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Friday, August 14, 2015

Should You Do a Self-Guided Tour or Employ a Bali Trekking Tour?

Bali is more well-known for its long series of stunning beaches, surfing, and scuba diving. However, Bali is not only a place for aquatic activities, but also a home to deep tropical green and high mountains. Both sides of Bali are paradise for adventurers. Especially, Bali’s trekking areas spread throughout the island. Whether you like a Mount Agung trekking or Jegag Bali Cycling in Ubud, all is available for you at a really satisfying level. In Bali, a big number of trekking tours can be found almost everywhere in the exotic island. They are highly specialized in more specific trekking experiences including Bali Sunrise Trekking Tour, Bali Adventure Tour, Pineh Bali Tour and Jegag Bali Cycling. Finding a good tour operator is not a difficult task in Bali. The locals are well-trained in the industry.

For serious challengers of adventure, Mount Agung should be always on the list. This Bali’s highest, holiest mountain is at an altitude of 10,308 feet above sea level. The “home of the God” is located in Karangasem Regency and takes around 3-4 hours from Pasar Agung Temple, or 5-7 hours from Besakih Temple. Hiking the mountain is not about whether you can test your physical limit, but it is more about discovering the spirituality ground of Bali, in particular Mount Agung, and see things closer than just anything else. This personal experience is so precious to pass by. Besides, on the top of Mount Agung, trekkers can witness the spectacular sunrise from the peak of Mount Agung and see from a distance Mount Rinjani located at Lombok Island, out of Bali Island.

Other than Mount Agung, there is still another mountain that becomes the standard destination for trekking tours, which is Mount Batur. Located at 5,633 feet above the sea level, this semi-active volcano, just like Mount Agung, is characterized with hot rocks, fumaroles, and the presence of a crater lake. Although just like a half high of Mount Agung, Mount Batur is a great place to challenge your physical and mental strength.
Whether employing a BaliTrekking Tour operator is necessary depending on the kind of experience you expect to encounter with. The tour operator will provide visitors with a guide with private trekking tours. Some trekking tours start early morning to catch up the sunrise while some others not. The features of each trekking tour vary based on the package taken or the operator, ranging from bottled water to pick-up. For further details about, Bali trekking tours, contact yourbalitrekkingtour.com.http://www.yourbalitrekkingtour.com/
A self-guided tour can be so much fun. However, it is also risky for some trekking trails are not marked and things may go wrong when dark. With a map, compass and necessary navigation skills, you can get your way to the top of Batur or even Agung alone and experience the hostility of the locals bumping into you on your way. At last, it is not advised to do a sell-guided tour in your first time trekking a certain area. Make you accustomed to the trails and comfort you before deciding to experience all on your own.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Inizio corsi 2015/2016

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26-09-2015 - MOS 

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