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Thursday, August 23, 2012

PROVA ORA: Poltrona Relax Regolabile a Mano (nuova)

PROVA ORA: Poltrona Relax Regolabile a Mano (nuova)

Ora in offerta speciale: SI ma l'offerta ha durata limitata

Disponibile adesso? SI tutto disponibile (in vendita)

Garanzia prodotto: SI (soddisfatto o rimborsato)
Scelte da tantissimi clienti soddisfatti, queste poltrone hanno un ottimo design e comfort, e sono perfette per ogni tipo di arredamento. Per questo modello di poltrona relax regolabile a mano è prevista una personalizzazione su misura, puoi anche scegliere il materiale del rivestimento tra Microfibra, Ecopelle o Tessuto (sopra vedi immagine del prodotto).

Leggi altri dettagli, clicca qui a fianco >> Poltrona Relax Regolabile a Mano

Il meccanismo di sollevamento è manuale, grazie ad una semplice pressione sullo schienale puoi reclinare o sollevare quest'ultima, assieme o separatamente alla pediera. La regolazione simultanea dello schienale e della pediera è consigliata per chi avesse problemi di circolazione sanguigna alle gambe. Alzando la pediera alla stessa altezza del cuore la circolazione del sangue viene aiutata dal minor stress, tolto alle gambe.

La poltrona relax offre una seduta molto confortevole e cinghie elastiche resistenti sempre posizionate nella seduta (l'imbottitura è di poliuretano espanso indeformabile.
Vedi tutti i prodotti disponibili, clicca su Materassi, Salute e Benessere
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hotel Canada, the business hotel in Milan that you need

Choosing the right business hotel in Milan is very important to ensure a comfortable, optimal and relaxing stay, which is always a good solution.

Hotel Canada can offer all of these qualities as it boasts a position that will allow you to comfortably experience both the business centre of the city as well as the its leisure activities without wasting time, as it is a hotel near central Milan. And the time travelling, you know, is precious.

You will arrive at Milan city fair or Rho in the blink of an eye, experiencing the event that you come here to follow in the best possible way: the audience certainly deserves it, since it is one of the European centres of excellence within the top events in various sectors: from IT to communications via furnishing, in Milan you will always find the best for your business.

Allow yourself the best by opting for a hotel near the Milan Fair, which knows how to treat you during moments of relaxation, such as Hotel Canada.
Come back tired in the evening to your room and be greeted by a clean and warm atmosphere, and after a nice shower, you can enjoy your favourite programme on the large LCD TV, it will be a pleasant and new experience that will delight you.

As well as enjoying the proximity to the city centre, for a relaxing evening walk or even to go to one of the places that bring Milan's night life to life.
Hotel Canada will wake you up after your night out with a sumptuous, wholesome breakfast, which also caters the needs of those suffering from food intolerances, to let you start your day with a smile.

Fashionable laptop capsules

The Italian fashion brand Malìparmi has set a line of laptop capsules: iPad carrying cases in several patterns and cases for 13’’ and 15-17’’ laptops. You can choose among six different miscellanies of prints, materials and colors. They have come from the recycle of fabrics directly the Malìparmi storage. 

This range of laptop capsules belongs to the so-called “Fabric of Reminiscence” project, launched about a pair of years ago to give a new life, a new sense and a new function to the vintage archive of Malìparmi. iPad cases and PC cases by Malìparmi combine the value of memory with the innovation of technology, according to Malìparmi style and tradition. These laptop capsules have a resistant but soft padding so they allow to protect portable PC in a fashionable and unique way, which don’t pass unnoticed.

Furthermore, no traces of plastic in their packaging: Malìparmi uses only recycled paper and cardboard, respecting the environment. Finally, each product is “limited edition”:  any time a fabric finishes, another one is going to be used with different and magnificent print.