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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Venice luxury residences: the right way to stay in Venice

Veniceis one of the tourist capitals in Italy ; with Rome , Florence and Naples it shares the flow of tourists in Italy . A living history that stays in every city's corner and the characteristic that makes Venice an unique reality all over the world: having developed itself into the Gulf in the North of Adriatic Sea.

The hotel accommodation offer is wide and with high level quality; both the hotels that are present in the town center than the ones in the city districts. But Venice is not only tourism, it is also a lovely city where living and staying.

The choice is varied and allows several living solutions: it is possible to buy Venice luxury residences full of that history characterizing the city, its magical and breath less landscapes.

These residences represent the ideal solution for those ones want to invest wide amount of money in something that is more than an house, but a dream becoming truth.

Even if the city territory is not so wide, it offers many living possibilities for the ones that want to live the city not only as tourists. In fact, the city offers not only luxury accommodations but also many apartments in Venice that represent a perfect solution for limiting the purchasing costs but enjoying at the same time of a dreaming city.

Venice calle , the breath less bridges, the landscapes of a city built on a so dynamic element as water, the signs of time, of water flowing and tides marked on building walls are the advantage reserved to the Venetians.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fahion events and trade show: the human aspect of fashion

The fashion firms live always one year forward! Today they are all working for tomorrow; and tomorrow is already gone.

This is, more or less, the way all the fashion firms and fashion workers live their life. The all day is occupied by the design, the projecting and the marketing of clothes for the new collection.

They have just two way to communicate with their customers; via advertising, above all, on magazines and during the fashion trade shows or fashion events. The first way is the classic one, established from many years and that guarantees the effective “vision” of clothes by all customers.

The second one is the reason why many people work in fashion market!

Preparing a fashion trade show , in a foreign city, inviting the most exclusive people possible, journalists and presenting at the best all the last six months creations is a challenge that repeats itself every six months.

Those 30 minutes or an hour are the concentration of six months of work of several people. Tension is high as the expectations, everything must work at the best. No mistake allowed! It is a one shot opportunity. A gun with just one bullet, and it has to hit the target.

During the fashion trade shows a brand becomes real, “touchable”; it shows his face and not only the brand logo. To arrive to this moment many people have worked for 12 hours a day at least, telephones have become hot, thousand of mails have been exchanged.

The fashion events are also lovable occasions for people to be present at magic and glittering nights, sitting right to a VIP or dinning with an important fashion creators. People can “taste” the new trends for the next seasons and can appreciate new styles and new ways of understand every-day dressing. Fashion is one of the arts produced by men; being able to watch closely and to touch clothes designed by the major fashion stylists, realized, sometimes, with innovative materials and cut by the major fashion names is an exclusive occasion.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

A vacation at Delta Park of the Po river…why not?!?

A vacation at Delta Park of the Po river…why not?!?

Created in 1998 between the Provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, it is the largest park of the Emilia

Romagna region. It has been chosen by UNESCO as “world heritage site” since it is a place where

“its natural and original shape has been kept”.

Its centuries old woods and the incredible quantity of fishes and water birds is amazing for those

travelling through this “uncontaminated paradise”. The Delta Park beside offering a “unique

experience” gives to travellers the possibility of going and admiring, around the area, several cities

of art, like Porto Maggiore, founded on the old waterway network. Another important city of the

“Renaissance” period is Ferrara, with its extraordinary intact streets built during the Middle Ages

and its impressive buildings like the Castle and the Cathedral, wonderful mixture of the Gothic and

the Roman styles. It is the right place where meetings can take place, this area offering either

untouched and wonderful views and an intense cultural activity: fairs, festivals and cultural events

are only some the events to which it is possible to participate!!

This Park can be easily reached either by train at Ferrara station or by car, A13 motorway.

For further information please check on the website: www.parcodeldelta.com