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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

MEDIASET: Mediaset Board Meeting 13 May 2008

Consolidated Results
Net revenues: €1,098.9 million
Operating profit: €255.8 million
Net profit: €121.0 million
Publitalia sales grow: +3,0%
Ratings: Mediaset channels and Canale 5
leader in the 15-64 year-old audience
Mediaset Premium: revenues double
Operating profitability: 47.4%
Ratings: Telecinco Spain’s leading channel
The Board of Directors of Mediaset, which met today under the Chairmanship of Fedele
Confalonieri, has approved the company’s report on the first quarter of 2008.
Performance in the first three months of 2008 can be summarised as follows:
• the Mediaset Group’s consolidated net revenues grew by 13.9% to reach €1,098.9
million, compared with €964.9 million in the first quarter of 2007.
• the Group’s EBIT, which came to €255.8 million was in line with that of the same
period of the previous year (€255.7 million).
• operating profitability was 23.3%, compared with 26.5% in Q1 2007.
• profit before taxation and that attributable to third-party shareholders, amounted to
€231.0 million, compared with €247.6 million in the first quarter of 2007. This result
was affected by higher financial charges resulting from the acquisitions made in the
second half of 2007 (Endemol and Medusa).
• net profit attributable to the Group came to €121.0 million, compared with €124.5
million in the first quarter of the previous year and reflects an improvement in the tax
rate following the reduction in ordinary rates of taxation from 2008 in both Italy and
However, the result is also impacted by the amortizations made during the price
allocation for the acquisition of Endemol. Net of this effect, the net profit for the Group
was €126.4 million.
• the Group’s net financial position went from –€1,208.8 million on 31 December 2007
to -€967.3 million on 31 March 2008.
• In the first three months of the year net cash generation amounted to €279.9 million,
an increase on the €211.0 million of the same period of the previous year.
It should be noted that, since last July, the companies acquired during 2007 have been
consolidated. The companies of the Medusa Group have been fully consolidated, while the
33.3% stake in Endemol, held through Mediacinco, has been consolidated on a net equity
• In the first quarter of 2008 consolidated net revenues amounted to €850,5 million,
an increase of 19.1% on the €714.2 million of the same period of the previous year.
The increase is due to the positive contribution of Publitalia, increased revenues from
Mediaset Premium’s pay per view activities, the network operator business and the
consolidation of the revenues of the Medusa Group.
Gross television advertising revenues came to €742.1 million, an increase of
3.0% on the first quarter of 2007. This result was achieved thanks to a particularly
sustained increase in advertising sales in the first two months of the year. In March
advertising revenues were in line with those of March 2007, despite the Easter
holidays that usually result in a slowdown in advertising investments (in 2007 Easter
was in April).
Mediaset Premium revenues amounted to €108.8 million, more than double the
figure of the first quarter of 2007 (€45.3 million).
Income from Mediaset Premium deriving from the sale of encrypted football rights to
other platforms amounted to €62.2 million (€10.5 million in the same period of last
• EBIT came to €137.9 million, in line with the €137.7 million in Q1 2007.
• total television costs during the period remained in line with those of the same period
of the previous year, confirming the objective for 2008 for an extremely contained rise
in costs.
• pre-tax profit came to €120.8 million, compared with €125.0 million in the first three
months of 2007.
• net profit amounted to €80.5 million, compared with €81.2 million in Q1 2007.
TV ratings: in the first three months of the year Mediaset channels confirmed their
national leadership in all the time bands among viewers in the 15 to 64 year-old age
range (the commercial target). Indeed, during the period, Mediaset recorded a 43.3%
share in prime time and 43.1% in the 24 hours.
Canale 5 is Italy’s most popular channel in the commercial target with 24.1% in prime
time and 23.4% in the 24 hours
• In the first three months of 2008 consolidated net revenues generated by the
Telecinco Group came to €249.0 million, essentially in line with the €251.1 million of
the same period of the previous year. A positive result, despite Easter falling in the first
quarter, a general election and an advertising market that after years of uninterrupted
growth has shown some signs of a slowdown.
• In any case, a sharp focus on costs allowed for an EBIT figure of €117.9 million, in line
with the €118.0 million of Q1 2007.
• Operating profitability remained among the highest among European broadcasters,
reaching 47.4% (47.0% in Q1 2007).
• Pre-tax profit went from €122.6 million in the first quarter of 2007 to €110.2 million in
the first quarter of 2008.
• Net profit amounted to €81.5 million, compared with €86.1 million in Q1 2007.
TV ratings: Telecinco consolidated its position as Spain’s absolute leader with a prime
time share of 20.6% and 19.1% in the 24 hours.
For the current year, the expectation is for an improvement in consolidated net profit
compared with that of 2007. The scale of the improvement will mainly be determined by
the trend in advertising revenues in both of the principle markets.
• After the first four months of 2008, gross advertising sales for Mediaset’s channels
confirmed the positive trend observed in the first months of the year, recording an
increase of around 3% on the same period of the previous year, in line with the result at
the end of the first quarter.
• After the first four months of 2008, Mediaset channels confirmed their leadership in Italy
in the commercial target (15-16 year-olds) with an average share of 43.5% in Prime
Time and 43.3% in the 24 hours. Canale 5 was the leading national channel in prime
time con with a 24.3% share, while Italia 1 confirmed its third place with 11.7%.
• The excellent performance of Mediaset Premium continued: at the end of April 2008
active customers had grown to 2,565,000, compared with 1,940,000 at 30 April 2007.
• In the first four months of 2008 Telecinco confirmed its position as the most popular
channel in both the 24 hours and prime time. In particular, in prime time Telecinco, with
a 20.7% share, is the only one of the historic networks to have increased its ratings,
outperforming Antena 3 by 4 points and TVE1 by 4.9 points. During the same period
Telecinco consolidated its undisputed leadership in the commercial target in all the time
bands with 22.8% in prime time and 20.8% in the 24 hours.
The executive responsible for the preparation of the Mediaset S.p.A. accounts, Andrea Goretti,
declares that, as per para. 2 art. 154-bis, of the Single Finance Bill, that the accounting
information contained in this press release corresponds to that contained in the company’s

Cologno Monzese, 13 May 2008

Department of Corporate Communications and Image
Tel. +39 022514.9251
Fax +39 022514.9286
e-mail: ufficiostampa@mediaset.it

Investor Relations Department
Tel. +39 022514.7008
Fax +39 022514.8535
e-mail: ir@mediaset.it

Let’s plunge into the "sea" of the new Chiarugi site with the new collection 2008

Summer is just around the corner and new costumes for fashion female predict sea outside the box, chaste bikini, sports two pieces or real small works of art for a summer at the sign of the imagination and the thoughtlessness.

This year is easy to admire the new collection 2008 of Chiarugi, diving into the "sea" of the new site, where the haute couture company presents his new woman costumes for a captivating and sensual collection.

It stands out on the waves of the sea ray of sunshine that gives us welcome the new site of this company founded in the mid 80 and which has established itself for its continuous research creative and innovative houte couture.

Predominate tones of blue in the new graphics site, where the most modern techniques of web development allow the visitor to admire the water moving, added with sensual figure of women in costume, they imagine to be really on the shore of the sea.

A simple but impact web-style, a site by the elegant and refined lines playing on the tones of the color of the sea to offer brightness and thoughtlessness. The choice of variations of blue to give an idea of relaxation and pleasure and thus present the new collection of costumes Women 2008, now only bought on the new website. The mark Chiarugi, synonymous with refinement and renovation so chooses new technologies to sell its dresses by providing its products in this virtual shop on its website.

Through a simple registration and a few simple mouse click is thus possible to buy products Chiarugi having available however, in the various sections on line, any explanation and assistance to buy.
Buy the new costume is a real pleasure, we can admire the new line haute couture sea navigating between the pages and discovering variants of the new models.

For a costume of Polynesian inspiration find orchids of lycra printed version Tahiti and with shades of brown, green and shades in coral united bamboo accessories designs on the female body a small exotic forest.

If our taste falls more on the chic, we can choose the series Couture that with pink years old '50 adorned with bows, rhinestones and stones draws the highest expression of high fashion seas.

To adorn the female body instead of a fresh flower meadow, with drapes slightly lycra sprayed gold, we find the sweet model called, Shining Flowers. The last three variants that presents us with the company on its website innovative woman dressed in costumes with lycra in shades of silver and grey iron in the series Silver Light for the sophisticated woman while in the version Old Memories find the soft knotting designs and gathers of classic scarf. Complete collection 2008 the effect of dark series Black Eden where models and simple lines, the black color, with his strength, prevails.

The new Chiarugi site is professional, simple and very expressive, firmly expresses the strength and power of a brand of high fashion shows innovation and modernity his new collection sea expressing his costumes in the energy and determination, combined the refinement and elegance of the women of to-day.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from swimsuit lingerie. For any information on Chiarugi, visit bikini manufacturer or surfing on-line swimsuit female.

Memopal: a distributed file system for online storage

Memopal: online backupA million dollar seed investment to create a storage platform and distributed file system optimised for online storage: cost-effective, reliable and accessible from the web

Memopal (www.memopal.com) is a European start-up created in December 2007 with a seed investment of USD 1 million by business angels.

Memopal has just released a storage and online backup solution, now moving out of private beta. With this single product, Memopal brings to market an online storage solution with real-time sync and a long-term backup. Memopal's idea is to make the cost per GByte so low that it will be cheaper to buy more storage space than delete unwanted files.

For years the mission of many e-businesses has been to organize web data. It is Memopal's wish to create an online storage technology that allows user data to be organized.

Memopal uses MGFS, its own distributed file system.

The main features of MGFS are:

  • Up to 100 million TBytes storable in a single file system.
  • Checksum-based archiving
  • Native data encryption and compression
  • RAID 5-like geographical redundancy
  • Native File Indexing
  • Hot-add scalability
  • Native Hardware Health Monitoring

Memopal includes the following services and featur es:

  • Sync Real-Time: every time the user saves a file it is protected online (if it is in the folders the user has protected using Memopal).
  • Versioning: every time the same file is saved Memopal automatically creates a new version, saving only the incremental data.
  • Search: file searches can be done using a web interface.
  • Single-user – Multi-computer: Users can protect the data of more than one computer. The files are all searchable with the same search engine.
  • 1-click sharing: users can send any of their stored files to friends or colleagues using Memopal. Just click on the file and decide how long or how many downloads the file will be available for. The system automatically creates a link for downloading or sending it by email.
  • Web access: Access via browser or WebDav.

Memopal is now localized in Chinese, English, Frenc h, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Soon will be available in 40 languages.

Memopal already offers a 250 GByte backup solution for desktops for USD 99 a year.

A Developer SDK, Mac and Linux clients will be released in June.

Further information is available on www.memopal.com or www.memopal.com/en/press-kit.htm

Davide De Guz
Marketing and communications director
Phone: +39 06 90254255
Mobile: +39 338 8691424
Email: davide.deguz (at) memopal dot com

Lucia Bracci
Press office manager
Phone: +39 06 90254250
Mobile: +39 349 5565037
Email: press (at) memopal dot com