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Friday, February 20, 2009

MoesiQuintessenza, Furnishing Fragrances Colours and Forms

Essences and Fragrances produced in Italy with perfumes and natural components. Moesi presents its new Quintessenza Division, fragrances matched with very original ceramic and venetian blown-glass diffusers or proposed in candles and pot-pourri matched with refined items in painted ceramic.

MoesiQuintessenza is the new Division of Moesi dedicated to natural essences and fragrances for the well-being at home. In a sector where the Made in China is very popular, Moesi is able to offer a range of products Made in Italy availing itself of perfumes and natural components (with no added colouring) for the creation of essences and fragrances entirely produced in Italy and matched with very original objects that allow the new Division of Moesi to enter the market of essences and perfumes as useful and original gifts. Furnishing Fragrances, Colours and Forms presented by Sensation and Mediterraneo mother lines.

 MoesiQuintessenza, Furnishing Fragrances Colours and Forms

Moesi Quintessenza Promo Pair and Majorca

MoesiQuintessenza SENSATION: 5 essences (Amber of the Tropics, Bergamot of the Aspromonte, Cinnamon and Orange of Sicily, Vanilla of Madagascar, Lily and Earth of the Mediterranean) presented in exhibition boxes that include a bottle containing 250 ml of essence diluted to 15% in kits of natural wicker sticks, a guarantee certificate and the instructions for use. Five essences matched with ceramic and venetian blown-glass diffusers, for embellishing the environment and creating a suggestive atmosphere.

MoesiQuintessence MEDITERRANEO: 4 essential fragrances (Cocktail of Citrus fruits, Fruit Nectars, Cream of Vanilla, Garden in Bloom) at the base of 11 different arrangements of perfumed Candles and pot-pourri matched with refined items in painted ceramic and presented in gift-set boxes.

Moesi is interior design items in glass design, ceramics design, contemporary objects and bijoux accessories. Moesi proposes innovative items, result of the artisan care with which they have been made. The interior design items and the jewels of the bijoux lines in Murano glass are the result of the work of skilled craftsmen. Unique objects on account of refinement and elegance of the selected materials, entirely Made in Italy. Productions dedicated to the sectors of interior design furnishings, gift items, wedding cadeaux and high-level bijoux.

For more Informations:

int. web www.moesi.com
corporate site www.moesi.it
Tel No. +39.049.5565953
Fax No. +39.049.9217571
mail info [at] moesi.com

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Armal, portable toilets production leader, signed a new distributorship agreement for the UK market

Armal Portable Toilets is pleased to announce the opening of a new Showroom and Goods Distribution Centre in Hampshire, U.K.

Armal Portable Toilets Showroom

With the launch of the portable toilets Top Line Armal has performed very well in the European market. Since then and along with the renewed strategy for products and quality improvement, Armal has been strengthening its brand policy, fact that makes Armal to be one of the leading companies for the production of mobile toilets and related products worldwide.
Armal is setting up a global sales network with the aim to provide you with direct backing and more flexibility. These partnerships shall play a major role in the enhancement of products cost-effectiveness and their accessibility.

With these premises and as a result of a deep consideration we are glad to announce that CONVENIENCE SERVICES LIMITED is the Distributor for the U.K. We recommend you to make contact with your Distributor and make arrangements to visit the new Showroom. We encourage you to speak to CONVENIENCE SERVICES LIMITED for your next purchases, technical or sales related questions, assistance and instant supply of products.

You will soon see how you can simplify your efforts and reduce your costs to access our products, assembly and spare parts in any quantity and at any time. You will deal with responsive and experts sales people. Please, find following their contact info:

Unit 3, Freemantle Park Farm, Cottington Hill, Hannington Tadley RG26 5UD
Tel. 0845 0060 737
Fax. 01634 298 548


The company

Armal is a leading company in the production and supply of a vast range of high quality products, competently designed with superior professionalism and targeting portable toilet rental companies for the construction industry, the events and sports meetings management, agriculture, transport and the emergencies resulting from situations of crisis and environmental disasters.

Nowadays Armal benefits from many years of experience in the automated production of portable toilets and of the products essential for their maintenance. Armal has a reputation for being a highly technological innovator able to provide unique logistic solutions specially conceived for the portable toilet industry. Along with the new portable toilet TOP LINE, Armal offers products which can be customized to the client’s needs.

Armal conducts all its research and production development internally achieving high quality standards. Armal invests in human resources and counts on strongly motivated personnel in all its departments led by a creative management team with solid business principles.



Via Fiorentina, 109 - 50052 Certaldo, Florence - Italy
Tel. +39 0571 665 305
Fax +39 0571 651 260

At MWC 2009 UbiEst and Aepona announce partnership for location-based family services

UbiEst logoUbiest and Aepona have signed a partner agreement under which UbiEst will provide its leading suite of location-based applications for Aepona to integrate with its award-winning Universal Service Platform

Barcelona, GSMA Mobile World Congress 2009 - At MWC 2009 UbiEst, global developer of location-based mobile services, has announced a partnership with Aepona, the leading supplier of telecom service layer products and solutions to Telcos globally, to bring to market a compelling family application, based on NAVTEQ® maps showing the benefits for Telco's to embrace the "Network-as-a-Service" (NaaS) business model.

Ubiest and Aepona have signed a partner agreement under which UbiEst will provide its leading suite of location-based applications for Aepona to integrate with its award-winning Universal Service Platform and take to its mobile operator customers. UbiEst's location-based services form a significant part of Aepona's Family Bundle service offering, which will be launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 2009.

"We are very pleased to have UbiEst as a partner for location based applications", said Al Snyder, CEO of Aepona. "They have proven sector knowledge and the ambition to support Aepona in our mission to help telecom operators be more competitive in the new Web 2.0/Telco 2.0 market. With this combined application and platform solution, Aepona is providing a clear route to market for an application provider, as well as helping to jump-start the commercialisation of a NaaS business model for our operator customers."

UbiEst has developed a suite of Mobile Location Based Services for fleet and workforce management, personal security, off board navigation and social networking. UbiEst also provides MapBroker Infomobility Platform, an application framework of functional components, modular services and ready-to-use applications enabling an integrated approach to the development, implementation and delivery of Location-Based Information across a wide range of mobility services. UbiEst's strategic alliance with NAVTEQ ensures their products have the best cartographic support worldwide.

UbiSafe, the location based mobile service developed by UbiEst for family peace of mind, allows users to precisely locate families carrying a GPS-equipped smartphone or a small portable GPS tracker, called UbiSafe box, and track their movements from an Internet connection or a mobile phone. The GPS device is a small locator weighing 70 grams, responding to locations requests with the exact GPS position and the speed of the person carrying it, as well as triggering SMS alarms in case of leaving "safe zones", exceeding a stated speed limit or sudden braking. UbiSafe was the Grand Prize Winner at EMEA NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge®.2008.

"The UbiSafe application won a NAVTEQ LBS Challenge 2008 award, supported by Nokia and Blackberry for best consumer application. By using the Aepona Telecom Web Services APIs we could very quickly improve and add new features into our application. Things like network based location, call control and audio call have really improved the application for the end-user. We also are pleased that Aepona selected us for their Family Bundle solution and the tools and support they provided have been excellent for us. We think that that this service demonstrates how all parties in the value chain can gain, from the end-user to the Telco." said Nicola De Mattia, CEO of UbiEst.

Aepona's Universal Service Platform is a carrier-grade software solution that allows operators to open up their networks to third party application developers, web-based service providers and Enterprises, in a controlled, standards-based and billable manner. The platform has been chosen by Tier 1 operators such as Sprint, TELUS and Bell Canada to enable them to drive service innovation through collaboration with partners, enable faster time to market for new services, and to dramatically reduce the cost of onboarding third party application developers and service providers.

About Ubiest
Founded in 2000 and based in Treviso (Italy), UbiEst SpA provides location based solution on Internet and Mobile connections for Business and Consumer markets. UbiEst holds a strong leadership in Italian B2B market of Location Based Services and is among NAVTEQ main EMEA partners.
The company has developed its own mapping technology in order to provide state of the art and highly performing Internet and mobile solutions, available for in-house or SaaS (Software as a Service) and provides provides the location technology, the expertise and the infrastructure to develop new value added location based services for business and consumer markets.
Currently the company provides a suite of mobile location based products for fleet management, personal security, off board navigation and workforce management. Significant customers: Fiat, Trenitalia, Vodafone Italy, Ferrari, Enel, Telecom Italia, etc.

About Aepona
Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland with offices in North America, the UK and Europe, Aepona's products have been deployed by Tier 1 operators such as France Telecom/Orange, Sprint, Vimpelcom, Bharti Airtel, TELUS, BT and KPN, providing services to several hundred million subscribers worldwide. Aepona's solution allows Telcos to embrace the Network as a Service (NaaS) business model by securely publishing their network capabilities - communications, information and intelligence - to the outside world as standards-based Web Services, enables thousands of 3rd parties to telecom-enable both Enterprise business processes and web-based consumer services.
Aepona is also the technology provider for the GSM Association's "OneAPI" initiative.

For further information contact:
For Ubiest:
Alberto Falcione
Vice President Sales, UbiEst
E: alberto.falcione@ubiest.com
T: +39 348 450 14 74

For Aepona:
Michael Crossey
Vice President Marketing, Aepona
E: michael.crossey@aepona.com
T:+44 7734 318210