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Friday, July 30, 2010

GTA Chinatown Wars Lite

GTA Chinatown Wars Lite - finally arrives on mobile iphone world of Liberty City created by Rockstar Games. The title is a sort of introduction to your criminal career in what is the most dangerous city in America. When the game will meet Uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee and help you regain control of local gangs that form the so-called Triad of Liberty City. Faces theft, reckless driving and idle pursuits. In the game you play as Huang Lee, a spoiled rich kid and your mission is to deliver personally to Uncle Kenny a precious sword that will keep full control of the Triad of Liberty City. The company will have to make Huang, however, will not be easy, in fact after being kidnapped and robbed will be able to fight to regain his honor and get his revenge.


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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (preview)

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood rather than a true sequel is a spin-off (expansion) of the sequel of Assassin's Creed. The environment and atmosphere of the second episode of the Renaissance are here portrayed, as well as the protagonist Ezio Auditor, has become a master of a cult feared and respected. Again Ezio, will be busy trying to avert yet another danger led by Cesare Borgia, the wicked responsible for the murder of Mario Auditor. Monteriggioni so we'll go to Rome, which will be the main setting of the game. A graphic rendering of the city of Rome truly inspired and gameplay rather close to that of the previous chapter. In fact, even this time the game has elements of stealth, action and exploration with different main and secondary missions that provide a good deal of longevity. In this chapter of Assassin's Creed, however, the protagonist Ezio will not be alone and will rely on some new allies with different skills that will give us a hand to come out of some rather difficult situations.

In terms of gameplay, we will be able to handle different classes of characters, which we learn to exploit the features of the best in combat and exploratory phase. Another important novelty is the inclusion of multiplayer, which among other things, we can assume the role of the Templars (the famous sworn enemies of the assassins). Very interesting regarding the multiplayer mode called "Wanted", where up to a maximum of 8 players can be challenged in an exciting manhunt. Each player will be tasked to kill another, but you do it without being seen.

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Roulettesuperpieno.com launches new training courses for online gambling

Online casinos are a spreading phenomenon on the Internet. More and more competitors are present in this field, which was made of very simple websites a few years ago. Simple websites where you could make some small bets and play rather rudimentary games.

Today sophisticated game platforms are emerging. They are developed by international software houses and thanks to them online gambling market is finding new strength and the competition is becoming increasingly tight. Even for those who want to play in Italy, there are many virtual casinos in Italian where you can play countless games, including the famous roulette.

Born in this landscape, roulettesuperpieno.com is presenting itself to the public as a complete website for those who want to know more about online gambling. You'll be amazed by the thoroughness and depth of reviews of online casinos, such as Europa Casino, one of the online casino that is also available in Spanish and many other European languages.

Roulettesuperpieno.com is a sophisticated and reliable portal, a real mine of information and tricks for those who want to play online casino and especially roulette. Interesting are the sections on French roulette and American roulette, two different versions of a game which has become the symbol of the casino.

And for the uninitiated, let’s say that there is math behind the roulette game, that is there are statistical methods to be applied to increase the chances of victory. And here in roulettesuperpieno.com you’ll also find a complete and free online training course to win at roulette in the best online casinos, including Bellini casino.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ferrari’s models in limited edition: small presents for strong emotions


From the last victorious cars, the F10 Alonso version and the F10 Massa version as raced to a dominant 1-2 finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix 2010, to the magnificent 599 GTO officially presented at Beijing Motor Show; from one of the most beautiful cars of all times, the short wheelbase version of the Spider 250 California launched at the Geneva show in 1960, to the full size replica of the Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and Nosecone/Front Wing used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in 2010: all excellent replicas, produced in limited edition for the collectors and the fans of Ferrari.

The cars' models are at 1/8 scale, with a lenght of about 60 cm; each one is assembled on a carbon-fibre base, with a plaque reporting the number of the limited edition: 99 models available for both the F10, 199 for the 599 GTO and the Spider 250 California. Creating each master model took from 3500 to 4000 hours of work by a team of highly skilled modelmakers, with a perfect replica of all details of the chassis, of the interiors, the body and the engine, up to every button on the steering wheel. The master parts have been used to create moulds for the models in limited edition, then cast in prototyping resin and assembled: these operations took around 300 hours of work for each replica. Every model is provided with a signed certificate of authentication.

The Ferrari F10 Steering Wheel and the Nosecone/Front Wing are at 1/4 scale, both hand built, and come with an elegant case and a signed certificate of authentication.

Unique pieces briging back the emotions of the great challenges, all excellent additions to any collection: discover all the models on the Ferrari Store.

Etna Quality: From agricultural-foodstuffs to the artisan, the products of Etna

In Italy, the Italian Handicrafts and Agricultural Industry Chambers of Commerce are “public organisations that fulfil a role of general interest for the business system, managing the development of the local economies sector.” The Catania Chamber of Commerce, as a Public Organisation, carries out tasks of interest for the business systems of the province of Catania. It launches initiatives in favour of entrepreneurial training, credit access on behalf of the businesses, innovation and transfer of technologies, the promotion of the diffusion of electronic commerce, environmental protection in the exercising of business activity, development of infrastructures and evaluation of territory resources, and the promotion – also by means of incentives – of the internationalisation of its businesses, and typical products of the province’s territory.
Etna Quality is the virtual showroom of the province of Catania, realised by the Chamber of Commerce of Catania and hosted in its institutional website. From agricultural-foodstuffs to the artisan, it presents all products, which with globalisation and de-individualisation become compressed and, at times, even forgotten to the point of disappearing from the market and memory. Savoury tastes and fragrances, but also colours, shapes and hospitality that have made this land what it is.
A land where every corner has something to offer to anyone still able to discover.
An impetuous and unpredictable land, like the Etna that dominates it with violence, but also with gentleness.
A land of a thousand contrasts.
A land which owes to all of this, not only its own uniqueness, but also its extraordinary people, who each day fight to master it. These are the reasons why that which is produced in the shadow of Etna is always a unique and unrepeatable work.
Contacts for each product are listed, made available by the exhibitors for possible direct contact. In case of disputes of any kind in the transactions, please inform the Chamber of Commerce - using the contacts presented at the bottom of each page - so that relative measures may be taken.

Our exhibitors guarantee:

  • respect of the dispositions relating to the right of recess according to Italian legislation;
  • observance of Italian dispositions in the handling of any personal data obtained during the course of the transactions, as well as consumer protection in long-distance contracts;
  • pre and post-sale assistance depending on the type of product ;
  • that the products are exclusively of local origin and that – for semi-made and made products – the origin of the prime materials is local in all cases where the local tradition of workmanship requires;
  • that the workmanship processes respect the local, traditional methodologies in the observance, therefore, of Italian or EU sanitary-hygienic regulations;
  • that no illegal work occurred;
  • that they have never been condemned for commerce crimes or fraud;
  • that they have never been subjugated to prevention measures.

SharePoint Hosted Services for $1 by SaaS Application Provider i-Technosoft Corporation

i-Technosoft extends its Solution delivery model to SaaS (Software as a Service) for Hosting SharePoint. The Company has further launched a One Time Signup Offer on Windows Sharepoint Hosting at $1.99 per user, the cheapest price online to host Microsoft Windows SharePoint.

Wimbledon, London – 26 July 2010. i-Technosoft enters a niche market selling Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Services in EMEA. The objective is to assist SME’s to centralise, automate their processes and enable them to access business information anywhere, anytime thereby reducing paper, travel, hardware and licensing costs further enabling businesses to comply to ‘Go-Green’ Standards.

Many SME’s have been started to see the advantages of hosted applications such as Microsoft’s Windows SharePoint Services. Windows SharePoint Services enables businesses to consolidate their core documents, forms, work processes on a web based platform thereby eliminating a need for additional applications to be installed. Moreover, SharePoint offers comprehensive collaboration with team members enabling them to maintain records, infopath forms, electronic document versions that assists users to pull any given record in time. Small Business owners currently face a great challenge in managing, organising and accessing their data when required from any given location. This is virtually impossible for them as the costs of implementing such a solution and hosting it locally are very high especially in the Middle East.

What do SharePoint Services offer?
Centralised Document Libraries: Repositories for the users to store documents such as Office, Adobe PDF, HTML etc that a business may require to work and share effectively. This eliminates the need for Shared Drives and Files in Windows.

Collaboration and Meetings: Shared Calendars in Windows SharePoint Services can assist employees in an organisation to manage their events, meetings on a daily basis. The calendar and to-do tasks can then be synchronised to Microsoft Outlook to enable individual alerting and offline availability.
Announcements: Corporate/Divisional announcements can now be viewed by employees on each section accordingly. This helps the information to pass through all or appropriate individuals everytime there is an update without having to send memos and emails.

RSS Feeds: You can now send out important business related news feeds from various sites like CNN, Bloomberg etc that support RSS Feeds and broadcast the message to your users on SharePoint.

Business Process Management: SharePoint can automate your business process workflows and enhance approval and signature processes. Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise Workflows can be further customised to manage entire processes such from creation, approval, notification, management of forms and email. iOffice CRM and ERP solution handles these mechanisms in the modular product offered by i-Technosoft.

SharePoint bring various advantages for CEO’s and CIO’s in providing better control over the business and its users as well as helping organisations achieve “Green” compliance. Cost and quicker return on investment become very important factors in assisting “C” Level executives to make a quick decision on Hosted Services.

Some of the cost benefits Hosted SharePoint Services bring to the SME’s are:
a. Immediate Deployment and Availability
b. Access to Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere
c. Ability to scale up or down as required with no risk or heavy costs
d. No additional Server hardware purchases
e. No Software Purchase or Licensing Costs
f. No Dedicated Leased Line Costs
g. No Dedicated SLA/Support Team Required to manage and support the infrastructure
h. No Customisation required for basic SharePoint Services
i. Appropriate Access Control, Users can only see what they are allowed to
Commenting on the new Managed Services Division for SharePoint, Mr. Mehdi Rashid, Chief Technology Officer at i-Technosoft said “We intend to extend our sign-up offer to help small businesses take advantage of this brilliant Microsoft product” He added “i-Technosoft as a Company took this initiative in 2007 and our complete business including the front end website is SharePoint driven. We have reduced our costs drastically with SharePoint implementation by enabling our employees to operate from virtually anywhere across the globe. i-Technosoft is now able to assist and service its customers more effectively”

Press and Media Contact: Rachelle Martinez
i-Technosoft Corporation UK Limited