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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AnalyticsEye.com, Analytics Consultancy Services Launched by SEM Consultant

Web Analytics Consultancy division named as Analyticseye.com (http://www.analyticseye.com/), formed by experts and professionals in India with over 6 years of experience in analytics & search engine marketing is launched by SEM Consultant one of leading Search Engine Marketing Companies.

Analytics Eye offers services in managing, monitoring, testing, validation of Web analytics data and helping businesses to understand their data and extract relevant information.

Analytics Eye looks into the Omniture, Google Analytics, Web Trends & other such metric tools which is designed to collect and report relevant data & information about your website. However, the actual key is to extract learning, information capable of decision making & actionable inputs to businesses, which can only be provided by a knowledge people who are willing to mine data and retrieve relevant information useful to your business.

Almost all businesses need Analytics, consider for example, a business puts its 20% of its revenue into marketing & advertising activities, the business will definitely benefit from analytics if they are able to achieve the same ROI from marketing channels in 20% lesser investment.

In similar situation, an online business such as ecommerce website would benefit from knowing what are its online users actually performing on their site, do their online users finding the information what the business want them to see.

We help business in understanding their online data and help them understand their users and activities performed by them on their website such as demographic, psychographic, behavioral statistics.
Our main areas of Analytics Services Offered are:
1) Web analytics: http://www.analyticseye.com/web-analytics-services.htm
2) Google Analytics: http://www.analyticseye.com/google-analytics-services.htm
3) Omniture Analytics: http://www.analyticseye.com/omniture-analytics-services.htm
4) Web Trends: http://www.analyticseye.com/web-trends-analytics.htm
5) Banner Ads Analytics: http://www.analyticseye.com/banner-display-analytics.htm
6) Data Analytics: http://www.analyticseye.com/data-analytics.htm
7) Testing & Validation: http://www.analyticseye.com/testing-validation.htm

About Us
We are leading search engine marketing in India providing SEM, Analytics, SEO services. We are fortunate to work with some of the best companies in the industry in every vertical.
You could reach us for a more detailed information about SEM consultant and about http://www.sem-consultant.com/ppc-mgmt-services.html PPC Services, http://www.sem-consultant.com/seo-services.html SEO Services.

URL: http://www.analyticseye.com/
Contact: hari@analyticseye.com

Monday, January 28, 2008

Compensator (cross over) for Moto Guzzi Breva 850, 1100 and Norge 850

Compensator (cross pipes) for Moto Guzzi Breva 850, 1100 and Norge 850

Easy to fit, eliminates the heat of the catalyser and increases
engine torque.

The Agostini Mandello cross over (2 into 1) for the Breva,
manufactured in stainless steel, is applicable for the Breva 850,
Norge 850 and Breva 1100. It is a high flow, balanced exhaust system
that guarantees the reduction in heat generated by the catalyser.
Riding pleasure is increased with faster engine response at all
speeds and a more comfortable ride and better control in sharp turns
thanks to increased engine torque. The compensator is sold complete
with clamps and springs necessary for correct fitting.

If mounted in conjunction with the washable Sprint Filter and
Agostini Mandello silencer it is possible to achieve optimum
performance and fuel consumption.

Agostini Mandello also produce compensators Moto Guzzi V11 and Moto
Guzzi California models. Products are manufactured to suit exhaust
systems with or without sonda lambda sensors.

Agostini srl is an official Moto Guzzi dealer and together with new
and second hand Moto Guzzi motorcycles, motorcycle rentals and
workshop services, carries a wide range of spare parts and
accessories. Agostini ships products worldwide by UPS and post.
Languages spoken: Italian, English, French and German


Mrs. Alis Agostini
Agostini Mandello by Agostini Srl
Via Statale, 60
23826 Mandello del Lario (LC)
Tel: +39.0341.735448 - Fax: +39.0341.735727


photo: http://www.guzzitalia.com/images/concessionaria/prodotti/


Site link's:

agostini mandello, Moto Guzzi silencers, compensator, cross pipes,
Norge 850, Breva 850 & 1100, duilio agostini,

video: Agostini Silencer for Griso



video: Stelvio & v7 special http://it.youtube.com/guzzofilo

Direct Link:
Compensator Breva 1100/850 and Norge 850

Moto Guzzi Silencers by Agostini Mandello

Sprintfilter: airfilter washable in water