). The trial version does not automatically include an ftp account; during the trial period images are uploaded via a Java Applet. When you subscribe to the MomaPIX service an ftp account is automatically activated so that you can upload future images using ftp.

People who have taken advantage of the emergency ftp storage and subsequently subscribe to MomaPIX, can request that our customer service team transfer their ftp data directly in the archive of their full service version MomaPIX.

We suggest:

1) Set up your MomaPIX ftp account by Free FTP. (http://www.momapix.com/drr)
2) Transfer you archive to the MomaPIX servers.
3) Set up your 30 day free trial by 30 day free tiral. (http://www.momapix.com/30day-free)
4) Evaluate the MomaPIX service
5) Subscribe to the full service version of MomaPIX with its permanent ftp upload facility.
6) Email MomaPIX customer support to ask that the ftp storage to be linked to the archive of your full service version of MomaPIX.

The MomaPIX user manual can be found at http://docs.momapix.com

MomaPIX SITE: www.momapix.com

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Museo Regional de Durango 'El Aguacate' in Durango to host Jackie Sleper's latest exhibition dedicated to Mexico

UN GRITO DE DOLOR Y ESPERANZA - Jackie SleperIn November and December 2008, Dutch artist Jackie Sleper will exhibit "Dulce y Amargo" in the Museo Regional de Durango "El Aguacate", Durango, Mexico

From 5 November - 19 December 2008, the Museo Regional "El Aguacate" in Durango, Mexico, will host the famous Dutch artist's, Jackie Sleper, touring exhibition "Dulce y Amargo" inspired by, and dedicated to, Mexi co and the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and curated by Matty Roca.

Jackie Sleper, the winner of the section "Sculpture and Installation" at the Florence Biennale 2007, has always been fascinated by Mexico and the artist Frida Kahlo, for whom she has a profound admiration and so, when she received an offer from Matty Roca to depict her vision of Mexico she readily accepted. Over the course of the following two years, Jackie Sleper spent many months in situ, about which she says "I took in everything around me, spoke with lots of people and, in particular, got a sense of the country. My previous love of Mexico only grew stronger."

Her works are at times reminiscent of a variety of artists: Rivera, Orozco, Tamayo and Pollock. Jackie Sleper assumes absolute freedom in applying various techniques and introducing experimental elements: her work is characterised by combinations of photography and painting, and the use of mixed media. In addition to painting, Jackie also creates objects using a variety of materials, which she then transforms into wholly a new and surprising entity, such a the wonderful and fun piece "Rocatizada", dedicated to her curator Matty Roca. The artist other works to be guided by a profound sense of humanity, and she is an artist in the truest sense of the word, her work has always been grounded in her exploration of the human existence and its significance. The art critic, Wim Van der Beek said about Jackie's work prior to her 2007 Netherlands exhibition: "Jackie Sleper's aim is not to shock, but to make things tangible and manageable. She does not want to magnify injustices, but to offe r solutions in the form of positive and unorthodox ways of seeing."

The Durango show is the fourth and last step in 2008 of Jackie's touring exhibition and she is delighted to be holding in a city which she feels has a close link with her own home town of Utrecht. The museum, "El Aguacate", is known by this name Aguacate, or avocado, due to the avocado tree planted in the garden. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city centre, built in 1890 and was the residence of the family of Francisco Gomez Palacio, son of the famous governor.

Jackie's exhibitions showing throughout Mexico in 2008 and 2009 are all being curated by Matty Roca, art historian, museum curator and art critic. They have so far been a huge success, the first was held at the Museo de la Cultura Maya in Chetumal in March and April of this year, in May-June at the Museo de la Isla in Cozumel, and most recently at the Museum of Modern Art of Gómez Palacio in July and August.

The artist will, as always, be present at the vernissage of "Dulce y Amargo" on 5 November, at the Museo El Aguacate, along with important local personalities from the political, cultural and educational scene in Mexico and from the Dutch and European communities living in the state of Durango.

Jackie Sleper was born in Amsterdam and studied at the Utrecht Academy for Visual Arts. Between 1988 and 1995 she spent time in Ireland, Spain and Prague for study purposes. Works produced in her home country, the Netherlands, include a tile plateau in honour of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, commissioned by the municipality of Utrecht, and 'light objects' for the Kruisheren Hotel, a design establishment that opened in Maastricht in 2005. Outside the Netherlands, she has exhibited in Antwerp (Art-Event), Stockholm (Art Fair), Marbella (Marb Art – Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo), Geneva (Europ'Art), Klagenfurt (Biennale Austria), Salzburg (Mozart Festival), Florence (Museo Diocesano and Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea), Milan (Studio D'Ars), New York (Carrozzini Von Buhler Gallery and CVB Space), and in Mexico. One of her sculptures, "Modestia", was exhibited during the Venice Biennale, at Open 2007. She won the 1st prize for "Sculpture and Installation" at the Florence Biennale 2007.


Jackie Sleper
website: http://www.jackiesleper.com

You can also see images of Jackie's art at

For journalists only:
High resolution files of these images or other press related information can be requested directly from the press office:
Vito Abba press officer
Studio Abba - Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence, Italy

Other images and further information are available at:
It will be possible to follow the various stages of "Dulce y Amargo" thanks to the information and images that will be posted on www.dulceyamargo.com.

Visitors to Jackie's exhibitions in Mexico can also upload photos taken during the exhibitions on Flickr and share them with
At the end of the exhibition series, the authors of the three photos that Jackie likes most, will each receive a signed lithograph of one of her works.

For general comments contact:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eurotech announces new Mobile Access Router DuraMAR® 2150

Eurotech DuraMAR 2150 Mobile Access RouterNew compact, high-performance rugged mobile access router designed for secure communications, seamless mobility, and interoperability for defense, public safety and commercial transportation networks

Eurotech announces the new DuraMAR® 2150 series Mobile Access Router, an integrated rugged Mobile IP router designed for net-centric operation in vehicles installations such as on trai ns, buses and metros. Leveraging Cisco Systems' industry standard IOS® software and 3200 series mobile access routing (MAR) technology and Eurotech embedded Linux wireless communication controller, the DuraMAR router enables prime contractors and systems integrators to achieve mobile communications-on-the-move (COTM) and a wide range of new in-vehicle networking applications, from wireless Internet access to Voice over IP (VoIP), passenger WiFi services to streaming video surveillance and smart vehicle diagnostic/maintenance.

The DuraMAR 2150 model is particularly well suited for demanding train-borne applications where system operational reliability and integrated structure are required as this rugged router is designed to meet shock, vibration, humidity, safety and protection standards of IP65, EN50155, EN61373, as well as radiated and conducted EMI/EMC levels and immunity of EN50121. One 10/100Mbit Ethernet port is brought out through a sealed locking automotive grade connector. The Wireless terminals such as GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and/or CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev.A may be integrated inside the DuraMAR 2150 router.

An internal 3-band GPRS/GSM modem allows remote access to the DuraMAR 2150 for diagnostics, status monitoring, configuration, as well as alarms using SNMP protocol. This independent wireless interface enables remote access to HW modules of the system such as the embedded PC, router wireless interfaces as well as the CISCO router. SNMP protocol can be used over GPRS TCP/IP data to query the DuraMAR 2150 independently of the wireless interfaces used for primary router communication.

Being a Mobile Access Router ideally suited for integration in vehicles, it offers secure data, voice and video communications, seamless mobility and interoperability across multiple wireless networks. Applications can be made in the transportation, defense, public safety and homeland security markets.

For more information you can send an email to info@eurotech.com

Eurotech design and manufactures a range of innovative Embedded Single Board Computers, Application Ready Platform and Configurable Systems for customers who operate within the Transportation, Communications, Defence, Security and Industrial engineering industries.
Eurotech is present in Europe, North America, China and Japan, Eurotech develops digital technologies for a better world making every day life safer and more comfortable, today and for tomorrow.

Monday, October 27, 2008

La Borsa italiana: cos'e' e come funziona

La Borsa è un mercato fondato su regole precise in cui vengono scambiate determinate merci, che possiamo definire "strumenti finanziari". Le merci scambiate in Borsa sono soprattutto azioni, quote parte del capitale sociale di un'azienda, ma non solo. Rispetto al passato nella Borsa non vi è più nulla di fisico: il salone delle grida, gli agenti di cambio...sono un lontano ricordo e, ormai dal 1994, l'intero listino è informatizzato.
Da ciò deriva la possibiltà, ormai nota, del Trading online, uno strumento che consente di operare in borsa anche ai piccoli risparmiatori.

Solitamente, quando si parla di Borsa, si pensa immediatamente alle azioni, ma la Borsa è in realtà un mercato diversificato, dove sono trattati strumenti finanziari sempre più complessi. Proprio a causa di quest'ampia varietà di prodotti, si è reso necessario nel tempo ripartire la Borsa in più segmenti, secondo la logica di "un mercato per ogni tipologia di strumento finanziario". I mercati regolamentati operanti nel nostro paese sono diversi.

A seconda dei prodotti finanziari scambiati, la borsa si articola in comparti operativi: 1) Azionario (MTA - Mercato Telematico Azionario), in cui si scambiano i titoli azionari quotati in Borsa. A sua volta, questo mercato si suddivide in: a. Blue Chip, b. Star, c. Standard, d. MTA International, e. MTF (Mercato Telematico dei Fondi). 2) SEDEX , 3) After Hours (TAH), 4) MOT (Mercato Telematico dei Titoli di Stato e delle Obbligazioni), 5) Contratti a premio (MTR), relativi ad azioni, obbligazioni convertibili, warrant quotati e diritti di opzione, 6) IDEM (Italian Derivates Market).

Nuovo Mercato. È un mercato che si rivolge alle imprese dotate di maggiori contenuti innovativi e con alte prospettive di crescita. Permette inoltre di dare una forte visibilità europea alle imprese quotate, in quanto il Nuovo Mercato fa parte del circuito Euro.NM, alleanza di mercati azionari per le imprese innovative.

Mercato ristretto. È il mercato in cui vengono negoziate azioni, obbligazioni e warrant che non sono ammessi alle contrattazioni ufficiali di Borsa: tale mercato presenta infatti criteri di ammissione alle quotazioni meno severi rispetto al mercato principale, ma offre comunque all'investitore le stesse garanzie del mercato maggiore.

IDEM (Mercato Italiano dei Derivati). Nell'IDEM vengono trattati gli strumenti derivati come i contratti futures e i contratti di opzione aventi come attività sottostante strumenti come i tassi di interesse, valute...

Mercato dei blocchi. In esso troviamo pacchetti di azione, appunto "in blocco", ovvero con quantitativi così alti che la loro negoziazione sul mercato azionario principale uno spostamento delle quotazioni (verso l'alto in caso di un grosso ordine di acquisto, verso il basso in caso di vendita): per evitare questa situazione è stato previsto di scambiare questi pacchetti in tale mercato.

Terzo Mercato. È un mercato non regolamentato. Le contrattazioni, infatti, avvengono "spontaneamente" in un locale presso Piazza Affari, dove gli intermediari si scambiano titoli non ancora quotati nel mercato regolamentato.

Le possibilità, per chi vuole investire parte dei propri risparmi in Borsa, sono divrse: 1) essere un investitore individuale e agire in piena autonomia (attraverso il trading, lo strumento più immediato e meno costoso; appoggiandosi alla propria banca); 2) scegliere la strada del risparmio gestito, affidandosi a un professionista dell'investimento (si possono sottoscrivere quote di un fondo o affidarsi a una gestione patrimoniale).

Simone Ricci per Soldoni.it, sito dedicata all'economia, alla finanza e alla borsa italiana

Dailyforex.com - the new online guide to Forex market

DailyFOREX is the most comprehensive online guide to the forex market – Including reviews on Forex Brokers, Forex courses, Signal providers and other forex products. DailyForex is a portal to access the world Forex market, the currencies exchange market.

The forex market is the largest market in the world in terms of transactions’ value, the daily volume of global trade, which amounts to more than 1900 billion dollars.

Dailyforex was created to meet the investors’ needs of knowledge and updates about all the movements and fluctuations within the currencies exchange market.
Dailyforex provides information on both, the most recent and veteran actors on the scenes of the forex market, becoming an essential decision-making tool when it comes to currencies investments.

It offers a list of the best brokers through which you can execute your purchase or selling transactions within the foreign exchange market.

At the same time, Dailyforex draws its information from those reported in major FOREX news portals, including precise currency quoting according to the different financial markets.
Last but not least, Dailyforex presents a list of the best Forex courses, just to learn all about the techniques and strategies of trading, so enabling an ease approach to this market.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gregorio Luke, reputed Mexican art expert, lectures at World Art Vision 2008: Cancun

Gregorio LukeReputed art historian and lecturer, Gregorio Luke, accompanied by the Fridos, disciples of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, will lead a fascinating series of conferences on world famous Mexican artists, at WORLD ART VISION, an exciting ten-day international contemporary art exhibition taking place in Cancun.

WORLD ART VISION is a celebration of contemporary art that offers a glimpse of some of the most cutting edge art on the international scene today. Taking place December 5th to the 14th, 2008 at the Cancun Center Conventions & Exhibitions, Cancun, Mexico, this first edition of the contemporary art exhibition promises to become paramount to the art scene in the Americas.

It is with the same enthusiasm and delight that World Art Vision welcomes Gregorio Luke, lecturer and expert on the life and works of the Mexican masters. Luke will be leading a series of grand conferences featuring mini lessons in Mexican Art History in which he will discuss the life and work of timeless artists like DIEGO RIVERA Monday December 8, FRIDA KAHLO Tuesday 9, JOSE CLEMENTE OROZCO Wednesday 10, DAVID ALFARO SIQUEIROS Thursday 11 and RUFINO TAMAYO Friday 12.

Gregorio Luke, who comes to discuss Mexican art and mark the presence of the Fridos, disciples of Frida Kahlo, is only the first in a series of remarkable guests who are being presented at World Art Vision. He will be participating in events to which all are welcomed and encouraged to join and experience.

Cancun Center Conventions & ExhibitionsMatty Roca, Artistic Director of World Art Vision, said "amongst our exceptional list of guests we have the pleasure of receiving two of the four Fridos; Arturo García Bustos and Arturo Estrada who will be actively participating during various conferences and will be mingling with the WAV public ultimately bringing testimony to a tradition of masters; this is an interesting, and rare opportunity i n the art world, not to miss for those wanting to come into contact with the roots of Mexican modernism in the 20th century and its impact on contemporary art".

World Art Vision is privileged to have Rina Lazo, artist, disciple and colleague of Diego Rivera, and wife and partner of Arturo Garcia Bustos, who will also be in contact with the WAV artists and public, take part in the various events.

WORLD ART VISION is proud to feature this collection of conferences providing an outstanding artistic testimony to what promises to be a central event for international contemporary art in the future.

For further information available to the press, please contact the press office:
Studio Abba - Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence - Italy
tel. /fax +39 055 292082 - info@studioabba.com - http://www.studioabba.com/

For artists interested in participating, please contact the WAV Organisation team at
info@world-art-vision.com http://www.world-art-vision.com/

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neomobile acquires Arena Mobile, A New Global Leader in Mobile Entertainment is Born

Neomobile acquires Arena Mobile
A New Global Leader in Mobile Entertainment is Born

For more information http://www.neomobile.it/media/Neomobile_acquires_Arena_Mobile_EN.pdf

Roma and Barcelona, October 21st, 2008

Neomobile SpA (“Neomobile”), the leading Italian player in the mobile entertainment D2C Sector, and Spain’s Arena Mobile (“Arena”), the global B2B mobile content provider, announce the signing of an agreement that will lead to the birth of a major player in the global Mobile Entertainment Industry – the Neomobile Group.

Operating in the market since 2004, Neomobile has in just a few years achieved a prominent role in the Italian market. The experience gained in Italy, considered to be one of the most advanced and competitive mobile entertainment markets has allowed Neomobile to successfully set-up operations at international level in Turkey, Spain, and this year in Brazil. Neomobile markets directly to consumers (D2C) a wide variety of content and services, having developed an innovative approach to address the widest possible audience, yet guaranteeing a consistently high level of customer experience. In 2007 alone, more than 2,5 mln unique users downloaded Neomobile digital contents.

Arena Mobile, founded in 2001, is one of the pioneers of Mobile Value Added Services. Arena currently works with over 150 operators and media players in 70 countries, specializing in the provision of B2B content and solutions. Headquartered in Spain, Arena boasts local operations in Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Portugal, Morocco, India, Singapore and Bangladesh, and has a presence also in USA, China and Japan.
Arena recently powered the “Music Box” service of TMN, the leading Mobile Operator in Portugal, awarded as one of most innovative Web&Mobile full-track store at European level.

Neomobile has acquired Arena in order to pursue two main strategic objectives:
1. expand and consolidate its global presence. Arena’s extensive content portfolio, broad international exposure and strong relationship with global operators media players will support Neomobile in consolidating its D2C operations in Spain and Brazil and act as a catalyst for rapid start-up of B2C operations in new markets.
2. extend and diversify its service offering. This deal allows Neomobile to enter the previously untapped B2B segment through Arena’s globally renowned brand. Furthermore Arena will also enable Neomobile’s core business to benefit from a faster time-to-market of cutting edge mobile content and innovative applications

Commenting on the transaction, Gianluca D’Agostino, CEO of Neomobile, said: “This deal represents a key milestone in Neomobile’s global growth strategy allowing us to accelerate our penetration in high potential markets, especially in Latin America and Asia Pacific regions and to bring a new B2B offering in those markets in which we have gained great expertise, such as Italy and Turkey. Arena Mobile has in the past proved to be an invaluable partner to Neomobile, and through this acquisition we look forward to establishing a tighter relationship between our complementary offerings and operations. I am confident that the synergies between the two companies will prove instrumental to further growth, allowing us to garner together the best business opportunities in the global scenario.”

Josep Anton Aliagas, CEO of Arena Mobile, added: “Neomobile is the partner we have been looking for to strengthen our business model and service offerings. We bring to the table a solid reputation and proven success story, having been a pioneer of the Mobile Entertainment Industry since 2000, edging technology and content, and serving global customers. Arena Mobile will be able to leverage Neomobile’s exposure in the global B2C market and contribute to improving its offering to operators. I have no doubt that this important move will benefit all parties involved and drive value generation. Current shareholders including myself will remain with the new Group, and are confident that this operation will add much value and contribute to the Neomobile Group becoming one of the leaders in the global mobile entertainment market in years to come.”

The global Mobile Entertainment Market is expected to register a growth of over 20% this year and to reach €60 billion in global revenues by 2011 (source: Yankee Group 2008). The highest growth rates are expected from “BRIC” (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and other emerging markets, most of which the Neomobile Group is ready to address successfully.
The merger will lead to the establishment of a new global player - an emerging leader with 2008 revenues estimated at around € 40.0 million and a workforce of 200 employees.

About Neomobile
Neomobile SpA is a dynamic mobile entertainment company, specialized in marketing cutting edge m-content formats and in direct-to-consumer distribution, with a potential reach of over 300 million mobile phone users.
Main shareholders are Teleunit SpA, the Italian telecommunications service provider listed on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: “TLU”), and MPS Venture SGR SpA, the private equity unit of Montepaschi banking group.
The Company began operations as the Mobile Content Services division of Teleunit SpA and was separately incorporated as Neomobile SpA in February 2007. Since its inception, Neomobile has shown consistent growth in revenues, profitability, and market share, becoming a leader in the home market and the emerging player in Turkey (since 2006) and more recently in Spain. The Company, headquartered in Rome, has offices in Istanbul, Madrid and Saõ Paulo, where it markets its services under its proprietary brands, the most well known is “Dindo”. Neomobile is an active member of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF).
For more information on Neomobile, please visit: http://www.neomobile.it/

About Arena Mobile
Headquartered in Reus (Barcelona), Arena Mobile is a global mobile content player focused on B2B services and solutions, and content distribution. Founded in 2001 by the Aliagas brothers, Arena is a pioneer of Mobile Value Added Services, and in 2003 was the first Company to provide i-mode and WAP services to Telefonica in Spain.
The Company has since become a global player, working with over 120 network operators and 30 media players in 70 countries, and is one of the first European Companies to deploy innovative Mobile VAS projects in the Asian Market.
Arena Mobile is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

MARINA ABRAMOVIC to be awarded at the Florence Biennale

Marina Abramovic - The Family IPerformance artist Marina Abramovic to be awarded at the 7th Edition of the Florence Biennale. 5 – 13 December 2009, Fortezza da Basso

The seventh edition of the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art will take place at the historic Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 5-13 December, 2009. Marina Abramovic, the acclaimed performance artist, will be the honoured guest at this edition and she will be awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico prize.

800 artists coming from 80 countries will be exhibiting more than 2,500 artworks and there will be an extraordinary meeting of cultures, languages and diverse artistic styles. The Florence Biennale supports the United Nations program "Dialogue between civilizations", to which the Biennale has officially adhered since 2001.

As always, the Biennale will see the presence of important artists: In the 2007 edition, the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" career prize was conferred to Gilbert & George, for the 2005 edition to Christo and Jeanne-Claude and to Richard Anuszkiewicz and in 2003 to David Hockney. In the 2009 edition, Marina Abramovic will meet both the artists participating at the Biennale and visitors to the Biennale, in part of the rich calendar of conferences, meetings and video projections.

Marina Abramovic, born in 1946 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is without question one of the seminal artists of our time. Since the beginning of her career in Yugoslavia during the early 1970s, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Abramovic has pioneered the use of performance as a visual art form. The body has always been both her subject and medium. Exploring the physical and mental limits of her being, she has withstood pain, exhaustion, and danger in the quest for emotional and spiritual transformation. She creates works that ritualize the simple actions of everyday life such as lying, sitting, dreaming and thinking. As a vital member of the generation of pioneering performance artists that includes Bruce Nauman, Vito Acconci, and Chris Burden, Abramovic created some of the most historic early performance pieces and is the only one still making important durational works.

From 1975 until 1988, Abramovic and the German artist Ulay performed together, dealing with relations of duality. After separating in 1988, Abramovic returned to solo performances in 1989. Abramovic has presented her work with performances, sound, photography, video, sculpture, and 'Transitory Objects for Human and Non Human Use' in solo and group exhibitions at major institutions in the U.S. and Europe. She has also taught and lectured extensively in Europe and America.

She was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Artist at the 1997 Venice Biennale for her extraordinary video installation/performance piece Balkan Baroque‚ and in 2003 received the Bessie for The House with the Ocean View‚ a 12-day performance at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. In 2005, Abramovic presented Balkan Erotic Epic at the Pirelli Foundation in Milan, Italy and at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. That same year, she held a series of performances called Seven Easy Pieces at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. She is currently showing in a group exhibition "worlds on video" at t he Strozzina in Florence, Italy.

Abramovic's work is included in many major public collections worldwide.

For further information: http://www.florencebiennale.org

Press Office: Vito Abba - Studio Abba, Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence, Italy
Tel./fax +39 055292082 - http://www.studioabba.com/ - info@studioabba.com

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Learn Italian in Tuscany

One of the best Italian Language Schools in Italy, Il Sasso is recognized by the Ministry of Education and ISO 9001 certified. Since 25 years it offers courses in Italian Language, Culture, Art, Wine, History, Literature, Italian for Business, Preparation for CELI and CILS. The school is open all year round both for group and individual teaching. The teachers are specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign and second language, and are particularly experienced in instructing adult students. The school of Italian Il Sasso is in Montepulciano, in the heart of Tuscany, half way between Florence and Rome. It is located in a historic building in town. It has 8 large, airy classrooms and a hall for conferences. There is a terrace with a lovely panoramic view as well as free Internet Point for students and free WiFi access. The Italian language School Il Sasso offers to its students a wide variety of excursions and afternoon activities - guided tours, wine, olive oil and cheese tastings, cooking lessons, walks in the countryside and the opportunity to study or watch films at the school. Students are of every age group and come from all parts of the globe. Class sizes are from four to nine students. The classes of Italian Language and Culture are divided into six levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council, with an additional level for students who wish to concentrate on conversation. The principal objective of our language courses is to get our students, even those in the beginner and elementary levels, to the point where they're able to communicate in Italian.

Scuola di Italiano "Il Sasso"
Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2
53045 Montepulciano (SI)
e-mail: info@ilsasso.com
tel.: +39-0578-758311
fax: +39-0578-757547
Skype: ilsassomontepulciano

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Charming Gay Hotel in Florence

Mr. is an exclusive micro-resort designer for men; Mr. Resort is a guesthouse based on a personalized and exclusive idea of hospitality. It is not the usual design hotel but an "experience destination" which gives deep emotions to the guest, a small urban oasis which is much more than just a place to relax.
Mr. will be an integral part of your experience in Florence, it will make your discovery of the never-ending beauties of the city more intense and satisfying.Mr. intends to offer a lifestyle, preferably fluctuating and in transformation. It prefers sensuality to advanced technology.In Mr., comfort and elegance are born in an environment which is filled with memories from the past.

The materials used in the common areas of this High quality Inn are the ones that communicate with the sight and the sense of touch: antique wood, terra-cotta, antique majolicas, stucco, slaked lime and stone.In the rooms, glam and glitter accents accompany precious materials such as crystals, mirrors, gold, velvet, the ebony colour of the lava stone used as a coating in the washrooms and the Plexiglas of very modern illuminating machines. Everywhere there are evocative objects which light up the fantasy.

Entrance is at Via delle Ruote 14/a, a typical Florentine road, characterised by private homes, ancient palaces, and a few fine restaurants frequented by a local regular clientele.
Piazza San Marco and Galleria dell’Accademia (which hosts the marvellous David by Michelangelo) are only a block away; the Duomo, Piazza San Lorenzo and Cappelle Medicee are only at a 5 minute-walk.The Galleria degli Uffizi is at about 15 minutes walking, and you can easily reach it through all the most famous streets for shopping (Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Versace, D&G, Armani etc).The Ponte Vecchio will offer you all the beauty of the city seen from the river.For who loves jogging, it is possible to reach the garden of Fortezza da Basso (three-minute walk from Mr. Hotel), where Pitti Uomo fashion shows take place during some months of the year.

For further information:
tel./fax +39 055 283955

MR Resort Gay Hotel in Florence

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Industrial cleaning: specific products for machinery and environments

From small business to large industry, the common factor of a good level of cleanliness ensure the reliability of machinery and development of work.

Many and specific products are dedicated to industrial cleaning from simple tools, such as the brooms of magnitude 30 -50 cm commonly used every day by employed people with cloths, paper towels, bags and dispenser provided up to more innovative systems for Industrial cleaning such as cryogenic cleaning, commonly called with dry ice.
This system uses precisely the dry ice as cleaning substance which has among its features the fact of not leaving any trace of moisture to its passage.

Its peculiarity makes this system very suitable for cleaning food sector as well find wide use in cleaning electrical installations. These professional systems that require the use of special machines, are offered by specialized companies and firms that increasingly developing equipment for guarantee preventive maintenance to ensure optimal degrees of hygiene and deep cleaning of machines in a few hours of work.

Is then available for daily cleaning a wide range of products from disinfectants solvents to be used manually, until the machinery for industrial cleaning, which washer-floors, washer-dryer, washer mobile stairs and vacuum cleaners.
A variety of products for every need of cleaning from environments to small machinery, specific elements for each sector by typography to alimentary; every kind of dirt finds its most effective way to get maximum cleanliness in the shortest possible time and with the least effort possible.

Detergents, degreasers and stains remover are used for small plans and places while there are more demanding instrumentation as equipment for steam cleaning along the "portable" steam generators to backpack and vacuum cleaners and steam cleaner to obtain a good degree of cleaning and disinfection with a contained fatigue for cleaners.

Companies involved in the production of these products for industrial cleaning ensure the reliability of machinery and usual accessories with a particular regard for the safe with regard to machinery, while the various solvents, detergents and degreasers are specifically designed to avoid damage to health as allergies or other things for people who use them or they are naturally contact.

Modern cleaning systems, like the one above that uses the dry ice, joins a wide variety of equipment and products tested that ensure cleanliness and thus a good use of machinery of factories and companies that are reference point of the work of many sectors.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from barredoras. For any information on Eureka, visit barredora industrial or surfing on-line maquinas barredoras.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Holidays, time of sea and comfort

Summer, time of holidays and the preferential destination is the sea.

Sand and crystal clear water whether our holiday is on our coasts in Italy or we are among the lucky few who reach beautiful island for a fabulous stay, certainly not want disfigure in terms of clothing.

So to spend hours lying to sunbathe between a dip and another, the choice of new costume must follow the new fashion trends beach becomes obliged. For a woman we find new beach bikini lines by strong colours, to create a "rainbow" on the beach, flanked by modern semi-one piece swimwear costumes that play to see and not to see until to come to the simple clothes with tight strep, with necklines on the back to wear even for walks or evening to fully enjoy the sea breeze.

Even for a man strong colours for the costumes tand shorts by sea for all tastes, Hawaiian patterns beaches that attract foreign but also more sober colors for lovers of classical style.
There is the known pareo, convenient for her but also used by him, perhaps in dyed with the costume, the garment is becoming faster and convenient for the beach and other.

The desire for sea and want to stay comfortable, even when walking and then how not to use simple flip-flop, comfortable even on the shore of the beach but very appreciated also to walk in the streets of the city, from the most Spartan, rubber and plastic until most elegant, perfect for the evening, with rhinestones, finishing in silver and gold, together with light summer dress, complete the dress perfectly.
Convenient since the departure until the arrival on the beach and practice even during our shopping in the city centre, can not miss the bag, our hand luggage that gives us the air a little 'nomadic and chic that contains everything that we need in an entire day, from morning to evening;
When we are lying on the beach and want a nice cushion enough to fill a little 'and the canvas bag will also practice in this!

The fashion this year really satisfied anyone and who don't love the flip-flop also in the evening, but doesn't want hight-helled sandals and doesn't love the wedge-helled shose, these are the sandals by metallic style the flt sandals are the accessory most used in this summer. Many models for the convenience of all, the important thing is these are sparkling like gold and silver.

So feel like holiday and siutable dresses and this year the offer satisfied all from accessories, such as glasses, perhaps with ebony and ivory frame that recall a precious style , to the simplicity colored flip-flop in rubber appreciated even by ' man for their comfort (thong bikini).

Towels with a thousand colors to sunbathe in joy but also lighter clothes and elegant evening for evenings outdoors. For the holiday of her and him the choice for comfortable clothes, simple and summer sure is much.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from beach bikini. For any information on Chiarugi, visit one piece swimwear or surfing on-line thong bikini.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Passion for Life at the Grand Palais in Paris

Passion for Life at the Grand Palais in ParisThe Salon des Artistes Indépendants will host the Passion for Life art exhibition in support of the Institut Curie at the Grand Palais: Together in the fight against cancer, 15 international artists will exhibit their artwork.

The next group art exhibition Passion for Life will be held from November 21-30, 2008 at the Grand Palais in Paris, in support of the Institut Curie. Following severa l art exhibitions in Italy, Mexico and the Principality of Monaco, Passion for Life has been offered the opportunity to exhibit in Paris, France, under the banner of the prestigious Société des Artistes Indépendants. Following the invitation of the President of the Society, Mrs. Franckie Tacque, and her Board of Directors, 15 international artists will exhibit their art for a humanitarian cause: the fight against cancer.

A small group of innovative artists, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Camille Pissarro and the founders Albert Dubois-Pillet, Odilon Redon, Henri-Édmond Cross, Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, founded the Salon des Indépendants in 1884. In a movement of defiance, these Néo-Impressionist painters, tired from being refused by the juries of the official Salon, decided to create their own Salon - the Salon des Indépendants - with the fundamental principle of "no jury, nor reward".

One of the objectives of the Passion for Lif e program is to collect funds for the fight against cancer. The program was founded by Antoine Gaber, impressionist artist painter and cancer researcher in drug development mostly for cancer therapies. In each country where the Passion for Life exhibition has been held, the funds raised have been entirely donated to a charitable organization or a pre-selected, local association. In this upcoming event in November in Paris, Passion for Life will be supporting the Institut Curie. Founded in 1909 based on a conceptual model created by Marie Curie, the Institut Curie now brings together 2000 researchers, doctors and health care professionals, all working with the same aim: to find cures for cancer with speed. As a recognized Foundation with public support since 1921, the Institut Curie aims to make quickly available the most recent advancements in research with a multi-disciplinary approach, whilst bringing the best available treatments to cancer patients.

Participating Artis ts: Figen Begen, Mary Brilli, Diana Calvillo, Jean Pierre Faucher, Antoine Gaber, Marybel Gallegos, Sumio Inoue, Maz Jackson, Kosmas Kroussos, Leticia Leal, Sinae Lee, Martin J.A. Nijman, Marieta Reijerkerk, Goga Trascierra, Karel Vreeburg.

Partners: A.P.E. Association de la presse étrangère; Le Nôtre; Poilâne; Espace le Scribe-l'Harmattan; Fondazione Franco Bombana; Sagat.

Salon des Artistes Indépendants - ART en CAPITAL – at the Grand Palais, Avenue F.D. Roosevelt - 75008 Paris

Exhibition schedule: daily from 11.00 to 19.30

Opening (by invitation only): Friday 21 November from 17.00 until 22.30

Evenings: Wednesday 26 and Friday November 28 until 22.30
Tickets: 10 euro / reduced 6 euro

For transport by subway: line 1, 9 and 13 - station: Champs Elysées, Clemenceau or Franklin Roosevelt
For transport by bus: numbers 28, 32, 42, 72, 73, 80, 83, 93

Exhibition Organization: Studio Abba and Mary Brilli

Press contact Paris: Mary Brilli: 01 47 95 19 32, marybrilli@marybrilli.com
Press Services: Vito Abba – info@studioabba.com
www.studioabba.com tel./fax +39 055 29 20 82

For further details visit :


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amalfi coast villas by Sea and Sky

Looking for a villa in amalfi coast? Maybe with a romantic balcony overlooking the sea, a swimming pool in a lush Mediterranean garden, a patio where you can spend relaxing time? Maybe you need service of Sea and Sky italy, a vacation rental company which offers villas in amalfi coast and Sorrento coast.

Sea and Sky Italy offers you the best selection of private villas in Amalfi Coast and Sorrento for you holiday in Italy. Live the experience of the Italian life-style in an amazing villa in Amalfi Coast. Enjoy the panoramic seaview, the taste of Italian food and wine, with pizza party and wine tasting, and much more.

Sea and Sky italy is famous for its conciergerie service, which will suggest you all the most important things to live your dreaming vacation in amalfi coast.
So, you could start to see 4 amalfi coast villas suggested by Sea and sky at this page: rentals amalfi coast

Monday, September 15, 2008

Professional Photographers Photo Software Enhancements

MomaPIX photoMomaPIX- The online archive management and sales service for professional photographers and photo agencies - launches a Web2.0 version of its online photo service for professional photographers and photo agencies

MomaPIX (www.momapix.com) - The online archive management and sales service for professional photographers and photo agencies - have released a new edition of its software utilising the latest Web2.0 technologies and it is now available throughout the global market.

The new release greatly advances MomaPIX's usability and simplicity and introduces many new features such as an activity log, batch upload of images via ftp and automatic photo distribution using ftp/http.

MomaSoft (www.momapix.com/features) , the Italian company that produces MomaPIX, states that its services is distinguished from other online archives by its focus on the needs of professional photo agencies and freelancers. The service is tailored to meet the needs of each individual user by providing a dedicated suite of services instead of the usual "one size fits all" shared packaged solutions. The MomaPIX (http://www.momapix.com/features/fast_usability) service has evolved over many years and is based on co-operation with photo professionals through a continuous process of feedback and improvement.

MomaSoft's intention is to continue to utilize their winning formula of mixing superior technological competencies with personalised collaboration with its customers, which has been the basis of its strong reputation in the past. Using to this formula MomaPIX will continue to provide a simple user-friendly product but complete with all the features and technologies essential to efficiently manage, promote and sell a professional digital photo archive.

MomaPIX – Organize Your Creativity
WEB SITE: www.momapix.com

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

UbiEst announces the mobile location based service for family peace of mind

UbiSafe will be available for on-line purchase on italian market from 18 september

SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 8 -- UbiEst SpA, leading Italian developer of location-based mobile services, today announced at the DEMOfall 08 conference a mobile application for personal security, contact locating and emergency needs. UbiSafe can be used for monitoring elder or invalid persons in need of attendance, for personal safety (at night, in walking risk zones, etc.) or for our children's security.

Unlike other already-marketed "child locators" working from a Web-based interface, UbiSafe is an all-mobile application bringing portability and everytime/everywhere access to contact locating directly from mobile phones. Furthermore UbiSafe is a mobile-to-mobile application that doesn't require dedicated GPS trackers, as localization can leverage on any GPS equipped handset.

UbiSafe comes as a mobile Java (and Java RIM) client enabling: verification and tracking of family memb ers' positions on the map; the ability to send/receive emergency messages; the set up of personalized "safe" zones (geo-fencing); and the creation of personalized notification rules (ie. when child leaves location).

Two main features bring UbiSafe in the forefront of technological innovation in LBS for personal security: parents can create a "virtual leash" for preventing children from moving out of sight and activating a chasing mode to track simultaneously the child's movements related to the parent's while trying to reach him. A graphic toolbar helps approach the target with basic colors: red for target moving apart, yellow for constant distance and green for approaching target.

The second feature is aimed to help adolescents enjoy greater freedom of movement ensuring tranquility of the parents: thanks to a GPS receiver, parents can be warned if a newly-licensed son/daughter exceeds an agreed-upon speed-limit by car or if a sudden breaking occurs.

"UbiSafe leverages the demand for contemporary solutions for safety and care in the family. It's a brilliant example of cutting-edge advanced technology applied to universal and down-to-earth needs," says Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conferences.

UbiSafe is planned to be marketed worldwide by TelCo Operators on a subscription model. In addition, it is appealing for device manufacturers (and retailers) and OEMs with post-sale code activation, promoting uptake of new advanced smartphone models.

UbiEst will also activate a direct selling channel from a dedicated ecommerce platform at www.ubisafe.com.


PRESS CONTACT: Brina Francavilla at UbiEst SpA +39 0422 210 194,

Web site: www.ubiest.com

Produced by Network World Events and Executive Forums, the semi-annual DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products, which are hand-selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launch pad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Handspring, and U.S. Robotics, helping them to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters. Each DEMO conference features approximately 70 new companies, products and technologies. For more information, visit www.demo.com

Founded in 2000 and based in Treviso (Italy), UbiEst SpA provides location based solution on Internet and Mobile connections for Business and Consumer markets.
Despite being an early stage comapny counting 40 employees, UbiEst holds a strong leadership in italian B2B market of Location Based Services and is among NAVTEQ main EMEA partners.
The company has developed its own mapping technology in order to provide state of the art and highly performing Internet and mobile solutions, available for in-house or SaaS (Software as a Service) and provides provides the location technology, the expertise and the infrastructure to develop new value added location based services for business and consumer markets.
Currently the company provides a suite of mobile location based products for fleet management, personal security, off board navigation and workforce management. Significant customers: Fiat, Trenitalia, Vodafone Italy, Ferrari, Enel, Telecom Italia, etc.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Travelling to Italy it's not just a dream

When you dream about Italy from the other side of the world and all you know about it is what you remember from your grandfather’s stories or what you have seen in a movie from the 50ies, you can either be in your 40ies or a senior college student, that all you want to do is just traveling around living the country and its magic on yourself.

There are many ways to travel around the world, but for sure there is one better way to travel in each part of the world. If you are planning your trip to Italy and you want to live it on your skin, there is no better way of doing than having enough time to walk around to enjoy the different landscapes and to get to know the people who make this country so fun and famous. This is one of the plus: you don’t need a car and either that your hotel is downtown or in the country, you are able to visit a whole city and all the points of interest around it and enjoy the walk. Actually in Italy there is the great chance to book cheap hotels downtown, that give you the chance to live also the nightlife.

As we all know, there is not only the historical side of this old country, beyond the chapels and the museums, Italy and Italians are also famous for enjoying life in all its sides. From food to music, Italians love what they do, they love having fun and they want the people around them to have as much fun, this is why it is necessary avoid being shy and just have fun in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe!

Enjoy the best food in the world, the most amazing places and the best people, you will think you are living in a Fellini movie, walk in the endless country among Umbria and Tuscany, taste the best wine and buy fresh food from the farmers…

You may go to Italy for many different reason, but there is no way that you leave without having it in your heart. In great historical cities as Naples, in the most wild country, like Tuscany, or in the cosmopolitan Milan you’ll find the best hospitality and the comfortable atmosphere that make you feel at home without taking away its classical and so suggestive sensation of living in a dream.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Summers increasingly hot, especially in northern

The last hot of these days added with very little precipitation of the last two weeks, is forebode torrid July and August, along the lines of 2003 record summer.

Fortunately, the spring was full of rain and for this the emergency drought and electrical blackouts seem averted.. Anyway, the Italian civil protection ensure that the worst is not yet past and will appear in the next two months, fortunately devoted mainly to holidays and summer vacation.

As every year, however, the indications from various institutions are useful and to respect for oneself but above all for the environment, such as to dole out the water of their water taps.

In particular, for the health of the elderly and children, the authorities always advised to avoid the dehydration by drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day and avoid the hottest hours of the day, especially after lunch, where the organisation is already involved in digestion. In these terms, another valuable advice is to eat mainly fruit and vegetables strictly cold and in any case to stay light, without to get heavier too.

Usually to avoid, these boiling hours, it is advisable to pass them at home without taking the sun and avoid any physical activity and effort. In particular it is recommended, for who can to install air conditioners to wall and impose these with temperatures not less than 5-7 ° C compared to room temperature.

Of fundamental importance for the health, is the maintenance of these coolers and all the accessories for air conditioners used. This is to prevent malfunctions of this can lead to wrong measurements and observations, both temperature and humidity, which could be extremely harmful to the body that would suffer too many sudden changes between internal and external dwelling.

In particular, it should also be checked annually all vacuum pumps that if with a malfunction can lead to big energy wastage electric as regards the fuel gas, affecting significantly the performance with resulting damage, more than anything else , for the environment (greater demand and therefore more energy inputs to generate the same source cooler).

Precisely to avoid further problems related to the transmission of gas (fuel) from the counter to the air conditioner it should be reviewed periodically all the copper piping and the welds that eventually could be deteriorate and to exhale inside the gas with all the risks that it entails.

All this to say that it is exact try to combat the heat with the technology, but we must bear in mind other key issues: the environment, thanks to efficiency of equipment, and their health, security controls to avoid unpleasant drawbacks.

This will easily overcome these hot summer months, without incurring risks to their person and especially for the environment, which we must never forget we are directly and indirectly responsible and depend.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from A/C vaccum pumps. For any information on Eurotec BT, visit hvac tools or surfing on-line gas leak detector.

Venice, the enchanted city by the shining glass

Venice, capital of the Veneto region, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, imposes itself on the Venetian lagoon as that magical and special city that you remember for its particularity and splendor.

Its lagoon territory is made up of many islands that take various events as well hide historical past and valuable architectural monuments.

Among the best known islands, which each year have welcomes the mayor tourists flow, the Lido, gives life to that part of the coast that marks the border with the Adriatic, and it is here that stand the greatest beaches and the beaches are crowded with tourists while each year repeats the International exhibition of art cinema of Venice that welcomes a large number of celebrities.

In the north-east of Venice, stands silent but important, the island of Murano, a small group of seven islets, linked together by bridges, known worldwide for the activity that for ages takes place here: the glass craft. The Venetian art glass has very ancient origins, the findings suggest already the VII century BC. Amurianum, as was once called Murano, increased over the centuries for its glass art, unique and particular, developed with the teacher Angelo Barovier who marked the transition torward the'400 to use of white glass very similar to crystal.

Today with the real Murano glass, guaranteed by its seal of quality, arose with the regional law in 1994, are produced beautiful objects of fine crafts, lamps, vases and more, which stand out for the care of shapes and shine of crystals. Very significant for the tourist is the visit to the furnaces, where you can really admire the magic of the production process that leads to the creation of this particular glass of Venice.

The Venetian craft is just one of many features which make the city known worldwide. Venice is a city full of art and as such hold's in the original works of many Italian artists, and simply walking around the city we will find monuments and rich churches in history.
The most extravagant and majestic, the Venice Carnival, recreates a single magic through the streets and squares of the city that for ten days are colored by Venetian masks and costumes in a single meeting of music and entertainment.

The lack of the car and the only chance to turn the city on foot or in the characteristic "gondola", crossing the Venetian canals, do Venice the "City of lovers", where you can make long walks accompanied by sweet noise of the water.
Venice a unique mix that everyone wants to visit an enchanted city that offers its visitors a fairytale stay.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from hotel in Venice booking. For any information on how travel insurance, please visit lodging in Venice Italy or please visit special discount Venice.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Exciting new vision on art: WORLD ART VISION 2008 to be launched in Cancun

WORLD ART VISION logoWORLD ART VISION will take place from 5 to 14 December 2008 at the Cancun Center, Cancun, Mexico. It is the first edition of this contemporary art fair that is to become essential to the art scene of the Americas.

Over 100 artists from 5 continents will participate in WORLD ART VISION, which will feature painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, prints, installation art, video and digital art. Arturo Garcia Bustos and Rina Lazo, who were, respectively, pupils of and assistants to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera will be present during the exhibition, therefore bringing an exceptional artistic testimony to WORLD ART VISION: CANCUN 2008.

The idea of WORLD ART VISION comes from a desire to invest in contemporary art in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico; not only to further increase the number of tourists, but also to make it a meeting point for the Americas for collectors, critics and interested parties, to visit a fair where the artists stand beside the art, without the representation of a gallery, to give a vision of contemporary art worldwide. WORLD ART VISION will be located at the Cancun Center, the modern, well equipped exhibition centre located in the heart of Cancun’s prestigious “zona hotelera”, one of the world’s preferred tourist locations.

Sietze Groenewold, fellow artist and member of the Selection Committee of WORLD ART VISION, said “WORLD ART VISION is a chance for individual artists to exhibit their most recent work. But it is also an opportunity to meet with the other artists present and attend the exciting program of collateral events and conferences which are being organized and of course, to meet with the public, visitors, collectors and critics”.

WORLD ART VISION is offering the artists various incentives including discounts on accommodation, travel and local entertainment during their stay in Cancun and two social highlights during the ten day period of the exhibition: the opening Vernissage cocktail and the gala dinner. The gala dinner will be a not to be missed opportunity for all artists and the public to savor Mexican cuisine on the exclusive terrace of the Cancun Center with the accompaniment of the exciting Mariachi.

An important artistic incentive for all participating artists is the opportunity to be part of the Vision Virtual Gallery where their art works will be on sale via the web for the year following the WORLD ART VISION: CANCUN 2008.

The artists who participate in WORLD ART VISION are picked by the Selection Committee, that is made up of important critics, journalists and artists: Fabrizio Borghini, Diana Calvillo, Argelia Castillo, Sietze Groenewold, Betty Jonker, Luisa Noriega, Matty Roca, Agnese Sartori, Mirella Setzu and Giampaolo Trotta. The Artistic Director of WORLD ART VISION is Matty Roca, Mexican art critic and historian and member of AICA. She has said recently, “this is a marvellous opportunity for artists to meet with each other, with the public and potential buyers, Cancun being a resort with extremely high level tourism and trade and we are extremely grateful for the encouragement and for the support given by the Ayuntamiento Benito Juarez Cancun and the State of Quintana Roo in the organisation of this event”.

For further information for journalists prior to the exhibition, please contact the press office:
Studio Abba - Corso Italia, 6 - 50123 Florence - Italy
tel. /fax +39 055 292082 - info@studioabba.com - www.studioabba.com

For artists interested in participating please contact the WAV Organisation team at
info@world-art-vision.com www.world-art-vision.com

WORLD ART VISION will take place from 5 to 14 December 2008 at the Cancun Center, Cancun, Mexico

Friday, August 01, 2008

Eurotech announces the new Low Power ISIS PC/104+ board based on the Intel® Atom™ processor

EurotechLow Power ISIS PC/104+Eurotech has been working with Intel Corporation as an early adopter of Low Power Intel® Architecture (LPIA) devices. As a result of this work Eurotech have now released the new ISIS single board computer.

ISIS is a PC/104+ format device offering levels of functionality and performance traditionally requiring a high performance x86 board, but at a significantly reduced power consumption to less than 5 watts. This fanless x86 compatibility is achieved by harnessing the low power capabilities of the next generation embedded Intel® Atom™ chipset.

Using Intel's Hi-K 45nm technology the Intel® Atom™ Z500 series processor delivers the benefits of Intel x86 architecture in a robust, ultra-small package with exceptional performance-per-watt. The processor is matched with an Intel® System Controller Hub (SCH) US15W which is a highly integrated device combining a graphics memory controller and I/O controller into a single 22x22 mm package.

A full range of on board peripherals are provided including 8 x USB 2.0 ports, VGA, LVDS, HD-Audio, RS232/422/485, Ethernet, GPIO and IDE. Expansion requirements are well covered by a combination of PC/104 (ISA), PC 104+ (PCI) and PCI-Express Mini Card, so interfacing to real-world I/O or the latest wireless technology is easy.

The ISIS offers a choice of 1.1 and 1.6 GHz processor parts and comes with up to 1GB of DDR2 RAM and up to 4GB of soldered-down Flash for security and durability. Further solid-state Flash expansion is available via an SDIO socket. An optional ITrax300 GPS receiver with full Position/Velocity/Time functionality is also available.

Having all this performance in such a small package is a truly compelling offering that makes the ISIS ideally suitable for applications such as infotainment, interactive kiosks, access control, HMI, medical and industrial control.

A key feature of the ISIS is it's full compatibility with a wide range of desktop and pre-installed, ready to run, embedded operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP/XPe and Linux.

Eurotech designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative Embedded Single Board computers, Applications Ready Platforms and Configurable Systems for customers who operate within the Transportation, Communications, Defence, Security and Industrial engineering industries.

Eurotech is present in Europe, North America, China and Japan. Eurotech develop digital technologies for a better world making every d ay life safer and more comfortable, today and for tomorrow.

For further information please contact our sales team (welcome@eurotech.com) or visit www.eurotech.com

Italian language school for foreigners in Florence

Galilei Institute is an Italian language school that provides Italian courses, cooking lessons, art courses in Florence.

It is a school for foreigners, specializing in full immersion, personalized courses designed for students, but also for professionals.

It works in Florence since 1985, providing its services to the international leading companies, teaching Italian language and culture to foreigners.

The secret of its success is high quality, rigorous attention to the individual linguistic needs, excellent teachers and technologically equipped classrooms.

The institute also specializes in qualified linguistic services: editing, translation, revision, updating and correction of texts for speeches, reports, conventions or advertising.

Galileo Galilei: the best language and culture school.

Via degli Alfani 68
50121 Firenze - Italy
Phone +39 055 29 46 80
Fax +39 055 28 34 81
Email: info@galilei.it

Thursday, July 24, 2008

La dieta macrobiotica

Più che una dieta la macrobiotica è una vera e propria filosofia di vita, da makros e bios, letteralmente lunga, grande vita. Come la quasi totalità delle grandi filosofie proviene dall'oriente, dove è radicata da almeno 5000 anni. Niente di nuovo sotto il sole, ma per noi europei ed il resto del mondo questo tipo di alimentazione è nota dai primi del '900 quando George Ohsawa la portò alla ribalta del grande pubblico.

Alimenti base nella cucina macrobiotica sono i cereali, che devono essere non raffinati ed integrali, i grassi, tra i quali sono consentiti il burro di sesamo e l'olio extravergine di oliva (no a burro e margarina), i legumi, la cui acqua di cottura è consigliata come bevanda e le alghe.

Gli alimenti sono classificati in base alla loro componente Yin e Yang. Immaginiamo una scala graduata da 0 a 7, da una parte Yang positivo (da 0 a +7) dall'altra Yin negativo (da 0 a -7), ogni alimento avrà una sua classificazione in base al contenuto Yin e Yang. Sono Yin i cibi a componente acida, ad esempio latte, yogurt, frutta, , spezie. Sono invece Yang gli alimenti con componente alcalina, come la carne, il pesce, pollo, uova, sale. Tutto ciò che è agli estremi è dannoso ma può essere utilizzato come "medicina" quando è necessario curare uno squilibrio nella componente opposta. Il concetto è un po' difficile e non facilmente illustrabile in poche righe, per cui si rimanda alle centinaia di pubblicazioni specifiche per un approfondimento più completo.

Occorre evitare tutti i tipi di cibo pesantemente trattati e conservati a livello industriale e le ricette di cucina a base di prodotti troppo lavorati, è necessario utlizzare prodotti quanto più possibile non lavorati e naturali, soprattutto biologici. E' da eliminare tutto quanto dolcificato con zucchero e miele (crostate, torte, ecc), sono da evitare patate, pomodori, melanzane, latte e latticini in genere. E' da preferire il consumo di pesce alla carne ed è sconsigliato l'utilizzo di sale comune e/o spezie a favore del solo sale marino naturale. Un pasto sarà armonico se conterra conterrà il 50% di cereali integrali, il 25% di proteine di cui il 10% di origine animale e il 15% di origine vegetale, il 25% tra verdure (cotte e crude) e frutta. Per gli utensili da cucina sono consigliati il legno per i mestoli ed il bambù per i cestelli per cottura a vapore. Per le pentole e tegami è da utilizzare l'acciaio inossidabile o la terracotta. Da evitare gli utensili in alluminio perché andrebbero a modificare le proprietà ed il gusto dei cibi. Le cotture più indicate sono quella a pressione per cereali e legumi, e quella al vapore per i vegetali, pesce e carne, quelle sconsigliate sono quelle maggiormente elaborate quali sformati, torte salate, sughi grassi ed intingoli vari.

Per maggiori informazioni Dieta-Dimagrante.com

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Best Murano

An e-commerce section, which originates from a passion for Murano glass and is designed to promote its valuable creations worldwide, offers a vast catalogue of Murano glass art products created by leading Master glassblowers, whose experience and creative flair combine to form pieces of extraordinary value and originality.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Italian food tradition: the polenta

Compared to the whole world Italy is a really small country but it has a very particular aspect that makes it different: having century of history and traditions that gave to Italy a deep variety in every single region of its territory.

Italy is composed of 21 districts and everyone of these has his own traditions and dialects and obviously every one has his own food tradition. The main Italian foods worldwide are pasta and pizza but if can travel Italy from North to South you can taste the local dishes unknown to the world.

For example the North of Italy, during Winter time, has a typical food made just with corn flour, the polenta. The versatility of polenta allows Italians to offer it in several ways but the most famous polenta recipe is to serve the authentic Italian polenta on a wood made dish with meat juice and sausages with Parmiggiano cheese. It needs to be served hot and in the North of Italy is a real tradition eaten almost every day during the cold winters. It is important to eat polenta with a good red wine.

The traditional polenta requires a long preparation that in the North of Italy becomes almost a family event. The polenta get usually eaten with many people or with the whole family so, since the early morning they begin to hot water and to stir the great quantity of polenta that needs hours to be ready to be served.

After a full morning of skiing it is traditional to drink wine and to eat the Italian polenta; in the last years to face the taste of more people possible, they started to offer polenta not only with meat juice but also with mushrooms, without juice, just with cheese or with some nouvelle cuisine ingredient like rare fish or vegetables.

In any case, the traditional polenta remains another precious element of Italian traditions and allows many people to enter in contact with the history of a part of Italy , the North one, full of history and traditions.

Verona: historical heritage chanted by Shakesperare

Among the places and cities more visited in Italy, there is certainly the city of Verona, the second town in the Veneto, by number of inhabitants, crossed by the river Adige, is known by majority for Roman amphitheatre became a symbol of the city itself : Arena.

Where today the famous lyrical festival well as many other concerts are carry out. In addition, the city was chosen by William Shakesperare for his famous work Romeo and Juliet that is today the memory in the Juliet’s house. Verona every year received a large numbers of tourists who come to visit the many artistic treasures as well as to participate in various events.

The city that ries at the foot of St. Peter’s hill, along the banks of the Adige river, has always been a strategic point of trade for the terrestrial and water transport, today recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains many historic monuments and places to visit. In addition to Piazza Bra, where is the famous Arena, certainly see Grasses’s Square and Piazza dei Messrs’s square to immerse yourself in the history of the city.

A typical area of Verona, active for the feast of dad dumpling is San Zeno’s square that on the occasion of the feast fills typical markets, such as antiques and participating in this celebration you can immerse fully in the climate and in the life of the country, being equally within the city. Verona hosts many events and shows including the most famous and known is certainly the already mentioned lyric festival that reigns supreme in every summer since 1913 when it was inaugurated with Giuseppe Verdi's Aida to which celebrities came from all over the world.

At the Roman theatre takes place every year since 1948 when it was inaugurated with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, theatre Summer that also collects many distinguished participants. Lately have added also musical performances with major jazz and dance bands. Among the events the Palio of Verona was renewed recently, known as the green drape, a race which dates all'800 and is the oldest in the world, reached the 591 th edition.

Among the many features of the city there is certainly his newspaper "the Arena", which is one of the oldest of Italy founded in 1866.
A rich city in history and life, that impose itself for its architecture and its events becoming a reference point for the nation and the world.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from prenotazione hotel Verona. For any information, please visit dormire s San Michele or albergo 3 stelle Verona.