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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rome: FotoGrafia, International Photography Festival, 29th May – 2nd August 2009

From the 29th of May to the 2nd of August Rome will become the capital city of photography. In that period, indeed, the eternal city will host the 8th edition of “FotoGrafia”, an international photography festival that is always very appreciated by all those who have a passion for this form of art.

The programme of FotoGrafia is very rich and diversified, and it includes exhibitions of photos took by great Italian and international photographers, but also meeting with artists, workshops, presentation of photo books and prize-giving. The desire of artistic director Marco Delogu, indeed, is that of turning FotoGrafia into a space for meeting, an unmissable chance to speak about photography. The headquarters of the event will be at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, where the most important events and the official exhibitions will be hosted, but many other galleries and spaces will be involved.

This year the event, which is achieving an ever-increasing international success, will be characterised by a more evident opening to the new means of expression of photography, with photos, projections and video installations realised by a selection of artists who have been asked to deal with the theme “Joy: Visions and Representations”.

Besides the theme of joy, the festival will focus on many other themes, and visitors who will travel to Rome will have the chance to visit many exhibitions. “Mutations II”, for example, will gather the works realised by about 20 European artists who have been exploring the border between photo experimentation and video, while the exhibition “From Soul to Body” will give photography lovers who have booked 5 stat hotels in Rome the possibility to enjoy the photos that Davide Monteleone took during his journey in the Russian Caucasus. The festival will be focused on the city that hosts it, and three events will be dedicated to Italy’s capital city. The first one, “Roma oculta”, will gather the photos taken by Ecuadorian Geovanny Verdezoto, winner of the 2008 IILA award, a prize which is awarded every year by FotoGrafia and the Italy-Latin America Institute. Spending a month in the eternal city the artist had the possibility to look into the multiethnicity of the city, and he focused above all on the religious faiths and fanaticisms of its inhabitants. The second exhibition dedicated to Rome will include the photos taken by South African Guy Tillim, who has depicted the everyday life of the city, providing a dirty, cold and sad image of the city, which is very different from the idea of Rome as a glorious city that people usually have. Rome will be also the protagonist of an innovative project, “In between_60 hours in Rome”: about 30 photographers tried to depict the city and took photos of it in 60 hours, from the 29th to the 31st of May. The peculiarity of the project is to be found in the location that has been chosen: photographers did not work in the historic centre or in the extreme periphery, but in an “in between” area, where the glorious image of the city melds with the results of building speculation.

But if you spend some days in a guest house in Rome you will also have the possibility to visit other exhibitions. The photos of “Through the windows”, a work realised by Giorgio Barrera, who won the Baume&Mercier award last year, let observers glance scenes of everyday life through a window, while “The Photographer” includes photos depicting about 20 photographers.

Tickets 10 euro, reduced 7,50 euro
Date: 29th May – 2nd August 2009
Location: Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Youth hostel and camping Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 3 stars hotels in Rome.

Roma: Fiesta Club ’09, 18 June – 16th August 2009

From the 19th of June to the 16th of August Rome is transformed into a Latin American city: in this period the city hosts Fiesta Club ’09.

The 15th edition of Fiesta, an international festival of Latin American music and culture, will take place at Ippodromo delle Capannelle, and it will bring cheerfulness and a lot of good music to the eternal city. At the Ippodromo, indeed, a huge open air club will be set up, with various dance floors and three concert areas: a big arena with 5000 seats and two smaller stages, fit for more intimate concerts.

And the stages of Fiesta, an event that in 15 years has convinced about 11 millions visitors to plan a travel to Rome, will host extraordinary singers and bands, to represent in the best way the colourful and diversified music panorama of Latin America. The programme includes about 30 concerts: do not miss Colombian Carlos Vives, who will perform in Rome for the first time, Gilberto Santarosa, “the salsa knight” from Porto Rico who comes back in Rome, and Jarabe de Palo, who has become a world-famous popstar. Fiesta will also host Frank Reyes, the Dominican “bachata prince”, Los Van Van, with their Caribbean sound, Gente D’Zona, who are considered as the most important representatives of Reggaeton in Cuba, Olodun and their percussions, Eva Vallon, a Peruvian composer, symbol of criolla music, who will perform in Italy for the first time, and many more.

When we speak about Latin American music we cannot avoid thinking about dance. This is why Fiesta will give you the possibility to dance and to enjoy the performances of great dancers. The most expert dancers who will book cheap hotels in Rome will have the possibility to take part in a dance competition, while those who would like to improve their skills will attend dance lessons, to learn something from important artists like Jhonny Vazquez, Roly Maden, Ceo Fernandez, Chiquito, Son Colombiano, Tropical Gem, Francisco Vazquez.

However, Latin American culture is not only music and dance, it is much more, and Fiesta is meant to make us discover all the features of the culture of these peoples, from art to food, from handicraft products to habits. Besides concerts, visitors who will book a bed and breakfast in Rome will have the chance to visit exhibitions, taste exotic food and drinks, buy handicraft items: in few words, Fiesta will give everyone the possibility to discover all the ingredients of Latin American culture.

This year Fiesta will focus on Brazil, with 100% Brazil, a series of events dedicated to this country: concerts, forró performances (a typical couple dance), and even the representation of Bahian Carnival, a great party that will make us discover an important feature of Brazilian folklore.

As if the programme of Fiesta was not rich enough, during the event Miss Fiesta 2009 will be elected: all girls who have a passion for Latin American culture will have the possibility to take part in the competition, and they will be asked to walk down the catwalk, dance or sing trying to represent Latin America in the best possible way.

Tickets: various prices
Date: 19th June – 16th August 2009
Location: Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Exclusive B&B accommodation. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 4 stars hotels in Rome.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fly to Rome with Meridiana to discover the city by night

Fly to Rome from Palerme and Catania from 40 € with Meridiana to discover a charming and lively city, to live the night with fun and a bit of romanticism.
Rome has got a lively and diversified night life; the Observatory of foreign press crowned it the capital of night life. This is similar to other European capitals, like Madrid or Paris. The main Romans and tourist areas for fun are: Trastevere, with its dozens of restaurant and crowded pubs full of young and foreign groups; Testaccio, zone full of discotheques and places along Via Galvani and Via of Monte Testaccio; Ostiense, an other very populous area with discotheques around Via Libetta; Campo de’Fiori, very central area, full of pubs and restaurants; San Lorenzo, a quarter very close to the Sapienza University, where the students meet each other in the evening until late, in the square or in the numerous pubs and clubs. During the summer the discotheque along roman coast (Ostia) and the places on the Tevere quays, near the Isola Tiberina, are very patronized. As a Latin country habit, the roman night life starts enough late and all along in the night; some areas as Trastevere are crowded until at dead of night, especially in the summer.

Rome: Angels and Demons Tour

If you wish to visit Rome, but you are tired of traditional guided tours to the historic monuments and buildings of the city, and you prefer to discover the sights of the eternal city in a different way, perhaps combining the explanations of the guide with a special treasure hunt and with your passion for literature and cinema, the guided tours inspired from Angels and Demons are the right choice for you.

Angels and Demons, a bestseller written by Dan Brown, the author of the famous The Da Vinci Code, and a successful film directed by Ron Howard featuring Tom Hanks, has inspired various alternative tours in Rome, which lead tourists through the locations described by the book and the film. This is not a brand new idea: the so-called cinema tourism, indeed, is an ever-growing phenomenon that attracts a number of fans in the places that served as sets for films or TV series, and which are then seen as the destination of a sort of secular pilgrimage.

This ever-growing phenomenon affects many cities, but try to imagine what happens if you combine a city like Rome, one of the most longed-for travel destinations for travelers from all over the world, and one of the most outstanding editorial and cinematographic successes of the last few years, which has caught the attention of both public and media, and which has also aroused bitter controversy, increasing the popularity of the work and the curiosity of the public about it: it is not difficult to understand that a tour inspired from Angels and Demons cannot but be welcomed in a warm way.

For this reason many associations, but also Rome hotels, have organized visits inspired from the book, and there is also an official tour that was offered even before the movie release, and that the director and screenwriter of the film have used to realize their work. The tour is intended as an interactive experience, which lets tourists visit some of the most beautiful sights in Rome and identify with the characters of the book and of the film: participants, indeed, have the opportunity to personally retrace the steps of their favorite actors, and the tour can be considered as a sort of treasure hunt that leads visitors to interpret a series of clues and to solve the enigmas introduced by Dan Brown in his book, just as happens to Robert Langdon, the main character of Angels and Demons.

Tourists, above all the foreign ones, who are spending their holiday in Rome are very enthusiastic about this tour, which lets them look at one of the best-known cities of the world from a new perspective. Tourists are led in the city’s historic centre to discover some masterpieces of art and architecture, such as St Maria del Popolo Church, St Peter’s Square, St Maria della Vittoria Church, the Pantheon, Navona Square, Castel Sant’Angelo and “Il Passetto”, which are all described in Angels and Demons, and can then go back to their holiday apartments, happy as they lived a magic experience between reality and imagination.

Location: Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Summer camp in Rome. For any information, please visit Cheap holiday or for travel information have a look to 2 stars hotels in Rome.

Eurotech Presents Aurora, the New Petascale Supercomputer that Sets a Landmark in High Performance Computing

Eurotech AuroraEurotech, one of the leading companies in Embedded and High Performance Computing, presents Aurora, the revolutionary HPC system for installations of any size, up to multiple PetaFLOPS

Hamburg (Germany), June 23rd, 2009 – Eurotech, a leading provider of special purpose computing platforms, today unveiled Aurora, a revolutionary supercomputer that sets the pace for performance and efficiency. Aurora is packed with the most advanced solutions, such as quad-core high performance Intel® Xeon® 5500 processors series, 100Gbps per node bandwidth capacity, programmable on-node acceleration, multi-level synchronization networks and direct liquid cooling. Aurora sets a new standard of excellence in high performance computing.

"The Aurora supercomputer breaks the rules by removing the bottlenecks that limit the performance, efficiency and scalability of traditional systems", said Giampietro Tecchiolli, CTO and VP of Eurotech. "Its advanced technology permits unprecedented effective performance, sets a record for footprint reduction and radically cuts the total cost of ownership for installations of any size, with energy savings as high as 60%."

"The Aurora project is the result of a multi-group effort and we are excited that the unique features of the Intel Xeon 5500 series processor have become the base for such an innovative supercomputer system architecture. The Intel Xeon 5500 series brings up the bar considerably by turning the chip into a intelligent, adaptable part of the server solution," said Richard Dracott, general manager of Intel's High Performance Computing Group.

Aurora takes full advantage of the latest high performance, power efficient Intel Xeon 5500 processors series.

The new generation processor is Intel's most revolutionary server processor since the introduction of the Intel Pentium® Pro processor 14 years ago. It can automatically adjust to specified energy usage levels, speed-up data center transactions and customer database queries thanks to new features such as Intel Turbo Boost which increases system performance based on the user's needs, and Integrated Power Gates that turn off unused cores to save electricity and reduce heat. In particular, Intel® Turbo Boost is a feature that allows the processor to operate at higher speeds if a workload needs it and as long the processor isn't operating above its power and thermal limits. This allows the CPU to dynamically deliver additional performance above the base frequency if needed.

The Intel Xeon processor 5500 series also takes intelligent power to a new level with up to 15 automated operating states. These create significant improvements in chip power management by adjusting system power consumption based on real-time throughput and without sacrificing performance.

In addition, the user-friendly software environment is fully compatible with most existing HPC codes and tools, and requires minimal or no porting for near optimal performance. Extra acceleration is available using the integrated programmable accelerator.

Eurotech introduces the Unified Network Architecture™ (UNA) in Aurora, which offers dramatic advantages over conventional HPC systems by radically improving performance and feature set. At the same time, the UNA reduces the number of physical and logical layers for exceptionally low memory to memory latency.

In each node, the UNA integrates a 60Gbps switchless 3D torus, a 40Gbps switched Infiniband® network, three multilevel synchronization networks and a programmable network processor. User-programmable logic transparently enables the optimal routing of data packets and manages the multilevel synchronization networks, for seamless scalability up to multiple PetaFLOPS.

Another exciting innovation is the Aurora direct liquid cooling system, which eliminates vibrations and rotating parts while providing precise control over component temperature. By removing the typical sources of failure in traditional HPC systems – even the on-node storage is solid-state – and thanks to the embedded redundant design, Aurora is exceptionally reliable.

Aurora is one of the greenest HPC systems on the market: its efficient design is both light on the energy bill, eliminating the additional costs of traditional cooling, and also makes it possible to squeeze as much number crunching as possible from every Watt. Moreover, Aurora is environmentally conscious and so compact that even PetaFLOPS installations may be possible in existing locations, allowing a sustainable growth in performance and preservation of existing assets.

Come and see a live Aurora demo at ISC 09 (www.supercomp.de), Intel® Booth 430

Developed by the Alliance of Eurotech, PSI RAS, RSC SKIF with support from Intel® : "Aurora", "SKIF series 4", and "SKIF-Aurora" are different trademarks of the same product in different geographical areas

For more information, please visit the Eurotech website at www.eurotech.com/aurora

Companies contacts:

Eurotech Group
Giuliana Vidoni
Eurotech USAEurotech Europe
Hilary TomassonJenny Shepperd
+1.301.490.4700 int. 113+44.1223.403421
Eurotech South and South East AsiaEurotech Japan
Tomi HanninenMasaki Takahashi
Intel Corporation Italia S.p.A.Intel EMEAIntel USA
Nicola ProcaccioMike BonelloNick Knupffer

Rome: Summertime Jazz Festival, 1st – 31st July 2009

Summertime, a jazz festival that takes place every year in Rome, is one of the main events organised at the “Casa del Jazz” (jazz house).

The Casa del Jazz in Rome, which was inaugurated few years ago in Villa Osio, a property which had been confiscated from the boss of the Magliana gang Enrico Nicoletti, has soon become a landmark for jazz musicians and lovers. The Casa del Jazz, which arises in a beautiful park, includes various spaces which are all meant to promote the knowledge of jazz music and to host concerts and recording sessions. In the three buildings that make up the Casa del Jazz, indeed, there are a professional recording studio, a library that hosts audio-video material and Italian and international jazz magazines and books, an audiovisual archive where you can find the recordings of the concerts that have taken place in the Casa del Jazz, and last but not least an auditorium with approximately 150 seats that hosts live concerts, but also films projections, lectures on the history of jazz, listener’s guide for those who are not expert, press conferences, records and books presentations, workshops and master classes. The ideal place for all jazz lovers, who often plan their holidays in Rome just to immerse themselves in their favourite music.

Summer is certainly the best period to visit the Casa del Jazz: for some years the beautiful park of Villa Osio has hosted Summertime, an important jazz festival featuring the best Italian and international jazz musicians. Jazz music will be played throughout July, thanks to a series of concerts that have already convinced many jazz lovers to book hostels in Rome. The festival will kick off on the 1st of July with “The Unknown Rebel Band”, featuring piano player Giovanni Guidi, which tells stories of freedom, rebellion and justice through music, and will then go on with “Giovani leoni europei” (young European lions), a project realised with the help of some European institutions that will bring on the stage of the Casa del Jazz young Italian, Swedish, Dutch and German musicians. One of the aims of the festival, and more in general of the Casa del jazz, is supporting young talented musicians, besides hosting jazz icons. And famous jazz players will not miss in the festival: the audience of Villa Osio will enjoy the music played by important artists like Baptiste Trotignon, an excellent piano player that will play in a quintet made of some of the most interesting musicians of New York’s scene, Italian Enrico Pieranunzi, American trumpeter Dave Douglas, who will perform with the Brass Ecstasy, a homage to Lester Bowie and his Brass Fantasy, and many more.

Other events that you cannot miss include the performance of Leo Pantarei, an Italian percussionist participating in the Omparty project who plays a very original kind of music, the concert of the trio lead by piano player Marc Cary, which plays acoustic jazz mixing different music traditions (Afro-American, Indian, Western African and Native American’s), and the performance of the Sinenomine Ensemble, which is characterised by a thorough research on folk music, sounds and vocality.

Do not miss this event: book now a hotel in Rome.

Date: 1st – 31st July 2009
Location: Casa del Jazz, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from Cheap reservation online. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 4 stars hotels in Rome.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rome: Nine Inch Nails Concert, 22 July 2009

The concert that Nine Inch Nails will hold in Rome on the 22nd of July is an unmissable event for all the fans of the band at least for three reasons.

The first reason why you must benefit from Rome travel deals and attend the concert of Nine Inch Nails is to enjoy a high-spectacular live performance: with lights special effects and the power of their music, Trent Reznor and the musicians that accompany him on stage know how to make a concert involving and unforgettable.

The second reason is to be found in the support bands that will precede Nine Inch Nails performance: the American band, indeed, is only the headliner of an event that will also include the performances of TV on the Radio and Animal Collective. The first band, American from Brooklyn, published the latest album Dear Science in 2008, which was as acclaimed as the previous records Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes and Return to Cookie Mountain, while Animal Collective, who were born in Baltimora, have recently published Merriweather Post Pavilion, their 8th studio album. Also thanks to the participation of these two bands, the concert of Nine Inch Nails, which will take place during Rock in Roma, a festival that will host an amazing number of Italian and international artists between the 27th of June and the 25th of July, is expected to be one of the most interesting and awaited concerts of the festival.

The third and most important reason why you must hurry up buying tickets and renting apartments in Rome is that this will be the last tour of Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor, founder and only fixed member of the band, announced that he is not going to release albums with the name Nine Inch Nails anymore. 20 years after the publication of the first album Pretty Hate Machine, this is the end of the story of one of the most important and influential bands of the last two decades, a band that has left an indelible trace in the world of music with albums like The Downward Spiral (1994) and The Fragile (1999). The story of the band, which is identified with singer, multistrumentist, producer, lyrics composer Trent Reznor, begins in the 80s in Cleveland, Ohio, where Reznor begins to play with drum player Chris Vrenna. Soon Reznor realises that no musicians can play his songs as he wants them to do, therefore he decides to play personally all the instrumental parts except drums. This composing technique becomes his main feature, and Reznor hires other musicians only when he needs to be accompanied during live performances. Pretty Hate Machine, released in 1989, is considered as one of the symbols of industrial rock, a genre that mixes rock and electronic, while the following album, The Downward Spiral, published in 2004, is one of the best-selling industrial albums ever. In 1999 Treznor publishes The Fragile, which is followed by a quite long break that ends in 2005 with the publication of With Teeth. Since then Nine Inch Nails have never stopped: Year Zero was born in 2007, and in the same year Reznor announces that he is free from any record deals. The new phase for Nine Inch Nails begins in 2008 with Ghosts I-IV, the first experiment of the band with digital retailing, which is followed after a very short time by The Slip (which can be downloaded for free from the band’s website), the last chapter of the twenty-year career of Nine Inch Nails. Do not miss the last chance to attend a concert of this important band, book now the best hotels in Rome.

Tickets. 40 euro
Date: 22nd July 2009
Location: Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from discount guest house in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 4 stars hotels in Rome.

Meridiana and Finnair shorten the distances between Italy and Finland

An important code-share agreement has been signed between the two Companies. Meridiana offers flights from Rome, Malpensa, Venice, Pisa.

Olbia, 23 giugno 2009 – With the summer, the connection between Italy and Finland strengthen, thanks the new code-share agreement between the finnish Airlines Company Finnair and Meridiana.

Meridiana will increase its destinations offer setting his flights numbers on Finnair connections operated from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa to Helsinki, as on the seasonal flights from Pisa and Venice. It is possible to make a reservation for the flights from 23 june with departure from the 1° of July.

“Thanks to this agreement, Meridiana will be able to increase the connections offers to Italian customers that wish to reach the Finland” – affirm Gianni Rossi, Meridiana Executive Chief – “We feel really honoured to have been signed this partnership with one of the most important and prestigious European company, like Finnair.

Rome: Bruce Springsteen Concert, 19 July 2009

At the threshold of 60 years and more than 30 years after the beginning of his career Bruce Springsteen is still one of the most beloved rockers in the world, and his live performances are unmissable and long-awaited events for thousands of fans.

Only a few months after the publication of his latest album, Working on a Dream, and after his American tour, Bruce Springsteen is ready to arrive in Europe for a series of concerts in many cities: the tour will kick off in Landgraaf in Holland on the 30th of May and will end in Santiago, Spain, on the 2nd of August. Springsteen will play in Italy as well; three dates have been scheduled: 19th of July at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, 21st July at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin, and 23rd of July at the Stadio Friuli in Udine. This will certainly be an intense summer for Springsteen’s Italian fans, who always welcome the boss in a very warm way, and who have already bought tickets and booked luxury hotels in Rome not to miss the event. On the other hand, it must be said that the boss is very good in returning his Italian followers’ affection: the concerts that he will hold in July come only one year after his latest live performance in Italy (in 2008 he played on the stage of Stadio Meazza in Milan, where it had held his first concert in Italy in 1985), and they are expected to recreate the magic atmosphere of past performances. Also for this tour the boss will be accompanied by the E Street Band, who has worked with Springsteen for about 30 years, and who are now playing again with the boss after a separation occurred in the 90s.

The fans who will attend the concert in Italy’s capital city staying in a cheap lodging in Rome will have the chance to listen to the songs of the new album, Working on a Dream, which was published at the beginning of the year and was recorded during the breaks of the promotional tour of the previous album, Magic (2007). As the new album was recorded during the tour, on Working on a Dream Springsteen and the E Street band tried to shower the energy they accumulated during their live performances, and this is why the songs of the new album are supposed to gain a surplus value when played live.

Besides the songs of Working on a Dream, Springsteen and the band will play also other songs included in older albums, to go over the wide discography of the boss, who has released 14 studio albums throughout his career, besides other live recordings and greatest hits. Book now a b&b in Rome and get ready to attend a long concert (the boss never spares himself on stage), and to listen to songs that have come down in rock history, like famous Born to Run and Born in the U.S.A, and intense tracks like The Ghost of Tom Joad and Streets of Philadelphia (the latter, which was included in Philadephia original soundtrack, won the Oscar prize for the best song in 1994).

Tickets: 46 – 92 euro
Date: 19th July 2009
Location: Sadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from B&B accommodation. For any information, please visit Cheap holiday or for travel information have a look to 2 stars hotels in Rome.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rome: Mogwai Concert, 18 July 2009

On the 18th of July the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome will be pervaded by Mogwai’s magnetic music.

Mogwai, a Scottish band born in 1995, will be in Italy in July for two dates of their tour, which includes various European cities, as well as venues in Japan and in the United States. The dates to save are the 17th (Florence) and the 18th of July (Rome): many fans have already booked 2 star hotels in Rome not to miss the concert in the eternal city, which is expected to be one of the most fascinating music events of this summer. Mogwai’s music, indeed, has the capacity to capture the audience and to make it enter the magic world of the band, a world made of melancholy, long suites and alternation of quietness and noise. Mogwai’s music, which includes only rare voice insertions, has the same capacity to communicate as the music of other non instrumental bands, and this is an evidence of the fact that music, when it is well done, can be a very powerful means of expression, autonomous and independent of verbal language. Mogwai, who claim not to write lyrics because they do not have anything essential to say (and this example should be followed by many other bands who really have nothing essential to say) do not limit themselves to the form of traditional songs, following the logic of the market, on the contrary, they prefer to deal with what they can do best, i.e. playing, and they follow only one composing rule: using their own instinct. And if we give consideration to the affection that the audience shows to have for them during their concerts, we can say that Mogwai’s style is appreciated by many people. Also in Italy the Scottish band is getting more and more popular, and the concerts that they will hold in Rome and Florence will give those who missed their Italian concerts in February (Mogwai held two successful concerts in Bologna and Milan) the possibility to appreciate their capacities.

If you book a holiday guest house in Rome you will have the chance to attend the concert and to listen to the songs of the latest album, The Hawk is Howling. Released in 2008, The Hawk is Howling is the 6th studio album published by the band from Glasgow, who has become one of the main representatives of post rock (but this label is probably too generic) in few years. Mogwai were born in 1995, and the original band only included three members (guitar player Stuart Braithwaite, bass player Dominic Aitchinson and drum player Martin Bulloch), who were then joined by another guitar player, John Cummings. With this line-up the band released their first LP Ten Rapid, and after the arrival of another guitar player, Brendan O’Hare, they released their first album Young Team, which was then followed by Come on Die Young, Rock Action, Happy Songs for Happy People, Mr Beast, the soundtrack Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait OST, and by the latest album, The Hawk is Howling, which have confirmed Mogwai to be one of the most interesting bands of the last few years. Do not miss this concert, plan now a weekend in Rome.

Tickets: 25 euro
Date: 18th July 2009
Location: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from holiday apartments in Rome. For any information, please visit Travel to Rome or for travel information have a look to 3 stars hotels in Rome.

Kamaleontika and Gruppo Gamma: a “Ready to shock alliance”

Kamaleontika, communication agency in Milan, gives a cut to the past and renews itself: recently become member of Gruppo Gamma, it is back again, stronger and more determined than ever, thanks to new ideas and ways of doing unconventional marketing.
In a few words: one more time Kamaleontika is able to amaze and to offer a completely new image.
Now it is “ready to shock”.

Specialized in ARG (Alternate Reality Game), guerrilla and viral marketing, Kamaleontika fights for its product, with a single, precise goal: communicate to shock, shock to sell.

So, this holistic workshop gives its customers non conventional actions and strategies.
Kamaleontika can run in a short time, new and definite advertising campaigns, with a right amount of aggression, in order to reach immediate and satisfactory outcomes.

From its original profile, Kamaleontika keeps its adaptability alive, always at customers disposal.
In this period of crisis, even with a limited budget, the Agency is always faithful to its mission. To be continued…

Virginia Giuccioli
Press officer

Rome: Buena Vista Social Club Concert, 11 July 2009

Summer in Rome is particularly appealing, due to various cultural and music events that the city regularly hosts attracting not only the tourists who choose the eternal city as a travel destination, above all in summer, but also the Roman citizens that stay in the city in summer, and for whom the wide range of events fit for all tastes and all ages is an interesting and pleasant vent after a day at work or trapped in the traffic jam.

“Luglio suona bene” (July sounds good), a festival organized by Fondazione Musica per Roma, is one of those important music and cultural events that make a stay in Rome in summer even more attractive. The 7th edition of the festival, that is traditionally hosted in the Auditorium Parco della Musica, will take place between the end of June and the end of July, hosting a number of artists coming from all over the world and playing different music genres. One of the main features of the festival, which always attracts many music lovers in cheap campsites in Rome, is that of giving space to many different music genres, with high quality as a common feature, and to host artists coming from all over the world, in order to provide a wide offer and to meet everybody’s desires. And this year, besides important Italian singers like Francesco de Gregori and Fiorella Mannoia, international popstars like Michael Bolton and Anastacia, and niche bands like Mogwai, just to make few examples, Rome will host also the lively old of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra.

The Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra, which got very popular about 10 years ago, although its members are not young or inexpert musicians at all, achieved a great success both in music and cinema. In a decade musically dominated by English music and alluring boybands, the record Buena Vista Social Club and the homonymous documentary directed by great German director Wim Wenders achieved an amazing success, going beyond the best expectations and making the orchestra one of the most famous Cuban bands in the world.

Buena Vista Social Club was the name of an historic club in Havana, which in the 40s was the meeting place of black people (at that time clubs were divided according to races), who used to dance and play there. At the end of the 50s the club was closed, but after 40 years a group of important Cuban musicians gave birth to the Afro-Cuban All Stars, releasing the album Buena Vista Social Club in 1996 and contributing to the diffusion of the passion for Cuban music all over the world. The orchestra began to perform in various locations: a concert that they held in Amsterdam in 1999 and another performance at the Carnegie Hall in New York became the subject of Wim Wenders’ documentary, and this was only the beginning of a live activity that keeps taking the orchestra all over the world, in spite of the death of some members of the original line-up. The concert in Rome is a great chance to immerse in Cuban music and atmosphere: book now discounted hotels in Rome.

Tickets: 25 – 35 euro
Date: 11th July 2009
Location: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Rome: The Blessed Angelico. The Dawn of the Renaissance, 8 April – 5 July 2009

Every summer tourists coming from all over Italy and from the rest of the world travel to Rome, the eternal city that thanks to its huge historic and artistic heritage catches the attention of millions of people of different age, culture and nationality.

Visiting Rome, its museums, historic buildings and monuments is always a unique experience, which can bring us back to the past. The tourists who travel to Rome are spoiled for choice, due to a great amount of churches, exhibitions and much more, and very often a short holiday is enough to see only a small part of what a city like Rome can offer. However, if you have already booked your low cost accommodation in Rome for this summer, you cannot miss the great exhibition dedicated to one of the most important Italian artists, the Blessed Angelico. From the 8th of April to the 5th of July Musei Capitolini will host the exhibition “The Blessed Angelico. The Dawn of the Renaissance”, which is considered as one of the most outstanding art events of 2009. This is the largest Italian exhibition ever dedicated to the Tuscan artist, who was dedicated another personal exhibition in the Vatican and in Florence in 1955 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of his death, while the exhibition that will be held this year in Rome is part of the celebrations for the 550th anniversary of the artist’s death. Fra’ Giovanni da Fiesole (this was his real name) was born in Vicchio, Florence (the same village where another great Italian artist, Giotto, was born) about the year 1395, and died in Rome in 1455, leaving an indelible trace in art history. The Blessed Angelico, indeed, is considered as one of the main figures of early Italian Renaissance, an artist that was influenced by late Middle Ages artists, yet he took a new route towards Renaissance art.

The exhibition is worth a visit for several reasons. First of all it includes an accurate selection of works coming from museums and collections from all over the world, which make visitors discover the different phases of the life and style of the Blessed Angelico, from the late gothic period to a more mature phase, characterized by a humanistic taste. The exhibition also includes some works which have never been displayed before, like the altar step from Zagabria (St Francis receiving the stigmata and the Martyrdom of St Peter) and the Annunciation from Dresden (reassembled in the 16th century), as well as other works that have been restored for the exhibition, like the Triptych from the Corsini Gallery in Rome including the Last Judgment, Ascension and Pentecost. Another feature that makes this exhibition particularly interesting is the focus on all the forms of art used by the Blessed Angelico, who was not only painter, but also miniaturist and drawer: space will be given to panels, tabernacles, canvas, polyptychs, altarpieces, but also to rare drawings, engraving and a mass-book containing miniatures.

The exhibition will be an unmissable event for all art lovers that will stay in a family hotel in Rome from the 8th of April to the 5th of July.

Date: 8th April – 5th July 2009
Location: Musei Capitolini, Rome, Italy

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Rome: Monte Mario Motorcycling Circuit, 10 May 2009

Vintage cars and motorbikes fascinate not only drivers, motorcyclists and motor lovers, for whom the roar of motors is really like music and the most ancient and rare models are like jewels of inestimable value: even for those who are not experts or passionate seeing a vintage car or motorbike is an interesting experience, which makes them go back in time admiring vehicles which are completely different from the ones that we use nowadays, and which might tell us something more about the life and the habits of our ancestors.

If you have the possibility to admire vintage vehicles not locked in a garage, but while they are running along a historic route, the experience turns out to be even more interesting, and its evocative power gets stronger: this is the case of the Monte Mario Motorcycling Circuit, an event which will take place in Rome on the 10th of May 2009 for the 6th consecutive year. Motorbikes of all brands built before the 31st of December 1979 can take part in this non-competitive race, which is very exciting also for the public: every year many people watch the race and spend a wonderful holiday in Rome at once.

The day begins early for motorcyclists, with the preliminary operations and the race entry, followed by the recognition lap and the beginning of the race, at 10 o’clock. A prize will be awarded to those who will make the best time, but some special prices will be awarded also to the youngest and the oldest motorcyclists and to the motorcyclist who comes from the longer way off, while all participants will receive a souvenir of the event. For these reasons this is a unique chance for all those who have a vintage motorbike, and who can finally carry it out of the garage, make it spick-and-span and ride along Rome’s streets, but also visitors will enjoy the show: many people come from all over Italy (many of them stay in Rome’s hostels) to admire very rare models, besides the historical vehicles of Carabinieri, Polizia di Stato, Polizia Municipale, Vigili del Fuoco and Polizia Penitenziaria, which open the parade by tradition.

The history and the fascinating location where the event takes place make it even more interesting: Monte Mario, 149 metres high, is the most imposing relief in Rome, and from here you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the city. Moreover Monte Mario circuit, which was born again in 2004, is well-known by all motor lovers because also Tazio Nuvolari drove in it on the 24th of February 1925, consigning it to history.

In conclusion, if you have a passion for motorbikes, or if you simply would like to watch a very interesting historical re-enactment in one of the most famous and beautiful zones of the eternal city, book now a 5 star hotel in Rome and do not miss the Monte Mario Motorcycling Circuit.

Date: 10th May 2009
Location: Monte Mario, Rome, Italy

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