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Thursday, January 21, 2010



Following the press release issued on 15 December 2009 and in line with the
resolution of the board of directors of the same date, Mediaset S.p.A. has
announced that it today successfully concluded the issue of an unrated bonded
loan, the company’s first on the Eurobond market and open solely to qualified
investors for a total nominal value of €300 million. Investors' demand for the bond
was above € 1.3bn, the final book being more that 4 times oversubscribed.
The main characteristics of the bonds are as follows:
- units of €50,000 and multiples of €1000 up to €99,000;
- expiring 1 February 2017;
- a fixed gross annual coupon of 5,00 %;
- an issue price of 99,538%.
It is expected that regulations for the bonds will be established on 1 February] 2010.
Bonds will be traded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
The placement operation was managed by Banca IMI, BNP Paribas and Deutsche
Bank, as joint lead managers.
The operation will make it possible to extend the average expiry dates of the
Mediaset Group’s debt.

* * *

This Press Release is not an offer for the purchase of bonds in the United States. The bonds have not, and will not, be
registered as per the United States Securities Act del 1933, as modified (“Securities Act”), or in the terms of any financial
regulation in any of the states of the United States, or on behalf or to the benefit of a "U.S. person", as per the definition given
by Regulation S of the Securities Act, unless within the limits of applicable exceptions, i.e., an operation not subject to
registration requirements under the Securities Act.
This Press Release is not a public offer of financial products in Italy, as per art. 1, para. 1, letter. t), of Legislative Decree N°58
of 24 February 1998 .
This Press Release is exclusively aimed at subjects (i) outside the United Kingdom; (ii) with professional credentials in maters
pertaining to financial investments, as per art. 19(5) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion)
Order 2005, as modified (“Order”) or (iii) covered by the definition of art. 49, second para. from a) to d) of the Order or (iv)
those to whom this Press Release may be sent without violating the terms of article 21 of the Financial Services and Markets
Act 2000 (collectively identified as “relevant persons”). This Press Release is aimed solely at such relevant persons who may
not pass it on to others. All forms of investment referred to by this Press Release is exclusively reserved to relevant persons
and may only be effected by relevant persons.
This Press Release is not an offer of sale or an invitation to invest in financial products. Moreover, bonds may not be sold in
any country or jurisdiction in which such an offer might be considered illegal. No action has or will be taken to permit a public
offer of the bonds under any jurisdiction, including in Italy.
This Press Release (and the information contained herein) is not for publication, either
directly or indirectly, in the United States

Cologno Monzese, 21 January 2010

Department of Corporate Communications and Image
Tel. +39 022514.9251
Fax +39 022514.9286
e-mail: ufficiostampa@mediaset.it

Investor Relations Department
Tel. +39 022514.7008
Fax +39 022514.8535
e-mail: ir@mediaset.it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enjoy Luna underwear for a romantic and passionate Valentine’s Day!

Experience a romantic and passionate Valentine’s Day with Luna!
Upon Valentine’s Day 2010, Luna brand offers a range of lingerie to let one find the ideal gift for his beloved.
The collection soaked in powerful passion has been designed to let couples enjoy pleasant moments thanks to a sexy underwear set!
The collection, to admire at www.luna.gr, is proposed in colour black for the special event, as a symbol of mystery and charm, and in different styles, from a traditional to a more daring one, to meet every woman’s taste.
Celebration range amazes in its total look, elegant and sexy at the same time. The range is made of basque, bustier, embroidered panty, push-up bra and thong matching with a particularly sexy version of suspender.
Tender reveals a simpler, but always alluring taste. Hold ups are the item standing out in a very provocative way from all other styles.
When her style is extremely luxurious and sophisticated, she will enthusiastically unwrap Miracle Platinum precious box, containing a delightful panty and a bra whose pecular cut let the breast gain one and a half extra size and wear ultra low-necked clothes. The items are made of silk-touch, ultrafine satin microfibre, decorated with double jacquard lace and removable jewel accessories, which overflows with charm and femininity.
Luna wishes all the sweethearts a memorable Valentine’s Day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Aristocratica Domus shows you the most beautiful spas facilities of Tuscany

There is a little town in the province of Liege that is known throughout the world for its spa facilities and for its wellness centers and body care and every year it welcomes tourists from all over the world. Today for the fame of this little town named Spa we assign the name spa for every centre of wellness located next to the hot springs with every fixture and fittings for the administration of medical therapies for the health of the body of every person.

Traditionally the thermal spring has originate at the time of the Romans, spas were a center of rest, relaxation, but also a place of socialization for the people. Afterwards the habit of spas spread very rapidly and a spa center grows in every Italian region. Tuscany is among the Italian regions with the highest number of wellness centers, approximately 130 factories are spread in every location among the most beautiful facilities and the most beautiful landscapes. In Tuscany you can combine the care of the body with the opportunity to visit the more historic cities of Italy for organize a memorable weekend or your perfect vacation in family. Aristocratica Domus is a new reference on the web to organize your holiday in Tuscany if you are looking for spas or beauty farm. Aristocratica Domus offers the most luxurious accommodations near the most famous spa in tuscany where you’ll can enjoy massages, body treatments and absolute relaxation. Each accommodation is equipped with every comfort and you can choose among historic castles, ancient villas, elegant apartments, Aristocratica Domus is a new world on the web where higher class service, high standard quality and exclusivity are routine.

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