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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moto Guzzi World Club: Eagles on track, Imola - march 6. 2009

At Imola, Dino and Enzo Ferrari circuit, on Friday March 6 next, paddock opening at 9.30 in the morning, pit lane and then… Wrooommm! The roaring big-twins coming from Mandello del Lario will turn on the fantastic circuit on the bank of the Santerno river.
In this event motorbikes will be grouped into 4 classes, 10 rounds of race tests are scheduled with two final parades, which are meant for every model range of Moto Guzzi. Parades are free for Moto Guzzi World Club members.
During the event, new Moto Guzzi model year 2009 will be available for test drive.
Everybody is invited to the happy hour party in the circuit VIP LOUNGE, at the end of the meeting.

"EAGLES ON TRACK"  IMOLA, March 6. 2009

    1. In the paddock 8:30-9:00. Admission free - neither registration nor fees needed.
    2. Free practice on track: in the morning from 9:30 to 12:30 and in the afternoon from 14:30 to 17:30
    3. Last two rounds will give rise to 4 low-speed parade laps, under the safety cars.
    4. Every model range of Guzzi motorcycle is welcome to the parade. Not more than 50 motorcycles running in the parade. Technical wearing is mandatory (full-face helmets, jackets with protectors etc.) while track wearing is optional (racing suit, gloves, boots, full-face helmet). Motorbikes must be in road trim (mirrors, lights and indicators allowed).
    5. Road test drive for 2009 Guzzi models from 9.00 to 17.00: tests can be booked at the Guzzi Hospitality Tent.
    6. Happy hour from 18.15 to 20.00 in the circuit VIP LOUNGE, price: 20 € per person


      MODERN: any small twin Guzzi motorcycle which is currently in production and any Sport or Naked Guzzi, from 1100 Sport onward.
      OPEN: MODERN class motorbikes in addition to any big twin, from V7 onward, and every Special with cafe racer, sport or track set up as well as bikes in track trim.
      RACE: motorbikes which are going to enter any contests and/or trophy in year 2009, (big or small twin) or run in Road Race Championships as well as in Speed or Regularity races (Endurance/Gr. 3-4-5 Epoca, Trofeo Guzzi, Naked Air, Roadster Cup, etc.) and Vintage Racing Motorcycles.
      EXTRA: Moto Guzzi Tourism or Custom are grouped in this class, both in big and small twin, besides every Vintage Street Sport, even with different engine from V90
      Maximum 25 (twenty-five) motorbikes on track, with the exception of drive testers, instructors, guides


        • Mirrors must be removed. All lights and position indicators must be taped or removed
        • Open exhausts, no DB Killer required
        • Riders must meet the following track requirements: full-face helmet, leather one piece, or two piece leather suit, back protection, tech and/or race gloves and boots.
        • In order to participate to track or street practice, you have to sign the Disclaimer Form at the Guzzi Hospitality Tent
        • Driving Instructors and/or Test Technicians will be in the lead and at the end of the bikers' group on track.

          09,30-09,50: OPEN        10,00-10,20: MODERN            10,30-10,50: RACE
          11,00-11,20: OPEN        11,30-11,50: MODERN            12,00-12,20: RACE
          14,30-14,50: OPEN        15,00-15,20: EXTRA                    15,30-15,50: RACE
          16,00-16,20: EXTRA       16,30-16,50: FINAL PARADE (1st - 50th)      17,00-17,30: FINAL PARADE  (51st - 100th)

          COST DETAILS

          Moto Guzzi World Club 2009 members will have a discount on the price of the event.
          Riders who are not Moto Guzzi World Club members yet and want to register, can do it at the Hospitality Tent, so they will be able to take advantage of the discount for members

          Member: free             Not member: € 10, 00  
          Non members booking at least 1 round in free practice = FREE   

          1 round:  for members € 25               not members  € 40 
          2 rounds: for members € 50               not members  € 75
          3 rounds: for members € 75               not members  € 100
          4 rounds: for members € 95               not members  € 120

          If you are interested in attending this event, please write to pistaimola@motoguzziworldclub.it stating: 
          • What kind of motorbike you are going to use in free practice, as well as the number of rounds you are going to book
          • If you would like to take part in the final parade and what model of Moto Guzzi you are going to ride
          • If you would like to participate to the Happy Hour ( if you come with some guests you have to state it in the booking form)
          • Your first and last name, along with your phone number and email address
          • Moto Guzzi World Club 2009 members have to quote their membership number when booking, please also let us know if you are not a member and you want to subscribe, when you will arrive at the Hospitality Tent.
          • Rounds for track ride will be assigned in the morning, until availability