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Monday, July 14, 2008

Italian food tradition: the polenta

Compared to the whole world Italy is a really small country but it has a very particular aspect that makes it different: having century of history and traditions that gave to Italy a deep variety in every single region of its territory.

Italy is composed of 21 districts and everyone of these has his own traditions and dialects and obviously every one has his own food tradition. The main Italian foods worldwide are pasta and pizza but if can travel Italy from North to South you can taste the local dishes unknown to the world.

For example the North of Italy, during Winter time, has a typical food made just with corn flour, the polenta. The versatility of polenta allows Italians to offer it in several ways but the most famous polenta recipe is to serve the authentic Italian polenta on a wood made dish with meat juice and sausages with Parmiggiano cheese. It needs to be served hot and in the North of Italy is a real tradition eaten almost every day during the cold winters. It is important to eat polenta with a good red wine.

The traditional polenta requires a long preparation that in the North of Italy becomes almost a family event. The polenta get usually eaten with many people or with the whole family so, since the early morning they begin to hot water and to stir the great quantity of polenta that needs hours to be ready to be served.

After a full morning of skiing it is traditional to drink wine and to eat the Italian polenta; in the last years to face the taste of more people possible, they started to offer polenta not only with meat juice but also with mushrooms, without juice, just with cheese or with some nouvelle cuisine ingredient like rare fish or vegetables.

In any case, the traditional polenta remains another precious element of Italian traditions and allows many people to enter in contact with the history of a part of Italy , the North one, full of history and traditions.

Verona: historical heritage chanted by Shakesperare

Among the places and cities more visited in Italy, there is certainly the city of Verona, the second town in the Veneto, by number of inhabitants, crossed by the river Adige, is known by majority for Roman amphitheatre became a symbol of the city itself : Arena.

Where today the famous lyrical festival well as many other concerts are carry out. In addition, the city was chosen by William Shakesperare for his famous work Romeo and Juliet that is today the memory in the Juliet’s house. Verona every year received a large numbers of tourists who come to visit the many artistic treasures as well as to participate in various events.

The city that ries at the foot of St. Peter’s hill, along the banks of the Adige river, has always been a strategic point of trade for the terrestrial and water transport, today recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains many historic monuments and places to visit. In addition to Piazza Bra, where is the famous Arena, certainly see Grasses’s Square and Piazza dei Messrs’s square to immerse yourself in the history of the city.

A typical area of Verona, active for the feast of dad dumpling is San Zeno’s square that on the occasion of the feast fills typical markets, such as antiques and participating in this celebration you can immerse fully in the climate and in the life of the country, being equally within the city. Verona hosts many events and shows including the most famous and known is certainly the already mentioned lyric festival that reigns supreme in every summer since 1913 when it was inaugurated with Giuseppe Verdi's Aida to which celebrities came from all over the world.

At the Roman theatre takes place every year since 1948 when it was inaugurated with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, theatre Summer that also collects many distinguished participants. Lately have added also musical performances with major jazz and dance bands. Among the events the Palio of Verona was renewed recently, known as the green drape, a race which dates all'800 and is the oldest in the world, reached the 591 th edition.

Among the many features of the city there is certainly his newspaper "the Arena", which is one of the oldest of Italy founded in 1866.
A rich city in history and life, that impose itself for its architecture and its events becoming a reference point for the nation and the world.

This article was written by Michele De Capitani with support from prenotazione hotel Verona. For any information, please visit dormire s San Michele or albergo 3 stelle Verona.