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Friday, June 20, 2008

Xavier and Antonio BUENO

Antonio Bueno: Portrait of a Lady with pipeThe identity and diversity of two artistic brothers

From 3 July - 17 August 2008, an exhibition dedicated to the two brothers, Xavier e Antonio Bueno, "XAVIER e ANTONIO BUENO Identità e diversità di due fratelli pittori" will take place at the Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea in Arezzo. The exhibition, which is promoted by the town council of Arezzo, is curated by Giovanni Faccenda and organized by the architectural studio, Alessandro Luzzi Workshop.

75 works will be on view, from well known masterpieces, to important lesser known works and recent findings. It is an opportunity to re-look at the two brothers' respective creative paths, who as protagonists of the 20th century have marked the history of art of this period. It will be a stimulating comparison between Xavier -who openly looked at the anxieties buried in the deep intimacy of human beings - and Antonio - who by comparison, consciously dissimulated or hid aspects in his art work, at times with tasteful irony.

The words of de Chirico, in "Memories of my Life" (published in Italy by Astrolabio, Rome, 1945) are important "the few talented painters who I have met in my life are, in order of time, Kandinsky, Picasso, Derain, De Pisis, Annigoni and the brothers Xavier e Antonio Bueno."

The works in the exhibition come from various private collections all over Italy and include a recent discov ery, the "Portrait of Charles Blanc" (1937, oil on canvas, 100x80cm) by Xavier Bueno. Another work from a private Florentine collection, the famous "Portrait of a Lady with pipe" (1959, oil on canvas, 80x40cm) by Antonio Bueno, will also be on view.

The opening of the exhibition will take place at 18.30 on Thursday 3 July at Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea in piazza San Francesco 4, in Arezzo. The catalogue, edited by Giovanni Faccenda will be on sale in the gallery's bookshop (cost €35).

Opening hours: From Monday-Friday 10am/1pm – 3pm-7pm, weekends and holidays 10:00/7pm (open all day)
Entrance fee: 5 Euro (reductions: 3 Euro)

For further information:
Press Office: Studio Abba - info@studioabba.com
tel./fax +39 055292082

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Office furniture: comfort and professionalism

A furniture sector in safe expansion and that it requires to study every feature required to meet the needs of many is certainly one that is interested to furniture of companies and work’s environments.

The production of office furniture has its own peculiarities and deals in real field to itself.

The development of working environments starts from low in fact from the floor, where usual lately is the use of so-called floating floors that by their nature are very comfortable and flexible for working environments precisely because these will allow you to have a space for housing equipment that is always accessible.

From floor passes on the walls that may be simple elements of dividing up to become interior walls usable for different needs with then shelving plans and elements to contain. Then it is a mix between these two consisting of structures used to divide the environment but at the same time can be equipped to contain.

The furniture and the elements that go to fill the rooms of a company or for example, a bank must be functional and at the same time appropriate to the spaces available as well as keep in mind that in there will be a concentration of people daily. In their home we are in number limited while at work fit different people from different customs and ways.

For this reason, always with attention to safety, from simple desk to library, there is in the production of office furniture the research of ergonomic plans, accessible and comfortable for many hours of work, accessible and functional at the same time they make safe and reliable environment.
The new market needs and have done so that companies develop specific sector of furniture so the production of simple chair up to a desk, stands to receive any customers, are studied in detail up.

You choose color schemes as well as lines of design, from more technical furniture than most welcoming, for work that requires more sedentary than it wants flexible furniture for a lively and mobile use. There are modular, custom-made, with additions in steel and aluminum systems with any new additions without having to change the structure. There are lines of furniture tailored by ecological and innovative materials.

Every need of comfort and functionality today finds its answer in the furniture sector, in terms of safety and living environment because a welcoming environment at work makes up the production and welcomes better every difficulty.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from arredo ufficio Padova. For any information on mobili ufficio Padova, please visit arredamento pareti attrezzate to know our furnishings production.

SNEAK PREVIEW OZ499: The end of the countdown reveals the eagerly-awaited website

The website www.oz499.com has been finally released.

The brand new design icon, OZ499, is going to be uncovered in its own peculiar features, playing with a mosaic work of images and texts.

The website raise the curtain on OZ499: a limited edition bike wheel, 500 numbered pieces in the world.

Reservations are possible only through the website http://www.oz499.com/. Thanks to this reservation, people will be able to choose exactly the wheel numbering they want, knowing that it is going to assume the same value as it would in a piece of art.

Every wheel, being exclusive, is going to be numbered. Each single piece will show its exact weight and will bear the date it was made: it is not manufacturing, it’s creation. A precious union between art and technology. Wheel and carbon as symbols of life and perfection, matter and design.

OZ499, result of the synergy between OZ – world leader in the field of light alloy wheels – and Carlesso, bike-industry company from Northeastern Italy, is the new generation’s model of hi-tech creations for those who are able to interpret new forms and matters. A unique, unrepeatable occasion recognizable through new languages.

A second countdown has started: only 500 pieces in the world, purchasable just on line, to come into possession of a unique, one-off art object.