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Friday, June 12, 2009

Moesi5Essence. A restyling concept of International Moesi’s Channels

A web presence dedicated to the youngest of the Moesi Divisions, "Furnishing Fragrances, Colours and Forms". It starts with Moesi5Essence.com, the restyling concept project of the international channels linked to the Moesi brand.

Moesi5Essence.com is the website dedicated to the Fragrances and Essences of Moesi Handmade in Italy. "In the coming weeks" – says Simone Zoccarato, MD Moesi s.n.c. – " there will be on line dedicated versions by Country, starting with the Italian version to pass further on to the French one, and lastly to the Russian reference website". The basis for this web investment "is the need to organize our international presence on the web in a single concept" – the MD continues – "creating a reference network for easy navigation and consultation depending on the needs of the users".

 The Header Of Moesi5Essence.com

The new concept, developed by Comminact LLC – PR and Web Communication Company – is a broad comprehensive project "involving different solutions, both traditional and Web 2.0" - explains Daniele Antoniani, Project Development for Comminact LLC – "from the organization of a homogeneous web path to the utilization of the API of Google Maps, through e-Bay, Twitter and Facebook" . A dynamic international web presence in progress, flexible and "able to adapt itself to the ROI and to any consequent eventual changes in priorities "- Daniele Antoniani says – "with the aim of an optimal design output for the achievement of the medium / long-term targets as set by Moesi".

Moesi5Essence (Quintessenza) the new Division of Moesi Handmade In Italy dedicated to natural essences and fragrances for the well-being at home. In a sector where the Made in China is very popular, Moesi is able to offer a range of products Made in Italy availing itself of perfumes and natural components (with no added colouring) for the creation of essences and fragrances entirely produced in Italy and matched with very original objects that allow the new Division of Moesi to enter the market of essences and perfumes as useful and original gifts. Furnishing Fragrances, Colours and Forms presented by Sensation, Mediterraneo and Imagination mother lines.

Moesi is interior design items in glass design, ceramics design, contemporary decorative objects and bijoux accessories. Moesi proposes innovative items, result of the artisan care with which they have been made. The interior design objects and the jewels of the bijoux lines in Murano’s glass are the work of skilled craftsmen. Unique objects on account of refinement and elegance of the materials selected, entirely Made in Italy. Productions devoted to the sectors of interior design furnishings, gift items, wedding cadeaux and high-quality bijoux.

For more informations:

skype MOESI_Italy
Tel No. +39.049.5565953
Fax No. +39.049.9217571
mail info [at] moesi.com
corporate site www.moesi.com

Low cost Meridiana-Eurofly flights to Cagliari

Meridiana-Eurofly offers more national and international flights to meet the needs of customers guaranteing low cost prices and a regular service: Rome Fco - Cagliari at 61 € one way all included. 4500 seats from June to September 2009.

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, in Classical Age, it was called Kalares, in latin Càralis, and in Sardinian Castèddu. With Meridiana-Eurofly you can leave from Rome to arrive at Elmas Airport, from where you can reach hotel, flats or bed and breakfast to enjoy a city rich of history and natural beauty.

Cagliari is, in fact, an important cultural centre, seat of University, churches and ancient building, like San Saturnino, the most ancient church of Sardinia.

About sea, the famous Poetto beach is very charming, it is long about eight kilometres from Sella del Diavolo to Quartu Sant’Elena coast.

You can enjoy night life walking along the little roads of downtown and you can taste good fish and above all the delicious Sardinian food: malloreddu, seadas, porcetto and more.

Surrounding, you can find the beautiful Costa Rei and some of the most famous places of Sardinia, Villasimius and Santa Margherita of Pula, for a vacation in a beautiful sea.

Meridiana-Eurofly reminds you web check-in service available for everyone leaving from Cagliari, starting from May the first, 2009 .

Rome: Depeche Mode Concert, 16th June 2009

Not many bands succeed in going through decades and music trends always achieving success and being appreciated both by critics and by different generations of music lovers, as if the passing of time, exactly as happens for wine, could only bring advantages to them. Depeche Mode certainly belong to this category.

Depeche Mode, born in 1980, have been one of the most important bands of that decade, and they have been able to renew themselves without rejecting their past, realising successful records also in the 90s and succeeding in carrying their music into the new millennium. With the publication of the new album Sounds of the Universe, this year in April, the band is celebrating an almost 30 years long career (the first album, Speak & Spell, was published in 1981), 30 years marked by ups and downs, by great success, by songs and concerts that went down in history but also by crisis, abandonment and recommencements, 30 years that have turned the band into a landmark in world’s music panorama.

To listen to the songs of the new album, which has hit charts at number one in 20 countries in the first week after its publication, while in other 10 countries (even in the United States, a traditionally difficult market for British bands, but not for Depeche Mode) it has moved up to the first 3 positions, the fans of the band will take part in one of the concerts of the long promotional tour of the new album: the “Tour of the Universe” will kick off in Tel Aviv on May 10th (the band was supposed to play in Israel during their previous tour in 2006, but the event was cancelled due to war), and will then go on all over the world. Italian fans shall book a guest house in Rome on June the 16th: the band will play at the Olimpico Stadium (in Italy they will also perform in Milan on June the 18th), for a concert that is expected to be unforgettable: Depeche Mode are very appreciated not only for their records, but also for their live exhibitions, and in this sense Italy seems to bring them luck, as in 2006, during the “Touring the Angel” tour, they chose an Italian city, Milan, to record a date of their tour and realise a DVD (Touring the Angel: Live in Milan).

This is a unique chance to visit Rome and take part in one of the most important music events of this summer at once, an event that will most probably be sold out (you’d better hurry up if you want to buy the last tickets and find a lodging in Rome), a concert that will give the fans of Depeche Mode the possibility to listen to old and new songs, like the singles taken from the new album, Wrong and Peace. Moreover the “Tour of the Universe” is the first ever stadium tour of the band, and also for this reason it is expected to attract a huge number of people and to match, and maybe surpass, the record of sold tickets in Europe during their previous tour.

Tickets: 41,40 – 57,50 euro
Date: 16th June 2009
Location: Olimpico Stadium, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Youth Hostel in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel in Rome or for travel information have a look to Cheap Guest House in Rome.

Rome: Art and Advertising. Italian Advertisement and Avant-Gardes 1920-1940, from the 26th of February to the 24th of May 2009

From the 26th of February to the 24th of May the exhibition “Art and Advertising. Italian Advertisement and Avant-Gardes 1920-1940” will be held in Rome. The exhibitory spaces of Casino dei Principi, in Musei di Villa Torlonia, will host about 100 posters realised between the 20s and the 40s, which show the connection between art and advertising and between advertising and industrial and economic development.

The first forms of advertisements date back centuries: on the walls of some houses in Pompei, which was destroyed by the volcano eruption, some writings have been found, which announced events, shows and competitions or persuaded people to vote for a given candidate. However, before the print invention, advertising was made through oral channels, like barkers and criers. With the print invention, in the 15th century, the first advertisements were published in newspapers, but it was during the Industrial Revolution, thus with the increase in production, products variety and competition between entrepreneurs, that the need of promoting products and informing customers arose, contributing to the birth of a type of advertising which was very similar to nowadays advertisements. In Italy, which was industrially and economically underdeveloped if compared to other countries, the first advertisements began to be widespread between the middle of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, both in newspapers and through posters, which soon became the main means of mass communication, and in the first half of the 20th century they were considered not only as an instrument to promote products, but also as a means of artistic expression.

Between the 20s and the 40s Italy underwent a particular period, characterised by political and social changes and industrial development. These years were marked by mass culture and production, fascism and propaganda, conquests and enthusiasm for modernity. In this period advertisements, which spread rapidly, became also a field of research and experimentation for artists: in this period some of the most important 20th century’s artists, like Adolfo Wild, Duilio Cambellotti, Mario Sironi, Lucio Fontana and the futurists Balla, Depero and Prampolini, realised advertisements.

The exhibition “Art and Advertising. Italian Advertisement and Avant-Gardes 1920-1940” is meant to show the evolution of art in advertising displaying books, posters and sketches realised in the first half of the 20th century: book now a 2 star hotel in Rome and visit the 6 sections of the exhibition, to discover how art and advertisement have changed through time, from the graphic refinement of the beginning of the century to the colouring of Futurism, to expressionism and rationalism. Taking advantage of Rome travel deals you will have the possibility to discover how in those years political propaganda mixed with art experimentation, revealing the communication and symbolic power of advertisements, but you will appreciate the displayed posters not only in virtue of their artistic value, but also for their historical importance: advertisements, indeed, tell us something more about Italy’s politics, habits, and industrial and economic development in the 20th century.

Do not miss this interesting exhibition: book now a cheap bed and breakfast in Rome.

Date: 26th February – 24th May 2009
Location: Musei di Villa Torlonia - Casino dei Principi, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Cheap Hostel in Rome. For any information, please visit Holidays in Rome or for travel information have a look to 3 stars Hotels in Rome.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rome: Tekfestival from the 7th to the 11th of May 2009

From the 7th to the 11th of May Rome hosts Tekfestival, an independent and social documentary festival, which celebrates its 8th edition this year.

The Tekfestival, which will be held in the three rooms of the new Aquila Cinema in Rome, will then take place also in Frascati (on the 12th and 13th of May), in the Cultural Centre “Zip”, invading the two cities with a number of interesting films, accompanied by special events, exhibitions, discussions and meetings with directors, which attract about 4000 cinema lovers in the campsites of Rome and surroundings every year. Although it is a fairly young happening, indeed, Tekfestival has already achieved a great success, and it is already considered as very important in the field of Italian and international film promotion.

An evidence of this is given by the fact that Tekfestival hosts every year the projection of important films, many of them having already been awarded prestigious prizes in other festivals, and some international, Italian or regional previews. The projection of meaningful and prestigious films during the festival is also due to a continuous work of research, which includes the participation in other important international festivals and having relationships with culture associations, production houses, authors and filmmakers. All this is meant to achieve precise aims: to offer a selection of the best international works to Italian and international visitors, who travel to Rome every year; to support Italian social documentary; to give visitors the possibility to meet authors; to widely promote documentary cinema producing a DVD of a film presented in the previous edition of the festival.

A peculiarity of the festival, which makes it even more special, is its heterogeneity: the festival, indeed, is a mix of different genres and subjects, and an evidence of this variety is also given by the number of sections that the festival includes. This year about 80 films representing the best of Italian and international social and independent cinema will be divided in the following sections: “Panorami” (Overview), which features 20 films and documentaries dealing with outstanding, topical subjects that have already been presented in some of the most important Italian and international festivals; “Zoom it”, i.e. the section dedicated to Italian emerging documentarists; “Rassegna di cinema delle donne” (A Review of Women’s Cinema), a section which is meant to make people discover the works realised by outstanding women in the field of contemporary cinema; “1989-2009: la memoria del presente è la visione”, (1989-2009: the memory of the present is vision), a section which, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is intended to analyse how the memory and perception of this epochal event has changed in time both in Italy and all over Europe; “Agender”, which provides a starting point for discussions about subjects like gender identity and sexual orientation; “Pericolosamente ad Est” (Dangerously at East), which includes films and documentary coming from East Europe; “Banda larga” (Wide Band), a section dedicated to the new generations who live and grow up in the era of globalisation and temporary employment, to their dreams and problems.

The festival hosts many special events, which enrich the programme of the festival and which convince many people to book a guest house in Rome: one of the most interesting events of this new edition is the exhibition of political and social bills realised by the draughtswoman Teresa Sdralevich, who has realised campaigns against accidents at work and violence against women and children, as well as bills for cultural events and cinema festivals.

Date: 7th – 11th May 2009
Location: Aquila Cinema, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Cheap Hostels in Rome for any information, please visit Travel in Rome or for travel information have a look to 2 stars Hotels in Rome.

Rome: Race for the Cure, 17th of May 2009

Since 2000 Rome has hosted “Race for the Cure”, a short, 5 km marathon which is mainly meant to raise funds for the prevention and the cure of breast cancer.

The marathon “Race for the Cure” was first held in 1982 in the United States, and was then exported to many other countries, like Italy: on the 17th of May Rome will host the 20th edition of the race, that has taken place for two years also in Bari and in Bologna (this year the marathon will be held in the two Italian cities on the 24th of May and on the 27th of September respectively). The event is a good mix of sport, entertainment and solidarity, which persuades every year a number of sportspeople, but not only them, to spend a low cost weekend in Rome: while the first edition which took place in Italy’s capital city attracted about 5,000 people, with the passing of time the event has grown, and last year it set the record of 37,000 participants. According to the organisers, this number is expected to increase in 2009, as this year the 10th edition of the race will be celebrated.

One of the reasons of the success of the event is the variety of spaces and happenings that it includes, which are meant to meet everyone’s needs and desires and to combine perfectly solidarity, discussions on important issues and entertaining. The ones who love sport, marathon in particular, will enjoy the race: professional runners will have the possibility to take part in a real competition (both individually and as part of a group), and to be awarded (prizes include awards for the first 10 classified men, the first ten classified women, the first 10 groups and the first 10 “pink ladies”, i.e. women who have faced or are fighting against breast cancer, and who will wear a pink t-shirt and cap), but also people who have not practised or who simply prefer to take a walk will participate in the event, taking part in a 2 km walk which takes place through some of the most beautiful areas of Rome. This is also a good chance for families to book a family hotel in Rome and spend a day outdoors in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and children will also have the possibility to have fun in a wide and equipped fun area.

If you wish to take part in the race book an apartment in Rome city centre: the start is set at 10:00 o’clock at the “Nando Martellini” Stadium, Terme di Caracalla, where many stalls and special spaces will be set up for those who prefer not to take part in the marathon: live music, stalls of the sponsors and much more. However, the event is mainly meant to raise funds for research and cure (participants in the marathon will pay at least a 10 euro contribution) and to promote prevention: early diagnosis, indeed, can increase the chance of survival up to 90%. To give a concrete help and signal, on the 16th of May a “Prevention Village” will be set up and here, giving priority to the most disadvantaged women, women will have the chance to undergo free breast examinations, echographies and mammographies.

Tickets: 10 euro
Date: 17th May 2009
Location: “Nando Martellini” Stadium, Terme di Caracalla, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Cheap hotels in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel in Rome or for travel information have a look to Discount campsite in Rome.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rome: Futurism Avant-garde – Avant-gardes, from 20th of February to 24th of May 2009

On the 20th of February, exactly 100 years after the publication of the Manifesto of Futurism in Le Figaro by Tommaso Marinetti, the exhibition “Futurism Avant-garde – Avant-gardes” has been opened in Rome.

The exhibition, which will be held at the Scuderie del Quirinale until the 24th of May (you still have few weeks time to book a cheap hotel in Rome and visit the exhibition), is considered as one of the most important international art events of the year, as an unmissable chance to learn something more about an art movement that marked the 20th century. The exhibitory space of the Scuderie del Quirinale, indeed, will host 77 works coming from museums and private collections from all over the world, which will help the visitors who will spend their holiday in Rome to understand how Futurism has upset the rules of art and has influenced many other art movements. The exhibition features several rare paintings and many masterpieces realised by some of the most important artists of the 20th century, which are now considered as classic, like Umberto Boccioni’s “La risata” and Carlo Carrà’s “I funerali dell’anarchico Galli”, from the Museum of Modern Art of New York, George Braque’s “Le grand nu” and Pablo Picasso’s “La femme assise dans un fauteuil” from the Centre Pompidou, Carlo Carrà’s “La stazione di Milano” and Gino Severini’s “Le voci della mia stanza” from the Staatsgalerie of Stuttgart, Umberto Boccioni’s “Volumi orizzontali” from Munich picture gallery.

The exhibition, which has already been held in Paris (from October 2008 to January 2009), and will take place also in London (from June to September 2009), highlighting the importance that this art movement has had all over Europe, is made special by an interesting exhibitory path, which characterises the three venues of the exhibition: works have been displayed with philological care, trying to reconstruct the futurist exhibition that took place in 1912 in Paris, at the Bernheim-Jeune gallery, an event that presented the futuristic philosophy to the world, highlighting the contrast between Futurism and pre-existing art rules, and which caused an outcry and contributed to the diffusion of the ideas of speed and dynamism, which are typical of Futurism.

The innovation brought by Futurism influenced also many other art movements, and the exhibition is meant to highlight how this avant-garde helped to reformulate the vocabulary of art, focusing on the connections between Futurism and Cubism, another important art movement of the 20th century (a section of the exhibition will be dedicated to cubist paintings), as well as between Futurism and other avant-gardes, like Russian Cubo-Futurism, British Vorticism and American Synchronism.

If you book a youth hostel in Rome and visit the exhibition, you will certainly be impressed by the originality and power of the works of Futurism, a movement which touched all artistic genres, but which through painting succeeded in expressing entirely its philosophy, a philosophy which fascinated generations and which has preserved its appeal to the present day. To make also younger generations discover Futurism, children from 3 to 11 years old will have the possibility to take part in special paths, featuring animated visit and art workshops.

Tickets: 10 euro, reduced tickets 7.50 euro
Date: 20th February – 24th May 2009
Location: Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Youth Hostel in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel in Rome or for travel information have a look to Cheap B&B in Rome.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Meridiana-Eurofly: from Cagliari, web check-in users increase.

From the first informations about check-in users in the airport of Cagliari there is a clear preference for the web-check-in, considering business travellers flying to Rome and to Linate. If you travel for business timing is more important and crossing the lines at the traditional check, becomes a true plus.

The service of web check-in of Meridiana-Eurofly, already active on the airports of Catania, Florence, Milan Linate, Naples, Olbia and Rome Fiumicino, is active from 1° the May for all the passengers in departure from Mameli Airport of Cagliari.

Rome: American Roadside Architecture from 27th of March to 3rd of May 2009

From the famous Route 66 to Kerouac’s On the Road, not forgetting many cult movies like Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider, American highways are become part of the public imagination and a symbol for travel and adventure.

Some of the features of American highways, like gas stations, diners and motels, are very familiar also for the people who have never been to the United States, and this is due above all to the great number of movies which have been set in these places. However, if these buildings are well-known by many people, this is due also to the creativity and imagination of the first “roadside entrepreneurs”, who built bizarre motels, gas stations and restaurants, and who vied each other to catch the driver’s attention and get them to stop. If you wish to see these peculiar buildings, which are now disappearing, but you do not have the possibility to travel throughout the United States, you can plan a budget holiday in Rome and visit the exhibition “American Roadside Architecture”, from the 27th of March to the 3rd of May at the H.C. Andersen Museum: you still have few weeks time to book a 1 star hotel in Rome and visit the exhibition, which includes 55 pictures realised by John Margolies, a photographer, architect, author of books, lecturer, expert and historian of architecture, who has travelled throughout the United States for about 30 years, looking for the most unusual and picturesque buildings.

From his pictures a very interesting image of America in the first half of the 20th century emerge: in that period, also because of the spread of cars, more streets and highways began to be built, while a new category of people, that of travellers, began to come into sight, and they had new requests: stopping and sleeping near the highway, refuelling and eating something. For this reason American highways began to host motels, restaurants and gas stations characterised by huge and bizarre-shaped signs, which were meant to catch the drivers’ attention: gigantic hot dog-, ice cream-shaped signs, or signs representing some of the symbols of the regions where these buildings arose, but in some cases the shapes of signs and buildings were simply born of the imagination of the new roadside entrepreneurs.

The Rome exhibition is divided into 3 sections: gas station, diners and lodging, and all the sections will amaze the visitors and will make them plunger into the past and discover a feature of American architecture which is not always taken into consideration, but which is very useful as it can tell us something more about American society.

The exhibition is an unmissable event for all those who have rented a holiday house in Rome also because it is not so easy to admire these picturesque buildings in loco, as they are gradually disappearing or are in decline: this is due to the great chains of restaurants and hotels which are replacing the old diners and motels, which were mainly family run, to the building of a new system of fast relief roads, but also to the removal of the old petrol pumps as a consequence of some laws for the environment safeguard.

Tickets: free event
Date: 27th March – 3rd May 2009
Location: H.C. Andersen Museum, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Youth Hostel in Rome for any information, please visit Travel in Rome or for travel information have a look to Discount Apartments in Rome.