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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Eurotech announces two new Panel PC and Box Computer models.

Eurotech Vx-150F-N270

Amaro (Italy), 2nd July 2009– Eurotech announces today the new Panel Computer Vx-120F-N270 and Vx-150F-N270, based on the Intel® Atom™ N270 series. The efficiency, high performance and low power consumption of the 1.6GHz Ultra Low Voltage processor are embedded in a highly integrated design making them totally compatible with Intel® Core™ platforms. These two new models join Eurotechs comprehensive range of Vx Panel PCs.

The fanless, high performance Panel PC has been developed using no moving parts and a high quality mechanical engineering. The new Vx-120F-N270 12" and Vx-150F-N270 15" models are equipped with a high brightness TFT display that allows the installation in several applications, such as process control, HMI, building automation and other demanding applications.

The 8 wire resistive touch screen can guarantees a high calibration stability and a long term accuracy. The front panel has an IP65 protection, a USB port and is equipped with power on and HD LEDs. A monitor, mouse and keyboard can be connected externally, allowing fast set-up operations. Both Panel PCs come with 2-Gbit Ports as well as one expansion slot for add-On boards.

In addition Eurotech announces the new Bx-400F-N270, an extremely rugged and compact box computer. It has been designed for fanless applications and is based on N270 1.6GHz Ultra Low Voltage Atom™ processor from Intel®; its new, state of the art architecture is taking over embedded systems.

The new Box Computer Bx-400F-N270 has been designed to resist mechanical and temperature stresses, commonly found in industrial applications. Thanks to 4 USB interfaces, 2 ethernet ports and 2 serial ports, the Bx-400F-N270 can be easily connected to the most common interfaces available on the market.
Using the two mounting kits, the Bx-400F-N270 can be installed on DIN rail alternatively, it can be wall mounted with an optional mechanical kit.

For embedded applications the Bx-400F-N270 can be equipped with a Compact Flash reader and a pre-installed Windows XP or XP embedded operating system.

Availability: Mid September 2009

For more information, please visit the Eurotech website at www.eurotech.com

Companies contacts:

Eurotech Italy
Moira Picco
Eurotech Group
Giuliana Vidoni
Eurotech USAEurotech Europe
Hilary TomassonJenny Shepperd
+1.301.490.4700 int. 113+44.1223.403421
Eurotech South and South East AsiaEurotech Japan
Tomi HanninenMasaki Takahashi

Rome: Roma Vintage, 13 June – 15 August 2009

This year the rich programme of summer events in Rome features a new, interesting happening: Roma Vintage.

Roma Vintage will take place from the 13th of June to the 15th of August in Parco San Sebastiano, and as the name of the event suggests, it will make all tourists who travel to Rome go back to the recent past. Roma Vintage, indeed, is a space dedicated to the 70s and the 80s, two decades which were very different from each other and which keep fascinate also young generations. From music to fashion, from films to sport, many cult items and events of that period are now part of our collective memory and not outmoded at all.

To experience that period again you only need to book a hotel in Rome and visit Roma Vintage, which will include many spaces and events, not to forget any feature of the culture and fashion of the 70s and the 80s and to meet everybody’s desires, both of those who personally experienced those years, and of those who were born or grew up later, but who are very interested in those decades. Parco San Sebastiano will host a large exhibitory area where you will find all kinds of vintage stuff: sport, music, fashion, motors items, and a whole section will host Italian products that have become symbols of that era, both in Italy and abroad.

The visitors who will stay in a campsite in Rome will not only have the possibility to visit stalls, they will also have the chance to participate in a number of events that will take place during Roma Vintage: an area of the park, indeed, will host theatre, music and dance shows. The programme includes many concerts of Italian (Scialpi, Righeira, Alberto Camerini…) and international (Imagination…) stars, who composed songs that marked those years, but music will play an important role also in other events: Revival Parties will make you dance with the disco and dance music of the 70s and 80s, while Pop Parties will include also the best music from the 90s to nowadays. Space will be given also to salsa and Latin-American music, with Latin Revival Parties, and to latin hustle, the dance that has become popular thanks to the cult movie “Saturday Night Fever”, with Hustle Dance. Besides music, the programme of Roma Vintage also includes theatre shows, readings of poems and monologues and films projections: you will have the chance to watch movies that are now considered as cult, like Italian sexy comedies, which are very appreciated by Quentin Tarantino, but also films, like “Il marchese del Grillo”, featuring Alberto Sordi, which have come down in cinema history.

The 70s and the 80s were also characterised by the spreading of Japanese cartoons and by some sport events, like the popular football match Italy-Germany 4-3 (1970), which is considered as one of the most thrilling sport matches ever: Roma Vintage will celebrate also these events, with projections of period films and pictures.

Tickets: various prices
Date: 13th June – 15th August 2009
Location: Parco San Sebastiano, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Discount guest house in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 2 stars hotels in Rome.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rome: The Mind of Leonardo, 1 May – 30 August 2009

It is very difficult to present Leonardo Da Vinci’s work in an exhaustive way: his eclecticism, that made him being considered as a universal genius, made him look into many different fields of knowledge, from art to science, and although many events and exhibitions have been devoted to him all over the world, they have mostly focused on only one feature of his work, going thoroughly into only a part of the studies carried on by this genius, without providing a complete idea of his work.

The exhibition “The Mind of Leonardo”, which will be held in Rome, at Palazzo Venezia, from the 1st of May to the 30th of August 2009, is meant to deal with Leonardo’s work in a different way, providing a complete image of it. The exhibition, indeed, which has already attracted many tourists in Rome’s guest houses, will not be focused on only one field of study (art, technology, anatomy, studies on water and flying, just to make few examples), but it will try to present Leonardo’s work from a different point of view: focusing on all the fields of study which the great scientist and artist was interested in, the exhibition is meant to look into the idea that Leonardo had of knowledge and into his analysis method, in order to make us discover that his study method featured some constants that could apply to any fields of knowledge. Leonardo, indeed, had a unitary idea of knowledge, and he was convinced that all the operations of men and nature were governed by the same rules.

If you plan to travel to Rome and visit the exhibition, you will discover that the whole Leonardo’s work was characterised by common analysis methods, and you will personally see the results of his studies. The exhibitory spaces of Palazzo Venezia, indeed, will host original drawings and manuscripts, but also working models of Leonardo’s projects and digital stations to see, in a virtual way, the works that have been lost. Working models, in particular, have been built very thoroughly, following blindly Leonardo’s projects and using materials, like wood, which might have been used also when Leonardo lived, and together with drawings, which are very precious pieces, they make us enter the world and mind of Leonardo. Among the displayed items, a drawing and two autograph fragments with the studies for a theatre with movable stage for the staging of Poliziano’s Orpheus in Milan, and two drawings that document Leonardo’s interest in flying machines.

The Rome exhibition focuses also on Leonardo’s artistic work: Palazzo Venezia will host some preparatory drawings, two paintings realised in Leonardo’s studio, Leda Spiridon and Leda Borghese (Leonardo interpreted the myth of Leda and the swan as a symbol of the unbridled vitality of nature, which could be found in all living beings) and a work realised by an anonymous Florentine artist who took inspiration from Leonardo’s studies on Virgin with Child and St John.

Book now a 5 star hotel in Rome (the city is always overcrowded in summer), and do not miss the exhibition “The Mind of Leonardo”.

Tickets: 9 euro, reduced 7 euro
Date: 1st May – 30 August 2009
Location: Palazzo Venezia, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Holiday apartments in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to Cheap hotel reservations in Rome.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rome: The Cinema Isle, 18th June – 30th August 2009

The connection between Rome and the magic world of cinema is very old and still strong due above all to Cinecittà studios, the core of Italian (and not only) cinema production since the 30s.

Italian cinema was born at the beginning of the 20th century, but it broke out after the Second World War, in particular starting from the 50s, when a number of Hollywood productions were hosted in Cinecittà studios and many Italian directors who then came down in history began to emerge, turning Rome into cinema capital city and into a magnet for Italian and international stars.

Fifty years after that extraordinary cinema season, and after a decrease of the prestige of Italian cinema (above all in the 80s), we can claim that Italian cinema is now emerging again, and Rome keeps being one of the most important capital cities of cinema. An evidence of the strong connection between Rome and cinema is given by the great number of cinema events that are hosted every year in the eternal city, like the International Rome Film Festival, which takes place every year in October. However, you do not need to wait for autumn to arrive to take part in an important cinema event in Rome: this summer, more precisely from the 18th of June to the 30th of August, the city will host “L’isola del cinema” (the cinema isle), a festival dedicated to prestigious Italian cinema.

The 15th edition of the event, which will take place on the Tiber Island, will be focused on one of those films of the 50s that have made history, Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, the 50th anniversary of its realisation being celebrated this year, and it will give all cinema lovers who travel to Rome the possibility to immerse themselves in Italian and international cinema. The programme of the festival, indeed, includes many projections: not only classic auteur films and a selection of the best films of last season, but also previews and premieres. Staying some days in a guest house in Rome you will have the possibility to watch films that have come down in history, some recent successful works (films like Marco Risi’ Fortapasc, Marco Pontecorvo’s Pa-ra-da, Gianni Di Gregorio’s Pranzo di Ferragosto, Roberto Burchielli’s Sbirri, Umberto Carteni’s Diverso da Chi?, Edoardo Winspeare’s Galantuomini have been chosen), but also works realised by young talented directors, and you will have the chance to enjoy the preview of some films that have not been projected in Italy yet, like Amalfi, 50 Seconds realised by Japanese director Hiroshi Nishitani.

The festival will host also various special events, like “Nati sull’Isola Tiberina” (born on the Tiber Island), which is meant to celebrate all those who were born on the Roman island, exhibitions dedicated to the theme of this year’s edition of the festival, events dedicated to poetry and literature, with meetings with important authors. Moreover the festival’s organisers collaborate with Comunità Sant’Egidio: as a result, the festival will host the projection of the film Tutta Colpa di Giuda, which was shot by Davide Ferrario in Turin’s prison, featuring not only professional actors, but also some prisoners and the prison’s staff.

One more reason to book cheap hotels in Rome and immerse in the magic of cinema in one of cinema capital cities.

Date: 18th June – 30th August 2009
Location: Tiber Island, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Bed and Breakfast Rome near Coliseum. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to Discount accommodation.

Rome: Along the Tiber…Rome, 11th June – 30th August 2009

Summer nights in Rome are enlivened through a series of free events addressed to both tourists and the Roman citizens that stay in the city.

“Along the Tiber…Rome” is a diversified festival that takes place every summer from June to August in the heart of Rome, between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Palatino. Every night at 6 tourists and Roman citizens can enjoy good food, various shows and other cultural and music events along the revalued and renewed area of the quays, or they can simply take a relaxing walk along the Tiber, visiting the stalls. “Along the Tiber…Rome”, indeed, features many different happenings, which make the festival fit for people of all ages, tastes and provenience.

The programme of the 7th edition of the festival is divided into two big sections: entertainment and cultural events. The first section includes many different events that will be held cyclically every week: Sundays will be dedicated to comics and cartoons lovers, with meetings with drawers and dubbers and the performances of a band specialised in cartoons music. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays music will play the main role: you will have the possibility to choose between different music genres, from piano bar to jazz, and to enjoy the performances of some high-quality emerging musicians. Literature lovers will certainly enjoy the programme of Thursdays, featuring theatre and books presentations, while those who will spend a weekend in Rome will have the chance to take part in country music show-lessons (on Fridays) or to enjoy cabaret shows (on Saturdays).

If all this has not convinced you to book a bed and breakfast in Rome yet, you need to know something more about the programme of cultural events. Sundays will be dedicated to classical music, with the performances of two groups: a string quartet that will play both classical-romantic and more modern pieces, and a vocal group that will make you discover the music of Roman Renaissance, with madrigals and other kinds of compositions. Cinema lovers will enjoy the short films festival “L’altro corto” (every Monday): this year it will host works dealing with two themes: memory and otherness. Space for literature lovers on Tuesdays, with novels readings, while Wednesdays will be dedicated to history lessons, which will make you discover something more about the story of the city, of the river and of the bridges that cross it. Thursdays will be dedicated to another important feature of the city’s history and culture: Roman folk songs.

“Along the Tiber…Rome” is always very appreciated by the tourists who stay in the hotels of Rome not only for all these events, but also for the stalls of local and international handicraft products which can be found along the quays and for the restaurants and bars arising in this area, the ideal choice to enjoy a drink or a dinner in a very impressive location, choosing between dishes of Roman traditional cuisine and ethnic food.

Tickets: free event
Date: 11th June – 30th August 2009
Location: Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Youth hostel and camping Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 2 stars hotels in Rome.