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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Italian Charms and Composable Bracelet Blog Goes Live with Nomination

Nomination Italy

The Italian Charms and Composable Bracelet Blog Goes Live with Nomination

Florentine fashion jewellery brand, leader in the gold and steel jewellery market and original creator of the Composable Link Bracelet - aka the Italian Charms bracelet, launches its own blog.

The Italian Charms and Composable Bracelet Blog Goes Live with Nomination

Passionate about your Composable Link Bracelet? Then click on to www.nomination.com and join the Nomination BLOG.

The original creator of the Italian Charm Bracelet - the iconic Composable bracelet, is now inviting you to take the role of protagonist online.. not only can you keep up to date with all the latest Nomination news and collection launches but this is also an opportunity for you to ask technical questions, share your comments and opionions and yes even suggest designs for the new additions to the Composable collection.

Why not share the secrets or your Composable bracelet by explaining the special messages behind your choice of links? The blog is a virtual space that allows you to reveal something about yourself and your style, interact with other "Nomination addicts" or participate in the online activities and competitions that Nomination is planning for later this year that will be hosted via the Blog. The Nomination blog is live in two languages - English and Italian - the company's mother tongue.

Nomination, worldwide leader in the steel and gold jewellery market, developed the Nomination blog following the success of other online initiatives - the Nomination Facebook group and links to YouTube, where it is possible to view the brand videos and adverts produced since the company was established in 1987.

Ufficio Stampa Nomination:
Via G.B.Morgagni, 33
20129 Milano - Italia
Tel. +39 02 74281284 - Fax +39 02 29400739
Via Fratelli Bandiera, 22
50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
Tel. +39 055 425471 - Fax + 39 055 42547230

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Meridiana Eurofly: more “cuddles” for their frequent flyers

All the additional services available with customer loyalty programs, increase quantity and quality.

At the beginning of this year, Meridiana-Eurofly customer loyalty program, Hi-Fly Now, resolved in a new online version, which earn a big success for quality, efficiency and simplicity. This program proposes the traditional store of points through effective flights: more you fly more you increase points and up the possibility to win amazing prizes: flight tickets for Meridiana-Eurofly destinations, holidays with Wokita, our tour operator, stays in the hotels partner of the program and many others objects and accessories you can find in the Hi-Fly catalogue.

Since the 1° of July, Meridiana-Eurofly enlarged the advantages for Fly Pass, exclusive club for elite customers wish to feel unique and want absolute quality. The Fly-pass Card owners can enjoy the privilege to reserve their flight seat, to do the check-in in the dedicated positions, which in some cases they correspond to the Business Class Electa desks, and to access to the Vip rooms in the main airports.

The Fly Pass passengers can access in the Vip rooms with a guest, too. The Vip rooms are available in the airports of Olbia, Cagliari, Florence, Milan Linate and Malpensa, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Verona and, since the 1° of July also in Bologna. For who flies over national borders, the Vip Lounges that have an arrangement are in Amsterdam, Barcellona, Dakar, London, Malè, Mauritius, Mombasa, New York and Seychelles.

Since the 1° of July, only for national flights, you can buy the transportation of sportive equipments and the service of underages without companion calling the call center and receiving a discount of 20%, or 10% if you turn to your travel agency. Over this facilities, we recognize a plus to the customers from Olbia, Verona and Cagliari, who can take advantage of the priority baggages redelivery in the Rome Fiumicino Airport.

The dedicated phone number for Fly Pass service is 199.111.335: passengers can have all the informations or to buy the Card that is valid for an year, only for 300 Euro.

With a lot of additional services and all this cares, it will become more pleasant to travel, feeling “cuddled” like at your home.

More and detailed informations are available in the dedicated section of the web site

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rome: Shots of War, 3 July – 30 August 2009

65 years after the Normandy landings, an important stage of the Second World War, Rome hosts a photo exhibition that tells the last phases of the war through images.

“Shots of War”, an exhibition that will be held at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome from the 3rd of July to the 30th of August, gathers the pictures taken in 1944 and 1945 by two important war photographers, Lee Miller and Tony Vaccaro, pictures that will give all the tourists who will travel to Rome a more concrete image and a direct testimony of some epochal events, from Normandy Landings to Berlin liberation. Lee Miller and Tony Vaccaro experienced war personally, but in two different ways, and with their photos they conveyed the tragicalness of war, making us get indignant and think.

Two lives and work experiences very different from each other, which will cross in Rome in this interesting exhibition, which will certainly attract many people with a passion for history and photography, but not only them (book now discount guest houses and hotels in Rome, the city is always overcrowded in summer). On the one hand Lee Miller, war correspondent for British Vogue since 1940 and correspondent for the US Army in 1944, a courageous woman and a famous photographer, who had lived in Paris becoming friend of many surrealists and intellectuals. On the other hand Tony Vaccaro, a young soldier of the US Army coming from Italy, who decided to become a press photographer when he felt the need to express himself, but he was unable to do that through words because of his poor knowledge of the English language. The pictures taken by Lee Miller and Tony Vaccaro will be displayed in the same exhibitory space at the Scuderie del Quirinale, but on different walls, to compare two different ways of telling, two different styles and points of view, which are both useful to learn something more about that historical period. On the one hand the photos taken by Lee Miller, who stands out for her good and refined technique, and who was interested above all on what happened out of the battlefields, focusing on the faces of common people: nurses, soldiers, victims and the injured. On the other hand Vaccaro, the soldier who personally experienced war, who was in contact with death daily and who portrayed the atrocities of war through images. Both photographers became witnesses of important events: Lee Millers followed the US Army during the siege of Saint Malo, Paris liberation, Alsace and Luxembourg campaigns, the taking of Munich (here she portrayed Hitler’s abandoned house), the liberation of Buchenwald and Dachau. Tony Vaccaro, who landed at Ohama Beach on the 6th of June 1944, portrayed, with his photos, the advance of the allied through France, Belgium and Germany.

To help visitors follow the paths of both photographers and to expand on the historical context, the exhibition also includes a reconstruction of the Normandy landings made with aerial photographs of the Royal Air Force and a historical introduction realised by Umberto Gentiloni, who curated the exhibition together with Marco Delogu.

If you visit the exhibition (you can stay in a camping in Rome), with the same ticket you will have the possibility to watch the screening of a film.

Tickets: 5 euro, reduced 4 euro
Date: 3rd July – 30 August 2009
Location: Scuderie del Quirinale, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Discount accommodation in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 3 stars hotels in Rome.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Special wedding in Tuscany Package PROMO

Legally binding Civil Wedding package for only 1.200 € VAT incl. For weddings in the fantastic Etruscan town Volterra, and with a maximum total 10-12 attendees

Legally binding Civil Wedding package for only 1.200 € VAT included

The offer is

time limited*

and for weddings in the fantastic Etruscan town Volterra, and with a maximum total 10-12 attendees (the couple and up to 10 guests)

The package includes:


Legally binding wedding ceremony

including fee to the town hall in the city hall of Volterra - Palazzo dei Priori

Bride’s bouquet


Professional photographer

with up to 4 hours service and pictures delivered in high resolution on CD/DVD

Paper work handling

(consulate collection of docs - in Florence or Milan only, legalization)

Simultaneous compulsory translation

service 2 days before the wedding at the swear and on the day of the wedding (English only)

Wedding Coordinator assistence

for the above services


This offer is valid for weddings confirmed by July 30th 2009 and held by November 30th 2009. It is subject to wedding hall availability and cannot be modified.

Do not miss this opportunity inquire now sending an email to


specifying that you are asking for the PROMO a coordinator will contact you the sooner for all the details


For more information:
Suscribe the offer filling in the quotation form writing "Wedding package" in the annotation and providing your telephone number to be contacted

Monday, July 06, 2009

Travels Booking is now renewed with new services

Travels-Booking.com is a site that offers from 2006, an online reservation service. Actual and careful to the travelers requirements, the website is now renewed in the graphical aspects and offers new interesting functions.

Thanks to a vast choice of hotels and destinations all over the world, Travels-Booking.com offers the best accommodation for any budget, for vacation or business-related travelers.

To be competitive in the challenging tourism business, Travels-Booking.com is now renewed and improved.
A new winning graphic style and a flexible and easy configuration with new options are the core of the website success.

Two are the main innovations: a research module with more functions and special selection filters.

The research module make possible to set up your research by area, hotel name, or more specific requirements as the block or a particular hot spot in the city you are visiting.

Thanks to the special selection filters, is now possible to find an accomodation that satisfy any requisite or service necessity.
For example, if you are looking for a hotel with Wi-Fi service, you can select the voice on the special menu on the left side of the main page and have an overview of the hotels offering this service.

Are you looking for hotels with physically impaired guests facilities? A hotel with swimming pool or spa? A gay friendly hotel?

Just select the appropriate filter and the best option for you will pop up as a rabbit from the magical hat.

This article was written by Dario Caputo for Travels Booking

Rome: Asian Film Festival, 4 – 11 July 2009

If you have a passion for Eastern cinema do not miss the Asian Film Festival.

The Asian Film festival will take place from the 4th to the 11th of July in Rome, at the Cinema Farnese, and like every year it will feature a rich programme of projections of Eastern films: a unique chance for all the most refined cinema lovers who will enjoy a travel to Rome and watch films that are not usually distributed in many Italian cinemas.

Although Eastern cinema is achieving success in international festivals and competitions, and with the passing of time it is becoming more popular abroad, we cannot claim that it is well-known by most people: for this reason the Asian Film Festival, its 7th edition being celebrated this year, is meant to intensify the connection between Italy and East, and in particular it is meant to strengthen the visibility of Asian films, providing a rich and high-quality programme, which includes both famous and emerging directors, and which gives space also to films that otherwise are difficult to be found.

If you book a guest house in Rome you will have the chance to watch films of different genres realised in various Asian countries, from Taiwan to Japan, from China to South Korea, from Singapore to Malaysia, which in some cases will be projected for the first time in Italy (“Pongso No Tao” by Wang Jingui, “The Shaft” by Cht Zhang, and many more) or in Europe (just to make few examples: “Homeless FC” by James Leong and Lynn Lee, “Er Dong” by Yang Jin, “Keeping Watch” by Fen Fen-Cheng).

The films presented at the festival are traditionally divided into 5 categories: the competition section, featuring this year directors like Hirokazu Kore-eda with “Still Walking”, Eric Khoo with “My Magic” and Yeo Joon Han with “Sell out”, includes the films that might win the following prizes: best film, best director, best actor, best actress and most original film, while the out of competition section includes films like "Ashes of time redux" by Wong Kar-Way, "Face" by Tsai Ming Liang and "Tokyo" by Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Bang Joon-ho; also the other sections of the festival are very interesting: “Newcomers from Taiwan” is meant to give voice to new talents and to strengthen the relationship with Taiwan cinema (do not miss “The Wall” by Lin Chih-ju, “Sincerely Yours” by Rich Lee and “Candy Rain” by Chen Hung-i), while “Focus on Singapore” is meant to promote Singapore films (three films realised in Singapore are to be found also in the competitive section). Like every year, the programme of the festival is enriched by a retrospective dedicated to a master of Eastern cinema: this year’s retrospective will be dedicated to Jia Zhang-ke, one of the main contemporary directors, who is also known for having won a golden lion at the Venice international film festival in 2006 with “Still Life”. Staying in a hotel in Rome the fans of the director will have the possibility to immerse themselves in his films, but they will also have the great chance to meet their favourite director, who is the guest of honour of the festival: Jia Zhang-ke, indeed, will personally present “Going Home”, one of his first films.

Tickets: daily ticket 4 euro, admission to all screenings 30 euro
Date: 4th – 11th July 2009
Location: Cinema Farnese, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Discount guest house in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 2 stars hotels in Rome.