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Thursday, August 05, 2010


Wolfenstein is a first person shooter inspired by games Castle Wolfenstein and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Muse of Software.
Come back and play as BJ Blazkowitz, the OSA decorated agent in the fight against Nazism. You have been sent on special mission in the heart of the Reich to investigate and collect evidence for use by the Nazis for a new and mysterious power.

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Fable 3 (preview)

In Fable 3, our fate will be full of vengeance and redemption, as the protagonist is abandoned when his brother instead has everything, power, wealth, love and happiness. But this will not be so for long, because we will resume the lead role in what is ours by right of birth, thus becoming our nemesis, the opposite. In the guise of an entire sovereign nation, we face practical constraints and ethical dimensions hitherto unknown: consensus and anger of the population, huge armies fighting ...

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Bad Boys 2

Would be sufficient to describe the flaws that contains the transition from the roof to find out for you account for the quality of Bad Boys 2. In fact, the transition from third to first person to aim and shoot inevitably exposes you to fire so you can be riddled with bullets in peace until the brief disorientation caused by this change does not end.

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