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Thursday, November 22, 2007

MEDIASET: Publimedia Gestión expects to break €30 million mark

Madrid, November 22 2007

Today Telecinco our controlled company has disclosed the following press

Publimedia Gestión expects to break €30 million mark
• Telecinco, through Publiespaña and Publimedia, expects a gross advertising
revenue increase of around 6% on the same period in 2006 in the months of
October and November
• Publiespaña opens new business and growth line for Telecinco in
the area of internet with the creation of a company called
Advanced Media in order to maximise advertising revenues from
www.telecinco.es, www.informativos.telecinco.es and
www.bolsacinco.com, as well as platforms for mobile telephony
• This commercial structure is part of Publimedia Gestión, the
advertising space manager for Telecinco's DTT channels, cable
television and written press, among others
• Publiespaña will maintain its market share at more than 2007's
level of 30% despite increased competition
Telecinco, through its concessionary Publiespaña, will mark a new
milestone in the history of Spanish television at the end of the year. The
strength and homogeneity of the channel's programming in all time slots,
leadership in audience numbers and the efficient management of
advertising space will allow Telecinco's gross television advertising
revenues to break the €1 billion mark in the 2007 fiscal year, a
symbolic figure that has never before been reached by any operator in

Looking to 2008 and with the aim of opening new channels of growth to
Telecinco, Publiespaña has created a new business line oriented towards
internet and mobile telephony platforms through Advanced Media, a
company owned by Publiespaña and part of Publimedia Gestión. This line
will allow the channel to strengthen advertising revenue in all Telecinco
projects on the internet.
Telecinco increases total advertising revenues by around 6% in
October and November
This impressive figure, which the company expects to exceed when it closes 2007, is
backed up not only by the good results from the first nine months of the year, but
also by the good results produced in the months of October and November, when
Telecinco, through Publiespaña and Publimedia, registered an increase of around
6% in gross advertising revenues when compared to the same period in 2006.
This information – which was announced today by Giuseppe Tringali,
CEO of Telecinco, during the annual convention which the company is
holding in Valencia – once again places Publiespaña as the leading
company in the advertising sector in terms of turnover, profitability,
power ratio, price and market share. The indisputable leading position in
market share is of special relevance in 2007 due to the greater competition
from national generalist public television stations and to new technologies
and ways of accessing television content, despite all of which the company
will maintain a market share of more than 30%.
Publiespaña opens new growth line with the creation of a commercial structure for
increased advertising revenue on the internet and in mobile telephony
Technological advances in mobile telephony and the increasing importance
of advertising investment on the internet have led Publiespaña to begin a
new business line in these areas that will allow Telecinco the possibility of
continuing to increase its turnover.
To do this Publiespaña has opened a new business and growth line for
Telecinco in the area of internet with the creation of a commercial structure
called Advanced Media through which the management of the channel's
website (www.telecinco.es) will be strengthened, as well as the financial
portal, www.bolsacinco.com and Telecinco's news website,
www.informativos.telecinco.es. The Publimedia subsidiary will market the
audiovisual content offers that Orange users receive through 3G mobile
In these platforms, Advanced Media will market traditional media at the
same time as it develops tailor-made formats for advertisers through a
creative service which is personalised for each client, adapted to the
singularity and language of both types of media.

This new business line will strengthen the multi-media and multi-platform
character of Publimedia Gestión, a company which expects to close the
year with gross advertising revenues of more than €30 million.
Publimedia Gestión markets audiovisual content offers on platforms that range
from cable television (ONO), digital terrestrial television (Telecinco Sport and
Telecinco Estrellas), analogue television (marketed in the Spanish market from
Mediaset television stations in Italy, Germany and United Kingdom), written
press (Bulevar 21, Mi Cartera de Inversión and the titles owned by the publishing
house Mondadori) and above-the-line media (Canal Metro Madrid and Barcelona
and seat backs on football pitches) to the creation and sale of television formats
“Más que coches”, “nosolomusica” and “El mundo mágico de Brunelesky”.
Iniciativas Especiales (Special Initiatives) accounts for more than 15% of the total
On the other hand, Publiespaña has met its aim to have the Iniciativas Especiales
area account for more than 15% of total turnover, a figure which stands testament to
clients' growing interest in the new advertising formulas which allow Publiespaña
to stay at the forefront of creation and development, made possible by the
maintenance of their pricing policy as a way of weighing the value of the product
in the current audiovisual environment.

Department of Communications and Corporate Image
Tel. +39 0225149156
Fax +39 0225149286
e-mail: ufficiostampa@mediaset.it

Investor Relations Department
Tel. +39 0225147008
Fax +39 0225148535
e-mail: ir@mediaset.it

Monday, November 19, 2007

Consumption and price trends for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Press release by Consortium for Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

2007 is showing positive results again for the industry of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: despite the consumption growth trend has been leveling compared to the average growth of the previous 5 years (which showed double-digit figures), the first industry forecasts for 2007 show an increase in volume of about 5% vs the previous year, with an expectation for a total output of more than 80 million liters.

As far as concerns costs and prices, the industry of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is strongly influenced by the wine and grape markets, particularly for grape must and this aspect will strongly affect the 2008 quotations.
In fact, data released by the agricultural organizations after the 2007 harvest show that the results of the grape collection were the worst in the last 50 years, with a huge decrease in quantity and tensions on demands, which caused a price increase for these raw materials of up to 35% more compared to 2006.
Furthermore, strong increases are also expected in packaging materials – especially for glass bottles -, transportation and services: forecasts are that the combined effect of all the said increases will lead to increases in price lists of about 10%-15%.

For any additional information please contact:
Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena
E-mail: info@consorzioacetobalsamico.it

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Special offers for weekend in amalfi coast

In this period of the year many hotels of amalfi coast and sorrento coast give more opportunity to its guests to find a good last minute accommodations.

During weekends fo november and december hotel central sorrento offers a special package with many services includes like gym center, free for guests, turkish bath, and daily breakfast included. Hotel Central is placed in sorrento city center and close to amalfi coast; autumn in sorrento is a very special time, with warm colors and with city preparing for christmas.

Also Amalfi drive, the road which start from sorrento and arrive in amalfi city with a faboulous panoramic view, in this time is full of great colors. So for many info about special offers for a weekends in amalfi coast contact by website: Hotel Central