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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The long-awaited law "HR 2267"

Video poker is by now a worldwide phenomenon, as it is largely played in America, Europe and Asia. Americans are great poker players, and in the United States there is the city that in the world is the most representative for gambling and of poker itself: Las Vegas, in Nevada.

USA are known for their laws about gambling that are generally worldwide discussed, as they never forbid online gambling, though they generally impose many limits. As a matter of fact, this country is always committed to finding the appropriate poker rules (for live poker and videopoker online) to protect the poker players and also to prevent chronic gambling addiction.

For these purposes, the Internet Gambling Regulation Bill (HR 2267) has been created by Barney Frank and approved by the House Financial Services Committee (41 votes in favor, 22 against). This vote demonstrates that prohibition is not a solution, while gambling should be properly regulated.

HR 2267, also known as Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, regulates gambling and video poker online in America, aiming to protect minors and those who make fair use of gambling, and therefore all poker players. Poker players are waiting for a final approval, but this goal is still far, as procedures for the taxes on gambling and video poker have to be established and approved from other committees.

In other words, we are not sure that this law will become effective by the end of this year, although many poker players are waiting for a law that protect them, but also many poker operators would like to have the opportunity to operate under a regulated system.

Discover the proposals of hotel in Chianti Palazzo Leopoldo for Autumn, Winter and Christmas

We are already in fall Autumn and we are going to Winter!! In this period Chianti region has a particular charm!!! Woods, vineyards and villages have warm colours that invite you to taste new olive oil, good wine and Tuscan kitchen.

During Chianti d’ Autunno”, a series of events dedicated to culture and culinary and wine tradition , it is possible to take part in a guided visit at museum and Etruscan sites in Montecalvo or Poggino, to buy first gifts for Christmas in markets in the historical ways of villages, to taste with professional guides new olive oil, to visit cellars or to go to a concert in one of the beautiful church of the zone. All those events are organized in the same period of : Quinto Quarto e dintorni”, the possibility to go in the best restaurants of Chianti with special menus in order to discover again the kitchen of this zone with season products and poor recipes of the farmers’ tradition.

During Winter Palazzo Leopoldo dedicates all its Special Offers to the real lovers of Chianti, an enchanted location where the main actors, nature, wine, food, culture and history are linked to each other by a golden wire. If you don’t know history of this corner of Tuscany, you can not appreciate the taste of a Chianti Classico wine! Palazzo Leopoldo is history, for this reason a fundamental element of Chianti! Why do not you take the opportunity of a Special Offer of Palazzo Leopoldo in order to explore Chianti when you do not have to make queues and you can visit historical cellars in peace!? Here you are the Special Offer for the long week end of the 8th of December, a day of holiday in Italy, when you can stay at Palazzo Leopoldo even for only one night with offers from Euros 85,00 per person !!

For lovers of nature and wealth, Chianti represents a relief from the ordinary stress. Clean air is healthy thanks to woods and restores body and soul! For improving this restoring process you can also book treatments at Wellness Centre of Palazzo Leopoldo. In this period we offer special wellness packages from Euros 179,00 per person. Moreover, we are at disposal for personalized promotions and packages!

The special atmosphere of Chianti in Winter time is exulted by the decorations for the Christmas and New Years’ Eve holidays. The villages are full of lights and colours, as the beautiful city of Siena that is far from Palazzo Leopoldo only 30 minutes by car!

Palazzo Leopoldo is happy to announce you the possibility to spend New Year’s Eve 2010 in the warm of its elegant bedrooms after having had the Gala Dinner of the 31st of December!!! Contact us and we will be glad to send to you all the programme and the best offer as your needs!

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