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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Premier Booking Management Signs Fully Loaded Entertainment

Premier Booking & Management Co. (PBM) has recently signed Fully Loaded Entertainment (FLE) to the music management division. FLE is Philadelphia's critically claimed underground record label housing over 14 rap artists.

Shaamar Gandy, FLE's President and Co-Founder, expressed that his recent efforts in signing with Premier Booking Management, as a "triumph and nothing short of it." "We are happy to be apart of a company that has that much influence in the industry. I know great accomplishments will come of it."

Dave Kaplan, VP of Talent Management, has recently shared with us his appreciation with the management firm for backing his decision to sign a talent as strong as FLE. Mr. Kaplan had also mentioned a recent collaboration between Universal and Illumina. No further details have been given on the matter.

Efforts are currently underway to develop a series of music videos to air on such media outlets as, BET (Black Entertainment Television) and MTV (Music Television) in the spring of 2008. Other activities actively being pursued by Fully Loaded Entertainment include a self-named tour to promote the entourage of talent throughout the east coast and the development of an interactive website to expand their exposure and increase sales online, to include ringtones, DVDs, CDs, posters, and other fan merchandise.

Premier Booking & Management Co.
5482 Wilshire Blvd., #1501
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Rachel Matthews

Friday, September 28, 2007

Swimming pool on the roof and children safety.

The Hotel Vienna, located in Lignano Sabbiadoro, opens to the public its new and exclusive swimming pool on the hotel's roof with panoramic view. It offers a great overview on the entire seaside resort and also allow to relax inside the new solarium.
The key to success in tourist business is on the update ability, as demonstrated by the Hotel Vienna, which decided to add new facilities to its guests.
The modern concept of client service means, first of all, hotel facilities' accessibility.
From this perspective, guests can easily reach each floor by elevator, until the fifth and last level, where the swimming pool is located.
Recent studies show that Lignano Sabbiadoro is more appreciated and frequented by families.
Paying attention to these results, the Hotel Vienna Management decided to renovate its facilities to better accommodate family tourism: in addition to the swimming pool, where people can relax and have fun admiring Lignano, the Administration projected and realized a new children playground.
Give a leisurely holiday to parents, means that they must have the chance to let their children playing in safe places. This is the reason why the hotel offers big connecting rooms, that give more privacy but also the possibility to control the children.
The Hotel Vienna is located in a very good position: it is near the city centre and also to the beach, where the Hotel Management reserves every year an equipped private beach to its guests.
These features could be enough to attract tourist streams, but to rival other hotels in Lignano, the management must invest to suggest new features like the swimming pool on the hotel's floor.