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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Epiphany 2011 in tuscany villas

We are close to the epiphany, the children are preparing to hang the stockings by the fireplace in the web but there are offers for the witch? Sure, maybe too much, it becomes so complicated to find the right offer for his family. For the bridge of the Epiphany (4 nights) we can find such a package deal in a villa in Tuscany exclusive.
If the idea of having a villa for five days for you all you like, then I suggest you read the official page Befana Tuscany. We summarize that you can choose from two exclusive villas which are both located between Siena and Volterra. Both houses also have a fireplace where the old lady could easily fill the stockings of children. A different kind of idea for a holiday for the whole family.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Agriturismo: a most appreciated accommodation in Italy

In recent years, in Italy we have seen the rise of the farm as the most popular type of accommodation. The farm, or as it is called in Italy "agriturismo", is a form of tourism that combines the hospitality of agricultural activity took place on it. It is a type of accommodation, present in several countries, in which prevails in both the business accommodation, where the guest is just a tourist, that farming, in which the host works with the agricultural activities carried out. In both cases, however, the relationship between acceptance and agricultural activity is maintained.

In Italy the farm was established as a definition in the sixties. We have to wait until 1973, however, to see the birth of the first form of legislation of this type of accommodation. Under Italian law the agri-tourism activities are receptive activities engaged in by contractors who work in agriculture or by corporations or individuals who use their business to accommodate tourists, combining it all with the performance of agricultural activities.

One of the activities of the farm is to provide hospitality in housing or open space, given meals consisting of food and wine farm or farms nearby, organize tastings of typical products of the local. All to play in pre-existing farm buildings on farms and no longer useful to the activities of running the farm.

At first, the farm was characterized by very spartan reception. Over time and especially with the increased demand for housing in a farm, hospitality has become increasingly sophisticated, more attentive to the needs of tourists. Luxury farmhouse with high quality services, wellness and comfort, are actually established in Italy and internationally recognized. Reality that often have failed to affect the score of the great supporters of the hotel. The number of farm holidays in Italy is constantly increasing. More common in hilly and mountainous, plains, sea and lake areas, the farm has contributed substantially to the conservation of the countryside, the promotion of local products and to maintain employment in the agricultural sector. The farm also gave impetus to the development of other forms of rural accommodation (hotels and charming bed and breakfast, country house, relays), which also attract customers interested in the agricultural world, but whose activity is released from the concrete work in the fields . Demand for farm has increased significantly. Backed by the growing interest in an environment of organic produce, tranquil and surrounded by nature, the farm has attracted considerable interest from tourists from all over the world. On the web there is a considerable interest in this type of accommodation. Numerous searches for keys as "Sicily agriturismo" or "Tuscan farmhouse" and others. The farm, in sum, is the formula that contains the right elements for a holiday: relax, nature, hiking and good food.

For your holidays in Italy choose agriturismo on AgriturismoInn.com, by Seoethic,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home business tips to launch your business

Use these home business tips and You can start your online business in just 3 days.

You may ask authors for unpublished information products and finish it for them in exchange for free publicity and a percentage of the products or an up front fee. Tell them you will also list their name as a co-author.

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Divide part of your publication it up to create a free autoresponder course and sell the rights to it. People would buy it so they could automatically follow up with their visitors with quality content and their product advertisement.

Free Chat Room Seminar- You will advertise your product during or at the end of your seminar

Why not to create a teleclass/seminar about a topic in your publication? You can charge people to listen to the teleclass/seminar and advertise products at the end.

Final home business tips: You can use a free autoresponder course and advertise your publication in it. It will persuade them to buy because they will see your content several times over a short period of time.

Do a chat room class about a topic in your publication. You can request money from people to listen to the chat room class and advertise products at the end.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Modern Italian Kitchens

Italian style pervades the Composit kitchens giving charm without forgetting quality of materials and functionality of the furnitures.

Kitchens of life are the italian kitchens realized by Composit.
Composit philosophy is orientated to the production of kitchens that last year after year.
Every Kitchen comes from an aesthetic sought and functional interpretation of several lifestyles, with a design that goes beyond the fashion. 
The modern italian style of the kitchens is unmistakable. Composit pursues two important goals: development of quality by following the needs and changes of society; guarantee reliability and security of materials.
The cooperation between Composit’s reasearch and development and famous designers offers the most important innovations in contemporary design, with a product custom-made.
Examples of modern Italian kitchens by Composit are Mya and Free. Projects that break down the canonical geometries and rethinking the use of space.

Mya - Modern italian kitchensMya is a project designed by Delta Studio, which is characterized by a very customized language, where “the disordered composition of the kitchen”, the mixture of materials and finishes propose a freely projected room, living an aesthetic imprint to the house. The alternation of volumes and colours introduces new atmospheres, new aesthetic bilance, without forgetting the fuctional aspect of the life in the kitchen as Composit is used to focus on.
Mya is a fitted kitchen and in all the compositions, the common aspect is the cleaning of the shape in the front, which is “draw” by horizontal and vertical groove handles.
The open elements with shelves creates functional and comfortable spaces.
Mya is a product that gives a strong impact, it shows the personality and the taste of the people, who go throught it, but paying much attention to the relation between quality and price.

Free - Modern italian kitchensFree designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, is a project intended for the contemporary home. Free offers innovative solutions and original aesthetic choices.
Base units and columns, entirely suspended, are the main concept in which the “fire and water” element communicate with the different components, creating an intended contrast between void and solid spaces. The light, studied in its different functions, takes part to magnify the architectural components of the kitchen itself.

Composit was born in 1974 by an idea of Belligotti brothers, who had already set up a production activity of furnishings with Belligotti trademark for sixties. The productive areas are fitted out with the most advanced tecnologies, which make Composit a modern industrial reality, where the elements of design, serch and quality are developed and applied. the Composit trademark is distributed throughout the national and international markets by a sale net and agents.

Composit spa Industria Arredamenti
Strada Provinciale Folgiense, 41
61020 Montecchio (PU)
Tel.: +39 0721 90971 - Fax: +39 0721 497882 - e-mail: info@composit.it
Contact Name: Andrea Nardo

Professional press release distribution on the Internet
Press-Releases-News.com / Pivari.com
fabrizio (at) pivari.com

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Italian Language Courses in Italy – Is Learning in Person Better Than Online?

Just run any type of Google or Bing search for Italian language courses and you will probably come up with thousands of hits. Learning a foreign language online gives many people the opportunity to be able to learn a language that they might not otherwise have been given the opportunity to learn. However, nothing can compare to the experience of taking Italian language courses in Italy. There are many great benefits that come with learning a foreign language by immersing yourself in the foreign culture and surrounding yourself with natives who speak the Italian language.

One of the great benefits of taking Italian language courses in Italy is the ability to experience the different dialects, voices and language usage that comes with any type of language. When you learn through an online course you are greeted with one speaker who speaks with the same tone, voice and infliction. This makes it fairly easy to understand and communicate with the speaker. However, in the real world people do not speak the same way as each other. By taking a foreign language course in the direct location of the foreign language you wish to speak you will encounter many different tones, dialects and word usage that will force you to have to compensate for these differences.

Another great benefit of taking Italian language courses in Italy is that you are being put into direct situations that will cause you to have to use critical thinking skills and various variations on the Italian language. You will have the opportunity to interact with store owners and wait staff at restaurants, where you will be required to speak in Italian. Online courses do not give you the opportunity to experience varying situations where you will have to have a back and forth conversation with native Italian speakers and therefore cannot build your ability to think about what you want to say and apply it to the given situation.

While online courses give many people the opportunity to learn a foreign language without having to physically travel to a college or university they do not offer the same benefits that taking a foreign language course abroad does. The ability to be put into real life situations that call for you to use Italian to get through them as well as the experience of encountering various language usages causes many people to consider studying Italian language courses in Italy instead of taking the online foreign language route.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The long-awaited law "HR 2267"

Video poker is by now a worldwide phenomenon, as it is largely played in America, Europe and Asia. Americans are great poker players, and in the United States there is the city that in the world is the most representative for gambling and of poker itself: Las Vegas, in Nevada.

USA are known for their laws about gambling that are generally worldwide discussed, as they never forbid online gambling, though they generally impose many limits. As a matter of fact, this country is always committed to finding the appropriate poker rules (for live poker and videopoker online) to protect the poker players and also to prevent chronic gambling addiction.

For these purposes, the Internet Gambling Regulation Bill (HR 2267) has been created by Barney Frank and approved by the House Financial Services Committee (41 votes in favor, 22 against). This vote demonstrates that prohibition is not a solution, while gambling should be properly regulated.

HR 2267, also known as Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, regulates gambling and video poker online in America, aiming to protect minors and those who make fair use of gambling, and therefore all poker players. Poker players are waiting for a final approval, but this goal is still far, as procedures for the taxes on gambling and video poker have to be established and approved from other committees.

In other words, we are not sure that this law will become effective by the end of this year, although many poker players are waiting for a law that protect them, but also many poker operators would like to have the opportunity to operate under a regulated system.

Discover the proposals of hotel in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo for Autumn, Winter and Christmas

We are already in fall Autumn and we are going to Winter!! In this period Chianti region has a particular charm!!! Woods, vineyards and villages have warm colours that invite you to taste new olive oil, good wine and Tuscan kitchen.

During Chianti d’ Autunno”, a series of events dedicated to culture and culinary and wine tradition , it is possible to take part in a guided visit at museum and Etruscan sites in Montecalvo or Poggino, to buy first gifts for Christmas in markets in the historical ways of villages, to taste with professional guides new olive oil, to visit cellars or to go to a concert in one of the beautiful church of the zone. All those events are organized in the same period of : Quinto Quarto e dintorni”, the possibility to go in the best restaurants of Chianti with special menus in order to discover again the kitchen of this zone with season products and poor recipes of the farmers’ tradition.

During Winter Palazzo Leopoldo dedicates all its Special Offers to the real lovers of Chianti, an enchanted location where the main actors, nature, wine, food, culture and history are linked to each other by a golden wire. If you don’t know history of this corner of Tuscany, you can not appreciate the taste of a Chianti Classico wine! Palazzo Leopoldo is history, for this reason a fundamental element of Chianti! Why do not you take the opportunity of a Special Offer of Palazzo Leopoldo in order to explore Chianti when you do not have to make queues and you can visit historical cellars in peace!? Here you are the Special Offer for the long week end of the 8th of December, a day of holiday in Italy, when you can stay at Palazzo Leopoldo even for only one night with offers from Euros 85,00 per person !!

For lovers of nature and wealth, Chianti represents a relief from the ordinary stress. Clean air is healthy thanks to woods and restores body and soul! For improving this restoring process you can also book treatments at Wellness Centre of Palazzo Leopoldo. In this period we offer special wellness packages from Euros 179,00 per person. Moreover, we are at disposal for personalized promotions and packages!

The special atmosphere of Chianti in Winter time is exulted by the decorations for the Christmas and New Years’ Eve holidays. The villages are full of lights and colours, as the beautiful city of Siena that is far from Palazzo Leopoldo only 30 minutes by car!

Palazzo Leopoldo is happy to announce you the possibility to spend New Year’s Eve 2010 in the warm of its elegant bedrooms after having had the Gala Dinner of the 31st of December!!! Contact us and we will be glad to send to you all the programme and the best offer as your needs!

Hotel in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo
Via Roma, 33
53017 Radda in Chianti – Siena
Tel: +39 0577/73.56.05
Fax: +39 0577/73.80.31
Website: http://www.palazzoleopoldo.it/en
E-Mail: info@palazzoleopoldo.it

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ski by Nordica

Within manufacturing, Nordica has an eye for fans of the changes, it offers an entire series dedicated to freeride and freestyle skis, boots and ski accessories with specific.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Limousine service Venice

In Italy, in Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan Blitz Exclusive offers its customers the service of rental limousine service for all your needs in luxury car. For more info contacts us!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A guided tour for school groups, certainly differs from the classical shore excursion for adults.

"Guide Pompeii", with decades of experience, has definitely the goal to capture the 'students' attention.

Every visit that "Guide Pompeii" makes has a story to tell, and we don't mean the "writing in books story", but we are tolking about the relationship between the guide and the "customer", the guide is not a professor, but a figure that serves as a liaison between the culture land and who goes through it.

For this reason, "Guide Pompeii" is prepared for a clientele that definitely has very specific characteristics and needs.

"Guide Pompeii" offers guided tours for students throughout the Souther Italy, preparation of educational tours for schools of all levels.

Excavation of Pompeii;

Excavation of Herculaneum;

Archaeological Museum of Naples;

3D movie projection Pompeii and Herculaneum;

Visit Solfatara Pozzuoli and Cuma;

Excursion to Capri.Reservations for free tickets archaeological sites (Pompeii and Herculaneum).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WARNING PLANET edition 1º is visiting for hundreds of kids in tha Museum these days, very important education project in Uruguay with artists from around the world

Wr have 20 more artists in WARNING PLANET 2º edition, december 2010, with INDONESIAN Artists taking part and envolved in this project, take a look in warning planet blog the new artworks
and will waiting your inscription in W PLANET 2011!!!! INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR ARTISTS, PLEASE HELP THE WORLD!!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010


Cod.AG PZ02-aluminum pistons with standard
Cod.AG PZ03-aluminum pistons with ventilated
Cod.AG PZ04- 6 degrees with titanium and ventilated pistons

Brake pads dual sinter Cod.AGDS
Brake pads dual carbon

Colors: Oxide Hard
Black anodized

Finish: sandblasted


Body: forged aluminium alloy 7075 T 6
-4 Titanium pistons Ø 34mm
-Wheelbase 108 mm
Off-Set-22.5 mm

The brake caliper made by ACCOSSATO it’s an evolution of the brake cnc obtained using the best technologies and alloys on the market.
The use of this brake caliper is reserved for users and for professionist racers
The shape and size of this product have been design to ensure the lowest weight at the sane time the maximum stiffness body and also excellent dissipation of heat generated form the braking.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Good ideas to make money quick

People wanna know the secrets to make money quick, but they do nothing to reach their goals. If you want good ideas to start a business, then look below...

Many people want to make more money. They want to avoid not being able to buy all their needs and wants. You could target product niches for employment, home businesses, networking marketing, affiliate programs, career advancement, etc.

Most people want to get high returns on their investments. You could target product niches about investing in the stock market, bonds, futures trading, etc.

Most businesses want to increase their profits and sales. You could target product niches about marketing, copywriting, advertising, cutting costs, publicity tips.

Most employees want to succeed and offer their employer their best. You could target product niches about moving up the ladder at work, career advancement, over or underachieving at work with the consequences of each.

Employees want to avoid being on a low pay scale at their place of work and losing their job. You could target product niches about communicating at work such as asking for a raise, promotions at work.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Prague, Czech Republic, November 11, 2010 – Based on the continuing quality increase of its translation and localization processes, Skrivanek has managed to defend its ISO certification with an upgrade to the newer EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. The quality audit took place across the company during October 2010, after the successful completion of internal audits executed throughout Skrivanek’s global network of 50 branches spread across 3 continents. Skrivanek has also successfully passed the translation industry inspection audit for the European Standard EN 15038:2006.

“We are delighted to achieve accreditation, supporting our pursuit of continuous improvement to meet the highest quality standards for our customers from all over the world. Skrivanek has developed its own quality management system in an effort to produce texts with the highest level of linguistic competence for each of the 20 million words translated monthly”, said Michal Küfhaber, Global Production Manager at Skrivanek.

Professional quality management is implemented in every step of the translation process – ranging from rigorous linguist recruitment and testing which is performed by the local Skrivanek vendor management staff, through the most accurate editing/review processes provided by certified in-country QA professionals supported by automated quality assurance tools.

Skrivanek has established a measurable approach to translation quality evaluation. This fully automated procedure is integrated into our business management system and includes translation quality reports in terms of the linguistic and subject specified expertise accomplished by our certified in-country reviewers and subject matter specialists after each revision, and customer satisfaction feedback evaluation of each job.

Skrivanek was one of the translation companies to be fully certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, which has now been updated and replaced by the 2008 version.

About Skrivanek
The Skrivanek translation agency is rated as one of “The Common Sense Advisory’s 25 Top Performing Translation Companies” in the world. As one of the biggest translation agencies in Europe, Skrivanek is the recognized specialist for European and Asian Languages, and with 50 branches in 14 countries around the world, employing a staff of more than 400 qualified language professionals Skrivanek delivers expert translations in all languages.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Tuscany new year's day eve - capodanno Villa Toscana

Book now for New Year 2011 will have the chance to stay four nights in a Tuscan villa or a farmhouse in Tuscany.
Booking for 7 nights you will get a further discount, the offer of New Year in Tuscany (Capodanno Toscana) booking for 7 nights you will get a further discount, the offer of New Year in Tuscany is about to expire. To make sure we have availability in one of two villas: Villa Centopino and Villa le Capanne you must not waste time. The official page of the New Year is in Italian, try to read the page automatically translated by Google: Tuscany new year or visit the official page ofe Tuscany Villa Centopino and Tuscan Villa le Capanne . Both villas are located in Tuscany, at the foot of the characteristic medieval village of Montecastelli Pisano (near Siena and Volterra).

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Italy real estate and holiday houses: how to choose

The period we are going through, you know, is not the best. Global crisis, rising unemployment, plummeting global economy and increasing poverty in the world. Although the savings habits of the Italians made it possible to better address the current crisis, the majority of Italian families in serious difficulty. Many things have changed over 30 years ago. Home and work hours have different meanings. Before you have your own home and a job was the usual state, today the scenario has definitely changed. The crisis in the field of employment has greatly influenced the lifestyle of Italians. Working in the place where you were born is increasingly problematic species in the South, where the unemployment rate has increased significantly over the years. Moving is the watchword for those who want to find work in our country. So we are witnessing an exodus of young people into major cities: Rome, Milan, Turin, Florence, Padua, etc.. There are many problems that come up when you decide to go and live in a metropolis. Getting a new city to seek employment or to start a new job is almost always simultaneously looking for a house, room, apartment for rent. Lots of offers of Italy villa and houses for sale and rent in the center and periphery, many price ranges and features. Often unravel in the midst of local newspapers, posters and flyers can complicate many things and to spend time unnecessarily. A great help in this regard comes from the web, which seems increasingly to meet the needs of speed and thoroughness in searching for information so much desired by users. To meet these needs are born free ads on Internet portals, some nice graphics and very usable. Job, Italy real estate, areas for promotion companies. Everything we need is now at hand and easily accessible. We can see rental Italy ads or job listings by region or city of interest, with a few clicks and for free. All listings of homes for rent and sale are accompanied by detailed charts with photos and maps. Even for those who work the area dedicated to the job is complete with contacts and descriptions of the requests. To save time, to have everything available without leaving home advice is to carefully select a portal of free ads and select what you need.

If you're looking for an Italy villa for rent or sale then choose AdvYourself.com, Italy real estate and rental Italy portal.

Agilent Technologies Introduces Powerful Handheld Digital Multimeters for Industrial Applications

Press Release

Agilent Technologies Introduces Powerful Handheld Digital Multimeters for Industrial Applications

Feature-Rich DMMs Offer User-Friendly Form Factor For Use in Category Four Industrial Environments

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2010 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the U1270 Series handheld digital multimeters (DMMs), setting new levels of performance in industrial handheld DMMs. This series offers a wide range of measurement capabilities; including feature sets that are found only in higher end industrial handheld DMMs.

The U1270 Series allows engineers and technicians to make faster, more accurate measurements. The new DMMs include capabilities such as low impedance mode to eliminate stray voltages, and low-pass filtering to remove noise that distorts voltage and current readings. The new Smart Ohm function helps ensure confidence in results by minimising false readings due to leakage current.

To enhance usability, the DMMs have a slim, easy-to-grip profile and controls that are easy to operate, even when wearing heavy gloves. The U1270 Series are the world’s first DMMs to feature a flashing backlight as visual alert to enhance continuity checks in dark, noisy environments.

“These water- and dust-resistant handheld DMMs were designed for industrial troubleshooters who work in dusty, grimy, damp and dark environments,” explained Gooi Bor Chun, Agilent worldwide marketing director, Basic Instrument Division.

“Even in tough industrial settings, our goal is to offer dependable tools that provide a wealth of essential capabilities, while retaining ease of use,” added Ee Huei Sin, Agilent vice president and general manager, Basic Instruments Division.

Additional capabilities include PC connectivity for data-logging applications and easy access to the fuse through the rear-panel battery door.

About Agilent Handheld DMMs

The IP54-certified U1270 Series expands Agilent’s range of handheld DMMs that are CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V compliant. The U1250 Series delivers features and accuracy to optimise electronics troubleshooting. The U1240 Series lets engineers and technicians perform measurements efficiently through wide measurement ranges and capabilities such as a built-in switch counter.

U1270 Series’ IP54 Rating

The U1270 Series handheld DMMs have an Ingress Protection rating of IP54, with the “5” indicating protection against dust (limited ingress and no harmful deposits) and the “4” indicating protection from water sprayed from all directions (limited ingress permitted).

Additional Information

The U1271A handheld DMM and the U1272A handheld DMM are both available now in all regions except Japan, where they will be available starting in December.

Additional information about the U1270 Series handheld DMMs is available at www.agilent.com/find/handheld-tools_pr. Product photos are available at www.agilent.com/find/U1270_images.

Editorial contact: Laura Bragagia, Agilent Technologies
Tel: +39 02 9260 8257
Email: laura_bragagia@agilent.com

For a translation of this press release into your local language, please email laura_bragagia@agilent.com

Release date: 01 November 2010

Release number: PREM10127

Readers inquiries: Tel: +39 02 9260 8484
Email: contactcenter_italy@agilent.com
Web: www.agilent.it

About Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world’s premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, electronics and communications. The company’s 18,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $4.5 billion in fiscal 2009. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at www.agilent.com.

# # #

NOTE TO EDITORS: Further technology, corporate citizenship and executive news is available on the Agilent news site at www.agilent.com/go/news.

Agilent Technologies Italia S.p.A.
Via Gobetti, 2/C
20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio – MI -

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Freeperclick Gratis, MemoClub Gratis, Coaching Gratis...

Esatto, li puoi avere gratis. Dai un'occhiata qui sotto:



Friday, October 15, 2010

New Year's Eve 2011 in Tuscany - Capodanno in Toscana

After the oscillation of tourism recorded in summer, with rapid declines in bookings in the long term with the search for last minute holiday booking last minute and peak, with the aim of saving, is what lies ahead for the period of year-end: from Christmas to New Year.

Although at Christmas 2010, many families decide to stay at home, on New Year's Eve there will be a boom in demand. It was the second year in which occurs the greatest number of requests (after the summer). The age of the tourists looking for accommodation for the night or the New Year Gala Dinner ranges from 14 to 60 years. The age up to age 20 looking for large farms or villas where to put music and toast the arrival of the new year with modern music in the background. The older band tries something and it is ready to spend the New Year at a table between a plate and another, accompanied by several glasses of wine. There is also an intermediate zone, which decides for a romantic New Year's Eve in Tuscany (or Capodanno Toscana in italian language) in small exclusive villa with pool the aim to make the evening special, being accompanied by the most important people, namely his or her own their families, this choice is becoming increasingly popular by showing that the Italians, unlike as seen from the outside are sensitive people, and romantic attachment to family. The idea of having to be closed together in a large farm or in a great restaurant to have fun and be obliged to force Fineschi almost always with a contrary result. Tour operators expect a rosy previsone then Capodanno 2011 where 60% of Italian families will not stay at home.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Web hosting service: an important choice to be assessed

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide. Web hosting are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease at use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Hosting can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers that do not have to be located in their data center, called colocation.

The scope of hosting web varies widely. The most basic is webpage and small files, where files can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface. The files are usually delivered to the Web 'as is' or with little processing power. Many Internet service providers (ISPs) offer this service free to their subscribers. People can also obtain Web page hosting from other, alternative service providers. Personal web site hosting is typically free, with ads sponsored, or cheap. Business web host often has a higher cost. The choice of hosting has its importance in seo. With the introduction of the speed factor among the most important factors in ranking on Google, the speed of loading of a site is key to high rankings on search engines. There are several types of hosting web:

* Windows Hosting: When it comes to Windows hosting means that the server has the Microsoft Windows operating system, and consequently can be installed only programs written to run on Windows. The hosting and Windows' recommended if you plan to build a website in ASP (Active Server Pages), if you want to use FrontPage Extensions, or if you have the desire to use to use databases such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server;

* Linux Hosting: The server has the Linux operating system, costs less than Windows hosting as it does not require business licenses and above and 'much more' stable and secure;

* ASP: acronym for Active Server Pages, and 'scripting technology created by Microsoft that allows you to create HTML pages from dynamic pages;

* Frontpage: Microsoft program dedicated to the creation of websites;

* PHP server-side programming language capable of dynamic pages of all types and sizes;

* Cold Fusion script developed by Macromedia (now acquired by Adobe) to automatically build dynamic pages;

* Secure Server: technology that allows transmission of encrypted data.

the new video of Tuscan villa - Videos Villas in Tuscany

Not everyone is aware of a small Tuscan town called Montecastelli Pisano which lies between Siena and Volterra. The basis of this medieval village is a special villa with a particular name: Villa Centopino, a Tuscan villa with private pool and exclusive, with tub and many amenities. The video of the villa you can find it on youtube and is titled: "Villa Siena in Tuscany - Tuscany Villa with pool".

Backorder, a new word in the universe of domains

Recently we have heard more and more about backorder, domain backorders, backorder country code top-level domain (ccTLD) and so on. But what is backorder? The term backorder refers to a recovery operation and it is the technical term used by domainers and domain experts to indicate the universe of domain recovery services.

A domain, when it is going to expire, enters a phase where it becomes registrable. It often happens that a domain, either by choice or by mistake, is not renewed and it goes into expired status, becoming available for a new registration.

Backorder services come into play at this moment. They start making repeated registering attempts until recovery operation (backorder) and registration on behalf of the customer using the service.

In this operation the customer is absolutely a witness. His only responsibilities regard choosing the domain, nothing else. When he expresses the bid for the recovery, the backorder (the person in charge of the service) will try to regain the domain, satisfying the customer and increasing the success rate of the service. This success rate helps to show to the customer the true potential of the service and makes us understand how important it is to use a professional and safe service.

The most important thing to remember is that we only pay when backorder domain registration is successful.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Search engine optimization services or ppc campaign?

The importance of search engines as a tool to search for any information, has caught the attention of web marketing agencies and users. Channels of promotion focused on the search engines often confuse the site owners of small and large companies, eager to sniff traffic consistent every day through search engines looking for information, products and services. So very often we come across people who confuse the ads of the pay per click Adwords with organic results in search engine indexes. This lack of knowledge about promotional tools, which are enclosed within the sphere of web marketing with the specific term search engine marketing (SEM), creates an offer of services that are often confusing. Is necessary due to the differences between SEO, search engine optimization and pay per click campaign, Adwords. The search engines placement is defined organic and allows a site to be in the indexes of search engines as a result of a query on them by a particular keyword. The results are pure. Each page of Google results for example, 10 per page. On top of these results and on the right side often we find sponsored results, namely those of the circuit to pay, then not to be confused with the former, whose position is the result of good work longer faced a seo agency expert in sites placement. Who wants to promote their site on search engines should know that an engine positioning and keyword advertising on the other hand have substantial differences:

To summarize these differences we can say that the business seo and PPC keyword advertising differ:


1) Fixed costs

2) Few consultancies

3) Difficulty

4) Medium-term development

5) Invasive site

6) Professional ethics necessary


1) Variable costs

2) Many business consultancy

3) Apparently easy

4) Short development

5) Non-invasive site

In short, seo services are usually more expensive because they require some experience and constant monitoring, parallel to changes in algorithms of search engines. The difficulty in some areas is truly remarkable especially in tourism and finance sectors is higher conversion customers. Development time is certainly longer than a keyword advertising campaign that has immediate results and lower costs appear in the short term, but high rankings on search engines repays the initial investment, if well done, and guarantees longevity site in the long run.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Visit Rome and the Vatican choosing a central accommodation

Rome is known, is a wonderful Italian city. Visiting Rome can take a long time especially for those not very practical in the city sometimes scattered. Here, for those short on time, it is crucial to choose an accommodation for the night, in a strictly central. Termini accommodation Rome or a Vatican B&B is a good starting point for your short visit in the capital. If you choose a B&B Rome Termini move made easy. From Termini Station area is also within easy reach on foot the most important monuments of the city. From the nearby Piazza della Repubblica (served by the line) along Via Nazionale to get to Venice Square and the imposing Victorian houses several exhibitions and events throughout the year. Leaving behind the Victorian you are in front of Via del Corso, full of shops and tourists distracted by the thousand windows. Via the course through the center of Rome. From here you can stop in Via Condotti, one of the historic streets of Rome, frequented by the atmosphere and the jaws of present high level. On Via Condotti overlooking Piazza di Spagna, with its famous staircase often stop for weary tourists. A brief stop in the Barcaccia fountain in the center of Piazza di Spagna and then straight to Piazza del Popolo Via del Babuino. At the center of the square stands the Obelisco Flaminio high as 24 meters. Piazza del Popolo at the base of the Pincio, one of the green areas of Rome and most appreciated by the Romans themselves in search of calm and tranquility from the terrace you can admire the Pincio Rome and there are many tourists who go up there for very watch the sunset. Here you can visit one of Rome's historic churches, Santa Maria del Popolo. Going through Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna left to our right follow signs to the Pantheon, the temple dedicated first of all (from the greek pan and Theon) and then used as a Christian church and as a tomb for the King of Italy. Pantheon Piazza Navona it takes a moment. The atmosphere of the square is named after the ancient purpose. The square was filled with water used by the Romans as a place to simulate a possible naval battle with the enemy. The atmosphere of this square at night is wonderful and there are many places where to stop and dine. Your B & B is not far and is still easily accessible with numerous means that the historic center of Rome offers. A second day in the capital can be dedicated to begin at the Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater often icon of the capital. From here it is easy to reach by metro the other side of the Tiber. Exit at Ottaviano you're already near the Vatican City and the majestic St. Peter's Basilica. Bernini's colonnade of St. Peter seems to envelop anyone who comes inside. Indeed it seems that the purpose of this column was right to embrace, to open up the faithful and the city of Rome, overlooking the basilica by way of conciliation. After visiting St. Peter's your direction will be that of the Vatican Museums which arise within the Vatican walls. You will be stunned by the famous Sistine Chapel, home of the conclave. Trastevere at sunset awaits you through the narrow streets filled with crowded rooms. There seems to breathe another Rome. Finally, after dinner, a stroll along the river before returning to your b&b and again, keeping the eyes, angles and moments of a city you will soon want to relive.

Christmas in Tuscany - christmas 2011

Despite all the media talk about this most famous evil, Christianity is strengthened in Tuscany, perhaps in part because of the crisis (we can only pray), those who profess the Catholic religion are in fact more than 50% of which ' 80% believer but do not attend Mass domicale. Holy Sunday of Christmas is considered by all believers a special day because it represents the birth of Jesus Christ, is therefore the most important day of the Catholic religion. Throughout Italy there is abitusdine trascorrore of the Christmas holidays with their families (regardless of religion). Here's how you normally spend Christmas Tuscany o Natale in Toscana: Christmas night all Christians participate in the Mass, after which, in the early hours the next day, you begin to open their Christmas gifts the next morning and each family gets together with relatives close to one of the greatest prince of the year: Christmas lunch. Today, because of this hectic society, time is lost and more and more often decide to have lunch on a farm in a farm or in a restaurant with typical local dishes (to avoid countless hours of preparation). After this long meal, a relaxing stroll along country lanes, surrounded by green Tuscan hills. We can sum up Christmas in Tuscany Villa as a Christian day, easy, spend time with his family.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The new MagnaParma's website, the online shopping of typical Parma's products and Italian specialties

The products of Italian oenology and gastronomy arrive at your table with MagnaParma. The online food specialties’ shop  was born in the heart of Emilia's region, earth with a great food vocation, from a group of passionate people with the desire to spread the culture of the "to eat well." An ample choice of products typical of Parma and the best Italian specialties, all made according to rigorous and traditional methods, selected with care and offered together with an ample outfit of information on their history, origins and the suggestions for the recipes.

MagnaParma has recently renewed its website: a fine foodstuffs’ shop window was born, an amazing itinerary of the taste between the delights of the palate and the tastes for authentic gourmet. The new portal is born inside a project of Web marketing arranged by KosmoSol: the objective is to enhance  MagnaParma's brand on Internet, getting positive responses and international visibility. For this reason MagnaParma is also  on the most known social networks, from Facebook to Twitter - with constant updating on the new products and on all the last special offers - up to the videos on YouTube.

The online shop  delivers the true typical Parmesan and Italian products to the European tables: the purchase is simple, rapid and sure, within everybody’s reach. The high-quality specialties are mostly certified D.O.C., D.O.C.G., D.O.P. e I.G.T., like Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged 24, 26 or 36 months, or Parma Ham, the king of the meats and the Porcini mushrooms from Borgotaro. The wines of the hills round Parma perfectly marry to the sliced meats and the typical dishes of Parma, the ducal city: the delicate Rosè, the aged Lambrusco, the inviting Malvasia and the fresh and sparkling Fortana. MagnaParma also offers some Italian specialities like pasta, sauces, cheeses, cured meats and seasonings: the Traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena, Grana Padano cheese, the fine  extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, truffles, meats, the Italian wines D.O.C. and still more. All the foodstuffs are healthy, genuine and nourishing made from Italian raw materials and processed according to the most traditional methods.
MagnaParma is a modern structure and its staff is at disposal of the clients to satisfy the single question about a product or the requests from the restaurants and gourmet shops.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog is online, to help discover high quality hotels and holidays

The need for a holiday stems from the longing for special relaxation and wellbeing, complementedby a natural personal inclination towards discovery. Historical Fashion Hotels offer their guests fascinating, high quality stays and romantic breaks. We have selected only refined venues, where history and traditions are revived in premises of great artistic and architectural value: our hotels, relais, period villas and resorts are distinguished for fostering a new culture of hospitality, which means extreme care for any detail and the best of comfort. Therefore a holiday becomes a unique occasion for getting in touch with an extraordinary tourist heritage, while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere of an ancient aristocratic manor, most likely praised by illustrious visitors. Our fashion hotels and residences are scattered throughout Italy, be they by the seaside, on the mountain or on the hills that surround the best known art cities: from Alto Adige to Sicily, through Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, along the shores of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog, now online, is a novel source of information to find the latest proposals for a hotel stay, all the news and special offers and whatever is useful to carefully plan your holidays or just a romantic weekend. In the blog you will find a description of new tourist itineraries for the loveliest destinations in Italy, with information and advice to fully enjoy a visit to places of outstanding historical and artistic relevance. Historical Fashion Hotels reviews  are accompanied by images and photos of the premises and surrounding areas to offer our prospect visitors a virtual tour to choose from the many proposals available.

Our blog also supplies constant updating about  wine-and-food gourmet trails since a journey to Historical Fashion Hotels is also a unique experience for gourmets, onjoying the specialities of a rich cuisine featuring the best traditional local dishes as well as highly appreciated creative versions.
Our blog is a necessary interactive tool, a record book for your comment, a logbook of your journey or holiday for the pleasure of sharing the best memories of your experience as tourists.

Historical Fashion Hotels blog is part of a web-marketing project edited by KosmoSol.

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Weddings in Piedmont and Sicily by Efffetti wedding planners in Italy

PRESS RELEASE - Efffetti - Weddings in Italy

Pisa – September 25th, 2010 Efffetti – weddings in Italy wedding planner agency, announces the opening of two new wedding locations: Piedmont and Sicily

Efffetti, after a fantastic wedding season (ask their couples) enriches their offer with fantastic new locations in Italy. After Tuscany, the Mountains, Lake Como and Venice, Efffetti in cooperation with 4 experienced wedding planners on the territory can offer the same level of service for couples wishing to get married in Piedmont, the land of truffles, wine and castles and in Sicily, the land of sun and food. These 4 new wedding planners coordinators have been working on the wedding and event business for long time and their standards are certified by Efffetti who could work with them and grant on their reliability and efficiency.

Destination weddings are in everyone's dreams, and Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world.


About Efffetti weddings in Italy

Efffetti is based in Italy and grants expertise of over a decade of marketing, communication and purchase experience in multinational companies plus a rigorous selection of planners and partners. Efffetti's team leverages best-in-class experts in each sector to offer any services at best available prices, keeping quality at the highest levels.

Efffetti offers support and consultancy services plus access to all that is necessary for destination weddings, including paper work and translations.
Efffetti is also able to offer personal wedding web sites for couples. This service is offered to help guests and friends to follow couples that have decided to tie the knot away from their native country or when bride or groom are native of different places. This is fundamental to coordinate guests from all over the world and let friends that cannot attend have all the details.

Contacts and quotations upon request on Efffetti's website

skype ID: Efffetti
Telephone : +393494705151
email: info@weddingintuscany.info

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Critical Meditavism" was born.

On 14 September 2010 in Rome at the studio "La Taccon Arte" in presence of few intimate friends, the artist Massimo Taccon has dictated the basic pillars of what appears to be the first act of a new art movement: The "Critical Meditavism".

Here's published in its full version "the manifest in red" (as called by its founder).

English version


1. The Critical Meditavism is an art movement of interior nature that places the art in the centrality of the demands of the human spirit and that qualifies the artist as a scientist and explorer of the human creativity.
2. The Critical Meditavism, as art movement, is opposed to every form of materialism and considers itself son of this time.
3. The Critical Meditavism is founded on the principles of freedom, peace, truth, independence and moral and intellectual integrity of the artist with regard to the civil, political and religious society, whose he himself is expression.
4. The Critical Meditavism is transnational because it belongs to all humanity in general terms.
5. The Critical Meditavism recognizes all the main art movements previous to it and it is placed in a position of overcoming of the physiological limits that these have tried.
6. In Critical Meditavism the artist puts himself in the center of his inner world and his outer world.
7. In Critical Meditavism the artist puts himself in the center of his material world and his immaterial world.
8. The Critical Meditavism is based on the concept of "absolute mental empty".
9. In Critical Meditavism the concept of "absolute mental empty" is expressed in the quality and capacity of the artist to be the scholar and the impartial observer of his own creative thought.
10. In Critical Meditavism the concept of "absolute mental empty" is expressed in the quality and capacity of the artist to be the scholar and the impartial observer of his own creative action.
11. In Critical Meditavism the concept of "absolute mental empty" is expressed in the quality and capacity of the artist to be the scholar and the impartial observer of the final Artwork who he himself has realized.
12. In Critical Meditavism the final Artwork is the extension of thought and action of the artist.
13. In Critical Meditavism the artist and the final Artwork are the same thing.
14. The artists who will recognize themselves in this philosophical vision applied to art, will be called by the term of Meditavists.
15. The first Meditavist Artwork is the work Number One of the Conceptual Elaboration Cycle created by the artist Massimo Taccon in 1999, and today it is declared of universal heritage, in order to witness the moral engagement that the Meditavists has taken towards the rest of humanity, as custodians of the "truth" in the art.
16. This manuscript in original is preserved togheter with the artwork aforesaid. 17. On these grounds we found today the Critical Meditavism.

Signed by the founder, thinker and theoretician of the art movement called with the name of Critical Meditavism.

Rome September 14, 2010 The artist Massimo Taccon

Versione Italiana


1. Il Meditavismo Critico è un movimento artistico di natura interiore che colloca l'arte nella centralità delle esigenze dello spirito umano e che qualifica l'artista come scienziato ed esploratore della creatività umana.
2. Il Meditavismo Critico, come movimento artistico, si contrappone ad ogni forma di materialismo e si considera figlio di questo tempo.
3. Il Meditavismo Critico si fonda sui principi di libertà, di pace, di verità, di indipendenza e di integrità intellettuale e morale dell'artista rispetto alla società civile, politica e religiosa di cui egli stesso ne è espressione.
4. Il Meditavismo Critico è transnazionale perchè appartiene all'umanità tutta in generale.
5. Il Meditavismo Critico riconosce tutti i principali movimenti artistici precedenti ad esso e si pone in una posizione di superamento dei limiti fisiologici da questi sperimentati.
6. Nel Meditavismo Critico l'artista si pone al centro del suo mondo interiore e del suo mondo esteriore.
7. Nel Meditavismo Critico l'artista si pone al centro del suo mondo materiale e del suo mondo immateriale.
8. Il Meditavismo Critico si fonda sul concetto del "vuoto mentale assoluto".
9. Nel Meditavismo Critico il concetto del "vuoto mentale assoluto" si esprime nella qualità e nella capacità dell'artista di essere lo studioso e l'osservatore imparziale del proprio pensiero creativo.
10. Nel Meditavismo Critico il concetto del "vuoto mentale assoluto" si esprime nella qualità e nella capacità dell'artista di essere lo studioso e l'osservatore imparziale della propria azione creativa.
11. Nel Meditavismo Critico il concetto del "vuoto mentale assoluto" si esprime nella qualità e nella capacità dell'artista di essere lo studioso e l'osservatore imparziale dell'Opera finale da lui stesso realizzata.
12. Nel Meditavismo Critico l'Opera finale è l'estensione del pensiero e dell'azione dell'artista.
13. Nel Meditavismo Critico l'artista e l'Opera finale sono la medesima cosa.
14. Gli artisti che si riconosceranno in tale visione filosofica applicata all'arte, verranno chiamati col termine di Meditavisti.
15. L' Opera prima meditavista coincide con l'Opera Prima del Ciclo Elaborazioni Concettuali dell'anno 1999 realizzata dall'artista fondatore Massimo Taccon e viene oggi dichiarata di patrimonio universale, a rappresentazione dell'impegno morale che i Meditavisti, in qualità di custodi del "vero" nell'arte, hanno preso nei confronti del resto dell'umanità intera.
16. Questo manoscritto in originale viene conservato insieme all'Opera sopradetta.
17. In base a tutto ciò si fonda oggi il Meditavismo Critico.

Firmato dal fondatore, pensatore e teorizzatore del movimento artistico chiamato col nome di Meditavismo Critico.

Roma 14 Settembre 2010 L'artista Massimo Taccon

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New year's Tuscany - Capodanno 2011

The choice to spend New Year 2011 in Tuscany can be increased by the desire to live a full an important time with his family. Contact with nature in an exclusive villa. One way to rediscover the value of family and love. The week's stay will be easy to visit the nearby cities of Tuscany: Florence, Siena, Volterra and Pisa.

For more information, please read: Capodanno Toscana .

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Villa with pool in Tuscany

Villa Centopino is a Tuscany villa with pool immersed in the green of Tuscany. This Villa is located at the base of Montecastelli Pisano, between Siena and Volterra. A very romantic place, ideal for Tuscan honeymoon. The villa is surrounded by fruit trees: peach, peach, cherry, plum and olive groves.

Tuscany is a wonderful land, waiting to be discovered from the Tower of Pisa to the "Ponte Vecchio" and the Uffizi in Florence.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Diamond tool manufacturing

Diamond tools for woodworking - the core business of Utensil Tre.

Since the beginning, Utensil tre has designed innovative systems for the woodworking industry. The continuous innovation has made it one of the Italian’s leading players in the manufacture of diamond tools for woodworking industry.
Thanks to design research and developing, Utensil tre has collected a lot of Industrial patents in diamond tool manufacturing like circular sawblade and diamond tool grinding.

Odiamond tool manufacturingne of the most revolutionary PCD tools was “Crown System” , that at the end of 80es completely changed the working method of melamine panels on square edge banding machines at high feed rates. This is a tool with profile of the teeth hasn't got any sharp edge or cornered parts, so that the tooth itself is stronger and resistant. As a consequence great finishing cuts and long lastings.

For two reasons Utensil Tre is not only a diamond tools producer, but also a partner:
- Making tools lasting longer is their everyday’s challenge, also thanks to diamond tool grinding.
When a customer puts one of his tools in their hands for normal servicing, they do not restrict themselves to resharpen it.
They make a complete check up which restore the used and worn piece at its original geometry.
- Utensil Tre opted for tailored diamond tools manufacturing to satisfy each different customer need and to respond fully to all work requirements. They search the most suitable solution for the production of their customers: they help the customers in getting the best from the tools.
At Utensil Tre they guarantee a complete consulting based on the real productive needs of those who buy tools.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Wolfenstein is a first person shooter inspired by games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Muse of Software.
Come back and play as BJ Blazkowitz, the OSA decorated agent in the fight against Nazism. You have been sent on special mission in the heart of the Reich to investigate and collect evidence for use by the Nazis for a new and mysterious power.

Read the full article: Wolfenstein

Homepage: Videogame Console

Fable 3 (preview)

In Fable 3, our fate will be full of vengeance and redemption, as the protagonist is abandoned when his brother instead has everything, power, wealth, love and happiness. But this will not be so for long, because we will resume the lead role in what is ours by right of birth, thus becoming our nemesis, the opposite. In the guise of an entire sovereign nation, we face practical constraints and ethical dimensions hitherto unknown: consensus and anger of the population, huge armies fighting ...

Read the full article: Fable 3

Homepage: Videogames Adventure

Bad Boys 2

Would be sufficient to describe the flaws that contains the transition from the roof to find out for you account for the quality of Bad Boys 2. In fact, the transition from third to first person to aim and shoot inevitably exposes you to fire so you can be riddled with bullets in peace until the brief disorientation caused by this change does not end.

Read the full article: Bad Boys 2

Homepage: Videogames Adventure

Friday, July 30, 2010

GTA Chinatown Wars Lite

GTA Chinatown Wars Lite - finally arrives on mobile iphone world of Liberty City created by Rockstar Games. The title is a sort of introduction to your criminal career in what is the most dangerous city in America. When the game will meet Uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee and help you regain control of local gangs that form the so-called Triad of Liberty City. Faces theft, reckless driving and idle pursuits. In the game you play as Huang Lee, a spoiled rich kid and your mission is to deliver personally to Uncle Kenny a precious sword that will keep full control of the Triad of Liberty City. The company will have to make Huang, however, will not be easy, in fact after being kidnapped and robbed will be able to fight to regain his honor and get his revenge.


Home: Videogame Console

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (preview)

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood rather than a true sequel is a spin-off (expansion) of the sequel of Assassin's Creed. The environment and atmosphere of the second episode of the Renaissance are here portrayed, as well as the protagonist Ezio Auditor, has become a master of a cult feared and respected. Again Ezio, will be busy trying to avert yet another danger led by Cesare Borgia, the wicked responsible for the murder of Mario Auditor. Monteriggioni so we'll go to Rome, which will be the main setting of the game. A graphic rendering of the city of Rome truly inspired and gameplay rather close to that of the previous chapter. In fact, even this time the game has elements of stealth, action and exploration with different main and secondary missions that provide a good deal of longevity. In this chapter of Assassin's Creed, however, the protagonist Ezio will not be alone and will rely on some new allies with different skills that will give us a hand to come out of some rather difficult situations.

In terms of gameplay, we will be able to handle different classes of characters, which we learn to exploit the features of the best in combat and exploratory phase. Another important novelty is the inclusion of multiplayer, which among other things, we can assume the role of the Templars (the famous sworn enemies of the assassins). Very interesting regarding the multiplayer mode called "Wanted", where up to a maximum of 8 players can be challenged in an exciting manhunt. Each player will be tasked to kill another, but you do it without being seen.

Home: Videogame Console

Roulettesuperpieno.com launches new training courses for online gambling

Online casinos are a spreading phenomenon on the Internet. More and more competitors are present in this field, which was made of very simple websites a few years ago. Simple websites where you could make some small bets and play rather rudimentary games.

Today sophisticated game platforms are emerging. They are developed by international software houses and thanks to them online gambling market is finding new strength and the competition is becoming increasingly tight. Even for those who want to play in Italy, there are many virtual casinos in Italian where you can play countless games, including the famous roulette.

Born in this landscape, roulettesuperpieno.com is presenting itself to the public as a complete website for those who want to know more about online gambling. You'll be amazed by the thoroughness and depth of reviews of online casinos, such as Europa Casino, one of the online casino that is also available in Spanish and many other European languages.

Roulettesuperpieno.com is a sophisticated and reliable portal, a real mine of information and tricks for those who want to play online casino and especially roulette. Interesting are the sections on French roulette and American roulette, two different versions of a game which has become the symbol of the casino.

And for the uninitiated, let’s say that there is math behind the roulette game, that is there are statistical methods to be applied to increase the chances of victory. And here in roulettesuperpieno.com you’ll also find a complete and free online training course to win at roulette in the best online casinos, including Bellini casino.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ferrari’s models in limited edition: small presents for strong emotions


From the last victorious cars, the F10 Alonso version and the F10 Massa version as raced to a dominant 1-2 finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix 2010, to the magnificent 599 GTO officially presented at Beijing Motor Show; from one of the most beautiful cars of all times, the short wheelbase version of the Spider 250 California launched at the Geneva show in 1960, to the full size replica of the Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and Nosecone/Front Wing used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in 2010: all excellent replicas, produced in limited edition for the collectors and the fans of Ferrari.

The cars' models are at 1/8 scale, with a lenght of about 60 cm; each one is assembled on a carbon-fibre base, with a plaque reporting the number of the limited edition: 99 models available for both the F10, 199 for the 599 GTO and the Spider 250 California. Creating each master model took from 3500 to 4000 hours of work by a team of highly skilled modelmakers, with a perfect replica of all details of the chassis, of the interiors, the body and the engine, up to every button on the steering wheel. The master parts have been used to create moulds for the models in limited edition, then cast in prototyping resin and assembled: these operations took around 300 hours of work for each replica. Every model is provided with a signed certificate of authentication.

The Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and the Nosecone/Front Wing are at 1/4 scale, both hand built, and come with an elegant case and a signed certificate of authentication.

Unique pieces briging back the emotions of the great challenges, all excellent additions to any collection: discover all the models on the Ferrari Store.

Etna Quality: From agricultural-foodstuffs to the artisan, the products of Etna

In Italy, the Italian Handicrafts and Agricultural Industry Chambers of Commerce are “public organisations that fulfil a role of general interest for the business system, managing the development of the local economies sector.” The Catania Chamber of Commerce, as a Public Organisation, carries out tasks of interest for the business systems of the province of Catania. It launches initiatives in favour of entrepreneurial training, credit access on behalf of the businesses, innovation and transfer of technologies, the promotion of the diffusion of electronic commerce, environmental protection in the exercising of business activity, development of infrastructures and evaluation of territory resources, and the promotion – also by means of incentives – of the internationalisation of its businesses, and typical products of the province’s territory.
Etna Quality is the virtual showroom of the province of Catania, realised by the Chamber of Commerce of Catania and hosted in its institutional website. From agricultural-foodstuffs to the artisan, it presents all products, which with globalisation and de-individualisation become compressed and, at times, even forgotten to the point of disappearing from the market and memory. Savoury tastes and fragrances, but also colours, shapes and hospitality that have made this land what it is.
A land where every corner has something to offer to anyone still able to discover.
An impetuous and unpredictable land, like the Etna that dominates it with violence, but also with gentleness.
A land of a thousand contrasts.
A land which owes to all of this, not only its own uniqueness, but also its extraordinary people, who each day fight to master it. These are the reasons why that which is produced in the shadow of Etna is always a unique and unrepeatable work.
Contacts for each product are listed, made available by the exhibitors for possible direct contact. In case of disputes of any kind in the transactions, please inform the Chamber of Commerce - using the contacts presented at the bottom of each page - so that relative measures may be taken.

Our exhibitors guarantee:

  • respect of the dispositions relating to the right of recess according to Italian legislation;
  • observance of Italian dispositions in the handling of any personal data obtained during the course of the transactions, as well as consumer protection in long-distance contracts;
  • pre and post-sale assistance depending on the type of product ;
  • that the products are exclusively of local origin and that – for semi-made and made products – the origin of the prime materials is local in all cases where the local tradition of workmanship requires;
  • that the workmanship processes respect the local, traditional methodologies in the observance, therefore, of Italian or EU sanitary-hygienic regulations;
  • that no illegal work occurred;
  • that they have never been condemned for commerce crimes or fraud;
  • that they have never been subjugated to prevention measures.

SharePoint Hosted Services for $1 by SaaS Application Provider i-Technosoft Corporation

i-Technosoft extends its Solution delivery model to SaaS (Software as a Service) for Hosting SharePoint. The Company has further launched a One Time Signup Offer on Windows Sharepoint Hosting at $1.99 per user, the cheapest price online to host Microsoft Windows SharePoint.

Wimbledon, London – 26 July 2010. i-Technosoft enters a niche market selling Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Services in EMEA. The objective is to assist SME’s to centralise, automate their processes and enable them to access business information anywhere, anytime thereby reducing paper, travel, hardware and licensing costs further enabling businesses to comply to ‘Go-Green’ Standards.

Many SME’s have been started to see the advantages of hosted applications such as Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services. Windows SharePoint Services enables businesses to consolidate their core documents, forms, work processes on a web based platform thereby eliminating a need for additional applications to be installed. Moreover, SharePoint offers comprehensive collaboration with team members enabling them to maintain records, infopath forms, electronic document versions that assists users to pull any given record in time. Small Business owners currently face a great challenge in managing, organising and accessing their data when required from any given location. This is virtually impossible for them as the costs of implementing such a solution and hosting it locally are very high especially in the Middle East.

What do SharePoint Services offer?
Centralised Document Libraries: Repositories for the users to store documents such as Office, Adobe PDF, HTML etc that a business may require to work and share effectively. This eliminates the need for Shared Drives and Files in Windows.

Collaboration and Meetings: Shared Calendars in Windows SharePoint Services can assist employees in an organisation to manage their events, meetings on a daily basis. The calendar and to-do tasks can then be synchronised to Microsoft Outlook to enable individual alerting and offline availability.
Announcements: Corporate/Divisional announcements can now be viewed by employees on each section accordingly. This helps the information to pass through all or appropriate individuals everytime there is an update without having to send memos and emails.

RSS Feeds: You can now send out important business related news feeds from various sites like CNN, Bloomberg etc that support RSS Feeds and broadcast the message to your users on SharePoint.

Business Process Management: SharePoint can automate your business process workflows and enhance approval and signature processes. Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise Workflows can be further customised to manage entire processes such from creation, approval, notification, management of forms and email. iOffice CRM and ERP solution handles these mechanisms in the modular product offered by i-Technosoft.

SharePoint bring various advantages for CEO’s and CIO’s in providing better control over the business and its users as well as helping organisations achieve “Green” compliance. Cost and quicker return on investment become very important factors in assisting “C” Level executives to make a quick decision on Hosted Services.

Some of the cost benefits Hosted SharePoint Services bring to the SME’s are:
a. Immediate Deployment and Availability
b. Access to Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere
c. Ability to scale up or down as required with no risk or heavy costs
d. No additional Server hardware purchases
e. No Software Purchase or Licensing Costs
f. No Dedicated Leased Line Costs
g. No Dedicated SLA/Support Team Required to manage and support the infrastructure
h. No Customisation required for basic SharePoint Services
i. Appropriate Access Control, Users can only see what they are allowed to
Commenting on the new Managed Services Division for SharePoint, Mr. Mehdi Rashid, Chief Technology Officer at i-Technosoft said “We intend to extend our sign-up offer to help small businesses take advantage of this brilliant Microsoft product” He added “i-Technosoft as a Company took this initiative in 2007 and our complete business including the front end website is SharePoint driven. We have reduced our costs drastically with SharePoint implementation by enabling our employees to operate from virtually anywhere across the globe. i-Technosoft is now able to assist and service its customers more effectively”

Press and Media Contact: Rachelle Martinez
i-Technosoft Corporation UK Limited