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Friday, September 18, 2009

And the Winner is... San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort

Proudly awarded by The Leading Hotels of the World during its Annual Convention in 2008, the San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort has been appointed with the Leaders Club Silver Award after a selection among all 450 Leading properties worldwide.

The principal criteria in determining the winners were responses to post-stay questionnaires and letters received by the Leaders Club Services Department from Club members themselves.

The winners of the Tenth Annual Leaders Club Awards were revealed at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston where General Managers from the Hotels were invited to enjoy the gala dinner of the Annual Convention.

Last but not least, Travel+Leisure – the famous magazine dedicated to the most discerning travellers – has appointed again the San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort also for 2009 in its “500 World’s Best Hotels List”.

New showreel and corporate logo for Take One Productions Sydney

Take One Productions is proud to announce the launch of their new showreel and corporate logo.

With over 25 years experience, the creative agency (main services Video Production Sydney & Event Management Sydney) has seen a lot of changes in the industry, which is part of the reason they have replaced their old familiar logo of the classic film camera.

"There's more of an emphasis on digital delivery these days," says Company Director Steve Trgo, an accomplished cameraman who has seen the industry move into and embrace the digital age. "Customers think less in terms of the production equipment, and more in terms of the fast delivery that digital technology can provide – DVDs, online streaming, intranet videos, multimedia. This is the future of our industry."

Located in Double Bay in Sydney, Take One Productions specialises in producing television and radio commercials and corporate and promotional videos.

From an SEO Sydney...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breton machines at Verona MARMOMACC 2009

In keeping with Breton tradition, many innovations including new natural stone working machines will be premièred at "Marmomacc" in Verona.

The new CONTOURFIVE NC 700 is an extremely versatile Five Axis CNC milling centre designed for routing, carving, contouring and turning operations.

CONTOURFIVE NC 700 is built from the ground up expressly for machining pieces made from marble, granite, compound stone and stone in general. The machine is designed to fully exploit the high speed processing advantages of the Siemens 840D SL CNC platform with our own intuitive Smartcam Modelling and “Breton LathePlus” software for programming of the machine and lathe accessory. Using our Breton “Virtual Work” software the operator can see a full 3D cut verification thus eliminating program errors before cutting begins.

Thanks to its vertical travel of 700mm, and it's powerful spindle configuration,CONTOURFIVE NC 700, is the ideal machine for architectural and funerary art as well as for work which requires deep dishing.

This system offers users the possibility of performing the following unique and complex machining operations which would otherwise require several machines:

- shaping utilising the saw blade to work large pieces with complex shapes

- shaping and dishing out utilising milling tools

- contouring utilising shaping tools

- sawing utilising large diameter saw blades

- turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of columns to create a twisted effect all along the surface (provided the lathe accessory is purchased).

SHAPEMILL NCF 1100/2T and 1400/2T, is our large capacity carving centre engineered especially for workshops producing pieces made from natural and compound stone, such as tanks, columns, bas-reliefs, capitals, banisters, sculptures, etc., and is particularly suitable for restoration works.

SHAPEMILL NCF is a CNC milling centre designed for contouring, carving, cutting and turning with five interpolated axes and a fixed work-table offering users the possibility of multiple and complex machining operations within a large work envelope. The machine is the Ideal piece of equipment for:

- the shaping of blocks or billets utilising a saw blade to obtain large size workpieces with complex shape

- shaping and creating recesses utilising milling tools

- contouring utilising shaped tools

- cutting slabs and billets into workpieces utilising a saw blade

- turning of columns with shaped profiles or machining of columns to create a twisted effect.

SMART-CUT S/NC800 is a CNC cutting and profiling machining centre with five interpolated axes equipped with rotating head and fixed worktable with tilting top (on request). The S/NC800 B model mounts a fixed worktable with motorized conveyor belt so as to automate the operations of loading and unloading while the machine is running.

SMART-CUT S/NC800 is designed to perform multiple and complex machining operations which otherwise require several machines. The machine is designed specifically for the long term to:

- cut blocks and slabs into workpieces

- mount a cutting disc for profiling blocks to obtain complex workpieces

- mount milling tools for creating recesses and for workpiece profiling.

- cut tightly nested slab layouts including inside corners to maximize material usage

EASYEDGE V7 is an up to 11 spindle vertical line polisher specifically designed to polish straight, flat edges and to perform the upper and lower chamfers on natural and compound stone panels placed upright.
The polishing spindle unit is designed with micro-oscillating motion in order to guarantee the maximum polishing finish, regardless of thickness. At the entry, the machine is equipped with a spindle which performs the rough profile-shaping of the edges, or the gauging of the piece lower part, or the “drip board cut”.

The CONTOURBRETON NC260K is our state of the art CNC work centre conceived of the experience and competence of Breton’s engineers and of over thirty years of technological evolution.

The CONTOURBRETON NC260K is available in four models and has useful working travels of 137.8" in “X”, while in “Y” the travels vary according to the model: 59" for NC 260 K15, 70.9" for NC 260 K18, 90.6" for NC 260 K23 and 145.7" for NC 260 K37. In all versions, its movable bridge design means ample freedom of access, even from above, for workpiece loading/unloading operations. Good frontal accessibility thanks to the sunken worktop and the step which is an integral part of the machine structure. Due to advanced CNC technology and an extremely rigid monoblock steel frame, cast iron bridge and spindle housing and HSK80 spindle, the machine is built correctly to fully exploit the industry’s trend toward high speed cutting.

ROBOCUP SYSTEM® - patented - is a revolutionary “HOSELESS” vacuum table system that allows automating the placement of the suction cups on the workbench thus paving the way for Robotic piece loading and unloading. The spindle automatically selects the double-action suction cups from the magazine and places them on the workbench at the exact position of patented suction nodes according to both the preset working program and the location of the pieces to be processed. Once the contouring has been carried out, the suction device first releases the pieces from the suction cups, then the robotic manipulator takes the machined pieces and places them into storage, the suction cups are then released from the workbench, and the spindle automatically takes the suction cups and places them in the magazine. Finally a suitable pressure washing system washes the workbench before starting a new cycle.

We look forward to meeting you from 30 September to 3 October at "Marmomacc", Pavilion 4 - Stand B6/C7-A6/A7.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eurotech Launches Helios™ Platform, Industry’s First Programmable Edge Controller

Configurable Helios™ Platform Allows OEMs to Speed Time to Market with Industrial, Application-Ready DeviceEurotech Helios

Amaro (UD), Italy, 14 Sept 2009 - Eurotech Group, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, announces today that it is launching the highly configurable Helios™ edge controller platform. The Helios platform offers data access and control on the edge of the cloud, to aggregate and deliver data from edge devices, pervasive sensors, and distributed monitors to the network core for further analysis and action. The Helios platform offers the greatest possible flexibility:

  • Flexible hardware: Select an Intel Atom® Series Z5xx processor-based configuration, at up to 1.6 GHz with memory and video display options
  • Software options: Choose Windows Embedded Standard, Windows CE 6.0 or Wind River Linux 3.0 for the operating system.
  • Programmable: Quickly go-to-market with simple to use APIs offered within the Eurotech Everyware™ Software Framework (ESF)
  • Connectivity choices: Use wired or pre-certified wireless network services for devices for cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi access within the secure and rugged USB bay area.

The Eurotech Helios platform can be equipped with the Eurotech ESF middleware to offer the industry's first easily programmable edge controller system. With ESF, OEMs have a Java-based middleware framework as a starting point for their application coding, leading to faster time to market and ultimately, future-proofing and greater market success.

"Combining our configurable hardware platform, Helios, with the ESF middleware gives Eurotech customers the greatest range of flexibility, in I/O options, connectivity choices, and object-oriented programming," comments Arlen Nipper, President and CTO at Eurotech, Inc. "The Helios platform is the next step in our product progression, and gives our customers the ability to go to market quickly with proven embedded hardware and software technology in a truly application-ready and programmable package."

"With the Helios platform, Eurotech launches a packaged device that makes it easy for OEMs to select Intel-based architectures for applications that are part of the 15 billion connected devices Intel sees in the near future," said Joe Jensen, general manager, Embedded and Computing Division, Intel. "With software and hardware configurability, Eurotech offers leading Intel technology to give OEMs a high degree of flexibility to deliver medical, transportation, or industrial applications to precisely meet their users' needs."

Eurotech designs and manufactures a range of innovative embedded single board computers, application-ready platforms and configurable systems for customers who operate within the transportation, medical, communications, defense, security, and industrial industries.

The Helios platform will be generally available in the first quarter of 2010.

About Eurotech
Eurotech is a global leader in the design, development and production of application-ready embedded computers and systems. Eurotech architects systems that help companies bring their products to market quickly through the latest technologies with advanced graphics capabilities, low-power consumption, and robust functionality. Eurotech specializes in helping customers connect their applications to the latest available wireless, mobile and enabling technologies. Eurotech develops digital technologies aiming to create a better world by making everyday life safer and more comfortable, today and for tomorrow. For more information, please visit the Eurotech website at http://www.eurotech.com

Media Contacts

USAEurotech Group
Hilary TomassonGiuliana Vidoni
+1.301.490.4700 Ext. 113+39.0433.485462
Jenny ShepperdTomi Hanninen

Video Production & Event Management Sydney

Since 1980, Take One Productions has delivered innovative and visually impressive video products in the field of video production in Sydney.
Take One clients have benefited from Take One's attention to detail as well as the quality of their video works and equipment.
Here are some of the products that Take One provides:

Tv Commercials: particular specialty of Take One, TV commercials are still considered the most effective mass-market advertising format with a high standard of advertising content.

Corporate Video Production: purporse of professional corporate videos is to let potential customers, employees and investors impressed. From the client brief to the develop of the script, treatment or storyboard Take One provides Corporate Video for different needs, time, scale and budget... see more here: Corporate Video Sydney

Training Video Production: purporse of training videos is to allow employees or consumers to learn about information or procedures about your company or your organization. Training videos are more effective because they speak directly to your staff. see more here: Training Video Sydney

Event Management: supporting their video production service Take One provides also a proven successful event management service that will leave your audience inspired. Specialised in product launches, corporate events, awards nights, fashion parades and more, Take One will be behind you all the way from creative stage & theme development, lighting & sound design, integrating video presentation into the event. See more here: Event Management Sydney