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Friday, March 13, 2009

Moto Guzzi Stelvio raid road trip through Tunisia

Stelvio RAID in Tunisia

Stelvio Raid is a successful Raid Road Trip through Tunisia, in a land with a continuous changing landscape. Over the last years many participants and enthusiasts run this raid and often it was their first time in Africa! 
An exciting runalong  Tunisian roads, from North to South, from the city of Tunis to the hairpin turnsof the mountain oasis of  Chebica, Tamerza and Mides. Then the arrival to Tozeur and to the long back straight going through and dividing Chott el Djerid lake. Then again on the move, on the asphalt strip between El Farouar, Sabria and Douz dunes. The bends and the bumps in Dahar Hills will follow us until Chenini and Tatauine,  before we reach the sea in front of Hammamet.
The raid is open to any motorbike, with passenger too, and is basically planned on the road, with the (optional) possibility of reaching off-road tracks with amazing panorama.


Tunisia is a welcoming and safe country with stunning scenic drives and many ancient monuments. Spoken languages are Arabic and French in Tunisia, as well as Italian is in big cities and hotels. The national currency is the Tunisian dinar: 1 dinar = € 0.65 (you have to change your money locally when disembarking). Satellite GSM phones work almost everywhere in Tunisia. Your passport must have at least six months validity before travelling to Tunisia. National driving licences are valid. It may be advisable to have a certified photographic copy of your identity documents and make sure you have copies of papers that prove the bike is yours. Ensure that passports are up to date and valid before leaving. Tunisia is in the same time zone as Italy. On April temperature fluctuates between 10 degree during the night and 22/30 degrees during the day. 

Programme Timing

April 25 Meeting point: Genova Imbarchi Cotunav at 14:00 Boarding and cabin assignment. Dinner on board.
April 26 Breakfast and briefing, landing in Tunis, passengers customs and transfer to the enchanting Hammamet. Overnight stay in hotel.
April 27 Moving on to the South through villages and mountains, visit to Romans ruins at Sbeitla and overnight stay in hotel at Tozeur Oasis.
April 28 Riding over mountain roads towards Chebika and Tamerza, then crossing over on the Chott. Overnight stay in hotel in front of the dunes of Douz and the African sunset. 
April 29 Reaching Ksar Ghilane oasis, bathing in the warm spring or visiting to the huge palm grove, enjoying the sunset on the dunes, the dinner and.... the surprise overnight stay!
April 30 Back to northwards, at first along the mountains with stop off at Matmata to visit its troglodyte architecture, then in direction of Hammamet for a visit to the Roman amphitheatre of El Jem and finally back to the Hotel.
May 1 Complete tour in the city of Hammamet in the morning, with a visit to the beautiful and ancient Medina. Moving away in the direction of the port of Tunis where boarding at 16:00. Cabin assignment. Dinner and overnight stay on board.
May 2 Going ashore at Genoa at 13:00


Registration fee: Rider + Motorcycle; 1,400 Euro 
Entry fee Passenger: 1,300 Euro 
Maximum Number of Participants: 50 - Not less than 15

Registration fee includes: Round trip ticket in double bed cabin. Dinner, lunch, breakfast on-board. Overnight stay, dinner, breakfast in hotel (double bedroom). Packed lunches. Motorcycle maintenance support. Medical assistance. Full support services. Motorcycle escort. Europ Assistance Insurance.
Registration DOES NOT include: Fuel consumption (petrol costs about Euro 0, 70 per litre). Drinks. Anything not specified in the programme is to be considered as additional cost.


Europ Assistance Multirischi Viaggi Nonstop is the multi-risk insurance policy covering the participants. It would be advisable to print the specific PDF form in order to examine it carefully. Other personal insurance policies can be taken out (optional). 

Wearing apparel

Technical wearing road apparel Don't forget your waterproof suit and the bumbag 
Normal clothing : A pair of long trousers and a pair of short ones T-shirts A fleece jumper or a strong sweatshirt A pair of very comfortable shoes A pair of slippers or sandals Bathing suit Underware


Motorcycles must be in good order, according to the highway code and must be in perfect shape (the event promoter reserves the right to refuse to authorize the departure of any unsuitable motorcycle). Technical support staff can help both on the way and in the evening, for an emergency repair service. Insurance is mandatory as well as the green card valid for Tunisia (please check it). Please remember to hold in reserve your motorcycle and trunks keys. Motorcycles must be registered (test plates are not allowed). If the driver borrowed the motorcycle he must be given a written proxy bythe owner. Motorcycles will be stored in the hotel secure parking at night time. 


Van for your luggage transport (one single hand luggage per person; maximum size.80 x40x35 cm.) Four-wheel drive car


Motorcycle tour guide, technical crew, doctor

For further information please contact

TuttoMoto Brescia - Mr. Bruno Birbes
TEL.: 030.305251 FAX.: 030.301228
www.tuttomotobrescia.it / info@tuttomotobrescia.it

Tom 42 - La Spezia (SP)
Tel +39 0187280483 - Fax +39 0187 520232

Offers Easter 2009 holidays in Sardinia Italy

Easter 2009 is coming, the lovely bridge that begin April 11 and ends on the day of Easter Monday, April 13, will be perfect and will enjoy the excellent climate that already in these days we are welcome in Italy.
The most popular destination in Italy is always Sardinia, for lovers of sea, sun and beaches.
During the weekend Easter events are many folk who can be found.
Easter is a deeply felt, in all the villages in the South of Sardinia, in particular, there are many events that recall the Passion of Christ.

In Cagliari for the Easter weekend you can not miss the Procession of the Mysteries, celebration beginning on Friday before Palm Sunday.
Since now you can book a low cost flight with Ryanair and EasyJet, which connect the airport of Cagliari with a lot of Italian airports truly exceptional prices.
We raccomanded a excellent hotel near Cagliari Airport: HOTEL FLAMINGO RESORT.
This is offer Easter 2009 Hotel Flamingo Resort: different packages offere starting with one night's stay until the package of three nights stay.

Your Holidays in Sardinia: Prices down by 20%

The Island of Sardinia with its stunning sandy beaches and the Kristal clear waters it has always been one of the favourite destinations of the Mediterranean sea. Over the past decades Sardinia's fame has grown mostly as a very expensive VIP hot spot.

Thanks to the Credit Crunch Sardinia is now much more approachable! You can fly there for as little as 40 gbp with Ryanair and Easyjet and if you want to come by car, both Tirrenia and Moby are offering free tickets for the car.

A self-catering accommodation it is still the best option especially if you are a small family or a group of friends. In this period, Explore Sardinia (Leading accommodation provider) is offering up to 20% discounts on Villas and apartments. You can roam around the offers visiting the website: www.exploresardinia.co.uk

"We realized that in order to meet the demands of the over 7500 clients that every year trust us with their holidays we needed to take into account the deep financial crisis that have hit us all. We have therefore decided to radically cut prices of our holiday Villas, in order to being able to put together a compelling offer that in some cases reaches £ 15 per person per night" says Erika Faggiano, Incoming Manager at Explore Sardinia.

Explore Sardinia RE is a Real Estate Company with a clear focus in Touristic properties . The company is registered with FIAIP and is the only Sardinian company registered with the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP). Over 7500 clients choose us every year choosing between a Portfolio of over 1000 self-catering acomodation and property investments.

For more information:

Mrs Erika Faggiano
Incoming Manager
email: erika@exploresardinia.it